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The story Ada's Tattoo is a work of fiction. The characters do not represent any real person. The story was inspired though by an actual tattoo.

This is the first story that I am offering to this website. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope that I had adequately addressed the themes. Your comments and advice are welcome
Ada’s Tattoo Part 3

1:45 in the morning found Ada in the tub soaking and thinking. Her plan to secure Diana’s help in finding Mike had been a total fiasco. Other than succeeding in getting Diana into the room nothing had gone as planned. Ada had wanted to show Diana the satyr in action so she could try to explain why it was so important to find the man who had passed it to her. The satyr though had somehow become aware that Diana had a tattoo of her own. A totally unexpected sexual escapade ensued where Diana and then also Ada had been subject to the dynamic ministrations of his tireless prick. It seemed that the only one with a plan that worked was the satyr. He managed to have both of them and Ada could only assume that if Diana had stayed he would have found a way to have seconds with her. As it was, after Diana’s departure, Ada gave herself over completely to what was going to happen in any case. Having done that she had to admit she enjoyed it. Apparently she was becoming inured to the punishingly long sessions with the satyr. Perhaps the strangest thing, other than the very nature of the encounter, was undressing afterward instead of beforehand. She could have easily gone to sleep then but she knew she would wake up late and have a repeat of the day before. It would be wiser to try to get on top of the situation by mentally consolidating what she knew and could deduce form the last two days.

What she knew or could safely assume was this. Mike had wanted to rid himself of the satyr and had chosen her as his scapegoat. He may have been sexually exhausted, she had felt that way herself as soon as it had departed from her to have Diana, or he could have simply wanted to regain his normal self-control. Ada could understand that as well. She didn’t have a clue as to how long he may have hosted the satyr or indeed how much he himself knew about how it worked. His excuse of just wanting his nose art tattoo back wasn’t the whole story though, there was more to it than that. Ada wondered if normal sex after the intensity of sex with the satyr would seem mundane. She wondered if Mike would miss him and then it occurred to her that she had no idea what he felt in his body when the satyr was fucking his female tattoo, probably not what she felt, or was it! “Oh!” she said out load and having upset her reverie she ran more hot water into the tub.

Returning to her internal inquiry she considered the qualities of the satyr. He was what could only be described as a true aphrodisiac. It would be better, at least more convenient, if she as host was not just as affected as everyone else. She wondered how much she might be able to adjust to it over time and then she realized that she was thinking and dwelling on the thing and wasn’t particularly feeling any sexual craving. The very thought though woke something in her and she quickly pushed that aside to focus on her task. The two truly bizarre things about the satyr were that he caused her, Mike’s, and then also Diana’s normal tattoos to come to life and that they, or at least she and Diana, could feel everything the satyr did to their newly enlivened tattoos. It was one thing to say that the satyr was some kind of supernatural or alien being, it was quite another to grant that he had magical abilities. But what else was one to think. He was a creature with his own will though and whatever he was he had responded to Ada’s attempts to influence him. She was certain he had even looked right at her. As for his will, so far it would seem that it was bent entirely toward sex, something at which he was peerless in Ada’s experience.

Between the aphrodisiac and the quality of the sex itself, Ada continued to give herself to the satyr at almost every opportunity. She had never in her life had so much sex in so short a time. On top of that, she had not failed to have at least two orgasms at any one encounter. It reminded her of something she did once with two of her male college friends. The two men had been roommates and it was just the three of them there that night drinking and talking. She made out to be more wasted than she actually was and began to flirt outrageously with both of them. Before the night was over they had taken turns on her which was just what she was after to satisfy her curiosity. The most memorable part about it though was that it had been great sex. Two had definitely been better than one, she had cum with each of them and each of them had her twice. Unfortunately one could not continue to behave like that within a group dynamic so it remained an isolated experience. That was what being taken by the satyr reminded her of and that was the source of her continuing mixed feelings about being his current host. Great sex is after all great sex, no matter how you get it and this was her vacation wasn’t it. That thought made her begin to sense her growing desire again and again she pushed it aside. The water was cooling so she got out of the tub to dry herself.

Ada stood before the bath mirror where she had first seen the large dot tattoo, the one like Mike’s but a different color. She opened her towel to see herself naked. Interestingly she liked what she saw more than she had just those few days ago. She really did feel sexier than ever and if the cost of that was that she was literally ready for sex most of the time well she would just have to get used to that because she did not want to get rid of the satyr like Mike had. Not just yet at least. She now knew that she could pass it to another tattooed person, male or female, and she may well do that at the end of her little vacation adventure. In the meantime she still had more to learn. She had yet to have sex with someone who was not tattooed and she now believed that she could have anyone she wanted, male or female. Ada realized that her mind had made the shift to thinking only of sex and she was becoming quite aroused. Her nipples were tight and hard though it was warm in the room and what she wanted more than anything right then was to go to bed and start touching herself. She didn’t though, “No more than once a day.” She told her reflection. That made her grin at the ridiculousness of such an admonition and that reminded her of the satyr’s wicked grin. “Once a day.” She repeated and felt quite wicked herself.

Ada wanted a few hours of sleep after her bath so she set her phone to wake her at eight. When it did she felt less than well slept but that would pass with a few cups of coffee. She also felt like she had been having energetic sex recently which was quickly becoming her normal state. Instead of being satisfied though she wanted more. She even had sex filled dreams in the night. That made her wonder if she could wake in the night to find herself… she let the thought pass. Coffee and doughnuts were in the front office and so was the morning desk guy. She got the benefit of his full attention again but this time he had a sport coat and tie on, he was wearing aftershave as well.

“You look nice today.” She said, walking to the counter with her free breakfast as she had done the day before. She felt sexy, powerful and flirtatious. The man was old enough to be her father and she didn’t care. It crossed her mind that it was less than eight hours since the last time and she should get out of there but the thought slipped away.

“Thanks, I guess I was hoping to see you again.”

“Thank you, what a nice compliment,” she said,

“Something about you really lights the place up. Really…” he began but swallowed instead and then looked at her steadily.

“Are you married, got kids?” she asked, sipping coffee. He seemed much more susceptible than others had been. She wondered if it was just him or if something had changed.

“I had all of that and a nice house too. Then I got laid off and things got rough. Long story short, the wife and kids moved to a different state. Kids are grown now anyway. What I got is this job and an apartment.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, you seem like a nice man.”

“I haven’t been with a woman in two years, never been with a woman like you,” he volunteered.

“What kind of woman am I,” she asked, the tenner of her interest changing.

“Honey you got fuck me written all over you.”

At his words she literally felt herself get wet. There were two feet of countertop between them and the sexual tension in those two feet was suddenly humming. Ada had to get closer to him and leaned forward onto the desk with her elbows. He leaned forward as well. The least thing would tip them over the edge but it would have to come from her because he was frozen there. Ada recognized the sense of compulsion from the night she had met Mike. If only she could make others feel it while she was immune, but she wasn’t. ‘How had Mike managed?’ she asked herself.

“I know about that and there’s a story behind it but…” she muttered. Inwardly though she wanted to open her blouse. Her mind was like her emotions had been, divided. Her thoughts were hers, the compulsion was there as well but it didn’t originate from within her the same way her thoughts did. She didn’t know if she would show him the tattoo dot or her breasts. It didn’t matter though, either would propel her to bed with him in short order. She wanted more control but instead she had less. Her momentum was in the wrong direction. What was the satyr that he could do this to her? Suddenly she knew.

Ada’s hands drew back to the edge of the counter and straightening her arms she managed to increase the distance between them again.

“I guess I shouldn’t of said that, sorry.”

“It’s OK. Who knows, I might even be back. Right now though…” she said, backing away.

Having backed halfway to the door Ada spun and fled, her cup and plate forgotten entirely. Outside she was both elated and dismayed. Elated that she had managed some small victory at last, dismayed because the truth of the satyr had come to her intuitively at the very edge of the precipice. ‘He’s a curse! Or a weapon, same thing different word,’ she thought. There was something else though that came out of that moment. It was the realization that there had been two minds within her. Her own and the satyr’s and that her mind had won. ‘I can beat him,” she thought.

Ada got a breakfast to go and returned to her room with it, she needed to be alone. She knew now that she wasn’t really alone anymore though. If she had his thoughts he probably had hers. Maybe not all but at least to some extent both ways would be safe to figure. It changed things to know that the satyr wasn’t intended to be benign. It didn’t change how good the sex was, neither did it make her want to jettison him as soon as possible. She was more certain now that she would be able to hold to her once a day standard but she was equally sure that she wanted that one time a day. Every day seemed perfectly reasonable, desirable in fact. It was day three of her vacation and there was more mind blowing sex to be had.

Ada nibbled at the remnants of her breakfast trying to decide what she might do. There was one thing she needed to know before she made up her mind and there was only one way to find out. She picked up the phone and keyed the front desk.

“Do you know who this is?” she asked.

“Uh yeah, you mad at me for what I said before?”

“I want to ask you a question in private. Will you answer a personal question honestly?”

“Yeah well I guess, sure.”

“In my room, now, bring another hot coffee with you.”

When he knocked she was putting the last of the paper breakfast wrappers in the trash.

“Come in, it’s not locked.” She announced from the far side of the room.

He let himself in and waited. The paper coffee cup was hot and steaming but he didn’t put it down or speak. The door was still open behind him.

“Put it there on the table,” she said, indicating the night table by the bed with the phone on it. When he stood upright again she asked,

“What’s your name?”

“Frank.” He answered in a word.

“Yeah you are aren’t you?”

“Not usually so much but…”

“There’s something about me,” she finished for him. “And we know what that something is too since you put it so eloquently earlier.”

Frank was becoming noticeably uncomfortable with the conversation.

“Here’s the question Frank. Do you have any tattoos?”

“No mam.”

“None at all, and please call me Ada. We’re way past formalities here.”

“Nah I was never into that kinda thing.”

“You think I want you to fuck me Frank?”

“Listen I…”

“I do Frank. You were spot on with that call. I have this condition and I need a lot of sex all the time. It’s something that just came on me recently and I’m not used to it yet. You think you can help a girl out?”

“How much?”

“It’s not like that Frank. Maybe the room again for no charge if you can swing it. I’d go to your place but I’d be more comfortable here. What time does your shift end?”

“Four thirty. I gotta tell you this is weird but there’s no way I ain’t doin it. You want the room, you got it.”

“Good, it’s a date then. Don’t bring anything special and come alone.”

“Oh hell honey I wouldn’t share you with my own brother and if I was to bring something it ud be an engagement ring cuz I’m fucking in love here!”

“You’re going to be just perfect Frank, we’re going to have a great time. See you later.”

The entire exchange took place with them standing on opposite sides of the room. When he was gone and had pulled the door to behind him she locked it and went to the coffee.

Ada had to get that part out of the way so she would know if she needed to check out. The next thing she had in mind was trickier and she had no idea how it would go. A lot hinged upon the outcome and knowing she had all day in the room if she needed it was important. She turned up the heat in the room, took a felt tip pen out of her purse, then got undressed and into bed. She took up the coffee, it was just the right temperature by then. After a few sips she spoke.

“Come out of there and look at me.” She commanded. Nothing happened.

“I’m talking to you. It’s just you and me here so let’s get a look at you.” Still nothing.

“Alright then have it your way. I’ll get dressed and get in the car. Our four thirty date is off and I’ll just keep to myself for a few weeks too.” Ada was gambling that he wouldn’t be able to just take the geisha and in doing so fuck her right then and there. If he needed her to initiate some kind of sex act to get him started and she was able to resist his effect on her libido she was in charge. So if she was willing to go without, a thing his effect made very difficult, he would go without as well. Ada figured that the satyr was primal but not smart and if this worked she would not only gain back her self-control but control him as well. She sipped coffee and waited. In a few minutes she tried again.

“Come out of there so I can see you. Wake up and come out of there.” When still nothing happened she reached for the phone and speaking into the dial tone said, “Don’t come at four thirty. In fact don’t come all, I have to leave and not be around anyone anymore.”

At that she finally felt him move. There was the familiar tickle and he quickly came into view to stand before her as ordered. When he reached toward the dot though she barked “No! Let her sleep.” This was the truly critical moment. He hesitated and she didn’t.

“You’re really handsome I want to look at you.” The half man half goat looked at her and grinned impishly.

“I want you to walk down here where I can see you better,” Ada told him, she drew the bed covers aside and lifting her knees pointing at her bare right thigh. Still grinning he moved in capering steps that took him on no direct path. He danced circles around each breast and traveled out of sight having gone under her arm and across her back diagonally. His hooves played lightly along her skin teasing her delightfully and impressing her with how playful he could be. Having traveled finally to her lower back she felt his hooves on right butt cheek. The next second though the sensation changed for the thing had dropped to his hands and hairy knees to crawl slowly between her butt cheeks and follow the crease of her ass toward her crotch. Ada had no idea what to expect from the playful satyr and the sensations he was creating in her quickened her breath as they moved along her most sensitive flesh. She moaned quietly and tried to hold still to see what would happen. What was already happening gave her pleasure, the more so because it was so new. Once again he was doing things she could not have anticipated and like the night before she was willingly giving herself over to it. Starting from about the beginning of her outer lips she felt an inexplicable sharpness on either side that moved excruciatingly slowly from back to front, toward her clitoris. Her mind, which was quickly lapsing from any kind of stratagem to outright hedonistic pleasure, was at last able to recognize that what she was feeling were the satyr’s horns drawing searingly toward her clit. Unconsciously she spread her raised knees as if she needed to make room for his progress and as if that were not enough she placed her palms on her knees to force them wider. By then the horns of the wooly head had come into view and Ada could not take her eyes from him though she wanted to close them and throw her head back in pleasure. The creature had reduced in size so his horns were just the right width to rake her that way. His horns on her sex, making their torturously slow progress, was all she knew. When the horns finally lifted from her she exhaled, not knowing that she had been holding her breath. That relief was short lived because no sooner were the horns gone but he latched onto her clit with his mouth, tongue, and teeth. Without thinking she covered him with her hands as if she could press the mouth more firmly onto herself. The soles of her feet were pressing together and her hips rose as her body strained in ecstasy. A moment went by like that and seemed to stretch out but Ada had no sense of time left to her. With eyes closed her only remaining sense was the overwhelming feeling emanating from her engorged and captured clit. When the mouth came away she opened her eyes again but things were dreamily unclear. The feeling of his hooves though brought her back, mind sharp enough to recognize that he was going toward the sleeping geisha and she would be in for the long ride.

Grasping at what might be left of her effort to assert control she cried out,

“Don’t stop! Go back and finish. It can be just me and you this time. Just me and you, please!”

The satyr had been growing larger as he went and having reached her breast he stopped. He showed her his grin again and getting down he latched onto her right nipple.

“Oh yes I really like that! You’re so clever and you make me feel so good. Take your time but let’s play together this time, just you and I.” She didn’t dare touch herself for fear he would revert to his usual tack. As long as she kept him on this new tack she felt that she could learn more, if nothing else. It was difficult though, she had been more than heated up by his initial assault.

Ada breathed deeply and settled into the satyrs suckling at her. She relaxed her legs and covered herself to the hips. When the intensity reached a turning point and his teeth became more pain than pleasure she said, “Ow! That one’s done, do the other.” The satyr simply obeyed which was very encouraging.

“I like you. I’m glad I have you and don’t want you to leave. If you help me by doing what I ask we can play every day. I want to play every day, Ok? I want you later too, for our date with Frank, wake the woman in the dot then, later, Ok? Do it for me.”

When Ada said, ‘do it for me,’ he rose and went immediately back to her sex where instead of taking her in his mouth again he simply entered her.

“Holy…You certainly are full of surprises!” she managed to say before words left her. There being nothing to watch she closed her eyes again and let the sensations wash over her. He was very active in there, constantly moving. He used his horns, hands, mouth, and hooves, not that she could keep up with the many sensations. Unable to hold out any longer she fingered herself, the remnant tenderness from his teeth adding to everything else soon had her in full orgasmic bliss.

Surprisingly he let it go at that and didn’t continue to drive her onward. She felt him exit her and move to the place she had asked him to stand in the first place. He stayed there obediently and she said,

“Give me a minute please.” It occurred to her that each time he did something entirely new it was once again the most outlandish and bizarre sexual experience she had ever had. Was there no limit to it?

Ada lifted the blankets away and there he was, on her thigh grinning like a fool. She lifted the one leg and spoke.

“You are so full of surprises and you make me feel so good. I know we are going to have lots of fun together.” Ada was back on point now. If she could take up the mantle of coconspirator or at least companion she would no longer be an adversary, or worse a victim.

“Turn around so I can see you.” He did as she asked. “Get on your hands and knees again for me.” When he did that as well she got her first good look at his furry balls. She couldn’t resist the opportunity to touch his rump and his tail flicked while she stroked it.

“I have a surprise for you now.”

Ada took up her felt tip and on her thigh she drew a stick figure arm chair to fit his usual size, the size that was what the geisha required.

“Now you can be comfortable,” she said.

The satyr went to the chair and adjusted his size for it. When he sat in it happily she quickly drew circles around his wrists on the arms and his ankles on the legs of the chair.

“Now you can’t get away.” She stated as if it were indisputable.” He was taken aback by this but he was also held fast. She didn’t actually know if he was indeed tied but she was sure that if he believed he was, he was. The satyr frowned at her for the first time but didn’t struggle.

“Don’t worry, this is a game. I’m like you, I like to play games.”

Ada spread her legs and drew from her soaking slit some of her slick fluid with her fingers. She applied it to his never wilting member and stroked him slowly. His grin returned as she went back again and again to wet and rub him. The creature shifted and wiggled with the attention she gave him. He stuck out his tongue and she let him lick her fingers. There was lots of time for this and she continued unabated long into her hunger for lunch. She might have begun to run out of moisture but doing that to him turned her on so much she continued to make more. Just as she was beginning to think it wouldn’t work he began to become more agitated. Soon he stopped wiggling and thrust himself at her persistent finger till he went ridged and came.

“Did you like my game?” she asked. He grinned his wicked grin. “I told you, we are going to have lots of fun.” Ada got her fingers wet one more time and worked them over the felt tip lines. The ropes and chair blurred till they were indistinct and the satyr leapt to his feet. He bound away and was in the dot before she could say more.

“I think that went well.” She said to the room.

She showered after that, thinking about lunch. ‘It will be more than once today but a single orgasm hardly counts.’ She thought. While drying, and making sure the felt tip ink was gone, she noticed what looked like a birth mark. ‘I don’t have a birthmark there.’ She thought. She rubbed it but nothing happened.

Ada ate at the café where she had met Mike. She went inside and drew attention without minding. She did keep an eye out for Mike, not that she thought she needed him anymore. She just would’ve liked to see him without being seen, so she could set him up for her revenge. Not for giving her the satyr curse though, she thought she had that under control. Even sitting in a crowded room as she was she could feel the aphrodisiac working on her but she was practicing keeping it separate from her genuine mind and intensions. Those around her though had no idea they were being manipulated and so had no defense. Ada’s revenge was going to have to be upon someone like Mike. Someone she would take advantage of like she had been. That day might be far off or near, it depended on how things developed between her and her erogenous guest. As it stood at that very moment she would never give him up. Not only was she enjoying better sex than ever, without the complications that inevitably came with all men, she was having fun. It suddenly seemed so appropriate to her that she was having a fun sexy adventure in this particular town at this particular time. It was like old times, doing whatever she wanted. Her libido was like it had been as well, and then some. All of the eyes followed her out the door when she left and she loved that as well.

Ada had some shopping to do, special shopping. She started at an adult entertainment store where she selected some bondage restraints that looked sturdy enough to hold a strong man and a few types of gags to keep one quiet. Looking around the shop, with the help of a saleswoman who followed her like a puppy, she decided she might want a blindfold as well, she let herself be talked into some lengths of rope, wide colorful tape, and a selection of condoms. She was in the visually busy store for forty minutes and almost forgot the condoms, they had been at the top of her list. She already had the things she thought she would buy at a hardware store so that left the liquor store. She needed some bourbon to set the mood. She knew very well that the satyr set the mood with no help at all but Mike would want a drink, probably several, if he was going to see what she had and she fully intended to show him.

Two o’clock came around and Ada went to the motel. Before she went to her room with her purchases she went to check on Frank, in case he needed reinforcing. He was there checking in a couple. Before they left another came in and then a mother and child. Ada sat patiently in the lobby killing time, the afternoon light coming in the window behind her. After a while she took her felt tip and began to write on her hand and wrist. The last two people to leave were a young couple. The man went out with his girl but he only had eyes for Ada.

Finally Ada and Frank were alone in the front office.

“You a bourbon man Frank? I got us some bourbon.” She said, slowly rising and ambling to the counter.

“I am tonight.” He responded.

‘Did you think I’d changed my mind? You been stewing about it all day Frank, thinking I was jerking you around this morning?”

“Nah, maybe but not really. Because it’s like I said…” Before he could finish though she held her bare arm out for him to see. There on her palm, wrist, and forearm was written ‘FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.’ At least twenty times.

Frank just laughed. “That guy, the one who just went out of here with his wife, he couldn’t get his eyes offa you. He was still lookin through the window. He about dropped his teeth on the ground when he saw what you was doin and it didn’t make sense till now. God you’re somthin else!”

“Thanks Frank. Not a lot makes sense right now and something else is just what I’m going to show you. Be there when you can, I’m staying in tonight to get lit.” she said as she moved toward the door.

“And laid.” Frank added.

“That sir is more inevitable than you know.” She said as the door began its spring loaded return.

In her room Ada opened the bottle and put some booze on some ice. While it hydrated she opened her purchases. She didn’t plan to use that stuff on Frank but thought one should be prepared. That stuff was for any fellow or gal who might require more than the normal sexual compulsion. It was nearing half way though her vacation and she had yet to answer the question of how she might return to her gainful employment with this monkey on her shoulder. There were yet a few more days to acclimate herself but she certainly had her doubts and passing her sexy monkey to someone else had to remain an option. ‘Perhaps I’ll write an owner’s manual,’ she thought.

While Ada waited for her date she tried to keep busy. She went through the photo files on her phone to find pictures of her tattoo. That would help her to explain things but not much. It hadn’t made much difference with Mike but it helped her understand afterward. Ada didn’t want there to be an afterward for Frank but she was going to give him the before and after views anyway. It occurred to her that she should have been taking pictures of the satyr and that it would be a good job for Frank. When she had the selected photos in a separate file she selected a few restraints and put them into the bedside table drawer. The only thing to do after that was sip bourbon on the bed and look at her long ignored emails and text messages. They seemed to be from a different world, a world without the satyr and the constant internal sexual theme. It was like she had opened an adult website and selected from it a new wallpaper for her life. She was pondering that when she heard a light knocking on the door.

“Come in and sit down Frank, ready for a drink?” she asked while she went to get him a glass.

“Might as well, don’t think I’m drivin home for a while.”

“You’re not Frank,” she said while pouring, then moving toward him, drink in hand, she continued, “this is going to take some time. I have some explaining to do and the weirdest shit in the world to show you but we are definitely going to fuck Frank so drink up.” She handed the glass to him then moved away again. Ada didn’t want to get too close too soon, she knew either or both of them could succumb to the compulsion that was already at work in the room. She wanted to stay on task but also wanted to keep him keenly interested in her, interested enough to keep him there no matter what he heard or saw. She held up her own glass and said, “To you on top Frank.”

He had been sipping bourbon but held his glass up and answered, “Now there’s something a man can drink to!” then he swallowed half of it.

Ada drank with him then picking up her phone she found the photo she wanted him to see. She set the phone on the corner of the bed near where he sat in the chair. “Look at that Frank, that’s my tattoo.” While he looked she freshened their drinks.

“Wow, that’s must a taken some time to do. Must a cost some too.”

“Yeah, I had to wait and save money for it once I decided to do it. You want to see it?”

“Yeah well I want ah see all of you, don’t I so sure I want ah see it.”

She faced him and removed her blouse revealing her bra and the round tattoo, then she waited to see what he would say. Just as she thought, he looked at her and then the phone, then at her again.

“So where’s the Chinese lady and what’s up with the big round whatever that is? Is that like some kind ah generic tattoo?”

“She’s Japanese Frank and she’s in this big round dot. She’s also not alone.”

“I don’t have one clue what you’re talkin about.”

“Ok I’ll give you the short version. A guy fucked me the other day and he gave me something, or someone depending how you look at it. Anyway, this thing he gave me is kind of a living tattoo and… Am I loosing you Frank?”

“Kinda, you tellin me you got some disease? Is that what you’re beatin around the bush about?”

“No Frank, it’s more of a new friend. You know what a satyr is Frank? You know anything about Greek mythology?”

“I know it’s Greek to me.” He laughed.

“Never mind then. There is this tattoo guy who lives in here with my Japanese tattoo lady and when you fuck me he is going to come out and fuck her. That’s pretty clear isn’t it?”

“That’s pretty crazy is what that is.”

“It’s clear though? When it happens you’re not going to freak out right? Because I told you about it right?”

“To tell you the truth I’m not much given to freaking out and I have seen some weird shit before.”

“Good, so there’s two more things. The first is why you said what you said this morning. This tattoo guy, the satyr, is a really powerful aphrodisiac. You know what that is right?”

“Yeah that one I know”, Frank said smiling. “So you’re telling me that you can’t really say no anyway. Is that it?”

“Yeah well you can’t either Frank, you can’t either”.

“So who wants to”, he said as he rose and went to her. He picked her up like she was a child and put her on her back on the bed.

When she saw him coming she downed her bourbon then dropped the empty glass onto the carpet. The satyr inspired lust was on her and she felt giddy with desire. As Frank stood before her undressing he made a motion with his head which she rightly interpreted. Ada began to strip off the rest of her clothes as they watched each other avidly. Then he was on her, his knees ready to spread hers but not needing to.

“The last thing…” she began but he shut her up with his mouth on hers.

Frank had been fully erect before he was fully undressed and he was in her so suddenly she caught her breath in surprise. He was driving deeply into her before even the satyr could catch up with events. He felt stronger and heavier than he had looked and Ada strained to respond but she was physically outmatched. The satyr wasn’t a player yet so it was just Frank and Ada fucking like teenagers when Frank suddenly froze and cried out in ecstasy.

Ada was still breathing hard as she felt his ejaculate pumping into her. She thought about the condoms sitting uselessly in the draw just out of arms reach. She looked down at herself in time to see the satyr poised above the geisha. Not to be outdone he waited for her to open her clothing to him and almost before she was fully exposed he was on her. Frank had gotten up and poured more bourbon during this brief interlude. As he turned toward Ada, glass in hand, she smiled sardonically at him. The hairy goat legs were already between hers.

“Well I’ll be go to hell if you weren’t telling the truth!” he said as he watched the enlivened tattoos.

Ada was rocking her hips to the satyr’s tempo before he was done with his astonished exclamation. The magic hands gripped her breast and as usual it drove her mad. She drew up her knees and gripped the pillow with her fists. With her legs spread wide her still somewhat gaping vagina drooled Franks offering.

“You can feel that! Why that little son of a bitch is a fucking you too! Is that what you was tryin to say”?

When he got no answer Frank settled for just watching and sipping his bourbon. It was quite a show and he went back and forth between watching the half man half beast fuck the woman tattoo senseless and watching Ada sympathetically receiving the same treatment. After a while Ada began to moan and not long after that her face began to get red, then she came hard. Frank was about to applaud, thinking the show to be over but instead of that it went on and on. Ada gasped for breath for a while but her stamina had improved of late and she stayed in stride, waiting for her sexual tension to build to the next peek. Frank, realizing that there was something better to do than watch, and that there was time left on the clock, stroked himself to full hardness and got back in the game. Ada was thankful for it, he was heavy on her but she had someone to hold onto for once and that made it better. She pulled her knees up, crossed her calves over his ass, and clung to him. Ada’s moans and the sound of their wet and messy fucking filled the room which had been spookily quiet, given what was happening.

When Ada reached her second and greater event Frank climaxed with her, being pushed beyond his ability to hold back. The satyr, caught up in the orgasmic frenzy, came as well which made a grand finally of it. Ada held onto Frank who instead of rolling off of her became engrossed in the two tattoos again. The satyr led the disheveled geisha back to the large dot on Ada’s clavicle and performed the closing ritual. Only then did Frank disengage from Ada, she was a little spent but she looked pleased.
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