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“My man Claude wants me to watch him suck a really big cock while we are here on holiday,” Mandy tells me on phone in an obviously English accent.

“And then he wants to watch the same man fuck me.

“Can we make an arrangement for you to call at our hotel?
Some time ago one older lady convinced me to set up a web page with contact details and a bio so I could offer my services. She even measured my cock with a tape measure she ‘just happened to have handy’ while I had a full erection, while she was sucking me. Her girlfriend was watching and wrote down the measurements. “Wow, incredible, eight and a half inches long, and seven inches in circumference.”

After a wide range of experiences as a gigolo, I developed a preference for a certain type of client: elegant, sophisticated women aged around forty five years old, with bodies anywhere between size ten to fourteen and not overweight. They were often a long way from home on business. Almost without exception these women would be very good communicators, uninhibited and able to articulate their sexual preferences. And if they enjoyed what I had to offer and recommended me to others that was an added bonus.

After wide ranging experiences in condos, units, houses and second-rate hotels I now insist on five star hotels, preferably the honeymoon suite of my favourite hotel.

“My man Claude wants me to watch him suck a really big cock while we are here on holiday,” Mandy tells me on phone in an obviously English accent.

“And then he wants to watch the same man fuck me.

“Can we make an arrangement for you to call at our hotel?

“We are an attractive couple in our early forties and I don’t think you will be disappointed.”

When I arrive at the hotel Mandy greets me in a very friendly fashion.

“I think we have chosen well, you are a spunky looking man.

Mandy is almost waif like, thin and tall, with little bust though still an attractive woman. Short cropped brown hair and a face and voice that exudes sex and sexual pleasure.

I have a formula I use for sizing up new women: would I be comfortable giving her oral sex and receiving oral sex for twenty minutes?

Decidedly yes in this case and my mind is imagining it.

“What Claude likes is for his man to have a raging erection for him to use with no foreplay on his part.

“Undress me and I will get you ready for him.”

Size 8 slim body, long legs, trimmed pubic hair, flat stomach, small tits, already erect nipples and as she turns I am pleased she has a good taut, shapely arse.

“Now show me what you have for us,” Mandy tells me as she has me undressed in a flash.

I suspect Claude is out of sight close by watching as Mandy feels the weight of my cock in her hands.

“Love the way your cock hangs out of your little black g-string, magnificent, just what we both like,” she tells me as she very quickly has me fully erect by licking my nipples then licking down my body before she licks and kisses my cock.

“My g-string is actually a size 10 female one that I cut a hole in. I love the feel of it on me.

“I am turned on by the thought of your man sucking my cock to orgasm while you watch, you have a very sexy persona,” I tell her as she scratches and teases my balls.

“Good, so are we. You are the biggest he has ever had, as far as I know anyway,” she smiles as leads me over to a wall.

“Before we start put this on for me,” I ask her as I hand my cock ring to her.

She obviously has had prior experience fitting one I note as she slides my cock ring along the full length of my cock, then does up the strap under my balls.

“That looks magic on your cock, magnificent.

“Remember I am having you after. And I am very good.

“Is your cock twitching at the thought of having me after my man blows your huge cock,” Mandy teases.

“Yes it is,” I mutter.

“Stand with your back against the wall and your hands on your hips.

“Your cock really is magnificent standing like that,” Mandy tells me as she teases my cock with the tips of her fingers.

“This is Claude, he is a pretty man don’t you think?” she asks as Claude appears stark naked apart from a black bow tie.

He really is I muse. Blond slim build and a roaring erection are what I notice first.

Without saying a single word he kneels in front of me, kisses the sides of my cock, grasps my hips, digs his nails into my arse cheeks and takes my cock into his mouth.

“He has been hanging out for this ever since we left home,” Mandy tells me.

“And you are awesome for him, and awesome for me while I watch. My turn later, don’t forget.”

His hands on my arse are very strong and he is pulling me toward him, which accentuates the length of my cock as my knees buckle.

“Show us how good you are Claude, lick his cock while it’s in your mouth.

“Now take it out and lick just the tip while you play with his balls.”

The combination of his taut male lips and strong tongue are very exciting while his naked lady watches, enjoys and gives encouragement.

He is obviously very experienced and within ten minutes he has me very close to orgasm when he starts rubbing the length of my cock with the tips of his thumb and forefinger while he licks and sucks the top part of my cock.

“That really is a magnificent cock you are sucking Claude, magnificent, and I love watching both of you.

He is applying lots of very enjoyable sexual pleasure to the underside of my cock and I wonder how he is doing it.

As I watch very closely I can just make out that he has a large stud on his tongue. That also explains why he hasn’t spoken.

And when he scratches and squeezes my balls with his other hand I wonder how much longer I can last as I tease my nipples to heighten the sexual pleasure he is giving me while his lady is watching and enjoying.

“Show us what you can do with this,” Mandy tells him as I watch her pass him a bowl of small ice cubes. He puts some in his mouth and resumes sucking my cock.

The hot and cold sensation is magic on my erection and then he takes some more ice cubes, rubs some on his nipples, then some on his cock.

Mandy moves to one side of him and positions her body so she can tongue kiss me and tease my nipples with her fingertips.

“Like the way he is sucking your cock?

“He is very talented isn’t he?

“And he loves me watching him blowing another man, and I love watching.

“My turn soon, don’t forget.”

This has to be my best ever blow job by a male I muse as I hover on the brink of a fantastic orgasm.

I can feel my knees bending as the combination of the ice blocks, the stud on his tongue teasing my cock and his lady tongue kissing me and teasing my nipples and offering encouragement is sexual heaven.

“Like me to put some ice your balls,” Mandy asks me.

Without waiting for an answer she does while tongue kissing me and squeezes them all in one motion.

Claude is breathing very heavily and so am I.

He increases the pressure on the full length of my cock with his thumb and forefinger and sucks very hard on the rim of my knob.

I am almost screaming with pleasure as Mandy shouts, “Cum for me, cum, cum, cum,” and we both do simultaneously.

“Relax and have a shower with me and I will show you what I can do with your magnificent cock,” Mandy tells me as three of us wind down.

The shower is also a combination sauna with facing bench seats and Claude and Mandy sit opposite me.

“No hurry she tells me, I want you to fuck me while Claude watches, and we will.”

As we alternate between steam from the sauna and hot and cold showers with the hand held shower-head Mandy tells me more about their lifestyle.

“Claude has a very well paid, though stressful job and we often travel together.

“For stress release he indulges all sorts of unusual sex as you just experienced.

“We agreed long ago that if he can, so can I.

“We fucked on our first date.

“By our fifth date we were having an extra man or an extra woman with all sorts of kinky variations.

“Claude gets a kick out of sucking male cocks. You have set a new benchmark today, you had him in a frenzy almost as soon as I had you hard.

“And boy was it hard.

“I have had to come up with all sorts of tricks and ideas to please and entertain him.

“One of his favourites used to be me sitting on a man’s face and having my cunt licked while he sucked their cock.

“Then he upped the ante by having a man on either side so he could masturbate them at the same time.

“Then we went through a black man stage, or was it fetish?

“At one stage we used to go to gay hangouts together. I enjoyed passing myself off as gay woman.

“The most exciting time was when we both had sex with gays we had just met in the same hotel room. Very exciting.

“His current favourite, and mine I must admit, is watching me give his current man a golden shower.

“Preferably with some teasing and build up. Being in business he likes to use Key Performance Indicators. In this case, did the man get an erection and how good was it?

“Before the golden shower he likes me to drink a lot of water, though alcohol can be more effective.

“If I was to give you one today, how would you like it delivered?

“I could sit on your lap and do it.

“Or you could lie on your back while I knelt over you.

“I could kneel over you for five minutes, or perhaps even longer while I teased you and masturbated my shaved cunt for you.

“And you could count down from ten before I delivered.”

Claude is obviously enjoying the conversation and I can see him teasing his almost erect cock, though I wonder why he is wearing a thin leather belt.

Mandy is drinking a lot of water I notice.

“I can see you warming to the idea, your cock is growing,” Mandy smiles as she lays me on my back and kneels over me.

“Do you like watching me masturbate while I kneel over you? I can see that I am turning you on.

“My girlfriends and I discuss a wide range of important issues. Long ago we agreed that if a man’s cock extends past his belly button, he can be classed as well hung.

“And yours is well past,” she smiles as she sits on my face.

“Lick my cunt and hold my arse cheeks.”

As I do I am aware of Claude sucking my cock.

“Just a teaser Claude for both of us,” she tells him after just one minute as he sits down again and Mandy moves and kneels back over my groin area.

“Do you like watching me masturbate while I kneel over you?” she asks as strokes her cunt lips with one finger of each hand.

“I am looking at Claude and I can see he is looking forward to what I am going to do to you for his benefit very soon. And so am I,” Mandy says kneeling over me with her hands on my shoulders.

“Did I tell you I like a little bit of BDSM?

“Pinch my nipples for me.

“Harder, hurt me, harder.”

I can see Claude standing beside us removing the thin leather belt he was wearing.

He folds it in half and holds it very firmly in one hand.

“Now Claude, now, I am ready, hard,” she tells him a fraction of a second before the belt hits her arse.

“Wow, I like that.

“Again, harder this time.

“One more, even harder this time.”

“Watch and enjoy boys,” she tells us, hands on hips, as she groans and starts gushing warm yellow liquid all over my groin, in an absolute torrent.

“Like that?” she asks as she stops for a short while.

“Want more some?” she asks without waiting for an answer and gushes all over me.

“You are a very exciting woman, look what you have done to my cock.”

“I am going to fuck you soon, but no hurry,” she tells me as we sauna and shower again and I watch Claude apply some type of cream to the welts on her arse.

“We were in Hong Kong last week for some shopping and I purchased some really exotic French ticklers in a range of sizes.

“Want me to put one on you so I can fuck you with it on?” Mandy asks as she toys with my erection and kisses and licks it. “Claude has never seem me use these.”

“Yes please, I really would like that.”

Good, but I am going to make you wait for it,” Mandy says as she leads me to the bedroom and lays me on my back on the bed.

“Your cock is just magnificent,” she moans she lowers herself on to my erection.

“You fill me up, I can feel your balls against me,” she tells me as I manipulate her arse in my hands as she slides up and down the full length of my very erect cock.

She is a very good performer and the way she uses her cunt muscles on my erection is sexual magic.

After around ten minutes I can feel her tense.

“So good, so fucking good baby, I am going to cum on your cock, hurt my arse, dig your fingernails in,” she moans as she teases her cunt lips with two fingers.

Mandy is almost screaming as her whole body shakes and spasms as she has a very wet orgasm.

“So fucking good baby,” she murmurs as she slides off my cock and motions to Claude, “Put the coarsest tickler on his cock for me.”

“Lick his cock first and taste me on his cock.”

The sensation of another man fitting a tickler on my cock after he has licked it, at the urging of his lady while she watches, knowing that she is going to use it for her pleasure while he watches is very exciting.

The tickler has what looks like pig’s bristles and is the most evil looking tickler I have ever seen. Or is the sexiest one?

Mandy is looking on in awe, “Wow, that looks evil and very sexy.

“And it feels heaven, absolute fucking heaven,” she groans she lowers her cunt onto my tickler sheafed cock.

I can see that Claude has a roaring erection as he comes into view and positions himself so Mandy can take his cock into her mouth.

“Two men at once, one in each end, absolute fucking heaven after all that foreplay.

“And that tickler on that magnificent cock in my tight cunt is so good. It almost hurts, but I love it,” she tells both of us she tenses her cunt muscles on it while she teases Claude’s cock with her thumb and forefinger as he holds her head and moves his hips back and forth.

“Two men, so good, I am so turned on, so fucking good. Watch me, I am going to squirt.”

This woman really is a star performer I muse as she squirts.

“Fuck my mouth as though it is a cunt, cum for me” Mandy tells me as she lays back at a forty-five degree angle on the couch.

Claude is standing behind Mandy, holding her head with his middle fingers on her cheeks near her mouth to heighten the sensation of her lips on my erection.

My cock is throbbing and begging for relief as I slowly tease as much cock as I can manage into Mandy’s mouth and taut lips.

Claude has his third erection and is making strange guttural noises as he manipulates Mandy’s head and mouth with his fingers.

“One more treat for you baby,” he mutters as he moves and stands in front of Mandy.

He has a large vibrator in his hand with a new French tickler on it.

Mandy gasps as he slides in to her cunt and I can hear the noise as he turns it onto full speed.

In less than a minute Mandy is screaming as she squirts, orgasms and squirts some more all while pleasuring my erection with her lips and tongue.

Just as I think I can’t possibly hold out any longer, my cock is absolutely throbbing and begging for relief, I feel Claude’s strong hands on my arse cheeks.

The extra sensation as he digs his fingernails into my arse cheeks is magic while his partner is sucking my cock.

Mandy can both see and sense what he is doing to me and the effect he is having on me as she increases the pressure on my cock with her lips.

My whole body shakes and shudders and I am almost embarrassed by the noise I make as I have the most incredible orgasm.

As I depart, Mandy reminds me that Claude likes to use Key Performance Indicators.

“Would you like to do all that with us again?”

“Absolutely, you are a pair of sex machines.”
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