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How do you pay for a student room when you come up short on the rent money?
No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story.


I, Briley Jensen, had a problem. I was a CPA and had just been bought out of my company, due to an assimilation (as it was politely called, others might have called it an assassination) by a larger firm. I had shown a very strictly honorable manner of running my firm that I had built up from scratch. This was evidently intolerable to the larger firm, now in control.

However, due to their profound respect for what I had accomplished, or more likely because I had Blossom, the local power attorney on my side; I had come out of the dissolution of my interest in my former firm with a considerable settlement. It included a large amount of stock in the new firm, but decidedly minor in relative quantity. That stock was dumped over a short period of time. And I got a great amount of cash in my ‘golden parachute’ settlement. I thought that was an especially bitter pill for them to have to honor.

So, I was left at the age of forty-eight with a great amount of money and the freedom to use it well. My uncle Marty Jensen, had had a similar thing happen to him and was being wildly successful in his condo complex project. And not just in his business, either. But, then Marty got the good looks in the family, at least as good as any of them, except for the women who tended to be very fine looking.

So, I made an evening appointment to confer with Marty through Wiley, his resident manager. It was set for seven o’clock and I couldn’t wait, since I was well aware of Felicity and Opal, whom I had both sampled in the past.

When I got to Marty’s gigantic condo, made up from all four units on one floor, I was greeted at the door by Opal, one of Marty’s resident loves. And she took my arm and guided me into the family room to sit on the couch. She then let me know that Marty was off on some kind of business matter and wouldn’t be back for two hours. So, she had been requested to entertain me until he could get back. My eyes got very big at that, because Opal was any man’s dream, not only in looks, but she was one of the sexiest women on the Earth in attitude and actions.

So, with only the two of us in the condo for a couple of hours, she took my arm and led me into her bedroom, with her baby asleep on Marty’s bed in his bedroom. We reclined on the bed facing each other and immediately began kissing in the manner of high school sweethearts who were just beginning to sexually discover each other. Gentle smacks on each other, with very shallow and gentle probing’s with their tongues. I had my upper arm on her back under her arm to hold her in place. She had her hand at the back of my head for the same purpose.

We delayed in this mode, until she moved my hand to the front and began to massage her breast through her blouse and bra. With this, her hand moved to ruffling her fingers through my hair. After a few minutes of this, she reached down and opened up her blouse, so that my hand could move under it to reach under her loose sports bra and caress her breasts and nipple directly, skin on skin. And she then moved her free hand to holding my arm in promoting my lovely entertaining of her titty.

With this the kissing got more pronounced and our tongues began their dance with each other. And we began to vocalize our growing passions, also. She was moaning from her filled mouth and I was sharing OMG’s with her.

Then we briefly backed up and she asked me if I would like to see more of her, and with my nodding vigorously in agreement to that, she removed all of her clothing very quickly and it flew in all directions from the bed. I left the vicinity in a more leisurely pace, but still effectively to leave us bare naked and looking each other in the eyes.

At this she took the bottom position on the bed, face up and directed me into the male on top 69 position, so that I could get my closer look at her privates. When I got into position, she guided my member right down to shallowly probe into her mouth. And I for a couple of minutes just stared at her pussy and anus in awe of the beauty of them. But, with her becoming more aggressive with my dick in sucking and tonguing, hIbegan to give very generous attentions to her love zone.

After several minutes of this complimentary stimulating each other, she had me reverse myself and move my dick up to the mama zone between her legs. She reached down and guided my dick into her pussy and began to thrust up to encourage me to plunge down. We were into it with a lot of swearing and sweating and then, Marty wandered in to the room to find out what all of the noise was.

As he saw his nephew’s butt bouncing up and down as his dick was pounding into Opal’s pussy he remarked that he would talk with me when we were done with our fun. It took another fifteen minutes to finish each other off and then we calmed down to face Marty as he sat in the living room watching reruns of the last Mariner victory on the tube.

Marty had gotten home early, and Felicity, his other resident lover had come in right after him. So, when Opal and Briley came out of her bedroom, she moved right to Felicity’s door to confer over cookie recipe’s as Briley and Marty mused in silent agreement.

Then Marty invited Briley to take a seat and with an offered root beer to let Marty know what was on his mind. Marty was patient in Briley’s afterglow from Opal’s designated entertaining of him, but after several minutes of mental downtime Briley was ready to address his favorite uncle on his business concerns.

“Uncle Marty, I have a situation now in my life and a vision of what I want to do with it. I have come to inquire of you about your experiences, since there are some parallels between our situations, though I have nowhere near as many funds to start with than you did.”

Marty looks him in the eyes and then remarks, “I have heard of some of the changes in your life. I am assuming that the parting agreements included noncompetition clauses. So, your interests for at least the next two years will have to be in other endeavors than starting up a new law agency.”

“Yes, that is so, and actually, I have no interest in starting one anytime soon. What I want to do is set myself up so that I can enjoy the women like you do. I am righteously jealous of you having Opal. What a treasure she is! But, I know that she and Felicity love you very dearly and so I want my own to light up my life and bed, with others to dally with.”

“Must be a family trait, huh? Well, what would you like to know?”

“Everything that I should do to start this. What I want to do is to find a large home within two blocks of the college on the upper side to rent out rooms to female students, somewhere from four of them and up. And to make the place so attractive to them, that they would never want to leave it, at least until they finish their educations. And make the rental rate high enough that at least some of them will be in rent trouble some of the time. And then use that as leverage to feather my bed, so to speak.”

So, Marty indicated that he understood what was going on in Briley’s mind. And offered the following:

First you need someone looking for the kind of property that will fit the bill for you, or could be converted to do so. I know of a real estate sales lady that is very good at that and has a unique method of closing sales. I can’t remember her name right off the top of my head, but I will find it for you.

You also need to put some money in a safe place for an emergency fund, in case things should go bad. I know of a bank, with a Mrs. Darby who is a fine place to store your security fund and very good to deal with on loans, too. If you put a sizable deposit in that bank, they have a very exciting way of congratulating a person on their wisdom in doing so. And they repeat the rite every year on the anniversary of the first deposit. I have experienced this several times and wouldn’t want you to miss out on that. That is where I first met Opal, by the way. And Felicity, too.

Then you should set up an oversight corporation that has very limited power over your immediate one. And you should have the vast majority of the stock in it. That can help to fend off the financial sharks from taking over your business and looting it to their advantage. I barely missed out on that from them, by my own oversight committee. Mine is made up of Blossom; the lawyer (which I advise you to use in your real estate dealings;) Nestor, the investment guru; Candy, the manager of the Sterling Detective Agency; Mrs. Edna Margolin, the Top Bitch in town and Mrs. Darby that I have already mentioned as a very helpful banker.

Once you identify the property that you want to acquire and adapt to your use, I suggest that you use the Sully Brothers Contractors to do the work for you. They are very quick, efficient and put out great work at reasonable prices. Also, since they are located in California, any special features that you have built in will be known only by workers from California, so will not be as subject to local gossip.

There are also the Bash Brothers, who are strong arm specialists if that should become necessary. They are friends of mine, and I will recommend you to them, too. They often work with the Sterling Detective Agency, too.

So, that should be enough to keep you busy in meetings for the next week or so, when that is done, get back to me and we can look over some of the details together. I can call my expert Wiley into this, also. He loves cleaning up my business messes, and so should love yours, too.

Opal should be of some help in getting you a young lady lover, also. And I will ask her to step in to take care of you until another one comes available.

‘That should motivate her a lot, he thought.’

The next day, I sent out the letters inviting the persons mentioned by Marty to be part of the oversight committee formed into a corporation to defend me in case I become incapacitated in some way. I figured that it would take at least two weeks for them to run it by their lawyers, many of which used Blossom and then had me checked out by the Sterling Detective Agency.

In the meantime, Marty remembered the name of the real estate saleswoman, Joyce Adams, so I contacted her to start the search for a suitable home in the area of interest. And I also made an appointment to meet with Mrs. Darby on making the deposit in her bank and enlisting her in the money transfers, though I had enough to comfortably buy a house of the size that I wanted and remodel it to the status to meet my desires.

With the money ready to transfer, Mrs. Darby informed me that there was the usual ritual to accompany that deposit in her bank. The ritual that Marty had referred to. So, it made sense to spread my money out to more than one institution anyway, I did so on a Friday and she invited me back to the bank at seven in the evening of that day.

When I got there, I was greeted by Felicity, Marty’s lover, and Mrs. Darby the bank manager, both of them in considerably less dressage than would be proper during business hours. Felicity sucked me off while I was sitting at the table awaiting whatever was to come after that. It seemed to be her regular part of the scenario. And then Mrs. Darby accompanied a young girl of about sixteen, Briley guessed, to move up on the table and lay down on my tummy as I was on my back. She then began to kiss and squirm all over my body to enliven me again for what was to come next. And it was me having my dick deep up into her pussy while she rode me cowgirl style. And after that one of the older ladies looking on, Marty had warned me about her, removed her dentures and took my cock into her mouth and sucked me clean clear up my semen pipes. Then she smiled as she backed off from the table to the wall, again.

With this done, we all shared in some root beer and a specially decorated cake at my joining fiscal resources to their bank, with them hoping for a very long business relationship.

While sharing in the cake; Melanie, the young girl that I had just fucked, informed me that she would like a relationship with me, just like the one that her cousin Opal was having with Marty. I took her into my hands and asked her if she really wanted to do that. And she said,”Yes,” that she most surely did. And so I asked if she had a boyfriend and she said that she did, but he was extremely poor and of no material help to her at all. So, I mentioned that if she came to be with me and served my interests well, that she could have two days a week with him, and the other five with me. She brightened up greatly at that and said that she would get back to me as soon as possible to let me know what her mother and boyfriend would say about that. And so, I left it at that for the present.

When Joyce contacted me a couple of days later, she informed me that she had a number of properties in the area that might be of interest to me. But, after the first three, I was getting under the impression that she hadn’t read my home request information sheet. The first three properties were totally unqualified for what I had in mind, and I was tired from the first day and ready to cease using her for the search.

That evening, I got a call from Marty on his cell phone, and he informed me that she was following the usual real estate protocol, to have the customer see unqualified homes first, so that when the actually right one was shown, that the customer would recognize that fact and sign on the dotted line right then, rather than lose it to someone else.

So, I informed Marty, that I wasn’t into those kinds of games, and she had better come up with a qualified home the next day, or I would be turning my business over to others. He said that he would pass that on to Joyce.

So, the next day, she showed me the house that she should have shown me on the first day, and I got the prospectus from her and the address and emailed them to Blossom to check out. She said that she would get back to me as soon as she got her inquiries back.

That evening, I got a text from Melanie that her mother was firmly on with the deal between us, but that her boyfriend was despondent and firmly against it.

I let her know that I didn’t want any part of an angry boyfriend and if he was going to be any kind of problem, that she should back out before it erupted. She let me know that the relationship between her and I was more important than her boyfriend, and if there had to be a choice between us, that she would choose me. And so I returned a text that we would try it out then and I wanted to see her the present night. She advised me that her mother would bring her over and she showed up at eight o’clock to play deep into the night.

I tried everything that I knew of so far, that night and she was good as gold with all of it. She even took anal like a champ and was very vocal with my coming up into her back pipe, to my enjoyment. She was quite a bit more interactive and vocal than any other girl that I had been with and I figured if that continued there would be no limit to how long she could be with me, even with the boyfriend still in the picture.

Though, I planned to pay off the property and remodeling from my cash, Blossom advised me to finance it to start to get all of the protections that a new buyer gets in the process. And I contacted Mrs. Darby to see if she could facilitate that for a short term loan, and she said that it would be a snap to process. And she reminded me of us having a dinner and late date for that Friday in celebration of my deposit and would owe me another with Felicity for the loan, I let her know that I would put that on my calendar in red ink. I could feel her smile over the phone.

On Thursday I got the preliminaries from the inspectors on the house and they advised me that the foundation and structure were sound and the roof needed replacing, so I informed Joyce of an adjustment in the purchase price for that. And she said that she would take care of it.

In the meantime, I got the local representative of The Sully Brothers Construction Co., Jose and we took a look at it and he advised that I get a local husband/wife duo, that they knew of and regularly worked with, to do the reconstruction and remolding plans done through them, along with a plan for the decorating of the place according to my intended purposes for it. I got their phone numbers and said that I would contact him, when the legal matters of purchase were finalized to get a firm beginning date on the construction work.

Early that afternoon, Melanie showed up after school and changed for me into an outfit suitable for a much younger girl. And then she put on a young girl’s act to give me a fun time that I totally enjoyed. Especially, when I was undressing her and saw her beginner’s bra and elephants and ponies panties. And when she laid back with a slightly fearful expression on her face and watched with wide open eyes as I moved up into her pussy and took her cherry on the way (simulated) I nearly came before I even got well up into her.

And when she got her climax, she started cheering me on to dump up into her pussy as deep as I could to make a baby there and with her little girl look, my dick stuck all the way up in her, her body thrashing up to me and her calling at the top of her voice for me to impregnate her, I was beyond lusty in answering her call to action. I dumped a load of monumental, for me, amounts to finish myself up in her.

As I sagged down on the bed in total exhaustion, she murmured the question as to what she could then do for me. I was just too fatigued to answer, so with me on my back, and her totally in her young girl mode, she moved to between my legs and sucked me up to being clean and let me rest in her mouth for some time as she gazed affectionately up to me.

Over the next couple of weeks, I had the dinner and bed appointment with Mrs. Darby, wow what a woman and the second one with her and Felicity. Felicity pounded down on me with anal like no other gal that I had ever made love with. And Melanie backed out of our relationship even before we moved in together in the remodeled house. She left a note on my door, with the sweetest sentiments about me and our times together, but she dearly wanted to move in with her B.F. and give it a try. He had promised to make a living for the both of them. She mentioned that her mother was furious over it. I texted her to follow her heart. She returned texted me that I was the sweetest dear man that she had ever known and would treasure our brief time together for the rest of her life.

Finally with all of the legal aspects of the assumption of the home in order, the plans for its development came to fruition. The basement would be the location for all of the cleaning efforts. With a laundry chute all the way up to the fourth floor above and a powered dumbwaiter to lift the finished garments and bedding back up. The girls and I would each have to sew initials into all of our clothing in order to sort things out.

As the reconstruction and remodeling was progressing, a neighborhood girl of about the age of eighteen contacted me about doing the maid service in the building. I remarked that the girls living there would need to keep their room neat and clean, and help throughout the home in other things, but that there should be enough to keep her busy at least a couple of days a week. It turned out as things developed that she was kept busy five days a week and after begging me to have just a simple room in a corner of the basement, became a live-in domestic of considerable beauty and utility. And one of my lovers, too.

The first floor with the entry from outside had the kitchen, dining room, common room and my office near the front door. The second floor was bedrooms, five in number and a small cleaning closet with supplies and equipment.

The third floor was two more bedrooms and a large study room that insisted on total silence. It had a rather complete student’s library, including all of the current study books, an internet terminal, and a snack bar. It turned out to be one of the premier attractions to living in my home.

The fourth floor was mine, with my giant bedroom and small apartment taking up most of the floor. I did have one nice sized bedroom with independent bathroom on the same floor as mine, for the girls to compete with to have. But, it involved you know what to get it, and few of them were up to what I was interested with them to give it to them. It also had the little cleaning closet of all of the levels of the house.

I also had an AD prepared by Blossom that would be legal for me to attract only favorably looking young women, of college age to live with me. I was going to never permit any males in the house except for myself. And a list of rules that could get a gal denied continual living on in the house.

Then with the house finished, furnished and me sexually famished, I moved in to get things all settled down for the first of my renters. I set the rent at $500 a month to discourage the lower income element, and to also put economic pressure on the ones that moved in for my own purposes. Pepita moved in and took up her place in the basement and got all of the cleaning supplies put away and finished off the physical preparations for the entry of students coming soon. It was August and we would be getting requests very soon, we figured.

After a couple of weeks of living in, and concurrent with my initial ads, she took up sleeping in my bed and would make love with me anytime I wanted it. She was just a regular girl and so allowed: regular kissing, hugging, caressing, light oral both ways and animated fucking up her pussy. She didn’t allow any anal at all, but did take me bare. I didn’t know at first if she was using birth control, because she showed no interest at all in me using a condom. But, despite her limitations, she was a dear young lady and a lively bed partner, I liked her very much.

The first responder to the Ads was an incoming freshman named, Suzy. She was of a breezy nature and didn’t even bat an eye over the rental rate, though the bedrooms were a bit on the small size. She really liked the upstairs study room and asked her parents to help her with the rent, since it was only two blocks away from the upper campus and this would save her money on transportation. Part of her support was a job in the college administrative offices as a low paid intern, but it would help her in getting a head start in her career, since she was a business major. Also, I guessed that her parents thought that the job would keep her out of trouble, with her too busy to get into trouble with the wrong crowd.

But, without her parents knowing of it, she almost immediately got into a tight spot with gambling and alcohol, and came to be in my bed twice a month to cover her rent. Somewhat to Pepita’s chagrin. Pepita tried to up the ante by allowing me to plow up her ass, and I didn’t turn her down , but had made no promises over it and so she just ran with the flow of things and still blessed my bed regularly after that with anal, once in a while.

The next prospective renter was an A.A. girl from Alabama. She came to Big City to see what a very low grade manner of racial prejudice felt like. She was an excellent student and really regular with her rental payments and keeping up with her obligations to the house. Each of the resident girls had to make dinner once a week, including Pepita. They really looked forward to Pepita’s nights, since she was an incredibly able cook of Hispanic meals. To her wide smiles, she always got very enthusiastic responses to her meal efforts. Alina, the Alabama girl, started coming to my bed twice a month right from the first, with no late rents ever. Evidently, she wanted to sample unprejudiced white meat up north, also. I was definitely prejudiced……… her favor. She was a total woman, and whoever got her on a permanent basis would thank their lucky stars for the rest of their lives.

There was still a couple of weeks to go before school started and I only had two renters and Pepita in residence. But, I was told that there would be late arrivers, if nothing else that would be desperate for rooms, and so not to worry. The worst that would come would be having to turn some away.

About this time, Melanie showed up one afternoon to see what I had accomplished and she was very impressed. And then over coffee, hers and my root beer, she laid out what her situation was. She said that she was pregnant, insinuating that it was mine, and needed a place to stay, because her boyfriend had tried to get her involved in prostitution to support the two of them. She hated the idea, but might have done it for him out of love, but he was being unfaithful to her with other women that he was recruiting for his string. From some of his comments and his becoming rough with her, he got it that he didn’t really love her, it was just a ploy to get her into the escort business for his enrichment. And he was trying to get her hooked on drugs, too. Which she fought off physically in respect to the coming baby. Good for, her, I thought on that.

While I was talking with her, her cell phone rang and the voice on it asked to talk to me. When I got on the line, he began to threaten me to not interfere with him and Melanie or dire circumstances would come upon me. I didn’t answer the threats, but hung up and after getting several texts from the same number that I didn’t even bother to read, I turned her phone off.

I then got the address of his main locations and his alternatives and texted the Sterling Detective agency about it, with his cell number off of Melanie’s cell. A young girl’s voice said that they would get right on it and Melanie let me know a couple of days later that he had gone missing to places unknown. But, he did call her on her cell a few weeks later to come and be with him, but she told him to buzz off, that she was no longer interested in him, and after a couple of threats of returning, she informed him that the famous Bash Brothers were on the lookout for his return and if he was caught in Big City again, he would be leaving feet first this time. With screams on the other end, she hung up on him and immediately turned her cell off. He showed what little good sense that he had and never showed up in or near Big City again.

She then asked to move in with me, but I said that I wouldn’t be interested now, since I had other ladies to take care of me after her abandonment of me, but if she could get some scholarships and grants, that maybe we could work something out. She said that she would try, and low and behold, it worked out and she became one of my once a month lovers, since she regularly came up with at least half of the rent each month during her college studies.

And sure enough, the other rooms filled out by the second week of school. I now had Pepita in the basement, Melanie in one of the student rooms and the other six student rooms full. Terrific, I though. And after about another two weeks of residence by the girls, the operations of the home got well underway with everyone carrying out their responsibilities. Between the girls already incurred, I had at least five of the prospective play nights a month spoken for. And Pepita assured me that she would fill in on any of the other nights that I needed her. She was such a dear.

After little more than a month, my dance card was filled. So, I had a willing partner in my bed for at least twice a week and whenever Pepita wanted for the rest of the week, which was anytime I wanted her. It appeared over time that she wanted more of a relationship with me, despite the fact that I was very open with the proposition that I had no interest in marrying. She also was a bit snippy over the fact that Alina, the Alabama A.A. girl was occupying the ‘Bitch Hutch’ next to my bedroom. And when Alina decided that she wanted to move to be with her boyfriend at U of Alabama and got full credit for her work up here and scholarships for her to come down there, because Anthony her B.F. was a star receiver on the football team, Pepita was so incensed with me not moving her there, that she decided to leave and find other opportunities for her life. She did recommend her youngest sister, Marita, to take her place though she was only sixteen. And after a ‘bed trial’ she was accepted and did a fine job like Pepita used to do.

It turned out that Marita, the new maid, was a wildly enthused slut. And after a few weeks, she worked her way into the ‘Bitch Hutch’ with her unbridled passion for all kinds of sex. She lived for role plays and especially those that portrayed her as a rather young girl. She liked the dress up and the using of a little girl’s voice and manner. She would literally do anything that I wanted, and some beyond what I wanted, like spanking. She continued her high school education over the internet and started college when that was done. She was a brilliant student and majored in drama. Figures!!!

Not too long after this, Melanie moved out to be with a young man that she met at the college. He didn’t care about her background and the baby that she had. He seemed to be a really nice guy and over time proved to be one. She still brought the baby, which was very popular at my home among the girls during her classes and there was always someone available to care for her. It kept the loose connection between us, though she was solely with Wyatt from then on.

As time wore on, I became resistant of excusing rent with sex, except for the most beautiful and lively of the renters and began to center my attentions on Marita. She wanted a baby with me after she graduated from high school at age eighteen and so I gave in to that. She remained with me, though officially living in the ‘Bitch Hutch’ from then on. We had two children, but never married. But, she was very satisfied with our arrangement and stayed with me long into my life.
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