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Weekly school get together plus a secret life away
At school I was one those guys that hung with the cool dudes or I’d be subjected to bullying.

I think I worked that out early on when in 2nd year of high school.

Once school for me was over, the dudes I hung with would catch-up on Sundays every month for a get-together.

We’d shoot pool, talk about bitches they laid, take turns in shouting turns of beer and generally talk crap, yarda yarda yarda, like friends do.

Ten years and not much has change, within our group.

That’s the skin on the outside but on the inside these get-togethers are a great escape from secrets on the inside.

Somewhere between school finishing and five years before today, things changed.

Things I dare not reveal to this group of long term friends nor dare not want to change.

Since I remember I had always been a pretty boy, (longish blonde hair with blue eyes, high cheekbones with a slender jaw) not much changed throughout my teen and into adulthood.

I had a slim barely 5ft 6 frame at end of my schooling.

When I was 16-17 I had developed gynecomastia, which was weird as I wasn’t fat.

So I went thru the later years hiding from being spotted naked.

Here I was, this skin kid with man boobs and a small cock.

Of cause I felt embarrassed, plus I was one of those anti-jock boys.

Jocks were big monsters and full of confidence and then there I was a runt and a scaredy-cat.

One day while in my early 20’s, I was walking to the corner shop with my iPod a van pulled up beside me.

They stopped and before I could react, two big dudes dispersed and charged at me.

Within a blink of an eye and with my iPod still playing in my ears, I was in the back of the van with a pillowcase over my head.

They had me overpowered and restrained, as they slowly drove away.

I felt a prick in my neck and soon after I was out cold and asleep.

I woke up dazed and confused and lightheaded.

My head was aching from behind my right eye, I soon noticed I was bound.

Also I was naked on a soft plush pink bed, in a room made for a girl.

After a while once my focus came back to me, I wriggled around and managed to sit up against the back of the bed’s head.

By using my toes and feet I managed to snuggle my hips and thighs, under a loose quilt.

The material felt nice, maybe satin.

I crossed my legs under the quilt and wondered, what are these thugs planning to do to me?

My nipples felt tender, as evil thoughts entered my mind.

Then the big masked dudes walked over to the bed, with evil intentions.

One of then just walked by me, the other never took his eyes off me.

Once he buddy had left, I was what he wanted.

He walked right up to me and started to fidget with trousers and loosen them.

Once his cock was free, our eyes met and he gave me this wicked grin.

“Now on your knees,” He ordered.

I wriggled up and knelt before him, with my arms still bound.

“Now be a good boy and wrap your faggot lips around my meat,” He ordered.

I nodded no.

After all I wasn’t a fag and mere thought, disgusted me.

He raised an arm and held it up in the air for a few second, and then it came down it an almighty thud on back of my skull.

Our eyes met again, I stared at his.

Then I cowered away from his.

What was the outcome was, that he was the boss

“I won’t ask again,” he warned.

I took an anxious breath.

“Now get it nice and moist before taking it in your mouth,” he ordered.

I did as was told, I had his cock half way in my mouth before slowly pulling it out.

Then back in it went, I was scared stiff and felt embarrassed.

I sucked on his dick, swallowing the head and gently applying suction.

My mind was screaming but then again, I was slowly calming down.

How did it come to this?

My tongue licked and tried feasting on his cock’s head at times.

This made him moan and place a hand on my head.

Now he was now controlling my motion and pace, with his hands.

I was bobbing up and down his cock, while now and then he moaned.

“See, you’re loving it now,” He said, I tried to frown.

After what felt like an hour but was about five minutes, he stopped.

He threw me on my back and flipped me over.

My face on the quilt, when reached around my stomach and positioned my knees and body the way he wanted.

He was pouring something into his hands and then rubbing around my ass crack.

Then a finger poked into my asshole, I realized what was going to happen next.

Tears started to run, when more fingers teased, poked and probed my ass I began whimpering.

My whole life I was tormented about being a faggot at school and denying it, now this black dude was making me into one.

The pain I felt or was feeling was nothing compared to what was about to hit me.

When this dude positioned his cock near my recently manipulated asshole, I squirmed in anticipation.

He slapped my ass with his fat cock a few times, before pressing it firmly into my hole.

As it broke through my resistance and beyond my rectum, I felt so much pain that I screamed out.

My back ached but part of my brain moved to my cock, and felt pleasure after pain.

I breathed heavily into the quilt as he, relaxed his cock in my ass before pushing forward one last time.

His cock had now bottomed inside my ass, I felt a twitch in my cock (as if it enjoyed it).

I tried not to think that I had a black man’s cock buried deep in my ass and what effect it will have on my mind, afterward in the future.

It felt like I had an arm inside my ass, he pushed his body weight against me and slowly grinded into me.

I gradually felt used to his cock grinding in and out of me, I even began to relax more.

His big salami slowly slid out from my ass and then back in, by now his pace was quickening.

I was beginning to slowly enjoy it, so I wasn’t complaining or protesting anymore.

He, must have noticed I wasn’t resisting and started, fucking more hard and faster.

By now I was in a euphoric state and thought it wasn’t feeling bad, as everyone in the world claims.

He might have beat me to death, if I kept resisting.

So letting him have his way wasn’t so bad, besides no one from my friend’s circle would find out.

“UH...UH...UH...OHHHHH!” I moaned.

Okay I know how I was enjoying having cock in my ass, must have looked.

Especially that before tonight I was, a straight eyed wimpy heterosexual virgin.

I know I wasn’t gay, so how come I was enjoying it so much?

“Who’s my weak fuck boy,” He teased.

“UH...OHHH...UH...OHHH, ME! I AM YOU FUCK BOY! OOOH YEAH...UH...UH!” I screamed back at him.

“Say you love it, say you it bitch!” he asked.


I maybe enjoying it now but how will I tomorrow?

“FUCK ME HARDER! OH GAWD! I think you’re making me cum! I blurted out.

“SO AM I,” He grunted.

“Yeah bitch, this is what you want,” He said and grunted again.

I just took it.

“You’re my ho ass bitch now, here to suck dick and getting your ass bitched,” He teased, as the last of his load filled up my ass.

My fragile limp body just held the position, my ass still moved to his rhythm.

He cut my bound wrists and threw a card at me.

“Ring me is want more,” He said.

I rang him two days later, and another fuck session resulted.

He know owns me and now live in an apartment paid by him (Big Jim), my new daddy.

My weekends are mine, to do as I please.

He must have a family.

I don’t need to work, as he pays the rent and leaves me $100 for supplies.

As long as during week I am his bitch, and sometimes his friends.

Like I said, for close to ten years I have been my Daddy’s bitch, something I dare not tell a sole nor want to ruin anything good in my other life.

Nick lawReport

2018-12-24 19:14:35
Very hot, my first was a Black man about 8 yrs older than me! I was very young, from a conservative southern family! He had just got out of prison, with a young white boy in the cell and had used the white boy for all sex pleasure for 2 years! He took me to use!!!

Nick lawReport

2018-12-24 19:14:25
Very hot, my first was a Black man about 8 yrs older than me! I was very young, from a conservative southern family! He had just got out of prison, with a young white boy in the cell and had used the white boy for all sex pleasure for 2 years! He took me to use!!!

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