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-Shopping - Sarah & Julie go shopping and make a bet between them
She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. She recalled how her and Sarah had got together the first time and how she had unlocked a sexual tiger. She stopped on the entry marked "Christmas Shopping with Sarah" and laughed gently to herself as she recalled that weekend...


"It will be fun" said Julie down the telephone, "And we will get an opportunity to spend some time together and have a bit of fun, and we haven't celebrated my 34th birthday last Saturday yet." Julie could hear Sarah breathing hard down the telephone and Julie lowered her voice so her boyfriend couldn't hear and whispered "And I can lick your lovely pussy until you scream with pleasure."

Julie heard Sarah's breathing quicken as she replied a muttered "Yes," and smiling to herself Julie asked Sarah if she was playing with herself. Again she heard the single word, "Yes," and throatily Julie asked, "Do enjoy me licking your pussy and clit, tasting your juices before driving two fingers deep into your willing pussy?"

At that point Julie heard Sarah moan loudly as she climaxed at the other end of the telephone. "Oh god Julie I want you," Sarah moaned

Julie laughed lightly as she said "Will pick you up at 11.00 on Saturday then, I will book the room."


Despite the crisp December air Julie had the top down on her convertible and honked the horn as she pulled up outside Sarah's house. Julie's long brown hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and her eyes clad in dark wrap around glasses. Sarah ran down the path waving to her husband before jumping into the passenger seat. "I will freeze," she said as Julie wheel-spun the car away down the gravel path.

"Then I will have to warm you up when we get to the hotel," Julie replied as she accelerated hard along the country roads.

Driving with Julie was an experience in itself, behind the wheel Julie blended with the car throwing it into bends with almost reckless abandonment. "Please slow down" Sarah uttered after another stomach wrenching wheel squealing corner.

Julie smiled and without taking her eyes from the road said, "I will if you give me something else to think about."

"What do you mean?" stammered Sarah.

"Well," Julie replied " If you had no knickers on and was fingering that lovely pussy of yours then I would drive slower."

Sarah blushed to her roots as she stammered that people might see from other cars. "Do it," Julie said with a slight hint of steel in her voice. Sarah felt a shiver run through her body and reached under her dress, sliding her knickers off before hoisting her skirt up to her thighs. As the wind played with blonde hair Sarah began to stroke her clit, gently at first but with increasing urgency as Julie described in graphic detail what she was going to do to Sarah once she got her alone.

The traffic started to build up as they approached the town and Sarah started to smooth her skirt back down. "Did I tell you to stop?" said Julie, "You had better cum before we get to the hotel or the doorman will get a shock." With that Sarah began to finger herself in more earnest while using the fingers on her other hand to play across her swollen clit.

Sarah began to moan as she neared her climax and in lust filled voice muttered "Oh Julie I wish these were your fingers in my wet pussy." With that Sarah cried out loudly as she orgasmed making some of the pedestrians heads turn towards the car, which had stopped at the traffic lights.

A car horn caused Sarah to look to her left and to her embarrassment she realised that her performance had been witnessed by a group of guys in a minibus, who were now pressed against the windows shouting and cheering. Sarah blushed deeply and Julie just laughed and waved at the guys shouting, "Hope you enjoyed the show," as she gunned the car away from the lights.

Sarah was still blushing as they checked into the hotel and followed Julie up in the lift muttering about how she would never be able to go out in public again. Her voice trailed away as Julie threw open the door revealing the large luxurious room with a king size bed in the middle. "It's beautiful," stammered Sarah as Julie began to unpack her things, before quickly kicking off her boots and jeans, dropping them in a heap.

"Glad you like it," said Julie as she slid of her knickers before pulling her top over her head and throwing them onto the pile. Jumping onto the bed Julie lay back and spread her legs wide, and with a large grin said, "You have cum, now it's my turn before we hit the shops."

Sarah knelt between Julie's legs and admired her pussy, which was glistening with juice, before murmuring, "Looks like my show turned you on." Julie just laughed and tugging at Sarah's blonde hair pulled her onto her wet pussy. Sarah slid her tongue deep into Julie's pussy and savoured her juices as Julie arched and writhed whilst pulling Sarah's head closer and closer. Sarah lapped at Julie's pussy and then moving her head slightly found Julie's clit. Taking it between her lips she sucked causing Julie to moan and buck as her orgasm built, then pulling Sarah's head close she ground her pussy into Sarah's face as the orgasm exploded in her. Sarah clamped her mouth tight to Julie pussy as the juices flooded onto her tongue. After a few minutes to recover Julie showered before dressing and the two women went out shopping.


Later that day laden with presents they returned to the hotel room still giggling like small children. "God Julie you are terrible," Sarah admonished but finding it difficult to keep a straight face.

"Wellllllllll," laughed Julie rolling her eyes, "She seemed to enjoy what she saw and she was asking for it."

The two women were laughing about how while in one shop when they were mucking about while trying on clothes and one of the more senior female shop assistants started tutting about their behaviour. Julie and Sarah had gone back into the cubicle and Julie removed her clothing before calling the shop assistant in.

Then as the older woman stood there staring at Julie's naked body Julie asked her whether she thought the natural look suited her. The older woman stuttered as Julie then began to remove Sarah's clothes while caressing her body. At the point when Julie inserted a finger into Sarah's pussy before holding it up, and with an innocent look on her face asked if this is what was meant by the 'wet look', the woman fled, threatening to call security.

Julie was still laughing to herself as the hot water splashed down on her in the large shower when she felt a movement behind her. She looked over her shoulder to see Sarah's smiling face who began to caress Julie's back before stepping closer and running her hands across Julie's breasts. Julie lent back against Sarah and closed her eyes enjoying the touch of her hands sliding across her body as the water cascaded down. Sarah then soaped her hand and began to massage across Julie's chest and down her tummy towards Julie's groin.

The slippery sensation of Sarah's hands on her skin was sending Julie wild and she began to moan as tremors shot through her body. Julie opened her legs to make access easier and sighed contentedly as Sarah's finger gently began to circle her clit. Sarah's rubbing became more insistent and Julie put out a hand to steady herself, as her legs grew unsteady. Sarah moved it gently from the wall and supported her weight as she increased the friction and every so often slipped a finger inside. With a half cry, half sob Julie climaxed and Sarah held Julie tightly until the shaking stopped.

As the women were drying their hair and getting dressed for the evening Sarah turned to Julie and with a cheeky smile said "That's 2-1 I think."

Julie smiled and replied, "So it's a competition is it now? We will see about that." Then a wicked grin spread across Julie's face as she said with a coy voice, "How about a little fun and maybe carry the competition on?" Sarah looked a little confused at first but understanding dawned as Julie explained that the guys in the minibus were on a stag night and they had a mobile number displayed in the back window.

As Sarah watched, Julie fished her mobile out of her purse and dialled a number from memory. Sarah could only hear one side of the conversation that went, ..".Yes the two from the car"...soft laugh ..."No that was my friend who was fingering herself ... six of you, well that's three each ...OK see you there in an hour." Julie snapped the mobile shut and looked Sarah in the eyes as she said, "It's arranged and the first one to make their three cum wins." Sarah poked out her tongue as she asked what the forfeit would be and then her eyes lit up when Julie leant forward and whispered it in her ear.


Julie and Sarah walked into the guy's hotel dressed to kill, Sarah had chosen a black leather mini-skirt with a black near see through blouse which complemented her short blonde hair, whilst Julie had a calf length wrap around silk dress with short high heeled ankle boots. Julie's dress clung to her like a second skin clearly showing that she had nothing on underneath, whilst Sarah's skirt barely covered her brief white thong. The two women sat on bar stools and were the centre of attention with the six guys who were buying drinks and each trying to outdo each with tales of daring feats and sexual prowess.

Sarah looked at Julie and winked having decided on her three and taking her cue Julie said in a low husky voice, "OK boys want to party?" The young men nearly fell over each other helping the two women up to one of their rooms, which wasn't as large as Julie and Sarah's suite but still had two double beds.

Smiling Julie turned to the guys, who had gone very quiet, and licking her lips said "OK boys its three each and I want you, you and you," pointing to each one in turn. The men needed no second invitations and within a second Julie's dress was a crumpled heap on the floor revealing that she was naked under the dress. Still standing in her boots, Julie felt the three pairs of hands caressing and touching her body and opening her legs felt a finger slide into her soaking pussy. As she was lowered to the bed as the men kissed her body Julie saw Sarah on her knees with a cock in her mouth whilst using her hands to work the other two cocks. Turning her head away from Sarah, Julie found a cock being placed at her lips and opening her mouth sucked it greedily in.

The men continued to probe Julie's body and she felt her pussy become wetter and wetter as a man pushed two fingers into her while his tongue lapped at her pussy. Rolling over so she straddled the man beneath her Julie sat up and ground her pussy into his face whilst still sucking on the other man's cock. Julie moaned in pleasure as she felt the third man force a finger into her ass and worked the gel he had found from somewhere begin to loosen her up. The finger was soon joined by a second and the man began to pump Julie's ass as she worked her hips back and forward whilst moving her head in a steady motion.

Breaking from the guy's cock Julie managed to gasp out, "I want all three of you at" Julie heard a little moan from the other bed as Sarah realised she would have to follow suit. As Julie slid down the bed and positioned herself over the guy's cock she looked at Sarah and smiled as she saw her in a similar position. In unison both women sank onto the hard cocks and moaned together as they slid into their pussies.

"One," Sarah mouthed at Julie who felt the other man climb onto the bed behind her and position his cock at her anal star.

"Twooooooo" Julie moaned at Sarah as he worked the head of his cock in before pausing for a second. Julie saw the look of rapture cross Sarah's face as her second guy worked his cock into her ass before slowly pushing it home.

All thoughts of watching Sarah went from Julie's mind as she felt the large cock in her ass being pushed slowly deeper and the man grunt as his balls touched her ass. Julie loved the full feeling that two cocks gave her and turned her head with her mouth open searching almost blindly for the third cock. The man responded to this invitation by pushing his cock into Julie's mouth and holding her head began to fuck her face. The man under Julie thrust up into her pussy causing her hips to rise and meet the cock in her ass. The guy in her ass responded by thrusting down and forcing her onto the cock in her pussy. The two men soon got a rhythm going so that there was always at least one cock in her body. Then they changed so that both nearly left her body at the same time before plunging back in sending tremors through her body.

Julie soon felt an orgasm rush through her and screaming round the guys cock she felt her muscles contract. The other two began to pump into her ass and pussy in short frantic strokes before first the guy in her pussy quickly followed by the guy in her ass shot hot cum deep into her body.

Wanting to taste the third guy Julie reached between his legs and searching quickly thrust a finger deep into his ass. This caused him to thrust forward nearly causing Julie to choke, but Julie bent her finger and searching deeply for his prostrate gave it a quick rub. The man went wild his first jet of hot cum hitting Julie's throat before she pulled back letting the second and third squirts hit her face. The man worked his own cock and deposited two more jets as Julie eased her finger out.

Julie felt the two men under her begin to shrivel in her body and slowly slide out as she saw out of the corner of her eyes the men on the other bed start to pump into Sarah. The guy in Sarah's mouth pumped into her face and Julie could see Sarah swallowing his cum as he jerked into her head that he had trapped between his hands. Sarah barely had time to draw breath before the guy in Sarah's ass rammed deep causing her to scream as the orgasm ripped through her. The guy in her pussy thrust up and deposited his cum in her as well.

The two women lay on their backs on the two beds as the men started to dress, almost unsure what to do next. Julie turned her head, her face still covered with one guys cum and said to Sarah, "I win, pay up."

The six men watched amazed as Sarah crawled off the bed and began to lick the cum from Julie's face. As they watched Sarah kissed Julie and their tongues danced as they swapped the cum that Sarah had collected. The men watched in total silence as Sarah turned her body into a 69 position and lowering her head began to lap at Julie's cum filled pussy.

Julie opened her legs wide before wrapping them around Sarah's back as she felt her tongue go to work, licking her pussy and ass and swallowing what she found there. Julie looked up and saw Sarah's pussy with cum just starting to leak out. Lifting her head slightly she scoped her tongue inside tasting the hot salty cum on her tongue before swallowing and savouring the taste. Soon the pair of them were writhing in orgasms as their tongues drove each other wild as they licked each other clean. After about 15 minutes Julie and Sarah collapsed into each other's arms and holding each other gently looked at the still speechless guys.

Smiling at them Julie said, "Thanks guys that was great"

Sarah was stroking Julie's still hard nipples as she murmured into Julie's ear, "That was the best bet I have ever lost."


2018-11-11 15:28:48
Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "shop 'till you drop" ;-).


2018-11-08 18:35:29
I absolutely loved this. Is this an anthology or a series?

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