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Everything I write is pretty much fiction. I write on the topics that fascinate me, even if I have absolutely no intention on doing them. But this time I'm writing about an actual experience and I would love to know what your thoughts are. I have changed the names and dates of those involved to protect the innocent or to respect the participants privacy. I would love to know if you think I should continue to feel bad about this incident.
Hi, You can call me Clark. In 2004 I enrolled as a freshman at a University somewhere in Pennsylvania. The exact name of the University isn't important let's just Say that the University has a fascination with a large blue lion.

My reason for choosing this University had absolutely nothing to do with its academic programs and even less to do with its elite sports programs. I enrolled at this University because I was following my ex girlfriend. My ex girlfriend and I pretty much had a love hate relationship. It was kind of one of those relationships where if you were not fucking you are fighting and if you were not fighting you were fucking.

I know that sounds absolutely crazy. But it honestly worked for us for nearly two years until she graduated high school and went off to college. We decided it was just best to end things.

Over the next year we Didn't really talk much. And fact the only time we actually would talk was when she would want me to come up for sex. I'm sure you're probably thinking there are tons of guys at a massive University why would she call you for sex. Well like I said "We had a strong sexual connection."

Well my senior year had actually flown by rather quickly. I couldn't believe it was over because I actually enjoyed high school very much. There wasn't too many choices for me when it came to college. I knew that I had to stay in state And with my grades I could never get into one of the elite Pennsylvania private schools. So obviously I was headed off to the school with the big blue lion exactly where my ex girlfriend was attending.

I told my ex girlfriend whose name is Anna by the way that I would be attending the same college as her starting in the fall. She was very excited to hear the news in fact she had some news of her own. Apparently she had met a guy while she was in college and they were getting extremely close. I have to admit that I was pretty hurt by the news. I honestly thought that perhaps with us going to the same University there was some hope of us getting back together. Even though we had absolutely nothing in common I still had feelings for her and they were beyond just sex.

Sometime in late August I arrived at the University my ex girlfriend whose name is Anna by the way was not there. If you are familiar with large universities you probably are aware that freshman always arrive a week Before all the other students so that they can take tours of the campus and get to learn where all their classes are located.

For them tire week I couldn't do anything but think about her. I was wondering what I would say to Anna when I actually saw her. It had been quite some time since we had even spoke let alone had sex.

The Sunday where all the other students arrived to move into their dorms had finally came and I was unbelievably thrilled. I was finally going to see the girl that I had missed so much, Or at least missed Screwing.

That Sunday evening I looked up her dorm Room number in the school directory. Her dorm room wasn't very far from mine in fact Her do I'm actually connected to mine by a small hallway and the cafeteria.

Rather than Call her like a normal person. I decided it was just best to run over there and say Hi. I walked over to her do I'm Room and knocked on the door saintly hard When Anna open the door all these emotions came flooding back to me. She was still the same girl that I had met almost 3 years ago. Anna is about 5' 5 maybe a 145lbs. Most of that is in her boobs and her butt.

Her breasts Are my favorite thing about her. They're large full and round. If memory serves me correctly she was A 40D cup.

Her ass was a close 2nd it was big round and creamy White. All she ever had to do was rubbed her butt up against me a little bit and my cock was instantly hard.

My gaze at her body was broken by her voice.

"Hey Clark good to see you have you been?"

I replied not too bad and we began to exchange pleasantries. After only a minute or 2 she said that she had someone she wanted me to me. She opened the door wider and I saw a small pale guy sitting at a computer desk staring at a screen.

"honey this is Clark I want you to meet him he's the guy I told you about"

The guy at the desk turned towards the door. It was then I noticed that he was wearing very dark Sunglasses. The Sun glasses appeared to be the kind of sunglasses that a person who was visually impaired would wear. He then extended his hand and said “please to meet you”

His hand was actually towards the bookshelf, But I took a step or 2 over so that I could reach over and grab his hand and say hello.

Before me and this guy could actually begin a real conversation Anna stepped in and said “ Honey Clark is new here I'm going to take him around and show him some things, you can stay here and finish your computer game.”

Anna And I walked outside We sat on a bench near the dorms.

“ So I'm guessing you have some questions for me"

I looked at her and said "not really who you date is your business.”

Anna looked at me with a very Stern look of seriousness in her eyes one that I had never seen before, then she spoke “ Clark I need you to understand something, I know Bill is blind but we are very very happy together and he is good for me And I'm good for him. We have a lot of things in common and we never argue we barely even have disagreements.”

As an 18 year old boy I could only say one thing.

“ How is the sex?”

Anna quickly replied "shut up! That's not how all relationships work. Sometimes you don't need sex to be happy"

I replied OK and got up to leave.

Anna then Said "I hope you can be happy for me and will come by sometimes."

I Just said shore and kept walking away.

I had known Anna for a few years I had even known some of the other guys she had dated. To put it bluntly Anna was a pretty big slut in high school. The very idea that she could be in a relationship with a guy, Who for whatever reason didn't want to have sex was crazy.

Over the next several weeks myself and Anna would meet up and talk occasionally.

One night before Winter break she invited me over to her dorm Room to watch a movie and eat popcorn. She told me that bill would be there but that didn't bother me.

I walked over to her dorm Room at about 7:30 p.m.. Me and Anna sat on the bed. While bill sat at the computer desk wearing some headphones. I asked Anna isn't he going to watch the movie with us. She replied " No he is really into his computer games so he is probly just going to play those with his headphones on tonight so we won't be interrupted while he plays his game. "

I can’t remember what the movie was we were watching. But about 10 minutes into the film Anna looked over to me and whispered "why are you wearing that Cologne? "

I reply to her " I like to wear Cologne"

Anna continued to whisper into my ear but this time in a more forceful tone ” No why are you wearing that particular brand of Cologne. You know what that Cologne does to me. "

I smiled and simply shrug my shoulders and told her that I must have forgotten.

Obviously I didn't forget a thing. This particular brand of Cologne is the Cologne that makes her horny. Whenever I wear it she gets instantly horny.

We watched another 10 minutes or so of the movie in silence. But sooner or later useful ambition always takes over and this time was no different so I decided to make a bold move.

I took hold of her left hand And placed it right on the bulge in my blue jeans. Part of me expected her to jump up and scream or at the very least slap me, But she didn't. She left her hand right on the bulge in my pants and began to slowly squeeze my hardening cock.

My cock began to Feel strained and confined inside my blue jeans. So I decided to get a little bit more bold. I undid the button on my blue jeans and slowly freed my now throbbing cock.

Anna Reached out and wrapped Both her hands around my throbbing member. She then turned and looked to see if bill was still staring at the computer screen. When she saw that he was still engrossed in his game she turned her full attention to my cock.

She began slowly stroking And caressing my manhood. She had this look on her face as if she had been missing it and was in complete appreciation to have it back in her life.

Then without warning she Proceeded to slide my 9" member right into her warm wet mouth. I couldn't help but let out a slight moan as her silky mouth swallowed my aching cock.

As her warm saliva started to coat my cock I could feel her right hand move over and start to play with my balls.

I Can honestly admit I was in complete paradise I don't know if It was the blow job or the fact that she was doing it while her boyfriend was only 3 feet away but whatever it was it was absolutely amazing.

I Knew that I couldn't do everything that I wanted to do with her right then and there but there was definitely something I was going to do and I didn't care who was in the Room.

I pulled her off of my Dick and set her up on the bed I then proceeded to lift up her shirt. Anna was never the type of girl to wear a bra when she was in her own dorm Room. When I pulled up her shirt I saw those big beautiful breast that I had been missing so much.

I eagerly and hungrily took one of her perfectly round nipples right into my mouth and began sucking like a baby that hadn't eaten all day. My tongue flicked over the nipple and I lightly bit Down on the hard rosebud.

As I sucked on her beautiful creamy round tits I saw Anna cover her mouth to keep her loud moans from Escaping and possibly alerting her boyfriend to her In Fidelity.

While I was sucking and licking one nipple I would Take my opposite hand and pinch and twist the other nipple. And I was able to reach down with her left hand and stroke my still throbbing Dick. As I got close to shooting my load My mom's of pleasure were muffled by Anna's right hand burying my face into her firm breast.

After switching from her left breast to her right breast and back again I couldn't take it anymore and I was ready to shoot my load.

I pulled Anna down to her knees on to the floor. Then with my Left hand I covered my mouth and with my right hand I began to jerk my cock furiously and before I knew it I was moaning into my hand and shooting spurt after spurt Of hot sweet creamy cum all over Anna's face and tits.

Anna then stood up and tapped bill on the shoulder. "Hey Bill I'm going to go to the restroom and Clark is getting tired so he is just going to go home. I will be back in a minute or so.”

After wiping my cum off her lips she gives Bill a kiss on the cheek.

Anna and I both walk out of the dorm room and go our separate ways. We don't speak about the incident that happened that night but we did have several other encounters together.

I regret doing what I did and several other things that we did while she was in a relationship with that guy. Please drop a comment if you would like to hear more about these encounters.

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2018-11-09 08:39:47
Years ago in the 70s I had every kind of sex you can think of while girls were on the phone with hubbys, boyfriends and other family members. Never had the opportunity to do what you did here, though. In the early 70s when douches had not gained popularity the smell of fresh sex would have given you away. Left a bunch of creampies for guys who worked late hours back then. Some women are just hotter when they can pull off these stunts.


2018-11-07 13:23:41
There are special games that are completely Audio Based and designed for the visually impaired


2018-11-07 11:14:04
What computer game does a blind guy play?

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