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Do dreams really come true?
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The Rocker

Part 1

I watched her laying there asleep in the hotel room. Her long ginger hair splashed across the pillow and lightly snoring. Thinking back all these years and what it took to get here and how we never were together at first, but always knew it would be us in the end.

Snapping out of it I realized it is time to get ready. I put on my tennis shoes the old fashioned converse my jeans and a black no trademark t-shirt with no logo. Looking in the mirror I see an older man 56 still have my long unruly dark brown hair not graying, but balding in the front bangs long gone. The unattractive face with brown eyes the hare lip hidden long ago with dentures. I am ready for the induction ceremony. I still have an hour before I wake her and call security so I grab a beer and sit back and wonder... How the fuck did I get here?


Growing up in a middle class family in a suburbia western state was awful back then. I was born with a rare syndrome that causes the lower jaw to protrude out past my upper jaw and my teeth never fully developing or was nonexistent, which caused me to be the brunt of many jokes during junior high and high school. My parents used to tell me the doctors said that I would be mentally handicapped and that the syndrome was hereditary, even though family pictures prove nobody else looked this ugly. So my parents cursed me with the name of Dana Willie Burke "what the fuck did I ever do to you?" Should've just named me prison bitch. I have an older sister from another mister born six years before me when my Mom was sixteen and a younger sister born nine years after me.

I never felt close to anyone in my family partly because they didn't understand me I guess or understand what I was going through. My Junior High years and some of my High School years was full of teasing, bullying and a lot of beatings. That is probably why the separation between me and my family, as I was always told to stop being a baby and stand up for myself. I was 5'11" and weighed 90 pounds!!! Yup 4 on 1 let's fucking go man....

Elementary school was fucking awesome; nobody cares what you look like at that age. I had a next door neighbor my friend Wayne and another next door neighbor Lisa. Lisa was beautiful with long blond hair blue eyes an angel's face. Me and Lisa was a couple we were best friends along with Wayne, and everyone in the neighborhood our age. We walked to school together every day. That lasted until the seventh grade when three eight graders caught us walking home from school.

"Look at this ugly fuck right here," Bryan said who lives 2 houses down from me while pushing his bottom jaw forward matching my hare lip.

I looked at my friends as they were running away and then being punched in the face. As I lay on the ground I was even kicked a couple times and left laying there. When I got home my parents just asked me what happened and why I didn't defend myself while my older sister chuckled.

After that everyone avoided me even the neighborhood kids that were my friends during elementary school, so from then on I just walked to school alone and kept the weekly beatings away from my family. So after school and my spare time was spent in the basement playing my guitar and drums.

Since I was nine I played the guitar and drums, which I taught myself. They were hand me downs from Uncle John my mother's brother who felt more like an older brother to me, because he was only eight years older than me. My grandparents lived in an old mining town where my grandfather worked as a miner. I used to go visit every summer for two months where my grandmother taught me how to play the piano and read music. I would always bring my guitar, which was a solo electric and after piano lessons I would hang out with my uncle and listen to Rock n Roll. When he would buy an album he would always buy me a matching copy to take home.

I remember the last summer I spent with Uncle John while he was living with my grandparents. I was getting ready to go into the eighth grade. We didn't spend allot of time together, because he had a job and new girlfriend, her name was Kristina.

I remember the first time I met her. I was in Uncle John's room while my Uncle was smoking a joint by the open window (Obvious reasons of course). Led Zeppelin was blaring while on my guitar was plugged into the amp and I was matching Jimmy Page on his guitar solo of stairway to heaven when she walked in. I stopped playing as my jaw dropped. She was beautiful. Black hair to her mid back, blue eyes wearing a tight black halter top as I was staring at some Ds.

"Hey babe you didn't tell me your nephew was this sexy" giving me a hug as my face turns red.

"Ddub, get the fuck away from my girl man," John says.

Everyone else calls me DW, but my Uncle shortened it to Ddub, which I love.

"Ooooooh babe you know how my weakness is Rock n Roll stars", Kris says as she pressed her tits against me in another hug.

I had to pull away, because I was getting harder than Japanese Geometry.

"Any left for me baby," Kris asks.

As they finished the joint we talked. Apparently Kris just graduated college with a music degree and she got a job in the next state over as a music teacher. Uncle John was going with her and they would soon be married. Fuck I was bummed. I was losing the only person I could talk to and understood me.

"Come on Ddub, you and John can still spend time together and we will come get you next summer and go to a concert," Kris says.

"Really." I asked.

"I promise," Kris says.

"Ok I won't kick John's ass. I say, as John screams, "MOTHER FUCKER!" and tackles me to the ground.

Kris jumps on him and we are rolling on the floor wrestling and laughing. Just one of my few good childhood memories.

My seventh through ninth grades was some lonely years, but at least Bryan and his gang of bullies were in high school the last year, just a couple beatings and lots of teasing. Most of my time was spent in the basement practicing my guitar and drums mostly guitar copying my favorite bands. I thought I was actually pretty good, but had no one to judge me after my Uncle moved to Nevada.

The last summer before High School was bittersweet. Even though it was only three years I knew I didn't want to deal with it. Then it happened...True love? She moved in across the street from us. Long ginger hair that fell across her shoulders like a rainbow leading me to the pot of gold and I fell in love instantly.

It was early morning the first day of summer. Most of the neighborhood was either asleep or on vacation. When she went inside I walked over to who I thought was her two older brothers, mother, and father.

"Hi, do you guys need help unloading the truck," I ask,

"Sure, I am Mark and this is my wife Brenda and my son's Josh and Mark Jr. Brook Miss lazy ass, who just ran into the house is our daughter," Mark said.

"Nice to meet you. My name is DW," I say.

"Cool fucking name," Josh says as Brenda slaps the back of his head.

"Let's move this shit," Mark says as Brenda gives her husband a dirty look and we all laugh.

We moved everything in, mostly boxes; Brenda said the furniture was coming the next day. It was about five when she said we are ordering pizza and asked if I wanted to stay?

"No ma'am I've intruded enough," I say I start to leave as Mark Jr grabs me from behind and slips me into a full nelson.

"Fucking STAY FOR PIZZA," he demands.

I say,"I will stay."

We eat pizza and I find out this is a really cool family. Mark just retired from the Army as an officer, who grew up here and decided to retire here. Mark Jr was in his second year of college and Josh was starting his first both out of state. Brook is going in the same grade as me and turns 16 two weeks before me.

Then SHE walked out of her room. Along with ginger hair she had light freckles all over face.

"Who is this ugly asshole," she asks as she is biting into her pizza...

"BROOK!" everyone says This time I left and no one stopped me.

The summer moves on, my sister snuck off and married an Air Force officer. Mom got a job at JC Penny and drops my younger sister off to day care, fuck ya time to ROCK.

Two weeks after Brook moved in across the street. I am in the basement with my amp turned up replicating the 'Stair Way to Heaven' when I see Brook looking at me through the basement window. I opened the window.

"What the fuck you scared the shit out of me," I say.

I went upstairs and stare at her in the doorway.

"I could hear you playing from my house," Brook says.

"Ya well us ugly fucks tend to annoy people," I counter with venom. "Look I have enough ass holes in my life," I say slamming the door.

What am I losing? Fucking nothing. Back downstairs time to rock

Rocking out with the AMP turned up full blast I see Josh in the basement window, WHAT THE FUCK, Upstairs again,

"Man is that you playing the guitar for real? Are in a band," Josh asks.

"No, I am not that good and it is more of a past time, " I reply.

"You are good," he says.

"Hey, man my sister really wanted to apologize to you. We have moved a lot with my dad in the Army. This last move she left many good friends and a boyfriend," Josh says.

"I guess I understand. Being the school punching bag for the past 10 years and having no friends," I say.

"I am your friend," Josh says.

Josh is really cool. We sit and talk for a couple hours telling our life stories. I even play a few guitar solos and drum solos and he says I am really good and should be in a band.

The next day after breakfast, I am lying in my bed listening to rock music and reading a magazine about the latest on my favorite rock bands. I am wearing my hot wheels pajama bottoms (don't judge me) and a tank top. When the doorbell rings. Being the only one home, I answer it. There she is her long ginger hair wrapped around her beautiful face wearing a pink halter-top, cut off jean shorts and sandals. I stared as I felt myself get harder than Chinese Calculus.

"Can I come in," Brook asks.

"Uhm sure," I say leaning forward trying to hide the tent in my pajamas.

We sit and chat. She told me how sorry she was. She tells me her life story and how difficult it was having to move every 2 or 3 years. Once she would get used to the area, it was time to move again. She told me that the last move left behind a boyfriend who broke up with her, because he did not want a long distance relationship. I really felt sorry for her. It must be tough moving all the time.

I told her my life story. Which included the bullying and being alone to the rare condition I was born with? "Why can't people accept one another for who they are," she said. Wow if everyone thought like that I would not have to worry all the time.

She asked about the high school and I told her that this year is my first year. She looked at me confused, as I had to explain to her that our high school is only 3 years. I told her I was not looking forward to it as my favorite bully and his gang would be juniors. I did not mention his name or that he lived right down the street.

Well it has been almost 5 weeks into summer. Brook would come over every day after lunch and doing her chores or helping her mother. She would sit in the basement and read while I played my guitar to all the popular rock bands. I could not understand how she could read with all that noise.

One day on a Friday, we had come upstairs to get a soda. It was about 3 o'clock and we decided to go in the front room and watch TV.

Sitting beside each other, she looked at me and asks, "why haven't you tried anything on me?"

"I ummmm what are you talking about," I counter very nervous.

She suddenly wrapped her arms around me and started giving me my very first kiss. She shoved her tongue in my mouth, which really started me going. We were on fire. Groping each other's bodies. I had one hand on her tight ass and one on her B cup tit I could feel through her halter-top. She reached down in my sweat pants and grabbed me. I was so hard, I almost came when she broke the kiss, and looked at me surprised.

"What the fuck is that you? How does a small guy like you have a long cock that I cannot even get my hand around," she asks,

She pulled her hand out of my pants and straddled my lap.

"Are you a virgin," she asked.

"Yes, are you," I asked back.

"Hell no, I lost it 3 years ago. In about 10 minutes you are not going to be a virgin either," she countered as she starts a sword fight with our tongues.

Again my hands cupping her ass with her hands running through my long hair. A knock on the front door. "JUST MY FUCKING LUCK," I thought. I answered the door as Brook straightens her clothes.

Josh asks "Hey, DW is Brook here. Like I do not already know" as he looks past me at Brook standing behind me.

"Were you guys fucking," he asked, with a grin on his face.

"NO!" Brook yells back at him.

"Well if you were, its better than sneaking them into the house like you always do," Josh says.

"I do not," she yells.

"Ok well mom wants you home we are going to spend the weekend with grandma," Josh counters.

I have the most fucked up luck.

The following Tuesday Josh shows up at my door telling me I am going to the swimming pool with him and Brook. I have a very worried look on my face and he says, "I am not going to let anyone tease your scrawny ass. Come on Brook is waiting." I pull on a pair of shorts, tank top, and shoes as we head off in his car, which wonder and glad since the pool is within walking distance. Being glad because, we would have to walk by Bryan's house.

We are there for a couple hours and I am glad I wore lose fitting shorts, because Brook looks amazing in her black two piece swim suit. When Josh tells us to walk home, because he is going to give a girl he met a ride home.

We swim for a couple more hours when Brook whispers in my ear, "let's go to your house, and try it again."

Off we go, as we are rounding our street as luck would have it, there is Bryan and two of his goons sitting on his porch. In addition, of course they are running up to me as Bryan looks at Brook and says, "what the fuck are you doing with this ugly fuck,"

Then I feel a hard punch to the small of my back, which puts me down. Then kicks to my stomach and ribs as I hear a car pull up and hear a familiar voice.

"Brook get in the car! Three big guys on one scrawny guy. Why don't you try me MOTHER FUUCKERS!"

I look up and see Josh standing down my hated bullies. I get up and start limping home.

I am limping home as Josh pulls up beside me. I look in the passenger seat at Brook who is looking away from me, I tell Josh I am fine.

"Hey DW if those guys fuck with you again you let me know," he says.

"Who cares it doesn't fucking matter."

A week goes by and no Brook. It is Brook's 16th birthday 2 weeks before mine. I head over to her house with the present I bought her. A heart necklace with a diamond in the middle of it in a jewelry case. Part of the benefits of your mother working at JC Penny.

It is almost ten o'clock as I knock on the door.

"Hey, DW long time no see," Josh says.

"Is Brook here I have a birthday present for her," I ask.

"Ya man, Mom is making breakfast and we are getting ready to wake her up," he says.

Brook's mom gives me a hug and asks me to stay for breakfast. They want to surprise her so they make me lead the way down the hall to her room, her mother behind me with her breakfast and her father and brothers all carrying birthday gifts. I hear heavy breathing as I open the door and see Brook naked on her stomach on her bed while Bryan is pounding her from behind,

"OH fuck ya Bryan cum in me I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABY," she screams as I drop her necklace on the floor and run out of the house.

I hear a lot of yelling and screaming from her family as I am running home.

An hour later, I am lying on the basement floor my face wet. I get up and grab my guitar. As I am playing my guitar with some heavy metal sounds. I promise myself that I will NEVER cry over a girl again.


A week later and a week before my 16th birthday and 3 weeks before school starts, Uncle John calls my Mom and asks if he and Kris can take me to a week long Rock n Roll Jamboree in northern California. Mom says yes, because they usually forget my birthday anyway, so mom buys the bus ticket to Reno where they live.

It has been a week and a half since the Brook incident and no one has come over. I have not seen Brook outside at all; however, I did see Mark Jr and Josh loading up their cars, apparently getting ready to go to college. I took a quick glance at Josh as he gives me a disgusted look. I do not know what that was all about.

The next day my Dad dropped me off at the bus terminal for my 10-hour bus ride to Reno Nevada. I get to the Reno bus terminal and there is John and Kris there waiting for me. I see John grew a beard and his long hair back in a ponytail. Wearing blue jeans, white t-shirt, and sandals. In addition, Kris her long black hair held back with a green headband, green halter top, striped green bell-bottoms with sandals.

"If I would have known the dress theme was 'hippies from the early 60s', I would have dressed accordingly," I say, wearing my black t-shirt, jeans and converse.

Kris gives me a hug and I shake Uncle John's hand as he picks me up in a bear hug.

"I want man love," he says getting a chuckle from Kris. I really did miss them. The only people on this earth I can talk to.

We pile into no other than...You guessed it...,A vintage 1969 VW Van. The roof was loaded with what looked like coolers boxes with I am guessing tents and a week's worth of supplies. Yes, we were travelling in style. Uncle John gets in the passenger seat with a guy in the driver's seat. I pile in the back seat with a lady on one side and Kris on the other. I am introduced to Tom and Penny their friends and neighbors. In addition, we are off for a 4-hour drive to Northern California.

Kris asked me how summer is going so far. I give her the rundown about Brook.

John says, "give her a couple months and she will wish she got some Ddub dick."

Everyone laughs except Kris who slaps John on the back of the head.

"Be serious babe shit like that can be traumatic," she says.

We all sit silently for a while, as I take a drink from a can of soda,

Penny asks, "Ddub, are you a virgin?"

At that moment I found out that, you can spray liquids out of your nose. As everyone is laughing and I am coughing and choking.

"I will take that as a yes," Penny says smiling.

The rest of the trip is talking about random stuff until we get to our destination.

20 miles outside of a small town we reach a massive field with crowds of people and I see some platforms being set up. We drive to a nearby campsite with people living in trailers, tents, and cars. We set up a tent big enough for the five of us and the next day the jamboree starts. A massive field set up with four stages set up far enough apart where as not to interfere too much with the other bands, There was at least 2 bands playing at any given time 24 hours a day for 5 days. Bands from all different popularity from the most popular to the no namers and up and coming bands.

The next 4 days is a blur as we are all out trying to catch our favorite bands. Each band would play a 4-song set so there was always two bands playing. I found out Kris likes Folk Rock so she was catching her favorite bands.

Mid afternoon on the last day, Kris and John decide to follow me (since it is my birthday) to see one of my favorite heavy metal groups. An older band not so popular anymore, but I know and love everyone of their songs. We got there early so that I could get a spot close to the stage. They finally come out and startt playing, the crowd goes wild. Then all the sudden the lead guitarist collapses on stage as the crowd goes silent and the guitarist is carried off stage. If you have read recent articles on the band, you know why he collapsed.

The lead singer says into the mike as a joke, "well we are done for the day unless there is someone out there that can play a Gibson?".

All of the sudden John and Kris are jumping up and down screaming trying to get the bands attention. The lead singer takes notice.

"You can play," he asks pointing at me.

"YES!" Both John and Kris say in unison pointing at me.

"NO," I yell.

"Well get that skinny kid up here," the lead singer says.

Therefore, I am dragged to the stage and hoisted up by the other band members.

"I am Max the lead singer says."

"I know who you are," I say back, shaking his hand.

"I am DW," I say as I am shaking like 10,000 volts are shooting through my body.

"How old are you DW," Max asks.

"16 today," I say.

"Well happy birthday the band's bassist," says as he straps me into the Gibson electric guitar and hands me a pick. "Follow our lead and jump in when you can,"

"We will start something easy for you 'Gotta Get It Now', " Max says.

Fuck ya I know this song as the bass and the drums start the beat I bring the guitar in right on time as the lead singer starts his song. The crowd below us are going wild. I have lost all nervousness when it is time for my guitar solo. I move to the edge of the stage. I can no longer hear the crowd as I bust out my solo. I know they are screaming as they are jumping up and down, I can feel the heat coming up from them fueling my fire.

The guitar is now a piece of me and my emotions coming out of it as if we were long lost friends like I finally found myself. I am free...I am alive...I am home.

I look back for approval from Max, his eyes are wide looking at me in disbelief as the bass player gives me a thumbs up, We finish the last 2 sets with the crowd going wild. My adrenaline rush will not go away.

I start walking away as I am grabbed by a man not dressed as everyone else. The older man is about my dad's age wearing a suit and tie. He leads me down a dirt road with Max to a bunch of trailers and a tour bus. People are bringing equipment back from the stage. I see a few big guys wearing suits walking around looking serious. I can only guess security.

I am asked to sit down in one of the chairs as Max and the guy in the suit walk away from me not knowing I can still hear them.

"Good save Max, giving an unknown a chance to play rock star, but dam it to hell do something about Rich. He cannot be getting wasted before concerts," the man in the suit says.

"We are working through shit," Max says.

"Well then, work it quick before I make a decision myself," he counters.

The guy walks back over to me and pulls up a seat in front of me.

"Hey kid. my name is Samuel Wells and I go by Sam," as we shake hands. "That was some awesome playing out there. In addition, your name?" he says.

"DW," I say.

"Is that a nickname," he asks.

I tell him my real name as he chuckles and shakes his head.

"Wow, your parents do not like you," he asks.

I tell him what my Uncle calls me and he says, Ddub it is.

"Well Ddub who taught you to play," he asks.

I explained that I taught myself and that I play piano, drums, sing and write lyrics.

"Are you signed," he asks.

"Huh," I counter.

"Do you have an agent? Are you in a band," he asks.

I look at him confused.

"Ok, that is a start. Kid you got a gift and I would like you to not sign with anyone until you give me a chance to talk with you," he says.

I agree and give him my address and phone number and he gives me his card. He asks who I am with and he tells me to have a safe trip home.

"Max, make sure he gets back with his Aunt and Uncle. Do not give him any drugs or alcohol," he says as he gets in a limo and is gone.

"So DW, today is your birthday," Max asks.

I nod my head.

"Are you a virgin," Max asks.

I think to myself , "oh my fucking god if I hear that question again I am going to scream."

I guess the look on my face told it all as everyone starts laughing...So much for personal business,

I hear Max yell, "VICKIE!"

I see a short petite blonde lady come walking up, about 5'5" long blond hair, maybe B cups small tight ass wearing a tank top and tight shorts.

"Yes, Max," she asks.

"This is DW, he helped us out today and it is his birthday," Max says.

Her face kind of sours as she looks at me.

"Make sure he wears a rubber. There is not any telling what you got," Max jokes.

"Fuck you Max," Vickie says.

"I already did and the band...and the hired help...and security, Max counters.

"Ok asshole I fucking get it," Vickie says.

She grabs something from one of the band members and leads me into a trailer. I sit down on the bed and she kneels in front of me.

"So you are a virgin," she asks.

I nod wanting to fucking scream. She stands up pushes me on the bed straddles me and starts kissing me. She starts pulling off her clothes as I follow her lead. As I pull off my drawers, I hear her gasp.

I am harder than Chinese calculus when she says, "how the fuck can a skinny guy have a huge cock like that and not pass out when all the blood goes into it."

"Ok, are a virgin and are going to cum fast and I want to enjoy your huge cock, so I'm going to make you cum first....two we are going to need a bigger rubber," she says.

She starts jacking me off while putting her mouth around the head of my dick and massaging my balls with the other hand. She was right I did not last long. No warning as I shot what seemed like gallons into her mouth as she did not take her mouth off of me and swallowed and swallowed. I am staring at the ceiling out of breath.

She crawls on top of me, kisses me and says, "I told you so. Now I need to get a bigger rubber, because I want to ride that big fat cock."

I can here her open the door and see her peek her head out and say, "I need a bigger rubber a large and I mean LARGE."

I hear someone say, "the kid does not weigh nothing but maybe 90 pounds."

Vickie says, "either come see it or give me a bigger rubber, because I am going to ride this dick now, rubber or no rubber."

She closes the door and walks up to me, "let us see if this will fit," she says as she slides the rubber on and seems surprised that I am still hard.

She crawls on top and lines me up as she gets my head in and waits for a bit then slams her pussy down on to me. I barely hear her scream as my virginity is long gone. Vicky turned into a mad woman jumping up and down on me. I am trying not to cum holding out the best I can as I feel her clamp down and tense up.

"OH, FUCKYA IM CUMMING ON YOUR BIG FAT COCK FUCK YA," she screams as she collapses on me and rolls me on top of her as she wraps her arms and legs around me and tells me to finish her off. I start pounding away, her pussy feels so hot her body feels so good under me as she fucks me back meeting every one of my thrusts. Dirty words are coming from her mouth I know they can hear her from outside as she tightens up again.


That is all it took as I felt that familiar tingle and pounded harder as I filled the rubber up with what seemed like another gallon, if they can hold that much.

I laid on top of her for what seemed like hours both of us out of breath.

"Wow, that felt like my first time. When you are a rock star and become famous do not turn into an asshole and treat people like shit. Unless of course they treat you like shit," she says.

"What makes you think I am going to be a rock star," I ask.

"Sam took a big interest in you and everyone he takes an interest in become famous. Do you think Max got where he is by himself? No, Sam got him there...Plus when you are famous, I get to tell everyone I took your cherry," she says.

She kisses me and we get dressed and walk out of the trailer as I hear cheering whistling and getting pats on the back. Max gives me a leather jacket with the band's logo on it and wished me luck in the future. I see Uncle John with a grin on his face and Aunt Kris with a frown on her face and her hands on her hips. We walk back to our tent and when we are out of the crowds.

Kris says, "please tell me you wore protection?...Do you know who she is."

"Yes, Max's friend," I say.

"She is a groupie," Kris says.

I hear Uncle John chuckle and say, "give him a break babe it is his birthday and he got a piece of ass."

Kris laughs and punches him in the arm.

"You don't have to say it like that," she says and smirks.


Home after the trip and I really did not want to leave Uncle John and Aunt Kris, I even asked if I could live with them. Aunt Kris gave me a long hug with tears in her eyes, I almost cried too.

First day of school. I leave an hour early for obvious reasons. We have to ride the bus because it is not within walking distance and Bryan, Brook, Wayne, and Lisa all ride the school bus. I bought a city bus pass to avoid the bullshit. I have to get up an hour earlier to walk the mile to main street; however the bus schedule gets me home in enough time to miss the arrival of the school bus, totally avoiding everyone.

First day of school and I am on top of the world. I get there 30 minutes early, which is enough time to find all of my classes and go to my locker where all the sophomore lockers are. I checked my combination as students start coming in and I start to head to my first class trying to get there before the hallways are full of people. I round the corner and see Brook and Lisa walking side by side, as they stop, look at me, and smile. Wow, did they find out what happened in California with me playing in a rock band? Is my life finally going to change? I feel something hard hit me in the back of the head I fall to my knees I cannot see, all I hear is laughter.

Answer to question number two...Probably not'


One month into high school and I got it down to the millisecond. Get up an hour early to catch the city bus to school; which keeps me away from Bryan and his goons, Brook, and everyone else that I do not care for. Get to my locker and grab what I need for the day, I keep all my books in my backpack, which keeps me from having to come back to my locker. Rush to my first class before most people get to school. I also carry my lunch in my backpack so at lunch I rush to my hiding spot in the woods behind the football field. Then after school, I rush to the city bus stop, which gets me home before the school bus, as their school bus route is the last stop. That schedule has kept me with no beatings since the first day. I have two classes with Brook, one with Lisa, one with Wayne and four with Bryan, since he is behind.

I am always getting sour looks from Brook both at school and at home when I see her from across the street, From the looks of it I see she has a different boyfriend every couple weeks since Bryan, which leads me to wonder and not care. Her current boyfriend is a junior and a football jock from a very rich family and is one of Bryan's goons. Lisa is also dating a football player and made the cheerleading team.

It's late October on a Friday when things start to change for me. I am sitting in my lunch spot in my hiding space in the woods when I hear crying. I look and see Emily. I do not recognize her at first, but I remember her from Junior High and Elementary school. She is the popular girl with dark brown hair beautiful big brown eyes, C cups on a tiny body with the cutest round butt ever seen on a girl. She always seemed like a person that thought she was much better than everyone else. If I was to guess her career profession? Model.

I walk over and ask her if she is ok.

"Does it look like I am ok and why are you here and are you stalking me," she asks.

I say, "sorry, no, I eat lunch here, no and I will leave you be."

I get two steps away when she starts crying harder and says, "I am sorry please stay."

I sit down across from her and offer one of my sandwiches, which she takes. We eat not saying anything and me not asking any questions and enjoying the view. Then she starts talking. Apparently, she has been in a relationship with Carl for a year, the rich football player that is Bryan's goon and is now dating Brook. WOW that is a love triangle, I thought. Then it is my turn. She asks why I let her ex and Bryan beat on me and teases me.

"One 90 pounder against 4 190 plus? You tell me," I say.

The bell rings and she tells me to go first so that she will not be seen with me and I head to class.

After school, I rush out to catch the bus. As I am running to the road, I see a black limousine, tinted windows with a man standing on the side waving me over. I stop and see Sam roll down the back seat window and tell me to get in the back with him as the driver (I am guessing) opens the door. Then I hear Emily yelling at me from behind,

"DW Carl is coming after me and he is mad!"

The driver opens the passenger side door as she jumps up front and me in the back with Sam as we pull away. I see Carl, Brook and Bryan run out of the school looking around for Emily.

"Hey DW, good to see you again, I told you I wouldd be back and I hope you have not signed with anyone else. You have a very beautiful girlfriend," he says.

Emily says from the front seat, "he is not my boyfriend."

"Carter, please roll up the window so me and DW can talk in private and please take the four of us to a nice restaurant," Sam says

Sam hands me an envelope and tells me not to open it till I get home, "DW, after I saw you on stage I thought you had years of experience on stage. You have an amazing gift and I want you to help yourself and me by signing a contract with me. I will get people to help hone your skills and even a voice tutor in case you ever want to sing.

"That contract is for you to learn the business from me, work in my studio as a scorer during the summer $10,000 a year until I can get you into a band of your own. I have a lot of confidence in you and I can make you into the Rock n Roll star I know you can be. Trust me before you are out of high school you are going to have hundreds of girls like the one that just said she is not your girlfriend crawling at your feet. Don't sign the contract until your spring break when I bring you to stay with me in California for the week to see my studio and meet some people," he says.

I looked at him as he says, "I already cleared it with your parents."

I was speechless. Am I that good? Can I fulfill my dreams of being in a Rock n Roll band? Is this a fucking dream?

We pulled into a restaurant that I know is expensive and as we are walking into the restaurant Carter said that Emily recommended it. The meal and conversation was good. No talk of the contract just Sam and Carter asking us about school and what we like to do. Emily actually took up most of the conversation with her cheerleading and what she wants to do in life. Even though she seems stuck up I really like her.

Sam paid the bill of course. Emily was dropped off first. She actually only lives two blocks from me, which I didn't know. We pulled in front of my house and I got out of the car as Brook was getting out of Carl's car across the street. The limousine pulls away as I am getting a confused look from Brook and Carl.

Weekend and the week go by uneventful until Friday morning when I open my locker and find a note that was slipped inside. I grab the note and the books I need for the day and rush off to class. During lunch, I read the note:

Meet me at my house tonight at nine,


PS. Make sure no one sees you.

Is this a trap? Am I being set up? Or does she really like me and want to talk to me? All these thoughts are running through my head. Should I go?

As curiosity finally killed the cat, I find myself walking down Emily's street towards her house with 5 minutes to spare. As requested I check to make sure no one is around I run up to the door and knock. Emily answers the door and quickly pulls me in. Now I am staring at Emily wearing a tank top and shorts. I can tell she is not wearing a bra because I can see her nipples through the thin fabric. I can already feel myself pitching the dreaded tent. She motions me to the couch and we sit down on opposite sides.

"Did anyone see you," she asks.

"No," I say.

"Good. so...Who were those guys that picked us up on Friday," she asks.

"Just some people I met while in California with my Aunt and Uncle," I say not really trusting her and not wanting to give out too much information.

"Why was Carl chasing you," I counter.

She begins to tell me that it was actually Carl, Brook and Carl wanting to still be friends and Brook wanting to apologize for taking her boyfriend.

We sit and talk for a while. Mostly her telling me how she wants to become a model and hopes to get a scholarship for college since her parents can't afford it. She actually surprised me by saying thank you for letting her tag along Friday to the expensive restaurant. Overall, even though she is all into herself she actually seems like a nice person. She asks me why my bottom jaw protrudes out and why my front teeth haven't come in and I explain the condition that I have. She doesn't seem moved.

After about an hour of talking, she gets this weird look on her face. She stands up and tells me to follow her. We walk down the hall and into a room, that I can only guess is hers with pink all over the place.

She turns to me and asks, "are you a virgin?"

"No," I say with pride.

"BULLSHIT don't lie to me," she counters .

"I'm not lying," I argue.

"Who was she," she ask not believing me.

"Someone I met when I was in California," I say.

"Here is the deal," she says sitting on her bed. "I am now in charge, you will do everything I say without talking back, keep the noise down, because my little brother is asleep in the other room and YOU get to fuck the sexiest girl in school. Agreed?"

"Ya," I say.

"YES MA'MAM," she yells back.

"Yes ma'am," I say.

"What the fuck am I getting myself into," I ask myself."

Then she says, "STRIP Slowly."

I start to remove my shirt then shoes and socks and pants. When she stops me as I am standing in front of her. I am, harder than Chinese Calculus.

When she says, "I didn't tell you that you could get a boner yet."

"I can't control that," I say.

She jumps up grabs my hair hard and pulls me down to my knees and gives me a hard slap on the face. I am startled as I feel a handprint left on my face.

"I said don't argue with me," she yells.

"Yes ma'am," I say.

"NOW back on your feet you ugly fuck," she orders.

Call me a pervert, but I am actually getting into this girl domination shit (Don't Judge Me). Then she tells me to take off my boxers. I take them off as I hear a gasp from Emily.

"HOLY FUCK. Your face and your cock are deformed," she says.

She walks over to me and slaps me in the face again.

"I told you not to get a boner yet," she oders.

"Sorry ma'am," I say.

She stares at my cock, which is at full mast and says, "wow Carl isn't even half this big."

She walks to her desk and grabs a ruler. Fuck no, she is actually going to measure it.

"Eight inches and I can't even get my hand around it," she says.

She stands by the bed and orders me to undress her. I get her down to her panties. She lays on the bed and orders me to lick her feet.

"What," I ask.

"LICK MY feet asshole," she orders.

I grab a foot and start sucking on the big toe moving to the other slipping my tongue in between each one of her toes as I hear her moan. I switch to the other foot and repeat the process. It actually tastes and smells exotic. I start licking the bottoms of Emily feet as she tenses up moaning and bucking her hips. Then she relaxes breathing heavy. She removes her panties and tells me to suck her tits. That order I will not disobey as I am really getting into this female domination shit. I lay down beside her and start my adventure. She smells so beautiful as I grab one of her succulent breasts and start sucking on one then the other. I am in heaven as I am alternating back and forth. I know I am doing good as Emily is moaning. I am trying my best to please her as she pulls my hair and my face between her legs.

"Eat my pussy you ugly fuck," she says.

WOW, do I have too? FUCK YA... No complaints here. Not knowing what I'm doing I dive in face first. Now I thought her feet tasted good, but this is the fruit from heaven as I tongue my way until I touch the bell of life as she bucked her hips. My instincts told me that I found the spot as I sucked and twirled my tongue around it. S

She flipped her legs up and says, "lick my asshole you asshole."

I was already there tonguing the other sweet hole. Then moving back up to the spot and sucking hard her body tensed as she moaned. Then I felt my mouth fill up with liquid as I swallowed and swallowed.

I looked at Emily and I could tell she has never been this satisfied before and we weren't even done yet.

"Put that big fat cock in me now and you better not come until I tell you," she says.

I think I'm going to be in serious trouble, because I am ready to spray now. I lay on top of her and line it up. Wow she feels so hot and wet my head slipped in easy as I heard her gasp. I went to kiss her, but she turned her head and said,

"FUCK ME YOU FUCKER" as I thrust the rest of my cock into her and I started pounding away. I needed to cum so bad, but I wanted to give her the fucking of her life.

She was screamed, "OH FUCK YA FUCK ME YOU UGLY FUCK" and I was obliged.

She was so tight and so wet I was slamming in and out of her. She was cussing and screaming thrusting her hips into mine.

All of the sudden her pussy clamped on me as she screams, "CUM YOU FUCKER GIVE ME ALL OF IT!"

That is all I needed as I pumped and pumped my juice into her. I couldn't stop it just kept flowing. She screamed as I moaned and collapsed on top of her. We were trying to catch our breath as I could feel our juices soaking each other.

I hear a knock on the door as she pushes me off the bed and onto the floor.

"Emily are you ok," I hear the voice ask.

"I had a nightmare go back to bed Joe," Emily says.

"Ok," the voice counters.

I peaked up over the top of the bed and felt a sting to my face.

"I told you to be quiet," she says.

"I wasn't the one making the noise, I say as I feel another slap to my face.

She starts laughing hard, as I am looking at her with a 'what the fuck' look on my face.

"I'm sorry, I've always wanted to dominate a man and you are amazing by the way," she says.

She tells me you need to get dresses and leave because my parents will be home soon.

While I am getting dressed, she explains some interesting ground rules for our so-called relationship; one, no one must know we are having sex. two, No one must know we even know each other. Don't acknowledge me at school and pretend we never met. Three, she is in charge.

I think for a moment...I don't have any friends, definitely no girlfriends.....A fuck buddy?



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Great story...just read it in one block. Well done characters, well written. I had one question though...

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