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Story to be continued.
Thundergirl was traveling across the cityscape on patrol. She was as usual grumbling to herself about her twin who had again come up with an excuse not to go on patrol. She had just jumped across to the roof of a warehouse when she heard a muffled scream come from inside the building. She moved to the roof top access hatch and slowly pulled it open. It was dark inside with dim lighting scattered down around the floor of the warehouse. Quickly and quietly she climbed down the ladder to the top of what appeared to be an office building inside the warehouse. Using her telekinesis she opened a locked roof access hatch and started to look in when another scream startled her. She quickly jumped down into the room and went to a doorway and looked into the next room. She saw what appeared to be a girl tied to a chair in the center of the room. Thundergirl moved to the bound girl talking quietly to her telling her not to be scared she was there to help. As she bent down to untie the young woman she turned in the chair and sprayed her with a gas. The room quickly went dark for thundergirl as the gas rendered her unconscious. Some unknown time later thundergirl slowly awoke as the gases effects were off. She discovered that she was now the one bound spread eagled to a platform queen bed sized. Her super suit had also been sliced off her the pieces scattered around the room she found herself in. As she lay there a voice spoke to her out of the darkness. So thundergirl I’ve been hoping to cross paths with you at some point. She responded with you had best set me free and surrender before my partner arrives and beats you black and blue. A deep laugh answered her and told her that was not going to happen since he knew no one was within a mile of the warehouse he had surveillance device around the warehouse that is how he knew she was in the area. Thundergirl started to worry hearing that and asked what he was planning to do with her. He laughed and said girl your bound naked to a bed what do you think I’m going to do to you. Please just let me go I won’t ever bother you again you would have free reign in the city I swear on my honor as a superhero. As tempting as that sound you are just to tantalizing to just let go. She whimpered as a darkly dressed man and the woman she recognized from earlier that was tied to the chair stepped up to her. The woman asked can I start on her. The man laughed and said go ahead do your worst. The woman reached out and as thundergirl who in her civilian identity was phoebe thunderman watched her hand transformed into a large dildo that was plunged viciously into her vagina. Phoebe screamed from the massive pain this caused not only because she was dry but also because she had been a virgin. The woman’s transformed hand plunged deep into phoebe’s pussy tearing through her hymen and then started to vibrate and buzz. Moving it in and out of phoebe’s sore cunt she started to respond to the woman’s ministrations and as she became wet her body started to enjoy the torture that it was undergoing. She thought to herself no I can’t be enjoying this oh God I’m going to orgasm. As the orgasm shook her body the man laughed and told the woman to give him a taste of the helpless heroine. The woman laughed and pulled her hand out and put two finger into his opened mouth. Sucking on the cream and blood coated fingers he said delicious go ahead have some yourself which did and then put some into phoebe’s mouth. Please stop this she begged. Oh thundergirl why would we do that we’re just starting we can’t stop now we couldn’t make anything off the video for just that. As he said that phoebe looked around and saw the cameras surrounding her. Oh God no please no stop this , but thundergirl so many villains are looking forward to watching you being ravished. He then motioned to the woman who pushed a button on a tablet she had attached to the wrist of her other hand. Phoebe noticed the little red light went off on the cameras. The man said to her tell you what this would be so much better if you were a willing participant phoebe thunderman , if you joined in enthusiasticly I could be persuaded to keep your identity and that of your family to myself. Phoebe thought to herself I have to agree my family would be put into great danger if their secret identities were ever discovered. Okay I agree I swear on my honor as a superhero to do whatever you want me to do as long as you keep our identities secret. The man laughed very well he made a motion and all of a sudden she was free of the platform. As she sat up and swung her legs off the side of the platform the woman said oh girl the three of us are going to have such erotic fun in the future. Yes we are the man said for now get dressed and go home so you won’t be missed make plans to be free this weekend tell your family you will be busy and incommunicado from Friday night until Sunday night. We will contact you later this week. How phoebe asked the man laughed and in her head she heard him say this way girl I’m a powerful psychic. At which she screamed as powerful multiple orgasms thrummed through her body and she passed out. The man and woman turned and left the warehouse. The woman said that went well , yes it did responded max thunderman as he turned and kissed phoebe’s best friend cherry deeply.

(to be continued)
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