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The story follows a woman learn her dogs really love her.
Gabrielle better known as Gabby to her friends couldn’t believe her luck. A whole week off she would spend at home which was out in the sticks a mile from any neighbours’. The family would be spending that week away at a camping site at the state park. It would just be her and the families three dogs , Lucifur a large mastiff , Satan a Hugh German Shepherd , and finally her favourite Diablo a tremendous mixed species mutt. Diablo could easily be mistaken for a large grizzly bear. She decided she would start her week off with a long hot bubble bath and a nap. Gabby went into the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water and bubbles leaving the door open so she could hear the phone and dogs if they became mischievous. She finished her bath as the water became cold and she got out of the tub. Not being aware that Satan had come into the bathroom and had lay down next to the tub. Gabby climbed out of the water and as she stepped out onto the floor she caught the tip of Satan’s tail. Crying out Satan ran from the bathroom with Gabrielle racing after him. Her body glistening from the water , the soap suds sliding down her naked body as she ran after him she spoke calmly to him saying she didn’t mean to hurt him. She finally caught up with him laying at the head of her bed whimpering and licking his tail. Gabby knelt at the foot of her bed talking quietly to him and reaching up the bed to him. She never noticed Diablo move behind her his nose spasming as he scented something that had his body aroused with interest. As she stretched her body up the bed it put her in the perfect position and she suddenly found Diablo the large dog on her back mounting her to breed with his bitch. Gabby started screaming at him to stop , get off and struggled to get out from under him but him being so big and she being so petite she didn't have a chance in hell of succeeding. Gabby cried as she felt his large penis banging at the entrance to her pussy and finally he hit the mark. She screamed as the hugh cock thrust into her and started rapidly pounding in and out of her. No , no this cant be happening , Diablo please stop but he had no intention of stopping and even sped up Gabby screamed as Satan knotted her the large knot slamming into her cunt locking them together and for the next fifteen minutes she was filled with Satan's sperm and cock. His equipment finally shrank down and popped out of her releasing them. She sighed in relief as he moved away , thinking it was over Gabby started to shakily rise when she was slammed back down with Lucifur took Diablos place unfortunately for Gabby he was off the mark and she screamed as her anus was ripped into the pain so intense that she passed out. Some unknown time later Gabby awoke and found that Satan had taken Lucifurs place taking revenge on her for what she had done to his tail. The thing Gabby was not aware of is Satan was appropriately named he was actually a demon that had taken a dogs form. Satan thrust into her increasing the size of his cock and added rough nodules to it. Crying as Satans cock ravaged her pussy sliding all the way in piercing through any resistance he entered her womb filling it with his sperm. Unbelievably Gabby started having a powerful massive orgasm. Laying on her Satan stayed locked in place keeping his sperm in her womb it started working on breaking into her egg. The sperm finally succeeded and Satan rose off of her celebrating with the knowledge that he had impregnated his bitch and would soon have children to watch over. Not realizing that she was now carrying a demon child Gabby climbed up onto the bed and cried herself to sleep. Hours later Gabby woke up and found herself flanked by two large dogs on the bed. The two dogs Diablo on one side and Lucifur on the other her two guardians would be acting as protectors to keep her and her child safe. The two dogs had regular sex with Gabby who after trying to resist unsuccessfully started to enjoy their attention she found herself being double teamed usually being fucked by Diablo and giving Lucifur a blow job initially the blow job was disgusting but she soon came to love it , the taste , the feel of it sliding down her throat and emptying his sperm into her stomach. Diablo was never again seen by Gabby but he kept tabs on her and his child. Before she started to show she decided to shop for maternity clothes at the mall walking around the mall Gabby bought a bunch of new clothes and after having them taken out to her car Gabby went into the arcade where a group of high school seniors were playing the new video game. Gabby started playing a new game bent over the game she intently played the game not noticing as four teenage girls surrounded her. Looking at each other they smiled and two of the grabbed her forcing her legs apart with their legs and holding her in place by her arms. The other two tucked her skirt into her belt exposing her panties which they quickly removed by cutting them off of her. One of them gagged her and unbuttoned her blouse pulling the two sides apart and tucking them into Gabbys belt and removing her bra. Now completely exposed to those in the arcade and held helpless and exposed one of the girls removed a device from her bag and attached clips to Gabbys nipples and clit and thrust a six inch wired dildo up her anus she the plugged to box into an outlet and turned on the device. Gabbys muffled screams couldn't be heard very far as electricity pulsed through her intimate body parts. The other people in the arcade stopped to watch as Gabby had orgasms caused by the pulses of electricity and the dildo vibrating in her asshole. After the multiple orgasms exhausted her they removed the attachments and left her seated in the photo booth. Seated there Gabby found people coming up to her sliding fingers into her cunt and tasting her juices and then put coins in the booth to get photos of her naked abused body. After recovering she returned home but found her trip to the mall came back to haunt her because the pictures surfaced being passed around the local high school where she was a teacher. The school quietly fired her especially when many of the students would whistle at her and grope her when she passed theming the hall. Gabby soon found herself growing in size and her stomach being battered from the inside by the growing demon child. It turned out the impregnation was the best thing that happened to her at least physically. Her body slowly changed and in ways not expected. As the pregnancy progressed her skin became a smooth dark coppery bronze she grew to a nice five foot ten inches mostly leg length. Her breasts increased in size and started lactating the milk tasted like a rich sweet vanilla latte. The changes made her even more desirable to animals , men and woman including those entering puberty. The growing demon child increased Gabbys hormones making her think about and want sex all of the time with any creature these feelings continued even after her daughter the demon child was born , Gabby named he Lillith but that’s another story.
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