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A fantasy story involving a real celebrity.
Kira Kosarin was attending a convention for television and movie superheroes. She had already did he obligatory speech about her role as Thundergirl on the Thundermans and was now sitting at a table autographing photos of herself. She was shocked when the next person rolled up to the table in a wheelchair and slid a picture of herself seated in a sexy pose wearing a short split skirt that showed a lot of her legs. She smiled at the man in the chair who was big and older than her but she couldn't tell how old , she would guess in his late thirties. Who should I make this out to she asked him , well if you don’t mind please sign it to big bear my own personal teddy bear. She smiled and started to say that wouldn’t be appropriate but when she looked down at the photo she found that she had already signed it and had added to it bigger in more ways than one it now also said. Blushing she started to slide the photo away from him but he reached out and picked it up sliding it into a protective plastic cover he stored it away in a carryall attached to his chair. At that time the man in charge of the cons events came to the table and told the people that the time was up for this signing. The man in the chair said well Ms. Kosarin now that you are free could I take you to dinner. Kira tried to say no but found herself accepting his invitation and followed him as he said then please follow me I have a vehicle waiting to take us to an excellent local restaurant. She saw as they exited the building a van with a wheelchair lift already down waiting at the front curb. She entered the van and sat down on a bench in the back waiting for the lift to bring the man up and into the vehicle. The driver waiting in the driver’s seat pulled away from the curb slipping carefully into traffic. As the van started to speed up the man called bear started speaking to Kira. I know this must seem strange to you but just like Thundergirl a person with special powers called a superhero that you played on TV I also have special abilities but I’m more of a supervillain. What are you going to do with me Kira asked , Bear laughed evilly and said anything I want Ms. Kosarin and you will be more than willing to do anything I want you to do. That Kira is one of my powers and another I will show you now as he reached out and touched her leg she felt the world spin for a moment and when she looked up they were no longer in the van but were now in a nice apartment. Bear rolled over to a large bed and stood up from the chair then sat down on the bed groaning with relief as he lay down. He then looked at Kira and said please Kira put my chair over there against the wall and fold it up. Kira followed his direction and came back to the bed. As you can see I can teleport vast distance at will and make you do things you don’t want to do. Where are we and what are you going to do to me Kira asked him. We are now in my home an apartment in upstate New York and I’m planning on using and abusing you sexually returning you home when I’m done with you. No please just send me home I’m still a virgin and would like to keep it that way. Really why Kira so am I we can lose our cherries together. Kira found herself slowly stripping in front of bear without him saying a word. Kira was soon nude and turning in place so bear could see her all over she even bent over and reached back spreading the lips of her pussy so he could get a good look at her sex. Then she found herself helping him to disrobe until he was as naked as she was , he then had her give him a sponge bath giving the private parts of his body special attention until those parts were standing at attention. Kira I know you don't want to do this but it is going to happen and if you do it willingly and with enthusiasm I won’t have to punish you when we are done by teleporting you naked into a prison with men that have gone without sex for decades. Oh God no not that Kira said I agree to do as you asked. She then got up onto the bed and straddled the man called bear and slid down onto his hardened penis. Bear felt the warmth of her cunt as it encompassed his rigid member Kira lowered herself down on to it until she felt him hit a barrier. Please don’t make me do this she asked again but bear just grinned and said you can hold back until you are on the verge of having an orgasm at which point you will thrust down as hard and as fast as you can. Kira sobbed but followed his direction and as she was about to drive herself down onto him he laughed and said you are about to find out the next thing I can do. She just closed her eyes and drove down forcing him up and through her cherry. At that time she did indeed find out his third super power as her eyes flew fully open and she screamed in both pain and pleasure as he stimulated the pleasure center of her brain as well as the nerve endings in her vagina forcing her to experience the most massive orgasm she would ever have in her life. Her orgasmic juices exploded out of her coating them both soaking the bed under them. She could still feel the pain of losing her cherry but compared to the pleasure of her orgasm it was miniscule. Kira’s body rocked under the assault as orgasm after orgasm hit her not as strong as the first but comparable with the number and intensity of each one. They were so intense that after ten or so of them her mind and body shutdown and she slumped over on top of bear unconscious. Bear grinning ear to ear teleported some women in and had them clean the mess up and then wiped the task from their minds , after tucking the two of them now clean and dry back into the now also clean and dry bed bear teleported them back to where he had gotten them. Rolling over onto his side he spooned Kira’s unconscious body. Putting an arm across her body and cupping her breast closest to the mattress he followed her into unconsciousness.
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