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It was a Friday night and Tim the tool man received a call from his boss on tool time that he and al had to fly down to Florida that night for the weekend. Tim was told he could take his wife but the flight left in 2 hours. Tim had Jill pack as he called al and Heidi asking Heidi if she could watch the boys till they got home Sunday night. Heidi agreed not having anything better to do this weekend. She got her stuff together and arrived at Tim’s house as Tim and jill were leaving for the airport. Heidi went in the house and settled in for the night making sure the three boys were getting ready for bed. Tim’s three boys Brad , randy , and mark loved it when Heidi sat for them she was so beautiful and fun that they never thought of her as the adult. The boys took their showers and got ready for bed then sat in the living room watching tv. Heidi came into the living room in her robe telling the boys she was going to take her shower and when she was done and dressed for bed it would be time for the boys to go to bed. The boys agreed and then watched Heidi head up stairs to take her shower enjoying the flashes of leg they saw as she ascended the stairs. They heard the shower go on and imagined Heidi getting into the shower naked. Then as they sat there they heard Heidi cry out and then a loud thud. The boys scrambled out of their chairs running up the stairs only to find Heidi laying on the floor of the shower naked and out cold. Randy being the smart one quickly checked Heidi out finding she was apparently okay just out from hitting her head on the floor of the shower he assessed that she was uninjured and they turned off the shower and picked her up moving her out into the hallway where they dried her off and then moved her to the large bed in their parents bedroom. Now having the time to look Heidi over they appreciated the firm toned muscular body that Heidi had moving Heidi’s limbs into better positions running their hands over Heidi’s body pulling and pinching Heidi’s large firm rounded breasts squeezing her nipples as the became hard under their hands. Looking down at her they took in her flat stomach , and smooth shaven pussy. Randy ran his hand up between her legs and slipped his finger into her snatch pulling it out and inserting it into his mouth tasting her. Looking to randy Brad asked him what do we do now. I don’t know about you but I’m going to pop my cherry in Heidi’s cunt and putting actions to words pulled Heidi’s body to the edge of the bed dropping his pjs he slid his erect cock into her unprotected pussy started furiously pumping into her cunt and quickly came in her pussy. Pulling up his pj pants randy moved out of the way as Brad took his place between Heidi’s legs. Brad pulled his cock out and smiling slid it into Heidi’s cunt and started pumping away being young it didn’t take long before he ejaculated in Heidi’s cunt. By this time randy was ready for round two moved back between Heidi’s legs. Mark realizing it could be awhile before he got a turn went to Heidi’s face and opening her mouth slid his penis into the softest warmest thing he had ever felt. Moving it in and out of her mouth he soon came in her mouth. The three boys enjoyed Heidi’s body for hours when randy got an idea. Listen and do what I tell you and we can enjoy this for years to come. Under Randy’s instructions they set up the video camera and started recording what they were doing to her body but made it look like she was actively participating. When they finished tired and spent they cleaned up and sat waiting for Heidi to wake up. After awhile she woke up and covered up asking the boys what was going on why am I naked , what is this taste in my mouth. Smiling the boys said we will explain everything just watch this first. They put the tape in the machine and started the movie. As Heidi sat there watching herself on the TV apparently letting three young men fuck her she realized she was in a lot of trouble. She turned to the three and asked them what they wanted. Well randy replied we want more of what you just watched but with you actually enthusiastically participating. I can’t do that your all too young she stuttered. If you don’t you will end up in jail for statutory rape. Realizing they had her she agreed. From now on when ever we need a babysitter you will be available to be our babysitter. Okay now what she asked. We have the rest of the weekend mark said and now that your on board we are going to fuck you till all your holes are rubbed raw and you can barely walk. Heidi realizing she might as well enjoy it because this was her life now walked to Brad an got down all fours and took his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Randy seeing this walked behind her and pushed his tool deep into the tool girls ass as mark crawled under her and started eating her pussy. Heidi started thinking this might not work out to be that bad as she felt the pressure building in her to her first orgasm and knew it would be the first of many to come. So it went as the boys fucked her for the rest of the weekend. Prologue (everyone that watches tool time know that Heidi became pregnant from her then boyfriend but future husband , but the real truth is the baby belongs to one of the three Taylor boys who continue to fuck her every chance they get).
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