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She was a beautiful blonde that had gotten a job at the local television station as a news caster. She received a lot of fan mail but one letter caught her attention it was a letter from the local high school. A ninth grade representative asked if it would be possible to come and speak to their ninth grade classes. Unfortunately it could only be set up on a Saturday to take place with her moving to each individual classroom to speak on what it had taken to reach her current career goal. Thinking it over she contacted to school and scheduled the speaking event. It would take place on a Saturday two weeks from this Saturday starting at eight in the morning and going until five that afternoon with an hour break at noon. She looked forward to speaking to the classes of young men and women hoping to influence them in some way changing their lives. That Saturday morning she rose early showered and dressed for the event. Arriving at the school she was led to her first class room. Standing at the front of the room the students looked at enjoyed the appearance of this young sexy local celebrity. The young people saw a lithe , toned and tanned confident young woman. Her thick , full , wavy , silky blonde hair that fell straight down her back just below her neck. Her soft tanned skin seemed to glow with health in the rooms light. Then many eyes fell down to her well endowed chest melon sized breasts stretched and pushed at the white silky collarless button up blouse then down passing over her toned abs to her burgundy red short side split silk skirt that exposed a magnificent pair of muscular legs with feet tucked into a pair of black leather high heeled boots that hugged her firm toned calves. As she turned to the desk laying a sheet of notes on the desk they took in her nicely rounded ass as her skirt tightened across her cheeks as she bent slightly to slide the pages out of her way as she sat on the corner of the desk. Many seated at the front of the class could look up skirt and got flashes of her black silk thong. Some moaned as they saw that her nipples had hardened in the cool morning air in the classroom and were showing poking out from her breasts lifting her blouse slightly but noticeably. Okay people can we get this started the class quite down but before she started talking the young man that had set this up and was the ninth grade president brought a hot cup of coffee up to her and told her there was more if she wanted it just motion to the cup and he would refill it. She thanked him and took a sip as he moved away and she started talking. She finished the cup in ten minutes and motioned for more. He came forward and refilled the cup noticing as he moved away she was now seated on the desk with her feet firmly braced so as not to fall but this left her legs spread giving everyone a good view of her long beautiful legs and her sexy thong covered groin. Sitting there speaking she suddenly wobbled almost falling off the desk. Smiling to himself and thinking , my plan is coming to fruition as some students rushed forward to catch her before she could fall. He came forward an started giving orders. Let’s clean off that desk so we can lay her down , once that was done he had them lay her on the desk placing rolled up clothes under her head as a makeshift pillow. Alright those clothes look awfully tight let’s loosen them ladies that looks like a job for you. So the young women in the group started unbuttoning her blouse and one girl slid her hands under her clothes unfastening her bra and removing it. This left her magnificent chest pretty much fully exposed her still stiffened nipples stick up out of dark aureoles. Some student seeing where this was heading pulled phones out and started recording the activity. The president , Max smiled because he had planned a head and a couple of A-V club members install top of the line recording equipment around the room and using the remote has started them recording earlier. Of course one of the girls who had a crush on the news woman said I think those things are awfully tight and reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties off but it also pushed her skirt up to her waist exposing her pussy that started to unfold enforcing in arousal as the sensitive folds of her vagina was brushed by various thing like silk and brushes of hands as well as the flow of air on her now fully showing pussy. The blonde woman now spread eagled on top of the desk moaned as hands started exploring her body. As the student kept feeling her growing aroused body she begged them to please stop she was still a virgin saving herself for her fiancé but this info just spurred the student to continue molesting her well built physically fit form. Hearing this Max’s already engorged cock became even harder and he pushed through the pack pulling out his dick as he moved between her legs. Without preamble he lined his cock up with the entrance to her cunt picking up her legs and throwing them up onto her shoulder opening her pussy and anus to his assault he shoved his member into he barely lubricated tunnel and feeling this she opened her moth to scream only to have a girl with her pussy bared grabbed the back of her head holding her mouth on her cunt and squeezing her nostrils shut she told the young newscaster if you want to breath then start licking and make it good as if your life depends on it because it may. She now scared to death complied and started licking and sucking wildly and slowly the girl allowed her to breathe as she worked on the girls vagina. In the meantime the young blonde being distracted didn’t react to max tearing through her human and through her cervix deep into her womb pumping into and out of her at a furious pace until he pumped a large load of sperm deep into her vagina then grinning he pulled out a vaginal plug slammed it into place not allowing his sperm to escape her womb. Then he slammed his dick into her anus but at least it was now well lubricated and he moved into her easily finally bringing her to a massive orgasm. She couldn’t believe that her body was betraying her and being pleasured by these students raping her. Max now done moved away stating you can remove the plug if I didn’t impregnate the bitch someone will then pointing at a skinny pimple faced skinny geek said laughingly your next stud go ahead and make her scream. Shaking the nerd moved between her thighs and pulling out his cock shoved into her saying yes sir I will do my best. The rest of the day went the same way as classes changed and young men and woman continuously sexually assaulted the young blonde from about nine in the morning until about four in the afternoon. Once done they left the young woman laying naked spread eagled on the desk. She finally gathered the strength and pulled herself from the desk staggering nude down to the gym locker room where she showered until the hot water ran out putting on a pair of shorts and a shirt that barely fit her she walked unsteadily out to her car getting and starting the car she discovered that someone had left her a surprise. As the car started a vibrator that randomly shocked her began to stimulate her sore and abused ass and cunt. Being to tired to fix it she drove home with it stimulating her and she had a massive orgasm as she pulled into the parking lot of her apartment building. Parking in her assigned spot she got out of the car and started going to her apartment. Passing other residents she heard some of them snicker and she realized her juices were flowing freely down her thighs her shorts obviously soaked. She entered the elevator to ride up to her apartment with a group of others. She heard one of the women state loudly do you smell that I always suspected she was a slut and probably fucked her way into her position as a local newscaster. Blushing fiercely she sped quickly to her apartment door when the elevator reached her floor and entered her apartment. Sobbing she lay down on her bed she realized that her career was probably over. A knock came to her door and being too tired she just yelled come in. Max entered her apartment locking the door behind him and moved to her bedroom. Seating himself on the bed next to her he said so do you want to save your career of course she said quietly. I will not release my videos and I’ve already dealt with the other students. All you have to agree to is that from now on you belong to me and only me she started to speak and he held up his hand I’m not done you will bring those of your female co workers that I indicate and help me blackmail them into also being my sexual slaves. I , okay I agree she stuttered. Good and he started rubbing her cunt through the shorts , why don’t you strip out of those wet dirty clothes and we will take up where we left off earlier today. She broke up with her fiancé and started dating the young man quietly until he turned eighteen. She continued her career as a local news and weather woman and became very popular but this was attributed to her wearing of slutty clothes that matched her reputation as a slutty whore that exposed herself to anyone and everybody. Her career really took off when she was raped on air by a small pack of dogs brought to the studio to try and get them adopted but that’s a story for another time.
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