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It was the change of shift and Lt. Alara Kitan moved quickly so she would have the time to eat , and shower. She had to get to bed since her next shift was first thing in the morning. She ate quickly in the ships mess then went to her quarters to shower. She stripped and got into the shower and turned it on and all she got was a banging noise.

She hit the communications unit yelling to connect with engineering. Engineering the unit responded what do you need. Alara told him , her shower unit was malfunctioning. I will send someone right up. Alara wrapped a towel around her body and answered her door moments later when someone knocked. The door slid open revealing Yaphit waiting outside her door. Hi Alara what is wrong he asked as he moved his gelatinous body into her apartment. My shower isn't working and I need to shower , early shift in the morning. Okay let’s take a look and moved to the shower Alara followed him and they both moved into the shower unit. Okay let’s activate this unit and activated the shower when the water started spraying Alara screamed at the cold water and covered her face dropping the towel and as she stepped back slipped on a piece of Yaphit. Going down she banged her head off the floor of the shower.

Laying there naked wet and very groggy Yaphit said oh I have to keep her stable and unmoving until medical can arrive and check her out. Yaphit quickly spread himself up Alara’s body encapsulating her naked body within his own gelatinous body. His body flowed up hers covering her and entering everyone of her orifices. Alara started moaning when his body flowed into her anus filling her bowels and thickening. She moaned even louder when he entered her vagina forcing her nether lips apart with his gelatinous pseudopods filling her womb completely with himself. He continued to move his body into and out of her cunt kind of like the tide coming and going. He sped up his actions and she moaned as she felt an orgasm building within her.

Yaphit stop please I’m a virgin don’t do this , but she realized that she was too late as she felt yaphit’s gooey body breach her hymen. Yum , Yaphit said to her your virginal blood tastes delicious as he started seriously fucking her. He continued flowing up her body spreading himself over every part of her torso. Sliding over her luscious well rounded breasts with her perky outstanding nipples his gelatin started to squeeze , manipulate , and massage her tits causing her nipples to harden and puff up with arousal. Alara was now moaning continuously as her body writhed on the floor and her body arched with the first massive orgasm that hit her. Yaphit was not done yet as he continued to move up her body slipping into her mouth sliding down her throat and fully covering her head entering her ears and nose , putting a coating over her eyes he now had her completely encased within himself. Now he really went at her as he sexually touched her in places no one else could. As he touched , squeezed , stroked , and did things to her that didn’t even have words to describe them she writhed helplessly on the floor as orgasm after orgasm hit her body. Being completely encased in Yaphit he controlled her breathing and oxygen intake.

Yaphit taking advantage of her helplessness focused on the egg in her body moved it to the wall of her womb and breached it making her pregnant with his child but he was not finished. Reaching deeper into her body he started plucking waiting eggs and moving them into her womb and giving them the same treatment. Once he had the now fertile five eggs attached to the wall of her womb he left her naked body on the floor of her shower calling med bay to send a team to her quarters. Arriving at her quarters the team questioned Yaphit as they worked on Alara’s body. Yaphit explained that he had arrived at Alara’s quarters and seeing the door partially open entered and found Alara’s body laying on the floor of the shower. Rushing her back to ships medical the doctor examined her body and finally told her she just had a minor concussion but phenomenally had become pregnant. That’s impossible you yourself gave me my annual injection to keep that from happening. I know but it’s not one hundred percent you know but it does seem strange you are carrying five impregnated eggs.

When will I , you have nine months before you give birth. Keep this to yourself , of course doctor-patient confidentiality. Alara went back to her quarters and immediately contacted the captain requesting a detour to her home planet which he acceded too and they soon reached her world and entered orbit. After visiting her home she tendered her resignation and left the ship moving into her parents home. Unknown by anyone on the ship months later she gave birth to five health babies , two males and three girls. They grew up health and happy but manifested their fathers abilities soon after puberty hit them as they puddled on the floor becoming gelatinous for the first time. Alara had a rough time explaining to her parents not to mention telling her children about their father.
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