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He grew up an outsider fat , not very good looking , poor and socially inept. Of course when his mental abilities manifested after he turned fifty six he kind of went crazy with them but not too crazy since he had learned from reading about mutants in the comic books. He practiced as his powers grew. When he turned fifty seven he was already listed as disabled. He had an income from disability of $1,000 paid monthly but he also had an under the table income from a rich philanthropist of $5,000 month that he had acquired through mental manipulations.

After his birthday he put his plan to publically date famous young female celebrities into effect. His first target was the Latina Jenna Ortega. He flew out to Hollywood and started escorting Jenna from party to party. Many questioned why Jenna was openly dating an old disabled man Jenna just laughed and told them he doesn’t act old and he is not disabled in the important ways. After the third party he escorted Jenna to he brought her home to his apartment where he had set up video cameras around the bedroom.

As they entered the bedroom Jenna started stripping her clothes off and dropped them on the floor as she moved towards the bed. Bear also moved his wheelchair towards the bed and rising moved to the bed and sitting started to strip off his clothes as he watched Jenna expose her nubile young body. He watched as she pulled off her burgundy silk blouse showing the black lady bra that she removed next uncovering her small but firm rounded breasts her nipples hardening as the chill air of the room caressed them. Jenna next kicked off her black leather shorty boots and slipping her thumbs into the waist band of her black silk skirt slid them down her beautiful legs and stepped out of them when they puddled on the floor at her feet.

This left her nude except for the black pair of panties still covering her groin. Bear admired her well toned physique as she turned for him showing it off. She finally removed her panties and climbed onto the bed straddling his torso she lowered her open and exposed virginal cunt onto his engorged cock. She lowered her self slowly onto him moaning as she breached her own hymen and then moving up and down used him to fuck herself. After 20 minutes she whimpered please let me move faster Jenna asked him.

Louder my dear what do you want and she practically screamed fuck me harder , faster , deeper which the cameras caught and he allowed her to do that as she threw her body wildly onto him. Screaming as she forced her small body fully down onto his large engorged cock coating and lubricating his cock with her blood she never slowed down as she had three orgasms in a row after which she begged him to allow her to stop but he forced two more orgasms onto her before letting her collapse on top of him.

Sobbing she asked him why are you doing this to me as another orgasm shook her body , why because I can he laughed as he had another orgasm pass through her exhausted young body. He then had her move to special saddle and mount it sliding her anus all the way down onto the large vibrating dildo whimpering as it slid deep into her intestine. Then pushed herself onto the knob at the front of the saddle that started vibrating with her placing her weight on it. Her clit sitting on the know soon had her wet and the saddle started tilting back and forth forcing her clit onto the knob harder and harder bringing on orgasms the saddle channeled her juices into bottles on a conveyor belt moving them on as the filled. Snickering Bear said I will make a mint selling your bottled love juice to your fans across the country , I will call it Harleys passion juice. Get comfortable I will need buckets of your cum to supply all the bottles I plan to sell , hearing this Jenna whimpered as another orgasm tore through her body.

Don’t worry Jenna I won’t bother you again after tonight I’m moving onto my next target Ms. Vanessa Hudgens. I will leave you with an experience you will never forget. She felt herself rise from the bed and pick up a black permanent marker and stepping up to the mirror starting writing across her body. Putting "suck this" between her breasts with arrows pointing at her nipples , then above her pussy wrote "this hole is empty please fill it" in black marker. Finally she struggled to write on her ass cheeks "the best asshole belongs to this bitch check it out".

She then walked out of the room and down to the crowded square in front of the hotel where hours later her very well fucked body was finally rescued from the throng. Many photos were taken of her gaping holes and face coated with come as she was pulled from the crowd and rushed to the hospital for treatments everyone thought she was spending months in recovery but actually she was moved back to the factory where her juices were milked and bottles were filled. The new beverage was a best seller selling out in many places. When she turned eighteen the only career she could find to work in still connected to the entertainment industry was an x-rated porn star.
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