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She had been sent out on patrol alone because the station was short handed. It was around nine at night when a car roared past her spot doing ninety. She immediately gave chase turning on her lights. A few miles down the road on an old deserted part of the highway they finally pulled over and stopped. She got out of her car and walked up to the driver side tapping on the window and indicating it should be lowered. The driver rolled down the window and asked , what’s the problem officer. She responded well I clocked you doing ninety in a thirty please hand me your license and registration. Of course officer give me a minute they are in the glove box.

Suddenly the two doors on the passenger side opened and one Male and one female got out of the car and moved to the side of the road the young female officer told them to return to the vehicle but then the woman hunched over and started to vomit. The man put an arm around the woman’s shoulder and tried to comfort her. The young officer walked around the car and asked if they were alright but when she reached them the man suddenly grabbed her wrists and another man got out of the back of the car also grabbing her. The driver got out of the car came around to the side of the car and looking the young officer over smiled and said that she was a beautiful young bitch. Drag her to the front of the police car which they did and the two men held her while one of the women started to unbutton her jacket and remove it , then did the same to her blouse. Then removed her black bra starting on her skirt and panties next. They continued in this way until she was totally naked even taking off her socks and shoes.

All this time she was alternating between begging them to stop and threatening them with being arrested. Once she was naked they stopped to admire her body. She was about five foot six with a well toned and tanned physique, kind of petite just able to pass the requirements for the police force. She had long silky reddish brown hair that fell down below her ass but kept in a thick pony tail. Her face was somewhat exotic a little Asian and a little Mexican with a dash of Hawaiian or native American thrown on top. She was definitely beautiful and could have been a model if she had wanted. Her breasts were soft , well rounded , and firm with small nipples and aureoles topping them off , her stomach was flat and what would be called a six pack. Moving further down she had a fantastic ass with beautiful toned legs and dainty feet.

The young female driver who seemed to be in charge told the three others to put her on the hood of the cop car and fuck the shit out her. Two of them held her down on the hood and one of the young men stepped up between her legs and pushed his eight inch cock into her cunt and started fucking her. It didn’t take long for the two of them to reach climax and he backed off making room for the other young man who continued to fuck her until they also orgasmed and ejaculated. The young female cop continued to cry but mistakenly thought the ordeal was over. The two young women stepped up to her and shoving two large vibrating dildos into her pussy and anus viciously began to rape her with them. They brought her to climax with blood coating the weapons they were using to assault her.

Crying uncontrollably she begged them to leave her alone or just kill her and end her misery. Oh honey I don’t think so and then the two women started searching the cop car finding many strip ties and hand cuffs but their biggest find was in the back of the car on the floor behind the passenger seat. They pulled out a large young Male German Shepard. Ooh the woman exclaimed this has potential , then she had them put her up on the hood of the car with her upper torso stretched across the front windshield and her arms bound to the still flashing lights. They put her into the doggy position cuffing her ankles to the grille on the front of the car spreading her legs apart. Then they got the police dog up on her back and using the strip ties bound them together and finally after one of the woman masturbated the dog till he was hard and ready she positioned his dick at the entrance of her pussy and pushing him into her got him started fucking her.

Screaming for them to stop this don’t let him fuck me please no more. The leader of the group just laughed at her and said honey he is going to be fucking you until they find you and separate you I would estimate two days at least because this road sees little use, let’s go people. They all got into their car and drove off. It turned out she was right two days later the police found her still on the hood of the police car and the German Shepard still fucking her. It turns out he had been alternating between her pussy and her asshole. When they separated them and took then to medical aide her pussy and anus was so raw they looked just like bright red raw meat. The dogs cock was in horrible shape rubbed raw. The officers that found her in this compromising position had no qualms about taking pictures or video of her situation. Once she healed up she quit the force and retired to a quiet home in the country living off the large cash settlement she received from the state but the last thing she did was acquire the dog who had been declared unfit for police work. They now live together in a small house somewhere out in the country.

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2019-03-13 10:10:36
That's your prerogative.


2019-02-13 03:37:31
There is no build up, no details, almost like you are giving a report with the minimum amount of wording. You say comments and advice welcome, well this is garbage from a literary standpoint. Describe the scene, make us feel the hero's journey and fear or the villains glee. You're on a website called sexstories, but there is nothing sexy about your stories. What are your favorite books? How much detail is in them? Do that, breathe life into your stories. I wouldn't comment, but you do so much "writing. It's gotten so that when I see your name on these I just skip your story.

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