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It was a beautiful day and Carly Shay the star of Icarly decided to go out for a walk. She was dressed in her usually style maybe a little skimpier because it was a hot summer day. Today she wore a thin silky burgundy top that left her stomach and cleavage exposed and a short silky black skirt that showed off her beautiful long white legs. She was wearing a pair of silky red thong panties and a matching bra. Carly sauntered down the street enjoying the sunshine and breeze then she turned the corner and saw this little boy kneeling on the ground crying next to a sewer grid going under the sidewalk and the grid had been opened.

Carly came up to the boy and asked him what was wrong. My puppy crawled under there and I can’t get him out. Oh you poor kid here maybe I can get him out. Carly laid down on the street and crawled into the sewer. It was a tight fit and when she was in up to her waist she saw the puppy and started talking to him and soon lured him to her and she passed him out to the young boy. The young boy started cheering and thanking her then took his puppy and left. She started backing out and discovered that she was stuck , so she started yelling for help. Soon she heard a group of young men surrounding her legs what's wrong one of them asked her. I’m stuck help get me out , stuck really so you can’t do anything. She felt him pull her panties down and off.

Stop that she screamed and tried to get loose. He laughed and pulled her skirt off and tied her legs to the grill keeping her legs spread apart. Please stop don’t do this I’m Carly Shay I’m on the web show Icarly. I thought those white legs were familiar she heard him talking to someone and twenty minutes later heard someone come up and someone said give me ten minutes and we will be set up. What are you doing out there Carly asked we are setting up to stream what happens to you sending it to your Icarly web site. No please don’t do this but he just laughed. Okay we are set let’s get out of here and they all left. Carlys bare legs , pussy and anus were on display for all to see. A couple of minutes went by and two girls came by and seeing Carlys bare body parts giggled and found a couple of round stones and stuffed them into her asshole and pussy. Patting her bare ass they continued walking on their way. Oh God Carly said and started begging someone get them out of my ass and pussy.

Soon a couple of boys showed up and kneeling down with Carly between them they spread her ass cheeks and shoved a hand into her rectum and slowly pulled the stones out of her. By the time they were done she was whimpering and crying her asshole was gaping open for all to see. Then they moved on to her pussy when she started telling them no they just snickered and spread her lips open and shoved a hand deep into her vagina breaking her hymen and thrusting that hand in and out of her until they had retrieved five stones and caused her to orgasm. Laughing they got her loose and pulled her out she was too exhausted to move as they stripped her and taking all of her clothes left her naked laying on the street with her pussy and anus gaping open. Many people walked down that street to admire the beautiful young pale skinned girl. One them that showed up because of the streaming video was Carlys arch nemesis Neville. Well Carly it looks like you are mine helpless and he proceeded to strip and use her pussy viciously pumping into her until she orgasmed then after he ejaculated he did the same to her asshole laughing as she whimpered at his abuse but sobbed when he pulled out of her asshole flipped her over and came deep in her pussy. There Carly Shay you cannot deny that you enjoyed that it is on video that you orgasmed twice and screamed out my name once telling me harder Neville. She lay there until she built up enough strength and struggled up and staggered home still naked.

Riding up to her apartment she met Freddie. He stepped into the elevator pushing the button for the ground floor and the doors shut they travelled down for a minute and he pushed the stop button at which the elevator stopped. Carly looking at Freddie whimpered what are you doing Freddie. Smiling Freddie started moving towards Carly and said just getting me some of what Neville’s had. Backing up Carly said Freddie you don’t want to do this. Yes Carly I do as he backed her against the wall and reached out pinching her nipple and then he reached down and inserted two fingers into her cunt and started pumping in and out. Carly shuddered and said Freddie stop don’t do this but he kept going pinching and massaging her breasts. She whimpered as she slid to the floor and Freddie followed her down , he brought her close to an orgasm and stopped. Freddie continued doing this over and over again until she was sobbing and whimpering , please Freddie let me cum. No Freddie told her and again brought her near to an orgasm. Freddie what do you want from me , you will agree to be my slave from now on doing anything I want. Freddie I can't do that and Freddie brought her close to an orgasm again. Carly sobbed after going through this four more times she agreed to be his slave doing anything he told her to do without complaining. He laughed and brought her to a massive orgasm where she squirted clear across the elevator. Freddie rose and started the elevator back up to their apartments floor.

Stepping off he held open the door to Carlys apartment and when she stepped off the elevator and entered her apartment he followed her in and up to her room. They went up to her room where she started dressing and Freddie said , Carly did I tell you to dress. Freddie Carly said , no Carly stay naked and come over here and suck my penis. Carly paled and started to refuse , when Freddie said so you are already reneging on what you agreed to well I guess that video I stopped from going on the internet today will get released. Wait , what Carly stuttered. Yes I caught the entire thing and only released a bit to Neville so he would come to you and make you believe it was running on the web. I guess it will go up now , no Carly said wait , so you will do what I tell you.

Yes she whispered okay then he got up and lay down on her bed and told her to come over to him and fuck him. Freddie , nope come on Carly get over here. Carly went to him and slowly stripped him and mounted him bringing him to an ejaculation and her to an orgasm. Oh Freddie she started to say but he stopped her and said Carly you will dress in the outfit I laid out upstairs and do Icarly in it without complaining. Carly went upstairs and he soon heard her yell down to him , Freddie I can’t wear this to do Icarly , you will now put it on. Carly picked up the sheer silky white blouse and pulled it on. It was sheer and stretched across her b-cup breasts clearly showing her pink puffy nipples with the dark aureoles surrounding them and pulling up under her breasts leaving her flat toned stomach exposed. She then picked up the sheer silky short black skirt and pulled it up over her hips. It was short enough that if she bent over even slightly she would show off everything she had. Then she pulled on the black silk stockings and then her black knee high boots.

Carly blushed fiercely when Freddie came up to get his equipment ready to broadcast the show. When Sam showed up a few minute before going on she took one look at Carly and asked her what she was wearing. A new outfit she said as she spun do you like it , then Freddie said ready guys three , two , and we are on. I’m Carly and I’m Sam they said as the show started. As the show went along Freddie smiled as he saw the number of watchers slowly increase. The number increased the more he focused on Carlys breasts and crotch. At one point he focused the camera on her groin when she turned and bent over to pick up a book off the floor. She exposed her pussy spreading it wide but what shocked Freddie and Carly both was when Sam stepped to her side lifted up her skirt an pushed a cucumber into Carlys pussy and masturbated her to an orgasm and then took a bite of the Carly juices coated cucumber.

The web sites numbers more than tripled and then she called out Freddie you should try this new dressing its delicious. Freddie grew an instant hard on and Sam stepped up to him and grabbed his crotch squeezing his dick said look at that Freddie is producing hard wood. Then the two of them sat down and told Carly that she now belonged to them and she would do things to make them happy. She would also start to dress and act like a slut. Freddie moved to the bed naked and laid down , Sam moved to the bed stripping and squatted over Freddie’s face facing his feet. Then they ordered her to get up on Freddie sliding down onto his wood and when he did this Sam leaned into her kissing her and slipping her tongue into Carlys mouth. Soon the two had Carly moaning then screaming as they brought her to multiple orgasms. Finally finishing with her she lay there happy but exhausted as the three curled up together and falling into a deep sleep.
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