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I lay on the floor of the van. I have nothing to say. To me, my life has ended.
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Soul Mates

Part 1

Damn, my wife is going to be mad. It is 9pm and I was supposed to be home at six for our grandson's birthday party. I forgot to charge my cell phone, so it is out and it is snowing like a motherfucker, I am rounding the corner on a two way mountain highway as I see a semi-truck come around a corner on my side. I am hatching a turd in my drawers as I turn to the right and am airborne off the cliff.

I don't know how long I was out as I am now part of the steering wheel and dash board. I can see myself in the rearview mirror. Red hair and surprisingly not graying for a 57 year old man. I can feel the steering wheel pushed into my chest. I can't feel my legs, but I know they are down there somewhere. My arms are pinned to my sides in the wreckage and I am pretty much immobile. The only thing I can do is wait for rescue or death as my life rushes into my thoughts.


My earliest memories that I can remember of my early childhood were when I was five. I remember a big house with allot of kids and women and I call all of the women mother. I had my own room with my twin sister.

I was always doted over by my Mothers and the only time I saw my sister was at bedtime. There was always men coming into the house and I remember some kids calling them Father, but my sister and I never knew what the word 'Father' meant. My sister and I ware happy until one night we was awaken by one of our Mothers. She grabbed us and we were taken outside and walked in the cold for awhile and crawled under a fence where we got into the back seat of a car and we drove away with a man driving that I have never seen before.

I did not understand the words at the time, but when I was much older, I did.

"They are not going to take Joseph and Eve from me, because they are not his. They are yours and Joseph is not the next prophet," I hear her say.

"Don't worry, we are going to start a new life with our children," he says just before my twin sister and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, we are parked in a parking lot of a small store and we are in the car alone. It is early morning as the sun is cresting over the mountains. I hear gunfire and see four men come out of the store. I instinctively grab my sister's hand, and pull her out of the car, and we start running. I hold her hand tightly in mine as we duck behind cars until we reach the end of the parking lot and jump into some bushes.

We are lying in the bushes as we hear them walk to the edge of the parking lot and stop in front of the bushes where we are hiding. We can hear them talk as I have my hand over my sister's mouth.

"I don't care about the girl, but I want the young Prophet Joseph back," I hear one of them say.

"Jacob, you didn't have to kill their Mother and Father," I hear one of them say.

"Blood atonement. Joseph is MY son and will take over the church as it is written in the gospel," he says.

We hear sirens as the men get into a car and drive off. I grab my sister's hand and we run further into the woods.


I wake up and see a white crack with a pink hole staring me in my face, and then a fart comes out of it. "What the fuck, Eve! When are you going to grow up," I say as she laughs and runs out of the room pulling up her panties.

"Get dressed, so we don't miss our bus on the first day of high school," Eve shouts from the bathroom.

"You need to stop doing these childish practical jokes," I say putting my clothes on.

"Hey, today is the first day of high school and the ninth grade. We are in high school now and we finally have a family that is going to adopt us. No more practical jokes from me," Eve says from the bathroom.

I put my socks on and put my tennis shoes on and start to walk out of my room as I feel something squishy on the bottom of my feet. I walk back to my chair and pull a shoe off to find that there is honey in the bottom of my shoes.

"You lying bitch!" I yell as I hear Eve laughing from the bathroom.

I take my shoes and socks off and replace them with another pair. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and hair. I look in the mirror, which I don't normally do. I have green eyes like my twin sister and long red unruly hair. All of the foster homes I was in would always try to make me cut it, but I would always kick and scream. I have massive freckles on my face and I am skinny.

I hear Eve calling, and I head downstairs, and we grab the sack lunches our foster father made for us. We head down the street to our bus stop as Eve grabs my hand.

"Eve, we can't hold hands at school or in public anymore," I say as she scoffs. "We are in high school now."

"We can still hold hands to the bus stop and when we are alone," she counters.

We get to the bus stop and there are about four local kids there waiting for the bus. Eve, the social butterfly, starts introducing herself and talking to everyone.

One of the boys walks over to me and says, "hi, my name is Mark."

"H-h-h-hi m-m-my name is J-Joe," I try to say.

"Are you a retard and a faggot with your long hair," Mark asks.

"No! He is just shy and likes his hair long," Eve says coming to my rescue.

Eve is right, I have always been shy. Talking to strangers or even people I have known for a while is difficult for me. I blame it on being bounced around from foster home to foster home. Eve has always been the social butterfly, making friends wherever she goes.

"Well he looks like a girl," Mark says as the bus pulls up and we get on.

We get to school and get off the bus and head into school. Eve and I find that our lockers are side by side. I help Eve with her combination, and then we head in separate directions to find our first class.

I am in my first class as role is called by my first period teacher, Mrs.Yokum. Blonde hair blue eyes and maybe four hundred pounds, but who am I to judge.

I glance to my left and see a girl sitting next to me. Red hair the same color as mine beautiful emerald eyes with light freckles on her face. She sees me looking and smiles as I choke and quickly turn away.

The teacher continues calling roll:

"Mike Redford..."


"Emily Smith..."

"Here," the girl next to me says as I start staring at her again.

"Joseph Smith...Joseph Smith...Joseph Smith?" I am still staring at her as I realize my name is being called as she smiles at me again.

"H-h-h-here," I say as everyone laughs except for Emily, who is still smiling at me.

Joseph Smith that is my name, long red hair green eyes, 5'9" 100 pounds. Somewhere around fourteen or fifteen, because there is no birth certificate to be found. Eve is my identical twin sister. If we were not the same sex, you would never be able to tell us apart. We were found in the woods outside of a large city nine years ago. When our assumed parents were murdered. I remember it vividly, but Eve remembers very little, which is probably why she doesn't have the issues that I have. The shyness, the feeling I'm always being followed and the nightmares.

After we were found that morning nine years ago, everyone tried to find out who we were. We only knew our first name, so they gave us the last name of 'Smith' since the two that were murdered were assumed to be our parents. There were no birth certificates for me, my sister, or our assumed parents that were murdered. Our names and pictures were in the newspaper and on TV. No one came forward as relatives, so we were thrust into the foster care system, going from home to home, because no one wants to adopt twins.

First period ends and I leave the classroom and head out to find my next class, when I hear someone say, "wait for me." I turn and see Emily. "What class do you have next," she asks.

I look at her. She is wearing a long conservative dress, with long sleeves that shows no skin. Her long red hair is pulled back in a braid. She looks like a character out of a western movie. I look at her and try my best to talk. She is so beautiful and I am wondering what she sees in me. When I finally realize I can't talk, I turn and walk away.

It is lunch time and I get my lunch out of my locker and walk into the lunchroom. There is a line at the food counter. I look around to find Eve and see her sitting at a table with a bunch of kids, male and female and of course, she is the center of attention as they are talking and laughing. I wish I was as outgoing as her, but as long as she is happy, I am happy.

I leave the crowded lunchroom and head outside to find a quiet place to eat. I walk out, find the football field, sit in the bleachers, and eat my lunch. As I am eating, I am deep in thought. I wonder if I will ever be able to control my shyness. Maybe finally having parents will help me out.

So, here we are in a foster home of parents that actually want to adopt us. Eve is happy and I am concerned, because they are strict and very religious. We attend the Mormon Church every Sunday, which is the religion of choice in this state. Their age makes them seem more like grandparents than parents, but as long as Eve is happy, I am happy.

I am finishing my lunch, when I look across the football field and see a man dressed in a black suit, cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat. When he sees me looking, he smiles and waves at me. I get the creeps and leave.

I round the corner of the bleachers and run into someone. I look up and see Mark who is smoking a cigarette with four other kids.

"Look it's the stuttering faggot," Mark says as everyone laughs.

He shoves me to the ground as everyone surrounds me and I feel a kick to my ribs. Then I hear a female voice say, "Mark!"

I look up and see a blonde, 5'10" 150 pounds with huge tits. Wearing a flannel shirt and tight blue jeans. She looks a couple years older than me.

"You leave him alone, you fucking bully. And why are you smoking? I guess I'm going to have to tell mom and dad," she says.

"We were just playing with him," Mark says.

"Bullshit, you leave him alone or I will make your life a living hell," she says as she grabs my hand and pulls me away.

"My name is Jenny and I am sorry about my little brother," she says as we are walking away.

I look at her and say, "m-my n-name is J-j-j.... "

I stop at that point as she puts her hands on my shoulders and says, "look in my eyes slow down, and relax."

"My name is Joseph and my friends call me Joe," I say surprising the shit out of myself.

"Well, that is much better. If my brother fucks with you, again you let me know," she says as she walks away.

It is the last class of the first day of school. It is the only class that I have with Eve, and the second class I have with Emily. Eve comes in with the smile that is constantly on her face. It amazes me how she can keep a positive attitude and always happy, after all the shit that we have been through.

Eve sits beside me and says, "I love high school" as I look at her and say nothing.

Emily sits behind Eve and says, "hey, Eve."

"Hey Emily, this makes four classes we have together." Eve says.

They start chatting as I am staring at Emily. Before I realize that, I am staring at her she looks at me and smiles as I quickly turn my head.

Class ends and I walk out to catch the bus and tell Eve that I will meet her at the bus stop. I get to the bus stop and see Jenny.

"Hey Joe," Jenny says.

"Hi Jenny," I say surprising myself again by not stuttering.

"I usually don't take the bus but," my car broke down and my Dad is going to fix it today.

I say nothing as Eve runs to me and gives me a hug.

"Holy shit," Jenny says with a smile on her face. "You guys look alike."

"We are twins," Eve says with pride.

"I assumed that." Jenny says chuckling.

Mark gets to the bus stop and gives me a sour look as he says hi to Eve. We get on the bus as I sit in the front and Eve heads to the back, so that she can talk to everyone.

"Can I sit beside you," I hear Jenny ask.

"S-sure," I say.

She sits and looks at me for a moment, then says, so what is your story? I look at her and try to talk. She puts her arm around me. "Relax and take your time. We are the last stop and have plenty of time."

I tell as little as possible. That Eve and I are orphans and we moved in with our current foster parents at the first of the summer. I explain that I am shy around people and have a stuttering problem because of it. She says nothing and we sit in silence for the rest of the bus ride.

Eve and I walk the two blocks home hand in hand. As twins, we have that special bond. Not just because we are twins, but because of being bounced around from foster home to foster home. We are always there for each other.

"Emily invited me to her birthday party this Saturday and she wants you to come too. I think she likes you," Eve says smiling at me.

I smile back at Eve wondering how I would have made it this far without her.

"I like her too and she is very pretty," I say as we walk into the house.

We are walking up the stairs and down the hall to our rooms when Eve says, "prettier than me?"

She pouts as I put my arms around her and say, "no one is prettier than you" as she tilts her head and we start kissing. She slips her tongue into my mouth as we gently feel each other. She runs her fingers through my hair and I cup her sexy ass in my hands.

I break the kiss and say. "We really need to stop that."

"Never," Eve says as she runs to her room giggling.

I stare at her sexy ass as she runs into her room. "Yes, she is the prettiest girl in the world," I say to myself.

An hour later, we head down stairs, since our foster father is home and we help with dinner. I peel the potatoes and Eve sets the table as he chats with Eve about her day.

Michael Watson, he is the oldest foster parent that Eve and I have had. He owns a chain of car repair shops and works every day, except for Sunday, which is the Sabbath as he calls it. He is a nice guy, but is not too interested in me, which is probably my fault, because of my shyness.

Dinner is almost ready when Mary Watson comes home from work. She gives her husband a hug and kisses and asks Eve how her first day of school was.

Mary Watson, a psychiatrist turned professor at the local college teaching psychiatry. She is the head of the household and very strict. She seems to be the authority around the house she is always telling everyone what to do, including her husband.

She seems to take more of an interest in Eve, like her husband and not so much in me. She tells me that my stuttering and shyness problems are all an act for attention and gives me allot of chores around the house, which she says is to help with my social skills. Something scares me about her that I can't explain.

Dinner is done and we sit down to eat.

She always has me or Eve lead the family in prayer before supper.

"It is your turn to say the prayer," Mary says as I look at her with fright, because every time it is my turn, I get sent upstairs without supper. I am afraid of her and can never talk, when I am around her.

"I-I-I...," I don't even try this time as I get up and head to my room.

I hear Eve start crying as, Michael says, "Mary, please stop being so hard on the boy."

"No, there is nothing wrong with him. He is doing this for attention," Mary says before I am out of ear-shot.

I go to my room, get undressed and crawl into bed. As I am laying there, I think back to some of the other foster homes we have lived in and realize this foster home is great compared to the others we have lived.

I think back to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. They had two children of their own plus two other foster children including Eve and I. I remember Eve and I having to share a bed in a small room with two single beds. The other two foster children slept in the other bed.

Seven years ago...

I wake up sweating and breathing hard. I sit up knowing there is something wrong. I look beside me and see that Eve is not there anymore. I rush out of the room, down the hallway and into the living room to see Mrs. Wilson watching TV.

"Where's Eve," I demand.

"I don't know. Check the bathroom," she says.

I run down the hallway and see that the bathroom is empty.

"She is not there," I scream.

"Calm down young man. She is in the house somewhere."

I stand there as I hear something in my head. I run back down the hallway to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson's room. I try the door knob and it is locked. I see Mrs. Wilson walking down the hallway towards me.

"Don't you wake my husband. He's had a hard day at work," she says.

I take a few steps back and, with all of my strength, I crash thru the door. I fall on the floor as I hear a gasp from Mrs. Wilson.

I look up and see Eve, on the bed naked laying on the bed with her hands tied behind her back. She has a gag in her mouth and is crying. Mr. Wilson has her legs over his shoulders with his cock ready to enter her.

I stop thinking about it as I fall asleep.

I wake up in a cold sweat. Another nigh mare that I can barely remember. This nightmare, I only remember being chased in the night.

I feel a naked body crawl under the covers with me.

"Another nightmare," Eve asks.

"Was I screaming again," I ask.

"Yes," she says snuggling in closer to me.

What did I tell you about coming in here naked. You know how Mary gets mad when we are not wearing clothes, I say.

"They are asleep and I want to play," Eve says.

"We can't keep doing this," I say.

"You don't love me," Eve asks.

"I love you with all my heart. It's just we might get careless and get caught."

"I can't wait until we grow up and can run away and get away and live on our own. And everyone is asleep," Eve says as she starts kissing me.

We start to slowly kiss. I love the taste of my twin sister. Yes, we do have a special bond that no one would understand if they knew. We know what each other is thinking. We know when the other is in danger. We have that special bond that only identical twins can share.

It all started four years ago. With a simple kiss. Then moved up to heavy petting as we experimented more through the years. I start kissing down her neck. I get to her A cups and take one nipple in my mouth and the other nipple between my fingers as I hear a moan from Eve. I then move down to her belly button.

"OOOH Joe, I love the way you make me feel," Eve says.

I start to move down to her sweet pussy, when Eve says, "suck my toes first."

She loves her toes sucked and to tell you the truth, I love sucking them. Anything to make her feel good I will do it. I start kissing down her left thigh, her calve and then to her feet. I start by licking the bottom of her foot, which makes Eve giggle. I love the taste of her feet. Hell, I love the taste of all of her. I take each toe in my mouth. Taking my time to lick and suck each one. I move my way back up her leg and down the other as I repeat the process.

I move back up and start kissing around her pussy. I love the smell of her. I start licking up and down her pussy as she grabs my head and moans. My tongue gets to her clit as she moans again. I start circling her clit with my tongue, loving the taste of her. I can feel her getting close, because we have done this before. When she is almost there I suck her clit into my mouth as she puts her hand over her mouth to muffle her scream. My mouth is filled with her love juice and I am swallowing every drop. I work my way back up and we start making out again as I feel her smile on my lips.

She rolls over on top of me and starts kissing down my body. Her touch is tender yet electrifying. She gets to my cock, which is rock hard.

"I wonder if all cocks are this big," I hear her say as she giggles.

"Shut-up and suck it," I say shaking my head at her comment as she licks my balls and up to my cock head.

"OOH Eve, you know just the way I like it," I moan.

This is only the second time we've gone this far and we already know what pleases the other. She places her hand at the base of my cock and puts as much of my cock in her mouth as possible. She moves her mouth up and down, while stroking my cock with her hand.

It never takes long as I say, "EVE!"

She takes her mouth off of my cock and starts jacking me off as ropes of cum shoot out of my cock and onto my stomach and chest

Eve giggles and says, "that was allot this time," as I lay there out of breath.

She crawls back up and kisses me passionately. I pull away and say, "you better go back to your room before we get caught."

She gives me a hug as I clean myself and go back to sleep.

I get up the next morning for the second day of school. I hear Eve in the bathroom as I get dressed. I sit in my chair and put my socks on, I start to put my shoes on and remember yesterday, I feel inside each shoe and there is no honey inside. "Eve isn't going to fool me anymore," I think to myself.

I hear Eve say from down stairs, "I'll meet you at the bus stop."

I yell back to her, "wait, I am almost done" as I hear her giggle and the door open then close.

I hurry as fast as I can to tie my shoes. I try to stand up to find that my ass is glued to the chair.

"You bitch!" I scream knowing that she is probably half way to the bus stop by now and can't hear me.

As quickly as I can, I take my shoes off and shimmy out of my pants, which are glued to the chair. I grab another pair, get dressed and head downstairs. I grab my lunch bag and run down the street to the bus stop. I round the corner and see the bus pulling away.

I look at my watch and figure, if I start walking now I should make it to school by lunch period.

I hear a car pull up beside me and honk. "Need a ride," Jenny asks rolling down the window.

I nod, get in her car and we drive off.

"How did you miss the bus," Jenny asks.

"Ask my sister the practical joker," I say surprising myself for not stuttering.

"Ha-ha, I can imagine. I bet you guys have a lot of fun together," I look at her, remembering what Eve and I did last night. "I wish my brother and I had a close relationship, but he is too much of a dick."

We pull into the school parking lot and I say, "thanks" as I start to get out.

Jenny grabs my arm and says, "Joe, be careful around here, be careful of who you trust and remember I am always here for you."

I look at her, smile and say, "thanks" as I get out of the car and head into school.

The five minute bell rings as I approach my locker and see Eve closing her locker door. She sees me giggles and runs off to her next class.

"I'll get her later," I say to myself as I get my books out of my locker and head to first period.

I walk into class and sit at the first seat available closest to the door. Miss Yokum is writing on the board. I look around as everyone is talking to their friends. I look to the other side of the classroom and see Emily glaring at me. She grabs her books walk over and sits in the empty seat beside me.

"Joseph, I saved a seat by me for you," she says smiling at me.

I look at her beautiful face smiling at me. She is beautiful and has an infectious smile. Her red hair is still in a braid and she is wearing another conservative dress, only this one is black.

"S-s-sorry," I stutter back.

"It's ok Joseph," she says smiling as I almost cream my pants.

After first period, I head out to my next class as I feel a hand on my arm.

"See you later Joseph," Emily says as I turn and nervously walk away.

At lunch period, I head to the lunch room to try my hand at socializing. I get my lunch sack out of my locker and walk into the lunch room. I see Eve at a packed table and of course, she is the center of attention. Just before I decide to walk out, I see Emily sitting at the same table. She is beautiful as I start staring. She turns, her head, looks at me, smiles and waves at me.

That was kind of creepy in a weird sort of way that she seemed to know I came into the room, without seeing me walk in, I think to myself. She pats the empty seat next to her as our eyes are still locked on each other. It is like she is staring into my soul. I finally get released from her gaze and run out of the lunch room, like a scared little puppy.

I head out to the football field and sit in the bleachers and eat my lunch. I think about my life. Why can I only talk to certain people? I fall into deep thought as I eat my lunch:

Seven years ago.

After Mrs. Wilson and I see Mr. Wilson naked, and hovered over a naked and tied up Eve, Mrs. Wilson grabs Eve and runs out of the room. Mr. Wilson walks over to the door and locks it. He picks me up and throws me across the room as I start crying. He walks over to me and grabs my throat.

He says, "if you say anything about this to anyone I will fuck and bury you alive in a place where no one will find you."

I finish my lunch and notice the same man as yesterday is standing on the other side of the football field again. He is wearing the same thing. A black suit with cowboy boots and cowboy hat. When he sees me looking he smiles and waves, I throw my lunch bag in the trash can and head back into school.

I round the corner of the school as I trip over something and fall flat on my face. When I finally recover, I feel something warm running down the side of my forehead and feel a kick to the side of my ribs. I am pulled to my feet and see Mark with four of his friends.

"Why don't you watch where you're going you freak," Mark says as everyone surrounds me.

I look around and we are on the corner of the school where no one else is around.

"My sister can't save you now, pussy," Mark says.

I am standing there scared and wondering what I am going to do, when I hear an eerie familiar voice and the man that was staring at me across the football field is standing there. I get a good look at him. Along with his black, suit cowboy boots and cowboy hat, he is tall maybe 6'5". He has curly red hair coming out of his cowboy hat. He is well groomed with long red sideburns.

"You boys leave him alone," the man says. "If I see you or hear of you hurting him again , I will make sure that you burn in the pits of hell."

Mark and his friends scatter as I am looking at the man with the eerie familiar voice.

"Don't you worry Joseph, I will watch over you, until you are able to come back to the church and fulfill that is written in the gospel," the man says.

He turns and walks away as I run off to my class.

It is my last class and I decide to sit in the back of the class. The seats around me fill up quick. I see Emily and Eve walk in. They look at me with confusion and sit up front. During the class, Emily keeps looking back at me with a sad look on her face.

I am not paying attention during class as I am thinking about the guy that saved me and why the voice sounds so familiar. Is he one of my previous foster parents or one of their friends? And what was he talking about, the church and the gospel?

Class ends and I head out to the bus. Mark is there glaring at me as Eve walks up and gives me a dirty look. "What the fuck is wrong with her," I think to myself.

Emily walks by with tears in her eyes, hugs Eve, gives me a dirty look and walks away.

We get on the bus as Eve runs to the back, where she can socialize and I sit up front. We get home and Eve runs upstairs without saying a word, which is sometimes a good thing.

It is trash day, so I decide to do my chores and take the trash out front for tomorrow, so I won't get an ass chewing from Mary. I walk through the house collecting the trash cans. I walk to the door of Michael and Mary's room, when I hear Mary's voice talking on the phone, which I didn't know was home. I can barely hear her talking on the phone to someone.

"What do you mean I have to adopt both of them?...The boy has mental issues and needs help that I can't give him."

I don't listen to the rest of the conversation as I collect the rest of the trash and finish my chores.

At dinner, it is quiet. Eve is mad at me for some reason and Mary is glaring at me with hate in her eyes.

Eve breaks the silence. "Mary, Joe and I were invited to a birthday party on Saturday."

"You can go, but Joe has yard work to do and he didn't empty my trash can in my room today."

I look at her with hate in my eyes and say, "I-I w-was at your r-r-room, b-but you was on the phone." I drop my fork and say, "I-I-I heard everything."

I see fear in her eyes as I get up and run upstairs.

Another night with no dinner, I strip and crawl into bed. When will I have peace, I think to myself as I fall asleep.

I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, after having a nightmare as I feel her spooned up against me.

"Emily likes you allot. Why won't you talk to her," Eve asks.

"I like her too. It is just...I don't know... I am afraid to talk to people...Why can't I be like you," I say as I start crying.

Eve pulls my arm around her and says, "I love you Joe."

"I love you Eve. I would die if I ever lost you," I say still crying.

"Don't worry Joe, it will never happen," she says as she starts crying with me and we drift back to sleep.

It is Friday and I am on the bus heading to school. The last few days went by uneventful. I haven't told Eve about the phone conversation that I overheard and Mary is keeping her distance and not talking to me. Emily hasn't said anything to me, but smiles at me when she catches me staring at her. Mark has left me alone and only gives me dirty looks.

After first period, I am walking out of class, when Emily grabs my arm.

"Hi Joseph, Eve told me that you can't come to my birthday party tomorrow. I will give Eve a piece of cake for you," Emily says as she kisses me on the cheek and walks away, leaving me with a tent in my jeans.

It is lunch break and I head out to my lunch spot on the bleachers to eat and think. I look around for the man, but he is not there. That makes the first time this week that he isn't there. While I eat, I think about the week. I wonder why Mary doesn't like me. Ever since Eve and I moved in, she has been trying to get me to stop stuttering. She claims that I do it on purpose, however I am really nervous around her. There is something about her that scares me and I don't trust her.

I haven't discussed this or the conversation I overheard from Mary and whoever was on the phone her with Eve. She seems to like Mary and her husband very much and I don't want to see her sad.

I finish my lunch and head back to class to finish out the school day. It is last period and I sit in the back row where I feel more comfortable. Eve comes in and sits beside me and Emily sits in front of Eve. Class starts and of course, I can't keep my eyes off Emily. Emily looks back at me occasionally and smiles. I can see Eve giving me a devious smile. Just before the bell rings, Emily hands a folded up piece of paper to Eve. Eve looks at it then hands it to me. The bell rings as I put the paper in my pocket and head to the bus.

As Eve and I are walking down the hallway, Emily says, "see you tomorrow at my birthday party Eve, Joseph, I'll send some cake back for you as she gives Eve a hug."

When we get home, I start my Friday chores of sweeping out the garage and vacuuming the house. Jt's funny how I am the one that has chores and not Eve, but I don't mind. Michael is home and Eve is in the kitchen helping with dinner. I finish my chores and head up to my room.

I get an idea and pull a piece of paper out of my notebook and write a prayer on it. As I am putting the paper in my pocket, I remember the paper that Emily gave to me. I pull it out of my pocket, open it and read it.

It has a heart drawn on it and inside the heart, it reads: "Emily + Joseph." I stare at it for a while then put it in my drawer and head downstairs to dinner.

After we are seated at the dinner table, Mary informs me that it is my turn to say the prayer. I look at Mary and pull the piece of paper out of my pocket. I pretend no one is in the room, but me. I read the prayer without stuttering. I look up and see shocked looks on everyone as Mary says, "well done Joseph."

Saturday morning I am up at 9am I hear Eve in the bathroom getting ready for Emily's party, which starts at 10am. Apparently, it's an all day event and doesn't get done until mid-afternoon.

Eve comes in my room as I am getting dressed and sits on the bed.

"Why don't we have birthday parties," Eve asks.

I give her a confused look and say, "we don't know when our birthday is, so how can we have a birthday party?"

"We can always make up a day," Eve fires back.

I shake my head as we hear a car honking out front. Eve gives me a kiss and a long hug then leaves for the party.

I open the garage and pull the lawn mower out. I look out over the front lawn, which isn't too big. It is the back yard that is huge with hedges and rose bushes that need to be clipped. It usually takes me about four hours. I figure if I get started now I can be done before Mary and her husband get home. That way I can have some time to myself.

Four hours later and I am putting things away. I walk out of the garage and close the garage door. I start to walk to the side of the house to close the gate, when I hear someone yell, Bruno! as I turn and see a huge black dog running towards me.

Out of instinct, I turn and run towards the gate. I make it to the gate to the backyard and turn around to close it when I am tackled by the huge dog. I don't dare move as the dog is licking my face with his huge tongue and massive amounts of slobber coming out of his mouth.

I hear a familiar female voice say, "don't run from him, because he thinks you're playing" as she pulls the dog off of me.

I look up and see Jenny. "Now you tell me," I say wiping slobber off of my face, while Jenny is laughing.

She closes the gate and lets her dog go as he starts roaming the back yard.

I sit up against the house in the shade as Jenny sits beside me.

"Sorry about that," she says calming down from her laughter.

"It's ok, I needed the bath anyway," I say, laughing along with her and wiping dog slobber off my face.

We sit in silence for awhile, when Jenny breaks the silence. "Where is everyone?"

I tell her where everyone is at and she asks why I didn't go to Emily's party.

"Mary wouldn't let me go, because I had yard work to do."

She looks at me with a quizzical look on her face and asks, "so, what is it like living with the infamous Watson's?"

I give her a funny look and tell her about how she likes to control me and tells me my stuttering is done on purpose.

"At least she treats Eve well and that is all that matters," I say.

"Do you know anything about the Watson's," Jenny asks. "No pictures of a boy or young man around the house."

"No," I say.

"They had a son, named William. Rumor has it that the mother was very controlling and when he turned eighteen, he ran away and joined the Army to get away from her. He was sent to Vietnam, where he was killed in action. That was four years ago," she says.

I say nothing as my eyes start tearing up.

She puts her arm around me and says, "maybe that's why she's strict with you and not Eve. Hey, at least you don't have a thug for a brother that keeps getting arrested and put in juvenile detention."

We sit in silence with her arm around me. I find myself staring at her amazing tits, C cups wrapped in a tight white t-shirt. I can tell she isn't wearing a bra, because her nipples are sticking out.

I realize I am staring, when Jenny asks, "wanna touch them?"

I am caught totally off guard and say, "I-I-I-I."

"Don't start stuttering now," she says as she pulls her t-shirt off.

"Wow," I say.

I have seen Eve's A cups, but I have never seen anything as big as Jenny's tits. They are huge, with large nipples. My cock goes to attention immediately.

Jenny looks at my crotch and says, "I am taking a wild guess that you like them." She reaches down and grabs my cock. "Mmmm, not bad for a freshman."

She grabs my head and pulls me to her tit. and I start sucking as I reach over and grab the other tit.

"Mmm, it feels like you've done this before," fhe says.

I stop and look at her. "OMG! I should have known. you and Eve." My face turns beet red. "Don't worry your secret is safe with me and I think that is so fucking hot. How far have you guys gone?"

"Just oral," I say.

"Well don't go all the way until Eve is on birth control or you wear a rubber," she says. "Now get back to work on my tits."

I obey her command and dive back in. After awhile she pushes me away and she pulls her jean shorts off, which leaves her only wearing tennis shoes. She lays down on the grass and spreads her legs as I know what to do from there. I dive into her pussy face first immediately going for the clit as I hear Jenny moan.

"Joe, take your pants and underwear off," she demands.

I do as I am told and dive back in. I eat her pussy out for another ten minutes making sure I suck and lick all of the sensitive areas. I am harder than a rock and ready to cum without anyone touching my cock. Her scent alone is getting me off.

"Joe, when I say now, put your cock in my pussy and dump a load in me," she says.

After a couple minutes, she says, "now!"

I get on top and my cock goes in easy and I start pumping in and out of her, like my life depended on it. Her pussy feels amazing wrapped around my cock.

"Oh, fuck ya! Fuck me with that big fat freshman cock!" Jenny yells.

It doesn't take long at all, before she arches her back and her pussy clamps around my cock, and I explode inside of her.

I collapse on top of her as we are trying to catch our breath. I roll off of her as we lay in silence.

"Now you can make Eve's first time special," Jenny says as I look at her confused."When guys have sex for the first time, they cum in a very short time. You will last longer, which will make Eve's first time special."

"Thank you," I say as we get dressed and she leaves with her dog.

That next morning I am laying in bed, when Eve sneaks in and crawls under the covers with me.

I explain what happened with Jenny as I get silence from Eve.

"So...When do we get to do it," Eve asks, breaking the silence.

"Jenny says that you need to take birth control or I need a rubber."

"I'll get you a rubber and you can take my cherry Saturday night. Don't tell Emily, because she really likes you and talks about you all the time," Eve says.

"Talking about that, how was the party," I ask.

"It was great and confusing at the same time," she says as I look at her confused. "Her Dad is nice. There are two ladies and four other girls. Emily calls both ladies mother and the four girls she calls her sisters. There were allot of people there and I had a great time."

I say nothing as we get up to get ready for church.


I wake up Monday morning, still sore from Saturday's yard work. I can hear Eve in the bathroom brushing her teeth. I open my eyes and I am staring at the ceiling. I see two pair of shoes, my only pair of clean pants, my underwear and shirts all masterfully taped to the ceiling. How the fuck does Eve come up with these ideas?

"You better be gone by the time I get dressed," I yell as I get out of bed and grab a chair to start un-taping my clothes from the ceiling.

"Oh, I will be, and don't miss the bus," Eve says laughing.

"You bitch," I scream as I hear Eve still laughing.

I get dressed grab my things and head out the door. I am running as fast as I can as I round the corner and watch as the bus is driving away. I look at my watch and hear a honk. I sigh in relief as Jenny pulls up beside me. I get in Jenny's car and she drives away laughing.

"Eve again," Jenny asks. I nod. "What did she do?"

I explain that Eve likes to pull practical jokes on me and I tell her what Eve did this morning.

She is howling in laughter as I say, "it's not funny."

"It's not funny to you, but it's a riot to me," she says as I shake my head.

We get to school and I thank Jenny for the ride.

Jenny smiles and says, "no problem, Joe. I'll just start driving by the bus stop to make sure you're on it" as I smile back and walk away.

I am walking down the hallway and see Eve closing her locker door. She sees me, starts laughing and runs off to her class.

I get to my first class with seconds to spare. I grab the closes seat available, which happens to be right next to Emily. She smiles at me and says, "hi."

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. The teacher takes roll and hands out a test and tells us that we can leave. if we finish before class ends. Being the non-social person, but otherwise pretty smart, I am the first one to finish. I head out the door and see Emily getting up to hand in her test.

I still have fifteen minutes. so I walk down the hallway and sit underneath the stairwell to wait for the bell to ring. I sit down as I see Emily run by, like she is chasing someone. A minute later she is walking the other way when she looks in my direction and smiles. I look at her and she is wearing a pink conservative dress today and she looks beautiful as always.

"There you are," Emily says. "Can I sit beside you?"

I pull the cuff of my sleeve over my hand and clean a space for her to sit, so that she won't dirty her dress. She sits beside me and we sit in silence for a bit.

Then she says, "Eve said thst you are shy, but this is ridiculous, talk to me Joseph. tell me how you feel" as she looks into my eyes.

I stare into her beautiful eyes and say, "I-I-I."

"For the love of the almighty! Why can't you talk to me. Why can't you realize we are meant to be," she screams as she gets up and puts her finger in my face. "Joseph Smith, I am not talking to you until you realize that we are meant to be. And you WILL realize it JOSEPH SMITH!"

She turns and runs off, making me wonder if she is crazy.

After the school day I am in my room, sitting at my desk and looking at the heart Emily wrote for me. She was true to her word. She didn't talk or look at me the whole last class.

Eve walks in holding two small boxes. She opens both and pours the content of them on my desk. They look like candy wrappers with disks inside of them.

"Jenny bought them for me. She said that you are big for your age, but couldn't tell if you are a medium or large," so she bought both," Eve says. "Now what is going between you and Emily."

Looking at what I am assuming are rubbers, I explain to Eve what happened today after first period.

"Why don't you write what you want to say on a piece of paper, like you do with the prayers," she asks.

"I still don't know what to say to her."

"Well I can't help you with this, because Emily is really pissed," she says kissing me on the lips and walking out of the room.


It is Friday lunchtime and I am sitting in the bleachers getting ready to eat. The week went off without incident. Emily is still not talking to me. I catch her looking at me, but she quickly turns her head. Mary has been treating me nice all week. Asking me how my day is going and I find that I can actually talk to her without stuttering. I am actually starting to trust her.

I reach into my lunch bag, when Emily sits beside me. She has a tin lunch box. I watch her as she sets it beside her and opens it. she pulls out a clothe napkin and lays it on her lap. Then she pulls out a sandwich and takes it out of the plastic and lays it on the napkin.

She starts eating without saying a word. We eat in silence without even looking at each other. She finishes her lunch, folds up her napkin and puts it back into her lunch box and closes it. She sits there for a bit, staring across the football field.

She finally breaks the silence by saying, "from now on we will eat lunch together. You WILL realize that we are soul mates. We are supposed to be together. We are to be married and have many children and wives, while you take over the church. It is written in the gospel, Joseph Smith."

She takes her lunch box and walks away. There is something about what she said that sounds familiar. I am dumbfounded as I look across the football field and I see the man still in his black suit, cowboy boots and cowboy hat smiling at me.

After school Eve and I get off the bus and start walking home hand in hand. I didn't mention what Emily said to me at lunch today. We walk into the house to find Mary and Michael home.

"Hey guys, go put your stuff away. We are going out tonight and we have a surprise for tomorrow," Mary says.

I run upstairs and put my books away. For some reason I have an uneasy feeling. Four months of living here and we have never went out.

Eve runs in and says, "I think they're going to adopt us tomorrow! That has got to be what the surprise is. We finally get a Mom and Dad."

We head downstairs and we leave. They take us to a very nice restaurant and the movies. We get home around 10pm. Mary tells us to go to bed, because we have a busy day tomorrow. Eve and I head upstairs and she gives me a hug and kiss, before I go into my room. I realize that I have never seen Eve so happy as I undress, crawl into bed and fall into a peaceful sleep.

I awake in the morning to pounding on my door and hear Mary say, "get up and get dressed."

I do as I am told and when I walk out, I am grabbed by two large men. I am kicking and trying to get away, when I hear Eve scream from downstairs, "NOOO! You can't separate us. He is my brother! I need him. Please NOOOO!"

As I am being dragged downstairs, I hear Mary say, "Eve, he will be fine and we will take great care of you. We don't want him. We want you."

As I am dragged out of the door I see Eve. She is being held by two large women and she is kicking and screaming. Tears are running down her face.

"I LOVE YOU JOE!" she says holding out her hand to me as the door closes.

I am dragged to a van with no windows and thrown in the back.

I lay on the floor of the van. I have nothing to say.

To me..My life has ended.



2019-03-05 13:09:25
This is a very imaginative story and well written. A tinge of a Rocker-esque vibe to it especially with the protagonist being shy and bullied. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Bravo DBuck!


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@Catiecpr, I am working part 9 of the Rocker now, should be out in a couple weeks.
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Awesome story can't wait for part 2


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Awesome story can't wait for part 2

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