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Alyssa and her daughter Kayla were enjoying a weekend in Montreal Canada they had spent Friday night settling in to their hotel room. Saturday morning they had showered and dressed , then eaten at the hotel dining room and gone out shopping. They spent most of the day wandering the mall buying new clothes and using the mall service to have their boxes , bags , and other purchases delivered to their hotel. The two decided to wear their purchases and have their clothes taken to the hotel. Alyssa dressed in a short silky black skirt with burgundy red silk thong panties , thigh high black silky stockings and black knee high leather boots. She was also wearing as accessories a silver pair of anklet cuffs and a double pair of silver chain link belts with handcuff buckles. She was also wearing a white silk sleeveless collarless pull on top with a matching silk burgundy lace bra. Kayla was wearing a similar outfit but the colors were reversed from what her mom was wearing except for the white tops were the same and the skirt was burgundy red.

The people coming up into the mall from the subway watched two beautiful happy women going down to the subway together. Alyssa was a five foot six inch brunette with silky straight hair half way down her back. She had nicely tanned soft smooth skin with a oval face with trimmed thin eyebrows , petite nose , full lips. A pair of nice rounded size c-cup breasts over a flat toned stomach , nice hips , smooth , cleanly shaven pussy leading to toned muscular long legs and petite feet. Alyssa’s daughter Kayla looked similar to her mom with just enough differences that people could tell they were not twins but mother and daughter , Kayla still had growing to do as she was still under five foot. Laughing the two proceeded down the stairs and entered the waiting subway car. Once on they realized the car was tightly packed but it was to late as the doors closed and the car moved on to the next stop where they got shifted deeper into the crowd.

Mashed up together Alyssa heard Kayla say , mom someone has a hand under my skirt Alyssa yelled whoever is groping my daughter stop she is underage. Then she felt two hands slip under her skirt and slide her skirt and panties down to the floor. Kayla spoke up sobbing , mom someone removed my panties and skirt and is unbuttoning my shirt. Alyssa was about to say something when she felt her legs pulled apart and her shirt being removed. Alyssa realized that she and Kayla were now standing in the middle of a crowd made up of men and they were wearing only a bra , panties , stockings , and boots. Then she felt cuffs go around her ankles and her arms pulled up and cuffed to the over head rails. Mom what are we going to do Kayla asked. She realized that her and her daughter were now hanging cuffed and spread eagled with their own cuffs in the middle of the subway car.

Alyssa responded there is not much we can do as she felt her bra and panties cut off of her and a large cock pushed into her cunt then she heard Kayla sob and say ouch. What’s wrong Kayla , something is going into my pussy and my asshole , ow , I cannot move and it hurts. Baby it’s going to get worse just hang on. Alyssa could see Kayla hanging from the ceiling and had to watch as four teenagers two males and two females gathered around Kayla and licked her cunt , shoved something up her asshole , licked and pinched her small tits and brought her to multiple orgasms before the crowd in the car cut off her sight of her daughter.

They both felt the cocks push all the way into them filling both of their holes and for Kayla ripping through her virginity both anal and vaginal. They were kept on the subway car for two trips around the circuit before they were released from the cuffs and could finally get out of the car where they stood totally nude. Attracting the attention of a group of scouts standing on the platform they offered each of them a paper dress and escorted them to a small building near the stairway subway exit. Taking them into the building they were laid down on two queen side beds. The scouts took turns raping the two of them for four hours. Mom , Kayla said some of these guys appear to be around my age or younger what can we do , will they let us go.

Finally they released them but they were at least nice enough that when they were done they left excellent clothes for them to wear. The two women dressed and tried to make their way back to their hotel but they were constantly assaulted as they made their way to their hotel. The two finally managed to return to the hotel pack up get into their car pull out the spare key and drive back home across the border into upstate New York. They were stopped at the border where they were taken into a room and stripped and had their cavities searched. The woman that searched Kayla seemed to take great pleasure as she slid her whole hand first into her womb and brought Kayla to an orgasm and then searched her anus thrusting her hand deep into Kaylas guts. Alyssa was searched much the same way but quicker and seemingly with much less pleasure. They were then allowed to continue on their way home. Sitting back at their apartment Alyssa heard Kayla say as they were falling asleep on the couch , mom when can we go back to Canada to shop at the mall and ride the subway.

Barry GregorReport

2019-03-13 10:12:55
Thank you and I'm trying.


2019-02-19 10:06:04
Somewhere in this disjointed story is a great story but it needs a lot of work. Can't give it a positive rating, but won't give it a negative. You can do better.

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