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It's my first story here. English is not my native language. If people like this first chapter i will probably write a second one and so on and so on. Anyway hope you like it. Comment if you do.
Ethan Miller was at the door of his own apartment searching for his keys once again.

Every day, same story. He would wake up, take the train, study ,then come home, play video games or read and sleep.

The only time he felt he had fun was on weekends. He would hang out with his friends, drink, talk about life and play games. However, it was far from being one of these days. No, it was a Monday.

Even though the day was over and the week had only begun, he already felt tired.

"Here they are ! "

He found his key, opened the door and finally crashed on the couch. After three hours of doing nothing really, he felt like he was ready to go to bed.

He walked into the bathroom and began brushing his teeth while looking into his own eyes.

Ethan was not ugly but he was quite fat. He always felt he needed to do something about it and tried a few times but every time he lost 20 pounds he would take 40. After trying for 5 years in a row, he gave up.

You might think, OK, well this guy clearly doesn’t have it all but he is living a pretty decent life. He has friends , money as well as his own apartment and an education. That’s something a shit ton of people would dream of.

However, there was something missing. He only had sex twice and it was not a great experience.

Maybe porn had ruined him. He felt like sex was boring really. He wanted to pleasure a woman, make her scream, begging for more.

He finished brushing his teeth and thought

"Well, at leat i can still dream about it ! "

He slid into his bed and began browsing for a good wank story. Twenty minutes later he was close to finishing his business. He just needed a few more minutes. Suddenly an ad popped up :

"click here for your dreams to become reality."

He quickly got rid of it to keep going.

"You should have clicked" a second ad had popped up

And then a third, a fourth, a fifth ! He was getting there but was being blue balled by an ad.

"Let’s click on it may be it will go away," he thought mostly trying to convince himself of something he already knew was wrong.

He clicked and right away a .apk file downloaded itself and began installing itself.

" Now i might be able to get back into it, " he told himself.

However, the app launched itself on its own and greeted his blue balled self with a message :

"Would you like to start the tutorial? "

As you may have guessed he tried to say no, he tried to leave the app and even to shut down his phone. Nothing would do it. He was left with a question that could only be answered by "yes."

He gave up. he admitted defeated. His 5-inch dick was flaccid looking sad and lonely. He was tired and not even in the mood anymore.

"Since i can’t even put an alarm to wake up tomorrow i need to get out of this. Let’s try and do the tutorial maybe that will unlock my phone."

The tutorial explained what seemed to be a pay to win card game.

You paid to win a random card . The price of a random card was 5 euros.

You could add more money and have better chances to get a good card which were ranked in this order : SS, S, A, B and C. SS being the best and C the worst.

The tutorial ended by giving you a free try.

Ethan now firmly believed he would not be able to unlock his phone without paying at least once.

He clicked on the free card ticket and a cool animation played on the screen. A deck of cards exploded and a card appeared.

" A C ranked card really ? You could at least give me the illusion of being lucky. "

The card was called " Get a blowjob! ".

There was a short deion right beneath the title : "The target will come to wherever you are and give you a blowjob. "

Under the deion there was an "option" button, he clearly had to click since he still could not get out of the app.

When he clicked on it, a text popped up saying.

"Warning : The options are the most important part of a card. If they are not chosen, the options will be randomized or in certain cases will choose the most suitable option."

There was two options available for this card : "who" and "why."

Under the who options there were names associated with pictures to choose from. While under the why option there was a box, you could write in.

When he began reading the names and looking at the pictures, he froze

"What the hell !!! i know some of these people. " He freaked out for a few minutes but quickly rationalized

"The app must have stolen that info from my phone. "

He could even filter people by closest to him, by places he knew them from…

He chose a girl he knew from one of his classes called Julie. She was 22-year-old brunette with hair pulled back into a ponytail. He never really talked to her but he thought she was cute. Sometimes he saw her in the train too since they did not live far from each other.

For the why option, he laughed while writing, "Has an itch at the back of her throat "

When he clicked "OK" the tutorial ended and he was finally able to get out of the app. However he couldn’t uninstall the app.

"I’ll figure out something out tomorrow. Right now i need to sleep." He thought

Ten minutes later while he was on the verge of falling into a deep dream filled sleep he heard a knock on the door.

"Who in his rightful mind would knock on my door when it’s 1 in the morning. I must be dreaming. "

He walked to the door and opened it but his brain could not register and shut down completely at the moment he saw who knocked on the door : Julie.

"Hey, can i come in? " she said he stammered, « y..yeah sure »

"I’m sorry for coming this late but I’ve got an itch at the back of my throat. You’re the only guy i know who lives close enough. I would not want to have to suck a stranger’s dick to get rid of that itch. I’m lucky you’re there. "

As soon as she finished her sentence she went on her knees and brought his pants down.

His 5 inches sprang right in front of her face . She licked her lips and began sucking on the side of his dick with the tip of her tongue. Then she focused on the head of his dick . Her tongue swirled around it in a way he did not believe was possible before.

"Wow that’s amazing. " He said

After doing that for a minute, she took his whole dick into her mouth. Her lower lips touched the top of his balls. Feeling empowered by the situation, he grabbed her head and began face fucking her till he cummed in her mouth.

She swallowed everything, stood up and said. " Finally that itch is gone. Great ! i can finally sleep. Well, thanks Ethan and good night."

As soon as she had finished her sentence, she was gone. He stood there for at least 5 minutes and suddenly ran into his bedroom to grab his phone.


2019-02-26 16:17:24
A good start!!! What else can the app do for him? Let us know soon....


2019-02-18 06:27:14
What an app he got. A few minutes he gets a blow job from a girl who drops to her knees and opens his zipper, pulls out his dick and gets the BJ. Can't wait for next Chapters or another App.

Robert C.Report

2019-02-16 11:44:51
Interesting start. Hope you WILL write, and post, a Part 2 sometime soon.

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