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The boys were all young men that lived in a suburban trailer court. They had formed the club about eight years ago and they now ranged in age from just under thirteen to sixteen. They had slowly built a very nice clubhouse deep in the woods on one side of the trailer court. It was now summer and they spent a lot of time at their clubhouse which they had supplied with power and had lights , air conditioning , heat , and all the amenities of any home. It was a very nice building with a kitchen , a living room , three bedrooms one of which they considered the master. They were understandably proud of what they achieved and their next project was plumbing with running water and toilets.

One night they heard someone moving through the woods near their clubhouse. They of course went out to investigate and found a young woman in ripped and torn dirty clothes. She was obviously exhausted and underfed and had collapsed not far from their clubhouse. Being unconscious the boys quickly debated on what to do and the majority decided to take her in and keep her hidden. Taking her back to their clubhouse they ensconced her in the master bedroom and tied her spread eagled naked to the king sized bed gagging her and saw to any injuries she had then they left her to sleep. Waking up a few hours later and seeing she was tied down and gagged started struggling.

The boys rushed in and whispered to her that unless she wanted to be caught by the people that she had escaped from she would lay still and be quiet. She quieted down and one of the boys introduced them. We call ourselves the lost boys and have taken the names of animals you would find in the woods. We have heard large men traveling in groups searching the woods our clubhouse is well hidden and has not been found so far but we need to remain quiet. If I remove the gag will you stay quiet. She shook her head yes so he reached out and removed the handkerchief from her mouth. Once gone she asked quietly for something to drink so they gave her water from a bottle tilting it so she could drink. She said this would be easier if you untied me. I’m sorry ma'am but we don't know you or who is hunting you or why. We think it’s best if you remain tied up and we remain undiscovered by whomever is hunting you.

That seem smart but why am I naked , blushing the one who was talking said well we are all young and to be honest curious about women’s bodies so we left you naked after caring for your injuries and cleaning you up. So all of you young men have seen and explored my body. Oh yes all twenty of us have examined your body , you do realize you are a beautiful young woman of apparently Asian-Latina descent. Yes she said I’m the daughter of one of the Columbian drug lords and the people after me work for one of his competitors. So what are you doing so far into the U.S. far from the border. I’m here going to school and was kidnapped by those hunting me I managed to escape but didn't get away.

We will try to keep you safe said the young man that seemed to be the leader when another boy reached out and caressed a nipple and asked , how old are you. She moaned as she answered my name is Manuela and I’m twenty six. She moaned again as the boy continued to stroke her nipple. That’s enough for now , aww wolf it feels good and she seems to like it , the young woman blushed when she heard this but didn’t say anything. We will move to the other room to talk so you can rest , if you need anything just tell rabbit and she will either get it or ask one of us. Manuela saw a young girl maybe twelve come in and sit next to the bed sneaking shy glances at her. The boys moved to the next room to debate what to do with her. She didn’t know how she wanted them to vote , if they helped her it was dangerous for them but if they decided to abandon her or worse turn her over it was bad for her.

It was three hours before wolf returned and said it has been decided that we will kind of leave it up to you , we will release you and put some clothes on the table over there. If you decide to get dressed then you will leave and do not return. If you stay that means you understand you belong to us and will submit yourself to anything any of us do to you or order you to do. She gasped that’s not much of a choice if I leave you I’m as good as dead. Yes but if we help you we are as good as dead. There are your clothes dress and get out or come out to the other room naked , kneel on the floor and say , what will you have of me masters. Wolf then left her returning to the other room. The tiny girl called rabbit whispered to her , what do you plan to do. She replied I really have no choice I will go into the other room and submit myself to them. Good rabbit said then I will have company and someone to share my duties with. Why are you here Manuela asked rabbit , my father beats , abuses , and was starting to molest me sexually. I found this group one night while running away that was a year ago they took me in and even though they have had sex with me at least it was gentle and enjoyable I know that it is a thousand times better than what my father would have done to me. Well I guess I better get this over with and taking a deep breath Manuela rose and walked naked out into the next room kneeling before a semi circle of chairs all with a young man seated in it. They watched as she knelt before them and then looking up she spoke.

I am Manuela Ortega with you I will be called vixen and what would you have of me masters. Smiling the twenty boys sat back and pulled out their dicks , I think you know what to do vixen. So the woman now called vixen moved to the first boy and taking him into her mouth slowly took his cock down her throat and when she brought him to climax she swallowed every drop then moved on to the next boy leaving wolf for last. Finishing off the last boy Manuela approached Wolf , kneeling down between his legs she took him into her mouth and started moving up and down his shaft. He moaned but when she started to humm he threw back his head and started panting saying I’m coming. She reached up pinching a spot just below his cock. This stopped Wolf from ejaculating and Manuela continued giving him a blowjob and started fondling his nuts and just as he was about to cum pinched his balls stopping it. Finally she had him on the floor begging her to let him cum. When she finally did he came down her throat with what felt like a gallon of sperm.

Rising she walked back to the center and kneeling said what will you have of me next masters. The boys sitting in the chairs looked around at each other then to wolf. Wolf rose and said to her , we accept you as our slave you will go and rest but pick two of us to sleep with you. Vixen walked to two of the boys and grabbing their crotches pulled them to her bed. The other boys left and the two remaining boys undressed and joined vixen on the bed the three curled up together and went to sleep .
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