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It was a beautiful Friday morning and Kelly and Ryan was showing live on the beach. Kelly entered the make up vehicle where she would be prepared for todays show. First the wardrobe mistress had her strip then had her put on the clothes she handed her. First was a black silk short skirt , then a pair of thigh high black silky stockings and a pair of knee high black leather boots and a black silk thong. She then gave her accessories of two pair of silver handcuffs with two long chained ankle cuffs. Kelly asked her , what do I do with these? The mistress said , the long chained cuffs are a belt and the handcuffs are anklet and/or bracelets. Kelly put them on and waited for the next items. The mistress then had her sit in the make up chair and started applying make up , she put on Kelly's facial make up then applied make up to Kelly's aureoles and nipples until they were darkened and suitably aroused.

They then moved on to her sheer white silky sleeveless , collarless ,front button blouse. Kelly said , are you sure about wearing this? Yes the mistress replied see it’s in my orders for this morning. Okay Kelly replied are we done now , looking her over the mistress said yes we are finished. Kelly rose and headed for the stage set up on the beach. Arriving at the stage in her outfit Ryan saw her and grinned , you look great Kelly. Blushing Kelly said thank you , I might need some help getting into my chair this morning. No problem Kelly just come over here and I'll get you settled. Kelly walked over and stood in front of her chair and allowed Ryan Seacrest to lift her onto her high chair then Ryan took his place in his chair next to her. The audience started coming in and being seated , they were shocked to see Kelly dressed in such a revealing outfit. Once everything was ready the show started and after the introductions Kelly started to say , on todays show we will be reviewing sex toys , at which Kelly stuttered and blushed. After a short time of small talk Ryan said , and now we will be trying these sex toys that are new or best sellers on the market. Okay bring out the big “O" chair. The stage hands brought out a large chair setting it on the stage next to Kelly.

Ryan said , okay Kelly if you would please sit in the chair. Kelly said okay and moved to the chair where once seated the stage hands removed her shoes and placed her feet in the stirrups and using her own belt cuffs locked them in place. They then put her arms down onto the arms of the chair also using her bracelets to lock her arms down. I don’t know about this Kelly said then she squealed when the stage hands moved her leg restraints to spread her legs as far apart as possible. Wait , stop Kelly yelled everyone will be able to see my private parts except for what my panties cover. Oh that's right Ryan said and reached under her skirt and pulled off her thong. Kelly sobbing said , Ryan stop please don't do this I'm married don’t expose me. Oh Kelly we are not done as he stepped to the side and the stage hands stripped off her skirt unbuttoned her blouse spreading it to each side. Now Kelly Ripa’s body was totally nude and on full display to the entire live audience both in studio and at home.

What everyone was seeing was a thin , white skinned , beautiful woman with below the neck wavy blonde hair , small but perky nicely rounded breasts. Her body is well toned muscular a flat stomach with well defined abs and long white legs. Now everyone can see her clean shaven pussy that is surprisingly spread open and swollen with arousal as well as soaking wet and dripping. Now Ryan says what should we try first as he picked up a pair of metal eggs dipping them in a gel like substance shoved them deep into her anus and switched them on which made her squeal as they started to vibrate and make her anus tingle. Then he picked up a strange looking device and slipped it into her pussy and used it to spread her lips wide so her vagina was gaping open. He then inserted another device a long thick rod into her gaping hole. The device once turned on started spinning and pistoning into and out of her cunt. She started moaning then screaming as orgasm after orgasm hit her causing her to squirt. After about fifteen minutes of this Ryan stepped up and removed these devices then stepped back and said to the audience does anyone else want to play with this slut.

A young girls steps up between Kelly's legs and says yeah I will. Kelly looks up and she is finally able to focus and says Lola what are you doing. Hi mom I'm finally going to get revenge for all those humiliating things you've done to me all these years. Lola , Kelly's seventeen year old daughter kneels down and slowly sliding her fingers into Kelly’s cunt one at a time until she pushes her whole hand into Kelly's vagina makes a fist and pounds it into Kelly's pussy unmercifully until she brings Kelly to climax. She then rises and licking her hand clean walks away. The next person walks up with a huge dog or bear on a leash smiling says can we get her into doggy position. Ryan laughing says of course and motions the stage hands who jump to the task of getting her out of the chair and onto her hands and knees. So Ryan says to the girl with the dog , is this the dog on todays show that can be adopted , yes she laughs think she'll adopt him when he’s done with her. Kelly is openly crying now and screaming no not that don’t let him near me. The stage hands hold her in position as the huge animal approaches her body. Sniffing at her crotch he starts licking her nether lips and the brown star of her asshole. Bringing her to an orgasm , she screams as his tongue spears deep into her vagina and anus causing her to shudder under his assault.

One of the stage hands moves up next to her torso and kneeling down says , Ms. Ripa this will hurt as he straps two balls to her back and runs two tubes to her breasts and slipping the needle end under the skin of her tits works them up to her nipples. Then another stage hand brings out a platform and two kittens he places the platform under her tits and placing the kittens at her breasts they start sucking on them gaining milk from them through the tubes. Alternating between pain and pleasure her body is wracked with feelings so intense that she occasionally passes out for a few minutes. The kittens raspy tongues causes her nipples to remain hard and the cats suckle at them continuously enjoying the cream rich milk that they have been supplied with in the balls. The dog finally steps up and mounts her jabbing his fourteen inch long two inch around dick at her asshole , she screams no please if this is going to happen don’t let him go in there please. A young man moves up and kneels at the dogs side , well mom if I do this as he reaches under the dog and grasping the dogs prick moves it back and forth between her cunt and asshole , what will you do for us. Oh God anything son anything okay her fifteen year old son says I will make sure he goes in your pussy but you have to act like you are enjoying what he is doing to you and with enthusiasm. Yes okay Kelly responds good he says as he lines the dogs cock up with her pussy and slaps the dog on the ass.

Kelly screams as his well endowed tool slams forward deep into her vaginal passage and she actually feels it enter her womb. His cock spreads her cunt wide open wider than ever before and she feels an orgasm building between her legs as well as the pain as her cunt is stretched to its maximum and beyond. The audience watches as Kelly is ravaged forcefully raped by a massive mastiff and then the country hears her agonized cries turn to moans of pleasure as she yells , yes fill my cunt you great big beautiful Mutt , fuck me , fuck me until I can't take anymore. The audience watches her climax and then one of them yells let him have her asshole. Kelly hearing this yells no please but Ryan steps up and says hands please who to watch him take her anus. Almost everyone in the audience raises their hands so Ryan reaches under lines him up with her asshole and the mastiff lunges forward driving his oversized cock deep into her guts , Kelly screams as her anal cherry is taken and is continuously slammed until the dog ejaculates filling her rectum with canine cum.

Please Kelly says stop this I'll do anything , her husband Mark steps up and placing a chair at her head sits down. Kelly we can stop this but you will need to agree to something for us. Anything Kelly responds what do you want from me. Well Mark says from now on you are the families fuck toy when at home you will be naked and ready to comply with any request from us , agreed. Yes she agrees , good but that’s not all next you will from now on when clothed you will wear the slutty outfits we pick out for your daily clothing. Yes she sighs quietly , don’t feels so relaxed yet we are not done , finally you will submit to any devices we decide to put into or onto you without question. Sobbing Kelly agrees , I'm ruined in television anyway they will take me off of live after today. One of the head producers comes up and says , are you kidding Kelly are ratings are higher than ever before and still rising. In fact the ratings spiked during two segments so clean her up and get her ready for the next segment.

The stage hands brought out a plastic pool and placed her in it on her hands and knees and then Ryan brought out a hose and shoving it up into her pussy turned it on full , people watched her stomach swell as if she were suddenly pregnant then when he turned it off and removed it. It sprayed out of her pussy like a firehose , then he moved it to her anus repeating the actions and the audience again watched her abdomen swell and then she sprayed out brown tinted water and chunks of shit. They took her out of the pool and dried her off and set her once again naked on the stage. Kelly sobbed as her eldest son laid down naked in front of her his engorged penis stick up , then two stage hands picked her up and a third shoved a bottle up her anus and squeezed filling her with a lubricant and set her on her son’s dick pushing her down. Then they laid her down on top of him and her youngest son mounted her and finally her daughter sat down on her face. Her family started fucking her live on national television then when Mark stepped up and Lola took his cock into her mouth and deep throated him the shows ratings went through the roof higher than any show in history.

After they were all done the family bundled her up and took her home where to this day she is their willing and enthusiastic fuck slut , Just another blonde bimbo. Prologue: The person who brought this all into reality sat back and laughed to himself as he mentally manipulated those he needed to mentally control to keep the show from being taken off the air or anyone getting in trouble. That was fun he said aloud what perverted activities shall I set up on broadcast television next perhaps Manuela Arbeleaz on the price is right , I think she is a beautiful Latina that needs a good public gangbang don’t you and he sat there waiting for an answer to his question.
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