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It was a beautiful day the kind supergirl loved to be out flying. It was still early on a Saturday morning and she was about to head home when she heard what sounded like fighting. Flying towards the noise she landed in an open field with various ramshackle buildings dotting it. Suddenly she heard cries from teenagers who came out to greet her they had obviously been playing paintball. They quickly surrounded her with yells of , its supergirl , and get her autograph. As she moved around the field with the group she counted them at twenty , roughly equally Male and female ranging from about twelve to sixteen. One of the young men asked her if she would like to see their clubhouse , she answered in the affirmative so the group walked her towards the largest and the one in the best condition. The closer she got to the building she started feeling funny and it increased dramatically when they entered the building. Suddenly she fell to the floor to weak to stand or even move. The group gathered around her trying to help her but there was nothing they could do for her. As supergirl lay there panting trying to breath one of the boys said we have to loosen her clothes she is strangling she needs to breath.

The older of the group started pulling supergirls uniform off of her , first they removed her Cape and tossing it in a corner took off her boots exposing her stocking encased feet. They moved on to her shirt finally figuring out how to get the weird material to separate so it could be removed. This bared her beautiful , white , firm , b-cup breasts to the horny group of teenagers. They enjoyed looking at her pink half dollar sized aureoles with slowly hardening eraser sized nipples. One of the girls asked , is this helping is her breathing getting better. Some , one of the group replied but we should continue this suit is skin tight and we have no idea what might be constrictive. Yeah most of the guys said trying to hide their growing erections. The main teens slid her skirt down her legs and off her body. This showed that supergirl was wearing black pantyhose that they started rolling down her legs exposing her dark blue silky thong panties. Now supergirl was mostly nude leaving only her panties covering her body. The Male teens now had fully engorged penises and even some of the girls were sporting rock hard nipples. Oh God one of the girls said we can't do this we can't take advantage of supergirl.

Of course we can't she’s invulnerable and super strong we probably couldn't even move one of her nipples an Asian boy said , see as he reached out and pinched a nipple that turned out to be soft and flexible. His pinching elicited a moan from supergirl. Wow one of the girls said what ever is wrong with supergirl it’s made her vulnerable. Looking at each other the teens started to grin and a girl said we can fuck supergirl and taste her juices. They quickly pulled off her thong and threw them off to the side , this exposed supergirls smooth hairless snatch to the group. One of the guys spoke up , she is hairless down there reaching out he ran his hand over her mound , not even a hint of stubble. A very nerdy girl said you know this is speculation but she is an alien maybe she ages at a different rate than humans she maybe prepubescent for her race. You mean she might be the equivalent of a ten year old human female. Yes said the girl then she smiled but that’s only speculation she looks to be in her late twenties so let’s go with that. A pretty Latina said well no matter what we have to prepare her for a good fucking and bent over her crotch and slid her tongue into her pussy causing supergirl to start self lubricating.

Another girl had a black guy help her lift supergirls legs so a petite Indian girl could start lubricating supergirls anus. Hey one of the guys said is she having trouble breathing again. They stopped and listened then grinning one of them said nope she is breathing heavy because she is becoming aroused. A native American girl said I think she is ready which of you goes first. One of the boys put his hand up and said I’m first in her pussy and pointing at a large dark skinned teen he gets first shot at her asshole. The boys lifted supergirl up as the Samoan lad stripped and lay down on the floor. The group placed supergirls anus on the boys large cock and viciously slammed her down onto his overly endowed dick. They laid her down on top of him and the small nerdy boy mounted supergirl slipping his small penis into her cunt. The nerd pushed firmly into supergirl and when he withdrew his cock had blood on it. Wow he crowed I deflowered supergirl and the two started pumping into her until they ejaculated pouring their sperm into her helpless and defenseless body. The other soon moved up taking their turns until all ten boys each had a turn at both of supergirls holes.

The ten girls had come up with a plan as they took turns straddling supergirls face then masturbated until they orgasmed and fed their cum into supergirls mouth and forcing her to swallow it. Once everyone was done they sat around supergirls body wondering what to do now. One of the girls looking out a window smiled and said , how would you like to have supergirl as our sex toy from now on. Another of the group said , that sounds great but how. Get supergirl up onto her hands and knees and your phones ready to record I’ll be back in a minute. Out the window she went as the others followed her instructions soon she was back pulling a large black mastiff by his collar into the building. Oh you have a dirty perverted mind , I think I love you. Laughing the girl grinned and told him to keep it in his pants. She led the dog over to supergirls posed body now in position for the dog. The dog sniffing at supergirls pussy and anus started licking at her two holes this got them well lubricated and then the dog mounted supergirl fucking her pussy unmercifully then with help shifted to her anus. Now that they had a record of a dog enjoying supergirls holes they got him to lay down on his back with his back legs spread and made supergirl give him a blowjob. Sending their videos to places on the cloud they moved supergirl to another building on the edge of the field. Supergirl slowly recovering from the effects of whatever was in the other building became aware of what had happened. She started cursing them , the group of teens waited for supergirl to wind down and when she did they informed her that unless she wanted the world to see supergirl enjoying sex with a monster of a dog she would agree that she belonged to them from now on.

They would not interfere with her activities as a heroine but she must leave all day Saturday and Sunday open for them. Not having much choice she agreed and started to dress one of the girls stopped her and told her that from now on she wouldn't wear any underwear , no bras and no panties. Blushing she said if I do that anyone looking up will be able to see my bare crotch and because of the material of my top it causes my nipples to be perpetually hard. Smiling the group said , good in unison then a girl pulled a pair of Ben Wa balls from a box in the corner of their clubhouse building. Unbeknownst to the group what had affected supergirl was a piece of kryptonite stored in that box and it had contaminated the balls slightly. The girl took the balls and putting her hand holding them up to supergirls pussy shoved them into her , surprising supergirl who expected her nether lips to lock the invasion out. Now keep those in side you until next Saturday when you again become our plaything. Quietly sobbing knowing she was now their plaything supergirl shakily flew off to patrol like normal and the group of teens went their own way.
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