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Phoebe Thunderman was on patrol alone again because Max her brother and fellow superhero had said he had other things to do. Thundergirl leaped from roof to roof aided by her telekinesis when she heard a commotion coming from up a head at ground level. Moving to the corner of the rooftop she looked down on a large scaly humanoid causing pandemonium in the city square. Leaping down Thundergirl yelled at him to cease what he was doing and surrender or she would be forced to stop him. Turning to her with a toothy grin he said , Thundergirl I've been expecting you I’m called Reptilicus and I’m going to destroy you. Phoebe laughed and said , let’s just cut this short , as she leapt at him. He easily reached out catching her in mid leap grabbing her right wrist then catching her left wrist. Holding her up by her wrists he laughed and told her , Thundergirl I’m about to destroy you and right in front of all of your fans.

Thundergirl screamed , let me go or I will hurt you , and she tried to affect him with her telekinesis to no avail. The giant lizard grasped both her wrists in one hand and started peeling her out of her uniform. Thundergirl yelled , what are you doing stop that as he tore the top of her dark blue uniform off of her exposing her naked chest , round , firm b-cup tits. Everyone watched as he tickled her flat six pack abs with a claw and pricked a nipple drawing a drop of blood which he licked off his claw. He then ripped off the pants of her uniform showing everyone that she was wearing a silky pair of black lacy thongs. Reptilicus quickly removed Phoebes thong showing her smooth shaven pussy to the crowd. Prepare yourself Thundergirl and she screamed as she looked down at the monster between his legs it stood straight out a good sixteen inches long and four inches in girth with a tiny mouth at its tip. A long raspy tongue speared out of the mouth as she watched.

Paling she sobbed , no you will tear me apart , yes it will Thundergirl he replied. He expelled a sticky substance from his dick that bound her left foot to the ground , he then treated her right foot the same way after spreading her legs wide. Reptilicus then caught Phoebe's right wrist against the buildings wall on the left side of the alley. Pulling her left wrist so her arm was taut and she hung spread eagled and naked at the alleyways entrance. Crying now she begged him no please don't do this I’m still a virgin , I’ll never survive that going into me. Oh Thundergirl I never planned on you surviving but don’t worry I’ve got some minor healing powers they will keep you alive long enough to enact my plan. The villain began his assault as he moved his cock to Phoebe's pussy entrance. The small mouths tongue lashed out entering her cunt the raspy sand paper like tongue drew beads of blood from her nether lips and she screamed in pain.

The head of his penis was forced into her cunt tearing through her hymen and his tongue began degrading her vaginal canal. Screaming in agony Thundergirl yelled , no stop please as he pushed his monster of a cock inch by inch into her womb. Phoebe felt something tear in her groin and it was suddenly easier for Reptilicus to slide his cock into her. Finally he was balls deep into Phoebe's cunt and the watchers could see the outline of his dick moving serpent like on the skin of her abdomen. The villain laughed and said to her , time for you to say hello to my little friend and a smaller but longer version of his tool snaked out from under his penis and headed for her anus. She shuddered as she felt it enter her asshole , sighing in relief she thought it’s not so bad then it started to swell ripping her asshole apart. Phoebe felt her anus split and the two penises actually touch within her womb and rectum. She so wanted to pass out from the pain but she felt him doing something to stop that from happening damage seemed to heal just enough to keep her alive. She thought he has to be close to finishing but then as he pounded in to her his penises spammed , ejecting a massive amount of caustic sperm.

She screamed as her groin , asshole , and internal spaces started to burn. Oh God no more just kill me please. I don’t think so , I’m going to keep you alive at least until our child is born. What she yelled , what I just unloaded into you will impregnate you and in six months you will pop out a little me maybe two. Laughing he continued to tell her , but you won't be in any shape to appreciate our children by then. They should have qualities from both of us. Whimpering she watched a he spit his sticky goo onto the entrance to her pussy and anus thus keeping his sperm where it would do the most good.

Phoebe sobbed as he dragged her down into the cities sewer system , her friends and family searched for her but she was never seen again. One day not long after being dragged into the depths of the sewer system Phoebe hung on the wall where he had stuck her she watched him carry in another human female that turned out to be her best friend Cherry. Oh God Cherry I’m so sorry he got you too. Cherry looked up at her and as he glued her across from Phoebe said , hi Phoebe glad to see you sorry I couldn't save you. Phoebe sobbed for the fate of her best friend as Reptilicus stripped Cherry and raped her impregnating her as well. Six months later she popped out twin female humanoid lizards with mental powers. She survived long enough to watch her children pop out of her pussy ripping it asunder and begin to eat her. She sighed finally my torture is over as she expired. Cherry now swelled with her babies smiled and whispered farewell my friend I will be seeing you soon. Cherry whimpered as she felt her children moving around in her womb and flinch in pain as one of them took a bite out of her abdomen.

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