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A disabled man called Bear was lonely and after sorting through many women on dating and foreign bride websites he decided to contact one that he found on one site. Sending her an e-mail he was straight with her letting her know that he was not rich and lived on a fixed income. Not totally disabled he could still walk short distances and only used the wheelchair when out in the community and used a walker when at home. His overall health was not great but he still managed and listed all of his health problems and finally let her know that if she was still interested in becoming his spouse he was willing to bring her to his home. Bear looked at a couple of photographs that she had e-mailed to him loving that she was a beautiful young Latina woman.

Her name was Manuela Maria Ortega also called Ria , an eighteen year old Columbian woman with smooth , soft , dark bronze skin. Long , thick , wavy , silky blue-black hair that hung down to her ankles and framed her face beautifully. She had an oval face with small ears , thin well cared for eyebrows over deep dark black eyes , high cheekbones with a petite nose and lush full pouty lips bearing a dark red colored lipstick. Her head sat on a long thin neck that led down to a firm , full , c-cup pair of breasts that sported blood darkened half dollar sized aureoles topped with dark pink eraser sized nipples. She had long thin but toned arms with hands that had long thin fingers and well cared for nails. Her body didn't quit there it continued down to a flat , toned , abdomen with a very nice six pack. Which led down to her smooth , clean shaven vagina that when she was aroused it opened like the petals of a flower slightly dew touched dark on the outside but pink when opened wide. This led down to her long , firm , toned , muscular legs with petite manicured feet.

Dreams about her caused him to wake up with either the results of a wet dream or morning wood something that hadn't happened to him in years. Finally getting all of the paperwork out of the way and spending the money Ria arrived at his home. Coming in she dropped her luggage and embraced him , it took awhile but she was finally settled into his apartment ready to share his bed and his life. A week went by a week of fantastic sex that usually started with Ria slowly stripping for him then the two sixty-nining each other and finally she sliding down onto his cock starting slowly moving up and down on his pole slowly speeding up until she was moving as fast as she could and then both achieving climax together. Lying exhausted but happy in each others arms.

Then one night he discovered her in the bathroom crying and her luggage packed in the bedroom. When he confronted her she said , I’m so sorry Bear but they are coming for me tonight. Who is coming Bear asked her. The Columbians are collecting me to work in one of their brothels I will be one of their top whores. Looking at her Bear asked her , do you want this , do you want to leave me , whether to go with them or just get away from me. Ria gasped , kneeling down next to him she replied, no Bear I love you I want to spend the rest of my life with you but if I don’t go with them they will hurt you and/or my family back home. Would you stay if that couldn't happen. Yes of course Ria said but how.

Smiling Bear told her , I’ve been keeping a secret from you and the world but if I stop them I may lose you because you will fear me , never she replied I could never fear my teddy bear. Okay then when will they be here , in about an hour she told him. Smiling Bear gathered her into his lap and they waited making out while they did. Soon a knock came on the door and opened not waiting for anyone to answer. Four large dark skinned men entered followed by a smaller man in a white suit , he said come along Ms. Ortega time for you to go to work. She tried to rise but Bear held her fast and told the men I will give you one chance to survive , leave now without Ria or I will kill you and your associates. The man in white laughed and told the large men , hurt him and bring her along. The large men moved towards Bear and he waved his hand and the four men disappeared , then he snapped his fingers and the man in white changed into a dog and then disappeared then he clapped both hands and a ripple in space spread out from him but otherwise nothing seemed to happen.

Ria whispered , what did you do with them. Bear smiled and said I sent the first four to a deserted island about to sink beneath the ocean from an active volcano. I turned the guy in white into a Male dog that always smells like a bitch in heat. The last was the entire Columbian cartel I sent to outer space. That night Bear and Ria made mad passionate love for hours. Finally exhausted the two lay in each others arms quietly expressing their love for each other.

With Bear running his hand all over his woman’s body not believing that this incredible , beautiful , young woman was not only his but that she loved him as much as he loved her. Bear and Ria spent the rest of their lives together happy and content Bear even brought the rest of her family to the U.S. to live.
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