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Comments and advice welcome. I hope my commener likes part two , I hadn't planned on continuing but since someone seemed to like it I thought I would give it a try.
She was eight months along when the aliens grabbed her again taking her aboard their space ship so they could remove her baby. After they took her baby they stuck devices into everyone of her orifices gaining bio-data on her bodies condition. Once done with her they sent her back to her home , thinking about all that had happened to her she realized that they didn’t regard her as a sexual being but only as a laboratory test subject. A month went by after her second abduction and her life was quiet not even anyone interested in enjoying a sexual encounter with her. She decided one Saturday morning to head to the local beach and enjoy some sun time. Packing a basket and a blanket with a beach umbrella she put the stuff in her car and drove to the beach. Once there she realized that the main public part was overcrowded so since her vehicle could go off road she drove down the beach to a secluded cove where she could be alone.

Getting out of her vehicle she stretched taking note of her fit young body. Jenna was a fine young Latina about sixteen years old with firm young breasts that would produce milk when her desires flared. Jenna was wearing a dark red string bikini with the top pieces barely large enough to cover her nipples and a thong bottom that pulled up into her pussy splitting it nicely. Over her bikini she had put on a sheer white robe that came down to mid thigh. Unloading her vehicle she spread the blanket out and put up the umbrella putting the basket in the shade but close enough where she could get a cold drink from it if she wanted. She removed her robe and finally she lay down and placing a small pillow under her head fell asleep under the suns Ray’s.

Sometime later any observers could see her start to moan , and writhe on the blanket as she dreamed of a large handsome Samoan that looked a lot like the Rock start licking her feet and slowly moved up her legs hitting all of her sensitive areas and when he reached her pussy slipped his tongue deep into her pussy licking and nipping her clit bringing her close to an orgasm then licking and kissing his way up across her stomach to her breasts that were already aching for attention and leaking a steady stream of milk. Stopping only a short time to take a quick taste he moved up to her mouth driving his long tongue deep into her mouth. At this point Jenna woke up to find that her dream was more of a nightmare as her dream lover turned into two massive black furred mastiffs. Crying and trying to push the one on her away she made the mistake of rolling over onto her stomach and rising onto her hands and knees she tried to crawl away only to have the one that had been French kissing her and she had mentally named Rocky mounted her completely engulfing her petite body.

Jenna whimpered as she felt Rocky's massive dog cock pushing against her cunt and succeeding in gaining entrance. Rocky’s cock practically tore her apart before her body adapted to his fourteen inch long dick with a four inch girth. Thankfully she was well lubricated as he plunged his tool deep into her vagina setting an unmercifully fast pace as he jackhammers into her. Not knowing what the aliens had done to her she experienced a bout of massive multiple orgasms as the mutt pumped his seed deep into her womb with his knot locking them together thirty minutes went by before he shrank enough for the two to be released. While that was happening the second dog lay down at her head on his back and spread his back legs Jenna stared at another dog penis only slightly smaller the Rocks. It sprang out hitting her in the mouth going past her lips and down her throat the weight of the dog on her back forced her head down onto his cock. Needing to breathe forced her to keep moving her head up and down his shaft as the dogs weight would force her down onto his dick.

She finally felt relief as the dog she was giving a blow job to shot his seed down her throat as the Rock sprayed his load into her womb where a egg waited to be fertilized which it easily was leaving Jenna to once again become pregnant this time with four humanoid canines. She would only need to carry them for six month before she would give birth. That was for later as the Rock separated from her and barking at his friend the two ambled off down the beach.

Getting up and looking around she saw no one that might have seen her humiliation Jenna started packing up her stuff getting ready to go home. Getting home she tried put the dog rape out of her mind but when her stomach started to swell and she knew she was pregnant and the only sex she had had was with the dogs she knew the aliens had done something to her. Two weeks before would have given birth to her canine children the aliens returned taking her back into their ship they removed the humanoid canines from her body and again invading everyone of her orifices with devices to gain bio-data on her bodies condition. Once they were done they returned her to her apartment where she woke up with a small furry form sucking on one of her milk producing nipples. They had sent her back with one of her sons , whether or not they did it because he was not humanoid thus defective in their eyes or some other reason she didn’t care looking at him she only felt love well up for him.

The only problem was that as he suckled at her breast she felt her self becoming aroused and thought oh my God what is this , is it considered incest , bestiality , both , or something else entirely. Looking at her son as he nourished himself at her breast she decided to name him Bear and co for now she became the strange dog lady of Calypso Drive. It wasn’t long after that the two young men came back into her life coming to her apartment to help her with any tasks she might need doing. Realizing that any intercourse she had would result in her getting pregnant she insisted they wear condoms or get fixed so rubbers it was. The boys names were Huck and Tom , mom was a Twain fan came over regularly to help her and enjoy sex with her. None of them would call it love but they all realized something was there just not what to call it.
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