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The Carpet cleaners return and find a surprise.
Billy thought the weekend would never end. He usually didn’t like to wish his off time away but he couldn’t wait to get back to work on Monday. He had a special request job and he knew it would be the best job he had ever been on. He knew that because last week he and Charlie had cleaned a house in the rich section of town and had fucked the young girl that was home at the time. She was passed out and did not wake up at all so Billy thought they had a chance to get away with it. He had kicked himself all week for letting Charlie talk him into fucking the girl. She was hot, no doubt, and she was passed out on Vicodin with virtually no chance to wake up, true. But it was rape and they did blast several loads of cum up her pussy and ass and he did not like his chances to stay out of prison.

He did think it might be close to worth it as that pussy was the warmest, tightest he had ever felt and would probably ever feel and her ass was even better. Yes, she was an incredible fuck but was it worth life in prison, he had to think about that one. However, Friday afternoon everything changed. She walked into the shop with her cute little blonde friend and actually requested that they return on Monday to “clean more carpets”. He had trouble believing it but he did see her wink at him on her way out so he knew she knew exactly what she was doing. This little hot minx was inviting him and Charlie back to fuck her again. He wasn’t sure which was more exciting, fucking her while she was passed out or fucking her when she had invited them. He didn’t really care, he just wanted Monday to get here and get here fast.

Billy did chuckle a little as he thought of Charlie. Charlie was an incredible horndog and was the one that talked Billy into taking advantage of the girl in the first place. She had passed out on the couch and they had to move her to clean it but when Billy walked into the kitchen Charlie had spread out on the table with her sweatpants and panties hanging on her bare feet. He remembered that it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. Her body was tight and smooth and tanned all over. Her tits were incredible and stood right up on her chest. But that pussy, that pussy was amazing. It was smooth and soft and felt like a warm wet glove when he slid his cock in. Poor Charlie was probably in misery waiting for Monday.

Billy watched TV late into Sunday and fell asleep on the couch. He woke up in the middle of the night and went upstairs to bed. His cock was rock hard but he was trying not to jack off, he wanted to blast as much cum as he could up that young snatch. He looked at his watch. Five more hours and he would be back in paradise. He fell onto his bed and went right to sleep.

The alarm went off and he sleep-walked through his morning routine. He pulled up into the parking lot at work at 7:45 and Charlie was standing next to the door with all of the equipment around him. Billy smiled. Poor Charlie was already rubbing his crotch. He slid out of the door and Charlie was already loading the equipment. He went in and picked up the paperwork. His boss walked out of his office.

“Good morning Billy. Off to your special request job?” His boss asked.

Billy nodded and could not help but smile.

“So I guess we will see you later this afternoon. The job lists 3000 square feet of cleaning, that puts you in the neighborhood of at least 5 hours. I am assuming from the looks of your client you will not be hurrying.” He said.

“Well boss, we would not want to lose a client this lucrative now would we?” Billy responded.

“I guess not so you will have to be very thorough with this job. I will clear your board, take as long as you would like. This job is paying more than we get from an entire day anyway.” He said.

“Will do boss.” Billy responded and his cock lurched when he thought of 8 hours of fucking that young girl.

“See you later.” His boss said and went back into his office.

Billy went outside and Charlie was sitting in the truck. He smiled and climbed in.

“Charlie, you in a hurry?” Billy said.

“Billy, I have been thinking of that pussy the entire weekend. You have no idea how much of a hurry I am in. Do you think she really knows what we did?” Charlie asked.

“She has to Charlie. There is no way those carpets need cleaning again so soon and did you hear her say we were a pain in the ass?” Billy said and pulled out of the parking lot.

“I guess so but I just can’t understand how a hot young thing like that wants us to come back and do the same thing again. Not that I am complaining but I hope to hell that she is not teasing us.” Charlie said.

“Yeah, that would suck.” Billy said and pulled onto the expressway.

The drive took only 5 minutes but it felt like a week. They pulled into the driveway and the house was just as big as last time but for some reason it looked even bigger and nicer than before. Maybe it was because he knew what was waiting inside. They walked up to the porch and stood in front of the door. Billy looked at Charlie and then pressed the doorbell.

They waited for a couple of minutes and then he pressed it again. He knew he was gonna hear about this but he thought it might be part of the whole process. He pressed it again.

“Holy fuck! Really! Hang on a fucking minute!” A shrill voice from inside. Billy’s cock jumped again.

The door opened and Billy saw the young girl from last week. She was just as cute as he remembered, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders. Her hair was a little of a mess but it didn’t detract from her looks. She was wearing a nightshirt that stopped around the middle of her thighs. Her feet were bare and her toenails still pink. He looked back up and he noticed her boobs were pressing against the shirt, he could tell there was no bra as he saw the slight bulge of her nipples.

“Welcome back, assholes.” She said and turned to walk into the kitchen.

Billy and Charlie followed her and she pulled a glass and filled it with water. They stood and waited.

“So pull out the fucking paperwork.” She said and walked around to meet them.

Billy pulled the papers out of his bag and laid them on the table.

“Are you sure you want to sign these now? This is a big job.” Billy said.

She started to lean over the papers but then she stood up and looked up at Billy. She raised her eyebrows and Billy just looked at her.

“I just want to make sure, this is a lot of money and I don’t want to……” Billy just stopped talking as he couldn’t think of what to say next.

The girl stood up and took a sip of water. She looked back at Billy with a simple face.

“Ok, genius, let me explain, and I will talk real slow so you can follow.” She started and Billy actually felt a little angry at her tone.

“I have my close friend upstairs and we had quite a party last night to celebrate her 14th birthday. I drank a lot and she drank even more. I have a splitting fucking headache and I just want to go back to sleep. I have these two sleeping pills here that are going to put me into a nice deep sleep and hopefully this fucking headache will be gone when I wake up. My friend is already in lala land as she swallowed her two pills about 30 minutes ago. She will be out a while.” The girl said and Billy just stared.

“You with me so far, genius?” She asked with deep sarcasm.

Billy nodded his head although he really wanted to just punch her in the nose.

“Ok, so you have two choices. I put 3000 square feet on the order so I know that is at least a full day job. My mom and dad are not coming home until at least 5:00. You can choose to have me not sign the papers and stay up and watch you clean. With this headache I can easily emulate my mom and get up in your shit all day. Or you can choose to let me sign the papers, take my pills, and go back to sleep and then you can clean all day long if you want.” She said and looked right at Billy.

“Do we understand?” She asked.

Charlie stepped up and pushed Billy aside. He slid the papers over to the girl and held out a pen.

“Maam, I am so sorry. My friend sometimes gets too hung up on protocol. This is not standard procedure but we definitely would not want you to suffer any longer than you have to. We would be happy to have you sign these now and let you go upstairs and sleep that off. We are professionals and we will deliver exactly what you requested.” Charlie said and Billy’s jaw dropped.

The girl was smiling at Charlie and she took the pen and signed the papers. She then popped the pills in her mouth and took a big drink of water. She walked back into the kitchen and put the glass in the sink. She walked past them and headed towards the stairs. She walked up halfway and Billy and Charlie watched her powerful thighs ripple below the hem of the night shirt. She stopped and looked at them.

“By the way, if you guys order a pizza later get a large pepperoni for us and leave it on the counter. We like it cold. There is money on the counter and I think you know the number.” She said with a sly smile.

Billy and Charlie stared at her as she made her way slowly up the stairs. They watched her turn at the top of the stairs and disappear down the hall. Billy looked over at Charlie. Charlie looked like a kid as they just walk into an amusement park. Billy looked over at the kitchen counter and saw a fifty dollar bill sitting there.

“Billy, are you fucking believing this?” Charlie said.

Billy just shook his head.

“No, Charlie, this in unreal. Let’s go get the equipment out of the truck. We may as well take a look and see what we can do.” Billy said and walked towards the front door.

They unloaded all the equipment and they cleaned all the carpets on the first floor out of guilt rather than necessity. They finished and Billy told Charlie to carry the equipment up the stairs. They drug all their stuff to the top of the stairs and left it there. Billy walked slowly down the hall and Charlie followed. There was a huge room at the end of the hall and Billy looked in. It was the master bedroom and it was humongous. The bed looked bigger than his apartment and the furniture was unbelievable. Everything was spotless, including the carpet. He shook his head and turned back to the hall.

There was another hall to his left and he started walking. There was a small bedroom on the left, well small compared to the other one but still bigger than his. He looked in and it was immaculate. He looked at the carpet and it was spotless. He didn’t think he could get it looking any better so he closed the door. He walked further and he saw an open door at the end of the hallway. He could see pink walls and a lot of posters.

He slowly approached the room with Charlie on his heels and he stopped just short. He took a deep breath, stepped into the room, and almost came in his pants.

The room was a little messy, there were clothes all over the floor. The bed was a king and the sheets were in disarray. But the thing that set his cock throbbing were the two girls on the bed. His little bitch hottie was lying on her side with her legs pulled up. Her shirt had pulled up and he saw her pink panties wrapped around that tight ass. He also saw her pussy pressing against the soft cotton and then her gorgeous legs and feet there just calling to him.

Then he looked at the friend, Sheila he thought was her name. She was the little blonde that came into the shop last Friday. She was lying on her back on the bed, fully clothed. Her face was perfect, she looked like a cross between a model and the girl next door. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing really slow. Her mouth was slightly open and her lips were precious. He could tell there was a shiny lip gloss on them. Her hair was relatively short and in disarray. There was a lock of it across her cheek and the rest was spread out on the bed.

She was wearing a light blue blouse that buttoned up the front and a short tight black skirt. She had one black high heel shoe on her right foot but her left was hanging off the bed and bare. She was not wearing hose or stockings but her legs were perfect. They were smooth, firm, and looked really soft. Her skirt was pushed up a bit with her legs spread a little but not enough to see anything other than two perfect thighs. Billy rubbed his cock in his pants. It was rock hard as he looked down at these two gorgeous creatures.

He also noticed something on the floor and saw a huge black stain on the gray carpet. What the fuck was that? He knelt down to look and he figured it was most likely soda. He touched the carpet and it was dry and crinkly. Obviously it had been there a while. It would come out but it would take some elbow grease. He stood up and saw Charlie standing next to the blonde.

“Billy, she is precious.” Charlie said in a soft voice.

Billy could only nod and watched Charlie push the lock of hair off her cheek. Charlie ran his finger across her face and lips. Billy watched her lip stick to Charlie’s finger and then pop back as he pulled away. Charlie ran a finger down her neck and then to her chest. Her cleavage was spectacular, even lying on her back and Charlie ran a finger between her breasts and along the edge of her shirt.

“Charlie, we have to clean this carpet.” Billy said and Charlie looked up at him.

“Charlie, I understand but we have all day. Let’s get the cleaning out of the way and then we will take it from there.” Billy said.

Charlie nodded and walked away from her, running his hand down her stomach and then down her left leg to her knee that was bent as it draped over the edge of the bed. He took a deep breath and stood there. He reached over and took the shoe off of her right foot. Billy noticed light blue polish on five perfect little toes. Charlie picked up her other shoe off of the floor and put them both over on a trunk.

Billy walked out of the room to get the equipment. Charlie followed in silence. They drug the equipment back down the hall and Charlie dropped it at the door and went in her room.

“I will pick up all the stuff on the floor.” Charlie said and started picking up the clothes.

Billy saw Charlie dump a handful over on a chair and then saw him bend over and pick up a pair of green panties. Charlie put them up to his nose and took a deep breath. Billy chuckled and connected all the hoses. Billy ran the cleaner over the entire room slowly. The cleaner was a little loud but neither girl budged. They were out like a light. Billy stared at them as he moved the cleaner around. They were just about perfect. He had seen his little bitch hottie naked already and he was looking forward to seeing that again. The friend was incredible and he thought her tits might even be bigger. He couldn’t wait to see them along with the rest of what looked to be a perfect body. His cock was throbbing and he couldn’t wait to blast his first load into one of these lovelies, just which one?

Billy and Charlie finished the cleaning and the black spot was completely gone. Billy pulled all the equipment into the hallway and walked back in to see Charlie unbuttoning the first button on the blonde’s blouse. Billy watched as her blue lace bra was exposed more and more as Charlie worked on the buttons. Billy saw a tan tummy show up as Charlie got to the bottom of her shirt. He pulled the shirt out of her skirt and popped the last button. He then laid it open and her chest and stomach were out in the open. Billy thought he had not seen many things more beautiful than that.

Her bra was light blue and her boobs were definitely testing it. Cleavage poured over the top but not too much to look slutty or saggy. Her stomach was tight and tan and her belly button was adorable. Her pretty face capped off the awesome picture. Charlie was running his hand over her bra and stomach. Her chest was moving slowly with her deep breathing. It only added to the look as Billy watched her boobs move a little with each breath. Charlie put his hands over her breasts and squeezed. Billy saw her cleavage change as Charlie moved her boobs around. Charlie moved his fingers to the middle of her bra and then Billy saw the blue material explode off her chest and two massive perfect breasts popped out into the air.

Charlie stepped back to look at her. Her right arm was out and actually touching the bitch hottie’s foot. The blonde’s left arm was hanging off the bed, her elbow on the bed and the rest of her arm in the air. Her blouse and bra were gathered at her sides and her chest was completely exposed. Billy stared at her tits. They were huge but they were standing straight up. Billy loved young boobs, he loved the way they were so firm. Older boobs would have been hanging over with the bra. Billy looked at her nipples, they were small and pink and looked a little strange on top of such massive boobs. He noticed her skin was tan and he didn’t see any tan lines. He could picture these two girls next to a pool on a lounge with their bare boobs soaking up the sun. That was a nice image.

Charlie was now running his hands all over her chest. Billy saw him flick her nipple and then squeeze her boob. He looked like a kid playing with a brand new toy. Billy thought that was exactly what he was. Charlie then slid a hand down to her skirt and Billy saw him unzip a zipper on the side. The skirt loosened a little and then Charlie lifted her left leg onto the bed next to her right. He pulled the bottom of the skirt and it slid slowly off her hips. Billy watched as a pair of blue lace panties appeared. They matched the bra obviously. Charlie pulled her skirt off her legs and laid it over her shoes. Her legs were gorgeous, long, smooth, and firm. They were tan also and Billy wondered if this girl had any tan lines. The image of the lounge chairs appeared in his head but this time they were completely naked, their young pussies soaking up the sun.

Charlie rubbed up and down both her legs. He looked like he was in heaven. He then slid his fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them slowly down. Billy watched closely in anticipation and he was rewarded as a perfectly smooth pussy appeared when the panties slid down her thighs. Billy stared at it and sure enough there were no tan lines. These young bitches sunbathed nude! His cock lurched again at the thought. Her pussy was small and fit her body perfectly. It was not swollen and puffy like many of them get after a few cocks. No, this one looked fresh and pure. He could not wait to split it open with his cock.

Charlie laid her panties on the trunk and then moved back to the bed. He slid an arm under her back and sat her up. Her head drooped forward, her blonde hair hiding her tits. Charlie slipped her arms out of the shirt and bra and then laid her back down gently. Her hair was over her face again. Charlie folded her blouse and bra and added them to the pile. He moved back and looked down at a perfect creature. He grabbed her pretty feet and slid her over a little. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and draped her legs off the edge. He knelt down, put his hands on her knees and pushed her young legs apart. Billy watched her pussy open slowly and he saw soft pink skin between her lips.

Charlie leaned over and licked slowly from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Billy’s cock was now raging in his pants. Charlie smacked his lips and licked her again. He hovered over her small clit and Billy heard her make a small sound. Charlie stopped for a second and then continued licking her pussy from top to bottom.

Billy needed some relief so he walked around to the other side of the bed. He rolled the bitch hottie over on her back and her shirt was twisted across her stomach. Billy grabbed it and pulled it up and over her head. Her arms flopped over her head and stayed there. She looked like she was stretching out. Billy saw her pretty boobs bounce out in the open and he grabbed them. They were so soft yet so firm. Her nipples hardened with the stimulation. Billy unsnapped his pants and slid them down to the floor. He ripped his underwear down and his cock sprung out. He didn’t think it had ever been this hard.

He rubbed his cock over her boobs, flicking her nipples. He slid his cock between then and squeezed them together. That felt good, he moaned and slid it slowly back and forth. He looked down at her face. She was so pretty, her eyes were closed but her mouth was open a little. He pulled his cock from between her boobs and touched her lips with it. He slid it over her lips, pulling them as he moved it. He saw her tongue and teeth as he moved his rock hard cock over the lips of this beautiful young girl. He then had enough and slid the head between her lips. He felt the warm wetness of her tongue as he slid his cock into her mouth. Her lips opened to accept him and he loved the look of his cock sticking in her pretty face. He couldn’t take much more and he felt his body tense up. He felt the first blast and he filled her mouth. He immediately worried about drowning her and pulled out. The second blast hit her right between the eyes. He panicked and moved it again and then blasted loads three and four over her forehead and into her hair. He slid his hand up and down his cock, milking a few more drops of cum, dripping them over her cheek.

He looked at her face and she had cum running down her cheeks from the blast between her eyes and there was cum slowly seeping out of the sides of her mouth. He also saw white streaks in her dark hair. He saw her mouth was full so he turned her head to the side and his cum poured out of her mouth into the sheet. Well, this was a mess. He thought about last time and having to clean up but now he thought they would not have to do that. This bitch hottie knew exactly what she was doing and she set this up. She wanted him and Charlie to do whatever they wanted to her and her friend so he figured they could be as messy as they wanted.

He stepped back and looked up. Charlie was now unbuckling his pants and dropping them. The girl’s legs were spread wide open before Charlie. Billy moved around the bed to get a better look. He sat in a chair and watched Charlie lift her legs and place his cock over her wide open pussy. Billy saw Charlie move his hips and get his cock to nestle between her lips. Charlie moved a little and Billy saw the head of his cock slide into her. She was wet and Billy thought that was probably from Charlie and his snacking.

“Billy, this one is so nice. God, you have to feel this.” Charlie said and looked at Billy.

Billy smiled and knew he would be in her soon. He watched Charlie slowly slide his entire cock into the young blonde girl. Charlie pushed his crotch against hers and moved his hips. He was grinding into her, pushing his cock deep into her small body. Billy wondered if she was on the pill. A small as she was and with as deep as Charlie was grinding into her he wouldn’t be surprised if Charlie wasn’t sliding right into her uterus. That would be a special delivery right into her womb. She would make a pretty mom, Billy thought about a cute little baby sucking on those tits.

Charlie pulled back and started to hammer her. Her boobs moved on her chest as he drilled her young pussy. Charlie was groaning and moaning as he fucked her. Billy knew he wouldn’t last long and sure enough Charlie growled and pushed hard into her and froze. Billy could see his ass clinch and he knew he was pumping her small pussy full of cum. Charlie pulled back slowly and Billy saw her pussy snap shut instantly, trapping Charlie’s seed. He lowered her legs and stepped back. He pulled up his pants and sat in a chair.

“Billy, this is unbelievable. That was amazing. I don’t know if I will ever be able to fuck an older lady after this. I love young pussy!” He said.

Billy laughed.

“Charlie, you will never turn down a pussy, no matter how old it is.” Billy said.

“Well, that is true, but it will be a while before anything tops this.” He said.

Billy felt his cock twitch and he figured he needed to check out this birthday girl. He stood up and walked over to her. She was gorgeous, her pretty legs open and her pussy shining with Charlie’s saliva and cum. Her tits just begging to be sucked and squeezed and her perfect face capping it all off. Billy climbed up and

straddled her chest. He dropped his soft cock between her boobs and squeezed them together. His cock disappeared and he played with her boobs. He pinched and flicked her nipples. They hardened under his fingers. He leaned over and kissed her lips softly. This was wonderful. It was nice to play with her boobs and pussy but there something special about kissing her. He wanted to do that before anyone messed her face up like he had done to the bitch hottie.

He ran his tongue around her young mouth and kissed her hard. His cock was responding and the sat back up. He grabbed her boobs and fucked them for a minute, his cock hitting her lips as he drove through her tits. He got completely hard and jumped off the bed. He got between her legs and slid his hands behind her knees. He lifted her legs and looked down at her pussy. He moved his hips so that his cock as touching her and then pushed forward slowly. He wanted to feel every inch of this and he fought the urge to just slam into her. He slid into her slowly and her young pussy wrapped around his cock.

He felt like he was back in that tight warm tunnel. God, she was tight. Charlie was right about young pussy. You couldn’t beat it. He slid back a little and then back in. God, this was nice. He got into a rhythm and watched her boobs bounce as he ripped in and out of her pussy. He kept up the pace for a while, the load he dumped on the bitch hottie’s face relieved the instant pressure and now he was able to go for a while. He moved his hands around and grabbed her thighs. They were soft and warm and he loved the way they felt. He kept slamming her and watched her boobs bounce and her face move with his thrusts. He tried to burn this image into his brain.

Billy felt his orgasm move slowly up his legs so he sped up the pace, trying to get more strokes in her before he finished. He slammed into her and deposited his second load of the day into her young hole. He stayed inside her as he softened. He didn’t want to ever leave this pussy. He held her legs tight against his chest. He sensed movement and then he saw Charlie walk around the bed and over to the bitch hottie.

“Damn, Billy, you messed up her face.” Charlie said.

“Sorry about that.” Billy said and stayed in the young blonde.

Charlie pulled bitch hottie’s panties off and tossed them over on the pile he had picked up off the floor. He turned her over onto her stomach and pulled her hips up. He smacked her ass a couple of times.

“That is one nice ass.” Charlie said.

“Billy, you gonna fuck her up the ass again today?” Charlie asked.

“That would be my plan.” Billy said and laughed.

Charlie lined his cock up and speared her pussy from the back. He held her hips and started slamming into her. Billy heard the skin slapping together as Charlie pounded her. Charlie was hitting her hard and Billy saw her head slide up and down the bed under Charlie’s power. He looked at her face and wondered if this is what she wanted. Did she enjoy getting fucked by two old men as she slept? Obviously so as it was pretty evident that she set this all up. Who was he to question? He grabbed his sore cock and watched Charlie rip her young pussy.

Charlie fucked her for at least five minutes and then groaned and filled her up. He popped her butt and then pushed her over on the bed. She landed on her side with her legs bent and spread a little. Billy could see her pussy seeping Charlie’s seed. He grabbed his pants and pulled them back on. He would need a little rest but hey, he had all day for that.

“Charlie, let’s get all the equipment out of here.” Billy said.

“Sure boss, if you are sure we won’t need it to clean up any messes.” Charlie said.

Billy remembered how he sucked most of the cum out of her pussy and ass last time. There would be none of that today, he was planning on leaving both of these girls covered in cum. He thought they would enjoy that, he knew he would.

“Nope, we won’t be needing to clean up anything this time.” Billy said.

“Whatever you say.” Charlie said and walked out into the hall.

They carried everything out of the house and loaded the truck. Billy looked at his watch. It was 10:00. They had only been there for two hours and he had already came twice. Fuck, this was going to be a long day. She did say she wanted them to order a pizza so he assumed the same kid would come back. He figured she set that up too. She was quite the minx, their little bitch hottie. At least they would have some relief at lunchtime. As horny as he was and as fine as those girls were he still didn’t think he could fuck them more than a couple more times and he really did want them to take as much cum as could get into them, regardless of where it came from.

Billy thought of calling some of the guys from the office but he quickly pushed that out of his mind. He didn’t want too many people knowing about this and he sure didn’t want to share this with any of those idiots. Yeah, he would rather find some strangers than any of those guys. He threw some more equipment into the van and saw an older guy walk by with this dog. He nodded to him and wondered if he would like to sink his old dick into the little bitch inside. She probably has been teasing this poor old fuck her whole life. He changed his mind again when he thought more about it. No, not a good idea for the neighborhood to find out about this either.

The old guy walked by and Billy walked back into the house. Charlie was going up the stairs. He wondered how many more times Charlie would be able to cum today. He was a few years younger than Billy and surely had more experience around pussy. This would be interesting to find out. He started up the stairs. He peeked again into the master bedroom and shook his head. Rich fucks, it pissed him off again and he needed to fuck that rich bitch again just to make himself feel better. He wondered what mommy and daddy would say if they could see their little princess now.

Billy walked into the bedroom and Charlie was fucking the blonde again. He chuckled, well, here goes number three for today. Charlie had her legs bent way back. Billy noticed her knees were actually touching the bed on each side of her pretty face. Her feet were dangling in the air and Charlie was drilling straight down into her. He was kinda amazed as he watched Charlie’s big cock disappear into her small body. She was little, he figured barely over five feet and her face was so young looking he was not surprised she was 14, it was her party after all. Holy fuck, the thought, what where they doing? This girl was 13 just yesterday! He watched Charlie slam his cock deep into the little blonde and his own cock lurched. The blood rushing to his cock washed away the worry.

Billy sat on the bed and rolled the bitch hottie onto her back. He touched her pussy and it was slick. He slid his finger up and down her slit. She was warm and wet. He played with her young pussy as he watched Charlie’s cock sink into the small blonde over and over. He reached over with his other hand and pushed her blonde hair out of her face. She looked almost peaceful even though she was getting fucked really hard. He wondered if she had ever gotten fucked this much and this hard before. He doubted it, the young guys today were so sensitive and awkward. Sometimes these little bitches just needed to get fucked and he and Charlie were here to help them out with that.

He touched her soft lips and then slid his finger into her mouth and then out. He had a devious thought and then took his finger out of bitch hottie’s pussy and slid it into the blonde’s mouth. He did it again and made sure he got a little cum out of her pussy and then painted the blonde’s lips with cum from her friend’s pussy. He got a kick out of that for some reason. He wondered if these two little sluts had tasted each other’s pussies yet. Well, they would today although he doubted they would remember it. He wondered again about that. He didn’t think the bitch hottie knew what they did last time but it seems she knew more than he thought. He looked at both of their faces. There was no way they were faking, they were definitely out.

Charlie watched Billy feed the blonde cum from her friend’s pussy and this pushed him over the edge. He was drilling this little girl into the bed and his cock exploded into her again. He held himself in her and dumped another couple of loads. He put his feet back on the floor and stood up. His cock flopped out of her hole. Her pussy snapped back closed, albeit a little bit slower than last time. He lowered her legs and they hung over the bed again. He saw the remote on the nightstand and looked at the wall. Fuck, how he not seen that before? There was a huge flat screen on the wall. He picked up the remote and turned it on.

The picture was incredible. He sat on the bed against the headboard and changed the channel to ESPN. His cock almost got hard from looking at the picture but it would need more than a huge HD picture to get hard again. He reached over and grabbed the blonde under the arms and slid her up into his lap. He leaned back and watched Sportscenter as he played with her wonderful tits. Billy laughed out loud at Charlie. This had to be close to paradise for him. ESPN and pussy together? Yep, paradise.

Billy stood up and pulled his pants and underwear off. He pulled the bitch hottie to the edge of the bed and got between her pretty legs. Billy looked down at her and marveled at how pretty she was. He and Charlie were obviously obsessed with the blonde but this girl was still special. Her face was gorgeous and her dark hair gave her a look of mystery and spunk. Her body was rocking and Billy could think of no way to improve it. Yes, this girl was going to make a lot of guys happy in her lifetime. She was sure making him happy today. He felt his cock lurch and the old boy was ready for more action. He touched her thighs and slipped his hands under her knees. He lifted her legs and wondered if she was as limber as her little friend. He pushed her legs down and her knees touched the bed next to her face just like the blonde. Billy looked down and saw her hips lifted off the bed, like her pussy was being offered to him. He chuckled. Well, if you insist darling, he thought and slipped his cock into her tight cunt. Cunt, that was the first time that word had entered his mind today. Women hated that word so he tried not to use it too much. However, looking down at her as his cock was buried in her and he thought all this was to him right now was a cunt. A perfect word for the moment.

He moved slowly in and out of her. He did not want to hammer her, he wanted to see how long he could last in this wonderful pussy. He looked at Charlie. He was watching replays of last night’s baseball and playing with the blonde’s nipples. She looked like she was relaxing with her boyfriend as her arms were out over Charlie’s legs, her head against his stomach and her legs straight out. Yes, a little girl asleep in her boyfriend’s lap. Billy laughed to himself and kept his slow rhythm in and out of his bitch hottie. He wasn’t close to cumming, he wondered if he even had any cum left. He concentrated on the feeling, he closed his eyes and tried to feel every nerve in his cock as he slid in and out of her.

Her pussy was so nice. It was still relatively tight even though Charlie had already reamed it out once today. Billy wondered how many cocks had been in this cunt. He remembered the pizza kid saying he didn’t think anyone had ever got in her pants. Hmmm….so she is a tease at school and lets old carpet guys fuck her over and over? Interesting. Billy’s cock was in heaven as it slid in and out of the young girl. He watched her pretty face move slightly as he fucked her. He watched her perfect boobs bounce slightly as an old cock ripped in and out of her teenage pussy. He was just about in heaven, he could think of nothing better at the moment.

Unfortunately for Billy his body betrayed him and he came again in the young brunette. He held his cock inside her as he pumped more seed into her womb. He wondered if she would get pregnant, he was almost sure she was on the pill, most respectable bitch hotties were. But, he thought of what the kid had said, that he didn’t know of anyone that had gotten in her pants. She was not a virgin but Billy felt like there was definitely a small group of guys who had buried their meat in this young thing. He slipped his softening cock out of her and lowered her legs. He pulled his pants back on and slipped his now sore cock back in. He was going to need a rest. He was definitely not done with these girls but he would have to recharge for a little while.

His stomach rumbled and he asked Charlie if he was hungry yet. Charlie said he was starving, he had forgotten to eat breakfast. Billy figured poor Charlie could only think of pussy this morning and totally spaced eating. He chuckled and headed downstairs. He found the money on the counter and a pizza menu was under it. He noticed it was the same place they had ordered from last time. This little bitch was incredible. He wondered if she knew they had gotten a pizza last time and he wondered if she knew the pizza guy had fucked her too. He picked up the $50 bill and looked for the phone.

Billy ordered two large pizzas and they said they would be there in 45 minutes. He looked at the clock and it was 11:00. Time flies when you are having fun and man were they having fun. He felt his cock lurch a little but it was still sore and soft. He wished he was about 20 years younger. Boy, would he have worn these girls out if this had happened then. He smiled as he remembered all the pussy he had when he was young. He remembered there were some nice ones but he did not think any of them were as nice as the little cunt sleeping upstairs. Then when you added in her blonde friend it was no contest. Yes, this was the best thing that had happened to him in his life in the pussy department. He walked over and opened the refrigerator.

He saw a bunch of bottles of that fancy beer. He grabbed a bottle and popped it open. It tasted great sliding down his throat. He grabbed another bottle and headed back upstairs. He walked into the pink bedroom and Charlie was still watching TV and playing with the blonde’s tits. Her nipples were hard as Charlie flicked and squeezed them. She had not moved and she still looked like the girlfriend relaxing on her boyfriend. Billy handed Charlie a beer to complete Charlie’s heaven. ESPN, young pussy, and now a cold beer? It didn’t get much better than this.

Charlie took the beer and took a big drink. He smacked his lips and lowered the beer onto her belly. He pushed her boob around with the cold beer and then held it to her chest.

“Billy, did you order the pizza?” Charlie asked.

“Yeah, the bitch left $50 for the pizza.” Billy said.

“Wow, did you call the same place?” Charlie asked with a sly grin.

Billy knew what Charlie was wondering. Would the same kid deliver the pizza? Billy kinda hoped so, he liked the kid and he needed someone else to fuck this girl while he rested.

“Yeah, she left the flyer under the money.” Billy said and he wondered again about that.

“Wouldn’t that be funny?” Charlie said.

“Yeah.” Billy said.

Billy sat on the bed and looked at the brunette. Her face was tilted to the side and still sort of covered in cum. Her nipples were soft and he touched one with his beer. He watched it harden under the cold bottle. He touched the other one and it hardened too. He pinched the first one and it was soft yet firm. He grabbed it and jiggled it around, her boob bouncing beneath. Her boobs were so pretty. He jiggled the other one and then ran his hand over her tight belly. He sat on the bed and leaned back against the head board. The TV was amazing, he had to admit.

They watched ESPN for a while and then Billy heard the doorbell. He got up and went downstairs. He opened the door and the same kid was standing there holding two pizza boxes. He smiled at Billy.

“Hey Kid, long time.” He said.

“Yeah, I figured it was you guys again. These people so rarely order pizzas.” The kid said.

Billy noticed two other young guys standing behind the kid and nodded.

“Oh yeah, these are two friends of mine. They weren’t doing anything so I told them they could come along. Sometimes I can use help delivering pizza.” The kid said and smiled.

Billy thought about it for a minute. He was not too crazy about too many people knowing what was happening but then again the bitch set it all up so why was he so nervous. The guys looked young and he figured they had plenty of cum to help with his goal.

“Yeah, that’s ok. We could all use some help today.” Billy said and the kid smiled.

Billy opened the door and they walked in. He noticed the kid looking around and he chuckled.

“Put one of the pizzas on the counter and bring the other one.” Billy said.

“Bring it where?” The kid said but Billy was already walking up the stairs.

They all followed Billy up the stairs and down the hall. He walked into the pink room and stepped aside. All of the boys looked like they had seen a ghost. Their mouths were hanging open. Billy had to laugh a little as he watched them walk closer to the bed. He saw Charlie lift his beer to them but he kept watching TV and playing with the blonde’s boobs.

“Holy Fuck, Jimmy, do you know who this is?” Billy heard one of the boys say as he was looking at the blonde.

“This is fucking Sheila Price. I don’t fucking believe this. Look at those tits, they have been haunting me all year. Oh man, this is incredible.” The young guy said and he had his hands on his head.

“Sheila Price? Are you serious?” The other kid ran around the bed and looked down at the blonde.

“Son of a bitch! Jimmy, the fucking freshman homecoming queen is lying here naked in front of us. This is prime pussy guys.” The second kid said.

“Mister, what are you guys doing? Did you actually fuck her?” The second kid said and Billy smiled.

“Well, we are here to clean the carpets and when we came up here these two had taken a few pills and were out cold. So yeah, we fucked them.” Billy said.

“Wow, that is fucking unbelievable. Mister, do you think we could fuck her too?” The kid said with a hint of desperate hope in his voice.

“Kid, you can fuck her all day if you would like. You can fuck them both if you want.” Billy said and he thought the kid might pass out.

“Mister, you are the king, we owe you so big. I have been dreaming of fucking this stuckup cunt since 6th grade. Shit, the entire class was dreaming of that but she was dating that lump-headed football player so no one could get near her. This is incredible.” The kid said.

Billy noticed the first kid looking at his bitch hottie very closely.

“Man, I think this chick is Sam Lovell. She went out with my brother last year. She had been about as untouchable as Sheila. Jimmy, is it her?” The kid asked the pizza kid.

“Yeah, that does sound right and the name is Lovell. I just know her from delivering here for the last few years. Her Mom is a nuclear bitch and this little cunt is not far behind. I had heard things about her from the guys at the store. They said she was a super tease but did not put out for anyone. I don’t even think she dated anyone.” Jimmy, the pizza kid said.

“Holy fuck, we have Sam Lovell and Shelia Price naked in front of us. My dick is going to explode.” The first kid said and rubbed his crotch.

The first kid looked at Billy.

“Mister, can we fuck them now?” he said.

Billy laughed and took the pizza box. He sat on the bed next to Charlie with the box in his lap.

“Kid, all I want to do is eat some of this pizza right now, you can do whatever you want.” Billy said and opened the box.

Billy no sooner uttered the words before the first kid had his pants down and his cock out. He was between the bitch hottie’s legs, I guess her name was Sam. He lifted her left leg and put his cock at the edge of her pussy. Billy watched the kid slide his cock around her sloppy pussy and then slide it in. The kid cocked his head back and groaned.

“Man, this is nice pussy. It is so nice and tight and warm. I think my dick is in heaven.” The kid said and bottomed out in the hottie.

He was holding both of her thighs now and rubbing down them. He saw the kid reach down and squeeze her tits. He was bending her legs towards her head as he did this. These chicks were definitely flexible. Billy took a piece of pizza and handed it to Charlie. He took another one and took a bite. The pizza was really good too, yes, this was turning out to be pretty much a perfect day. The kid was now pumping the bitch hottie but he was going pretty slow. Billy thought he was probably trying to prolong it.

“Mister, can we fuck this one now?” The second kid said to Charlie.

“Sure kid, I am done with her for the moment.” Charlie said and lifted his arms.

The second kid walked to the edge of the bed, grabbed her tiny feet and pulled her off of Charlie. Billy saw Charlie’s limp dick and he figured even Charlie needed a rest. The second kid pulled her till her ass was on the edge of the bed and lifted her legs. He held them open and looked at her pussy. Billy figured he was trying to burn that image into his brain.

“Man, this is amazing. Sheila Price’s pussy wide open in front of me. I will have to create a bucket list just to put this on it.” The kid said and Billy laughed.

“Jimmy, can we take a picture of this? No one is going to fucking believe us.” The kid said.

The pizza kid looked at Billy. Billy thought about it for a minute. He shook his head and then came to his senses, they were fucking two 14 year olds, they did not need proof floating around.

“No, kid, that would not be very smart, considering their ages if you know what I mean.” Billy said and took another bite of pizza.

Billy saw the pizza kid slap the other kid on the back of the head. The kid yelped but did not lose his rhythm in and out of the blonde. He was still smiling he was sliding his cock up her slick hole. He buried it in her.

“Fuck I am balls deep in Sheila Price. Son of a bitch, this is nice pussy. It is exactly what I thought it would be like.” The kid said and then started fucking her.

Billy watched the bitch hottie’s and the blonde’s tits shake as the two kids fucked them. It was a nice sight. He took another bite of pizza. Both kids finished quickly and added their contribution to each girl’s pussy. They pulled out and the pizza kid got into the blonde. He fucked her really hard and came inside her really fast. Billy figured their first loads would be quick being so young and excited.

It didn’t take them long to start fucking them again. Billy felt his cock start to come to life as the boys finished their second rounds. Billy saw the first kid pull out of the blonde and blast her face with cum. He was amazed at how much he had for his second orgasm so close together. Her face was about covered. It was on her nose and cheeks and a big glob was in her left eye. Billy figured it was time to show these kids how it was done. He got up off the bed and walked over to the blonde.

The boys were standing around trying to get hard again. He flipped her over onto her stomach. Her ass was nice as her legs stuck out over the bed. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to her knees. Her head was still down on the bed so her ass was really sticking up in the air. He spread her cheeks and looked at her tiny asshole. He touched it and it was tight as a vice. He tried to stick his finger in but no way. This was going to be fun.

He scooped some cum out of her pussy and dripped it on her asshole. He worked it into her ass and then he was able to slide a finger in barely. He pushed it deeper and eventually got it all the way in.

“Mister, please don’t tell me you are going to fuck her ass.” The first kid said.

“Yep, that is exactly what I am going to do.” Billy said and the kid jumped in the air.

“Mother fucker, holy shit.” The kid said with his hands on his head.

Billy grabbed his cock. It was still getting hard. He slipped it into her pussy and coated it with plenty of cum and juices. He pulled it out and put it at the entrance to her ass. It was so small and his cock looked huge poised at the entrance. He felt it get rock hard.

He pushed and the head barely slid in. He saw her ass fight to keep him out even while she was out cold. He pushed again and he got the head in, her ass was straining but it was opening for him. He pushed really hard and his cock slid all the way into the young blonde’s ass. This had to be a virgin ass, it was like a vice around his cock. He held himself inside her, allowing her ass to get used to him. He grabbed his beer and took a big gulp. He smiled and the kids were all staring at him. Charlie laughed.

“Kid, can you hold this for a minute? I need to fuck this ass up.” He said and handed his beer to the first kid.

He grabbed the blonde’s hips and got his feet set. He was going to really drill this bitch now that he knew she was a stuckup cunt. He remembered plenty of girls from school like that and he was going to fuck them all. The fact that she was a homecoming queen just added to the fantasy. He pulled out of her butt slowly and then slammed it back in. It was still a little dry. He scooped some more cum out of her pussy and pulled his cock out. He coated his cock again and then pushed some cum in her ass. He ran his finger around and then drove his cock back up her butt. He wondered how much she would be screaming if she was awake. Little stuckup cunts as a rule did not like to get fucked up the butt.

Billy got into a good rhythm now that her ass was lubricated enough. He watched her little ass pullout with his cock and then collapse back in when he drove it back in. It was a nice sight and the fact that he had a gorgeous ass to hold onto was a plus. He closed his eyes and just hammered the young blonde’s butt. After about 3 or 4 minutes of solid fucking he opened his eyes and saw that the boys were all hard again. They were holding their cocks in their hands, it looked like they were in line. He guessed they actually were.

Billy felt his orgasm coming finally and he was a little glad, his cock was getting a little raw. This young asshole needed to be stretched out a little. He figured by the end of the day she would be. His cock spasmed and he shot a blast deep into her ass. He pushed deep and fired another load into her. He held on while his cock shrunk and then slid it out. Her ass clamped shut Immediately. He stepped away and she fell over on her side. Her ass was nice, he thought as he looked at it pointing at him.

Billy sat back on the bed and watched the pizza kid line up the blonde and drive his cock in her butt. He went in pretty easily, he was a little smaller than Billy and he was sliding in on Billy’s cum. The kid hit her hard, Billy heard the skin slap as he slammed into her. He was taking a little frustration out on her obviously. This little bitch was going to feel this tomorrow. The kid powered into her over and over, each stroke deep and hard. He pushed deep and let out a huge groan. More lubrication, Billy thought.

The kid stepped back and the first kid grabbed her hips, she didn’t even have time to fall over. He slammed his cock up her butt with no problem. Billy thought she might also getting a little stretched out. The first kid hammered her hard too. These guys were really enjoying fucking this chick in the ass, there was something symbolic about it. He chuckled as he thought of all these guys knowing they took her ass for the rest of their life. The high school reunions should be fun. The first kid finished and the second one got in her in a manner of seconds. He really took deep strokes, when he pulled out he looked like he was winding up to drive it back into her. He drilled her butt for about 5 minutes and filled her up. He pulled out and her ass closed pretty quick, it was not losing too much flexibility.

Billy watched her fall over on the bed and her ass landed very close to the bitch hottie’s face. Billy felt a little sorry for the bitch hottie. She was sort of being ignored by the boys. It was understandable since they knew the blonde girl but Billy still felt she was being looked over. He knew at least he was going to use however many fucks he had left on her. He looked down at his poor soft cock and he didn’t know if had any left at all.

He saw the pizza kid talking to his friends. They seemed excited and he saw their young cocks start to get hard again. God, the power of youth, he thought. Pizza kid put the first boy on the bed and they picked up the blonde and put her on top of him, belly to belly. He saw her huge boobs squash against his chest. Pizza kid then got on the bed behind her. He bent her legs and pushed her knees forward. Billy saw her ass cheeks spread a little and he saw her pussy and ass, they were both wet and looked to be leaking cum. She was a mess.

The kid under her grabbed his cock and slid it into her slick pussy. Billy saw her lips open easily to let him in. He then grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. His cock slid up deep and Billy saw the kid’s balls up against her ass. Pizza kid moved closer, spread her ass cheeks and lined his cock up with her ass. Billy saw him slide his cock into her butt. He was surprised at how easily it went in. Yep, this girl was definitely stretched out now. He was pretty sure her ass was virgin before today and now she was taking a cock up there with ease.

It looked really hot to see her double-teamed. Billy walked around the side and saw closeup of both cocks lodged in her. The other kid got in front of her and grabbed her hair. He pulled her head up off the guy below her and slid his cock into her mouth. Billy felt his cock flinch. He didn’t think he had ever seen anything so hot. He had seen plenty of porn and seen many scenes like this but none of them involved a gorgeous 14 year old homecoming queen. He kept watching as the boys brutalized her young body. He saw her boobs hanging in the face of the kid below her and he was squeezing and biting them. The boy in her mouth was pushing his cock into her throat. Billy saw it bulge when the kid pushed it in. He did start to wish he had a few pictures of that.

But he thought the hottest thing was seeing a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time. There was a lot of cock meat close together and both slamming into her body. The kids fucked her hard for at least 10 minutes. Again that youth thing. The kid in her ass came first and he pulled out. Her ass was definitely leaking now, he saw cum running down her ass and bathing the cock running in and out of her pussy. The kid below had better leverage now and he grabbed her hips and he was really hammering her cunt. The kid in her mouth was moving slower, Billy thought he was trying to extend how long he could keep his cock in that pretty mouth.

The kid in her pussy slammed deep and held her ass. He heard the kid groan and Billy knew he was blasting another load in her. The kid in her mouth pushed deep into her throat and shot a few loads into her belly. He pulled out and then the kid below pushed her off quick before any cum dripped n him from her mouth. Billy saw her limp body fall of the bed and crumple on the floor. She landed on her back. Cum was running out of the side of her mouth.

The kids started pulling on their pants.

“Dude, that was so fucking hot. Thanks for letting us join in. We will remember this forever.” Pizza kid said.

“No problem.” Billy said.

Each of the kids high-fived him and left the room. Billy looked at Charlie. His cock was sticking straight up and he was rubbing it.

“Billy, that was incredible. That looked so fucking hot.” Charlie said.

“Yeah, it was pretty fucking cool.” Billy said and he felt his cock getting hard quickly.

He figured he one fuck left in him. He wasn’t sure what to do with it. He looked at the blonde on the floor and then to the hottie on the bed. The blonde was hot but there was something about the bitch hottie that got Billy going. He walked over and stood before her. She was on her back with her legs spread a little. He saw her face still had a little cum on it. Her tits were red and a little wet, god knows with what. Her pussy was a mess, it was soaked and leaking cum. Billy rubbed his now hard cock and tried to figure out what hole he would use.

“Billy, you want to try to double-team her? It looked hot when the kids did it.” Charlie said.

“Sure, what hole do you want?” Billy asked.

“I’ll take the pussy, I know you like her ass.” Charlie said.

Billy smiled, he did like her ass. It was still tight and he liked the way her butt cheeks moved as he fucked her ass.

“Deal.” Billy said and flipped the hottie over on her belly.

He looked at her ass and it was nice and plump, especially in this position. He rubbed her cheeks and down her legs. She was special.

Charlie slid down to the middle of the bed.

“Ok Billy, slide her over here.” Charlie said.

Billy grabbed her under the arms and pulled her over Charlie. Charlie held onto her and Billy grabbed her legs and pulled them over Charlie. Charlie grabbed her butt and positioned her over his cock. Billy got behind her and pushed her legs forward so they were bent around Charlie. Billy spread her ass cheeks and saw his favorite hole. It was not as tight and pristine as when he first looked at it last week but it was still closed. He moved his hips until his cock was pointing right at the target. He pushed and he slid in like a knife through butter. She was still tight but she was so lubricated will all the cum that he just slid right on in and bottomed out right away.

Charlie lifted her hips a little and lined his cock up with her sloppy pussy. He pushed up into her and she was a little tighter than last time. Charlie figured it was because her ass was full of Billy’s cock. Billy pulled out and slid back in and Charlie felt him through her pussy. Charlie pushed in and out and then they got on a rhythm and punished her ass and pussy. Billy’s cock was almost numb by now so he felt he could fuck her forever. Charlie was not even sure he could cum again.

They wore out the bitch hottie for at least 10 minutes and then Billy felt his cock start to tingle. He jammed it deep in her butt and shot one last load of cum deep inside her. He stayed in her butt until Charlie came also. Billy pulled out and then Charlie pushed her over on the bed. She fell over and landed on her side, her right leg over her left. Billy could see her pussy and ass in this position and they were both wet and leaking cum. She was well fucked for sure, he thought. He hoped she was pleased. He slid his poor sore cock in his pants.

Charlie got dressed and they stood next to the bed looking at the girls.

“Charlie, we can’t leave her on the floor.” Billy said.

“Yeah, I guess not.” Charlie said and walked over to the blonde.

Billy had an idea and flipped the hottie’s leg over until she was flat on her back on the bed. He spread her legs a little. She still looked hot even with cum all over her. He walked over and grabbed the right arm and leg of the blonde. Charlie grabbed her left arm and leg and they carried her over the bed and placed her over the hottie. They made sure the blonde’s face was directly over the hottie’s pussy. They also lined her pussy up right over the hottie’s face.

Billy looked and spread the blonde’s legs a little to get her pussy to open up a little. Billy saw cum start to leak out of her and drip onto the hottie’s face. He saw a little leaking out of her ass and dripping down too. He smiled. He walked over to the blonde’s face. He lifted her by the hair. Her mouth hung open. He reached down and scooped a handful of cum out of the hottie’s pussy and spread it over the blonde’s face. He did it a couple more times until her face was coated and her hair a little wet. He dropped her face back down, making sure it was right in the hottie’s pussy.

He thought they looked perfect.

“Charlie, let’s get out of here.” Billy said.

“Yeah, I never thought I would ever say this but I don’t think I can fuck anymore today.” Charlie said.

Billy laughed out loud.

“Well, hell must definitely be frozen over.” Billy said.

They walked out of the pink bedroom, locked the bedroom door and down the stairs. He thought it was nice to lock the door in case the parents came home before they woke up. Part of him sort of wished the parents would find them like this but he thought better. He got in the truck and headed back to the office with his paperwork.


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That was a marathon of sex! Tired me out while reading it! LOL. I am definitely interested in how this will unfold in the next chapter.

Good Job!

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