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It was a beautiful Monday morning as Kenzi arrived at Game Shakers for work. She loved summer vacation thinking that it was just her and Babe for the next month as Triple G and his dad Double G were off on tour with his entourage. Kenzi walked into the Game Shakers building and went sit at her computer. Her best friend Babe was already there sitting in a comfy bean bag chair with her computer at her side and a strange metal frame around her head and plugged into her computer. Good morning Kenzi how was your weekend , great but quiet how about yours Babe. Babe smiled said , it was great this man came to me Friday night and gave me this device claiming it was a new gaming device but I saw its actual potential. Looking puzzled Kenzi said what is it good for Babe , well babe smiled you remember all the problems caused me , getting between me and my true love and interfering in my business with Double G , this device is going to help me get revenge.

Looking puzzled Kenzi said revenge yes Babe told her , first I love the way you always wear your slutty short skirted outfits everyday teasing the poor boys with glimpses of your treasures. Do you even realize how often Double and Triple G walked around here with painful erections or that you did the same to Bunny and Ruthless. Well I don’t think you went far enough you could be dressed in less. Babe switched on the device and all of a sudden Kenzi had no control over her body. Kenzi watched as her body got up and stripped completely , now standing nude in the center of the room. She took in the beauty of her young body , it’s dark tanned , soft , smooth skin. Her small four foot ten inch physically fit petite frame. She loved her dainty , tiny feet that she kept manicured up her tight fit and toned legs. Her soft , clean shaven pussy with dark folds that would open when she was aroused to expose her pink interior with lips that would moisten at the least provocation. Then her regard moved up slipping past her flat toned abdomen then up to her small but firm and fleshed out b-cup breasts nicely topped with quarter sized dark aureoles topped with more than adequately sized nipples.

Moving up to take in her head she regarded her thick , wavy , below the shoulders silky black hair. Her glasses only made her more attractive and draws attention to her beautiful dark brown eyes that sit under long thin plucked eyebrows. Her glasses sit comfortably on her small nose and over her sexy ears. Bringing us to her full luscious soft lips that seem to smile easily Kenzi now stood helpless before the world as Babe activated the rooms many cameras to stream the events to the internet. Babe had Kenzi go to the wardrobe and start pulling out clothing to dress in. First out came a beautiful sheer black , silk , short skirt. Then she pulled on a pair of dark silk thigh high stockings over that she pulled a black pair of knee high low heeled boots wrapping a silver chain around her ankle and a silver chain went around her waist. Next she pulled a sheer white silk two button sleeveless , collarless blouse and donned it , buttoning it up it left her abdomen exposed. She then went to a jewelry box opening it she pulled out a silver hair cuff that she used to pull her hair back into a ponytail and a silver chain bracelet that went around her wrist.

Now ready for the world Babe activated four flying camera that would follower Kenzi around catching all of Kenzis activities for posterity. Kenzi then walked out of the building and ended up down in the city where their bench had been put. Standing there a group of young women gathered around her. So your back one woman said I thought you were told this is our turf. Yeah so what are you going to do about it , Babe made Kenzi say. The woman looking her up and down laughed and yelled boys come out here. A group of large young men came out and looked inquiringly at her. Who wants this slut. A large black boy stepped forward and stripping exposed a massive already hard dick. Then an equally large Asian boy moved up also stripping exposing his large penis. Finally an attractive petite Latina walked up to Kenzi and said as she stripped , you are going to eat my cunt until I fill your mouth with my cum. The three grabbed Kenzi and tearing her clothes off of her readied her to be fucked. Laying down the Asian was ready as the black boy picked Kenzi up and shoved her down onto the Asians penis.

Letting her mind go Kenzi screamed as her asshole was filled to bursting. Then the Asian pulled her down on top of him and the black boy mounted her shoving his large cock deep into Kenzi smashing through her hymen removing her cherry for all to see as he pulled back his now blood coated penis. The two boys pounded into Kenzi unmercifully until they both unloaded a large amount of cum deep into Kenzi’s body. The petite Latina climbed up and straddling Kenzi's face forced her to start sucking and nibbling on her clit ultimately causing her to orgasm. Kenzi being raped by these three young people brought Kenzi to so many orgasms that she lost count and past out. The camera drones caught every second of Kenzi’s ordeal as the three continued to fuck and molest her for hours even after she lost consciousness. The streamed event became the highest rated most watched video for years to come. Game shakers became rich after they started producing adult sex oriented games starring avatars of Kenzi or her actual body depending on the game. When Dub and the others returned they took turns raping Kenzi for a weekend leaving her butt and cunt rubbed raw and gaping open. Her breasts were black and blue from the biting and abuse they heaped on them.

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I write what I feel at the time , they are slowly getting longer.


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