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Mavis Dracula once again considered her situation. She was centuries old but had stopped aging after puberty so she looked like a fourteen year old girl. This definitely didn’t promote dating except for attracting pedophiles. It was a dark night and Mavis was wandering down near the village when a glowing net dropped onto her. Men stepped out of the darkness and quickly bundled her into a waiting van. Once in the van the men put glowing cuffs on her wrists and ankles then removed the net. While the occupants did this the van drove to the airport and drove right into a waiting plane. The plane took off traveling to a large island in the Pacific off the coast of Australia. Once on the island the men took Mavis into a castle at the center of the lush tropical island. Mavis was taken into a large open underground area beneath the castle and left in a circle of glowing glyphs. Soon a circle of hooded robed men entered and one stepped forward took down his hood and explained to Mavis what was happening.

Mavis Dracula daughter of Evil the cuffs will keep your abilities in check and the circle will keep you imprisoned here as well as stopping outside forces detecting you. Why have you kidnapped me Mavis asked as she stood up. We have people who want to rent your services , there are many rich perverts in the world that want your child-like body for their perverted pleasures. No please Mavis begged I have saved myself for all these centuries, wonderful a virgin will bring us much more money. Men moved in and stripped her clothes from her leaving her naked in the center of the circle. Others moved out of the darkness and took photos of her nude body with special cameras. Mavis laughed vampires can't be photographed just like we have no reflections. The apparent leader told her these will they are special and will once developed make perfect pictures of you. Mavis looked out at the gathered men as they regarded her nude body. What they saw was a beautiful young girl with very pale , soft , smooth skin. Her petite , thin , frame that was four foot eight inches in height and weighed about seventy five pounds was very enticing.

She had shoulder length , silky , straight , black hair , that framed an oval face with a pointed but rounded chin. Her eyebrows were thin and well kept over black eyes that were naturally made up with dark tinted eye lids surrounded by a black kohl like substance. She had a small nose and full , luscious , blood red tinted lips that when parted two tiny fangs could be seen. Her breasts were nicely shaped full and firm but barely b-cupped size and her stomach was flat , firm , and displayed a solid six pack. Her pussy was smooth and clean shaven , with slightly parted nether lips that would open like a blooming flower with dew moistened petals. Moving down to her pale white long legs that ended in dainty well manicured feet with blood red polished toe nails that matched the polish on her long fingered hands. Her arms were firm , fit , and muscular appearing very sensual. Some of the men in the circle were already sporting erection that poked out of the folds of their robes. Please Mavis begged as she sobbed you don't need to do this , of course we don't need to do it we want to do it.

He laughed at her and said but don't worry we wouldn't sully our souls being the first to sample your charms. He yelled out bring in her companion and a large black stallion was led in by eight strong men that were forcing the stallion to approach Mavis. Mavis screamed and backed as far away as she could and the men grabbed her and dragged her to the horse strapped her so she hung under the stallions barrel then they stroked the horses cock until it extended enough that the head pushed at Mavis's vaginal entrance. Pleading for them to stop one man stepped forward and slapped the horse on the rump as the men holding the horses ropes released him. Leaping forward Mavis screamed as the horses lunge forward caused him to pierce her cunt taking her cherry from her she screamed even ,louder as the motion of the horse caused his dick to grow sliding deeper and deeper into her womb. Thankfully her vampiric healing ability kept repairing the damage. The stallion fled down a tunnel that led it to the castles courtyard where it was brightly lit by lights under a full moon. The stallion ran until it’s great heart gave out and it crashed to the ground on top of Mavis.

The men rushed forward releasing Mavis from the horse and fed her bags of blood until she was looking better. Mavis lay there groaning , and clutching her ruined groin that was slowly repairing itself. Please wasn't that enough haven't you put me through enough torture. Not nearly enough the leader stated as they hoisted her up and took her back into the basement where a bed was set up now and they threw her onto it then three men stepped up dropping their robes on the floor and they each picked a hole and violated her. The one that took her cunt gasped with surprise and said her cherry repaired itself. Laughing the head man exclaimed , so each of us get to take her cherry over and over again. The group kept Mavis as their sex slave for centuries passing her down from one generation to the next. Dracula , her husband , along with the other monsters searched for her but they never found her. Mavis finally gave in and started actively participating in all of the sick perverted sex acts that they came up with for her to perform.
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