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My alarm went off at 4 AM so I could catch an early flight to L.A and I hit the snooze button. Mark woke up, too, and disappeared under the covers. Then I watched and felt the lump that was Mark crawl down to my legs. Two hands pulled up my nightie and dragged off my panties. "You're such a naughty boy," I said, though we actually had a tradition to help each other wake up before the other one had an early departure.
Just so you know, this actually happened before Snow Storm II but my chat friend didn't tell me about this until I'd heard the other story: I'll continue to tell it from her point of view.

I'd been seeing Paul for 5 months for which I had no excuse as you know. Was I in love with two men?

Mark crawled between my legs and began licking me furiously as he pushed two fingers into my vagina. "Oh, Mark, Mark, Mark!" I exclaimed. This had to be a quickie, but that didn't me no foreplay at all.

"Okay, Okay," I begged, and Mark crawled up over me and pulled down the two straps of my nightie to expose my breasts under the covers. I helped guide his penis in as he arched his back and sucked on my nipples. The brief foreplay and his rapid, deep thrusts were enough to bring on my orgasm and it wasn't long before he moaned and I felt his release inside me.

We got into the shower and it felt so nice as he rubbed soap all over my body -- ALL over my body. I did the same for him and watched his cock come back to life. After we rinsed off, I turned around, bent over and held onto the two faucet handles. He entered me from behind.

It felt wonderful, but I didn't let him finish. Pulling away, I turned around and knelt as the warm shower washed over my head and body. I took his cock in my mouth and my bobbing head was met by his thrusts. It took a while, but I kept sucking on him as it became clear he was about to cum. He erupted in my mouth. I stood up, squeezed a little out on my lips for him to see and swallowed the rest. After I wiped off my face we stood there kissing.


The flight was uneventful and I arrived in my hotel around 6. I took another shower and called Mark before I went down to the welcome reception. i didn't want to keep him up late, what with the time difference and all. The reception was fairly typical: beer, wine and light snacks. That's when I met Jay, another engineer, though I didn't realize the significance until later. Several of us, including Jay, decided to go to dinner and hopped into taxis for a ride to a recommended place. Jay sat next to me in the back seat and again at dinner. He seemed like a nice man.

After dinner, I went back to my room and reviewed my presentation. Then I felt like a drink. I changed into a more casual skirt and printed blouse and wandered down to the bar. Jay was walking in at the same moment. We thought nothing of taking a table together, and I let him buy me a Manhattan. He was drinking an IPA. I found that I did like him and we enjoyed telling about our lives back home. He was married, too, and had two daughters. He was in the middle of telling me about their trip to Greece when last call came. 10 PM - awfully early - but we could see the bar had emptied out. We had just refilled our drinks.

"There's a sofa in my room, we could sit there and talk a little longer," I proposed. Maybe that was stupid for both of us, but he assented.

The sofa was really a love seat and we sat there shoulder to shoulder telling stories and sipping our drinks. Round 3 came from the mini-bar.

"I hope you don't feel to weird being in a lady's hotel room like this," I commented.

"It's OK," he said. "I like you."

"I like you, too, Jay," looking into his eyes. And then we were kissing.

We kissed for a while, our tongues sometimes playing, our arms pulling each other close. But he seemed to be holding back. I began to wonder if he had ever been with someone else after he married. I wasn't that used to it either, though Paul and me did use hotel rooms. So finally, I took one of his hands and put it on my breast.

He didn't pull his hand away and began rubbing there and squeezing gently. I found the bulge in his pants and started stroking him there. I moved his hand to my bare leg and hoped he would get more engaged. When he was still holding back, I dragged his hand up under my skirt and he did start stroking the silky fabric of my panties.

"You seem nervous," I asked. And he nodded.

"Would you like me to take off my clothes?"

"That would be nice." So I stood up in front of him and undid the top two buttons on my shirt. That did get his attention, especially when I put two hands on his shoulders and leaned in so he could look down my shirt. That was a bit of a tease since I still had a bra on.

Anyway, I stood back up and undid another button. Reaching around back under my shirt, I unclipped the bra. It was strapless so I was able to drag it out and wrap it around his neck. This time, when I let him peek down my neck, I sure he could see my nipples below my dangling boobs. Jay took a deep breath when I grabbed his cock again as I leaned in. He used one hand to grab one of my boobs through the fabric and we kissed until I was uncomfortable leaning over like that.

I stood up again, facing away from him while I undid the last two buttons and let my shirt fall open. Feigning modesty and holding my shirt closed with both hands, I turned to face him. Then as coyly as I could I slowly pulled the shirt open, first showing the full length of my cleavage, then exposing my nipples, and then pushing my fully exposed breasts together as I leaned toward his face. Freeing one hand I pulled his face into my chest and snuggled him there. It wasn't long before he was licking my nipples and sucking on them one at a time. It felt nice and he wasn't the only one who was aroused down below. They're 34D's boys, in case you wondered, and my areolas are dark to go with my black hair.

But I had promised to undress for him, something my husband loves me to do. So I stood up again and turned way. First, I dropped my blouse to the floor between us. Then bending forward and reaching under my skirt, but keeping it down, I pulled my panties down and as I stepped out of my shoes, I tossed the panties into his lap. I knew what he really wanted to see, so I pulled up the hem of my skirt to give him a brief glimpse before I stood back up.

I stood facing him and slowly unzipped the side of my skirt. It slid off and I was totally naked except for a necklace my husband had given me for my 34th birthday. I had forgotten to take if off when I went down for a drink and I didn't want to draw attention to it by taking it off now. I don't think Paul had ever seen me with it.

"You are so beautiful," Jay horse-whispered. I do still have a nice figure, and though I'm shaved between my legs, I keep a patch of fuzz in front for decoration.

And now I commanded, "Your turn," and proceeded to open the buttons on his polo shirt and pull both it and his undershirt off over his head. His dark brown hair was messed up and I smoothed it out with my fingers. Jay was trim and obviously fit, but not a muscle man - I found that very attractive. I ran my hands all over his chest as I kissed him all over his face, and ears, and neck, and lips. While we were kissing I reached down and tugged one shoe, then the next off his feet. Another bit of leather, his belt, came apart with a back and forth tug.

Kneeling in front of him, I opened his fly and rolled his pants down over his legs. I could see thru the fabric of his plain old-fashioned white jockeys that a wonderful big cock would be treating me soon. I rubbed it through the cloth for a few seconds and then wrapped my teeth around the bulge there. Oh yes it was hard!

Jay started moaning when I pulled his jockeys off and wrapped my lips around the side of his shaft. He loved it when i took his balls in my mouth one by one and he was in ecstasy when I took his cock fully into my lips. I let him thrust it deeper into my mouth, til I felt he was going to cum. But I wanted that to happen somewhere else.

"It's cold here. Maybe we should get into bed," I said and led him there. We pulled down the covers and climbed in. It was chilly, so we did pull the sheet up over us.

Jay was apparently feeling energized, and after laying on top of me while we kissed, he slid down my body under the covers. I watched the white mound that was him stop to suck on my breasts and then stop between my legs. I couldn't believe he was doing the same thing Mark had done that very same morning a continent away, a very long guilt trip away. But the attention Jay paid to my sexual desires put that out of my mind. He pushed my legs apart and held my pussy open with both hands as he lapped away in my ocean of wetness. First he licked the insides of my lips. Then he found and sucked on my flaming clit. His tongue circled my opening as I started to buck. Then two fingers were deep inside as he resumed his attention to my clit. God I wanted that lovely cock. "Now," I muttered. "Please." "Now."

Jay obediently climbed up over me again, his head emerging from the sheets.His cock was flat against my belly, and then, he started rubbing it against my pubic bone where I am oh so sensitive. I wasn't sure what he was waiting for, so I took his shaft in my hand and used it to rub my vulva and my clit. Then I brought it to my ready entrance. But he didn't press it in.

"I can't," he said, "I can't" and he pulled back and turned away from me. "Oh God, I'm so sorry," he almost sobbed. "I've never ... you know ... done anything ... like ... you know."

I was stunned, hurt, and truthfully a little angry, but I couldn't find any words. I watched him find his clothes over by the sofa and turned over and buried my face in my pillow so he wouldn't see me crying. The door quitely clicked closed a few seconds later.


The next morning, Jay was not in the first session of the conference; I hadn't seen him at the continental breakfast either. I was thinking, maybe he went home. But when I walked out into the hallway where all the conference rooms were, there was Jay standing in a far corner, obviously looking for me. A little nod. Well, frankly, I wasn't sure I wanted to acknowledge him, but then I couldn't be cruel. So I walked over.

"I'm so sorry about last night," he said.

"It's really OK," I replied. What else could I say, aside from what I was really thinking? An awkward silence. "Let's get some coffee." And that was all that was said. We filled our cups. Jay took a muffin and I took a cup of fruit.

But during the next session, my thoughts about the experience with Jay completely blocked my attention to the subject, which wasn't helped by the presenting post-doc's total lack of enthusiasm about his work. So I managed to sit next to Jay during the luncheon. And when everybody at the table had left for restrooms and next sessions, I told Jay, "You know, it was actually quite nice last night. Now that I know your limits, it would still be fun if you came by again."


I just smiled.


After dinner, I called Mark, told him about the conference and put him to bed with a little phone sex . Then I washed my hands, used a damp wash cloth below and waited. Jay's tentative knock came a half hour later.

As soon as the door swung shut, we started kissing. Jay seemed very enthusiastic and we certainly didn't need a long build-up on the sofa. I was already in a polo shirt and denim skirt and Jay removed both with barely a break in our kisses. As I undid the buttons on his shirt, he reached around behind me and expertly unhooked my bra. His hand was caressing me through my silky thong - OK I did change that after dinner - and I struggled to catch up with the job of pulling off his shirt and dropping his trousers to the floor. He took care of his own shoes and slid his jockeys off. His cock popped out and pointed straight out. And of course, I pushed him against the door, knelt in front of him and started sucking on him.

But he didn't want too much of that and pulled me back to my feet. He led me over to the bed - I had already pulled the covers down - and we laid down next to each other. We kissed for a few seconds until Jay rolled me onto my back, tore off my thong and moved on top of me. Once again he started rubbing his cock against my pubic bone and I wrapped my legs around him. I knew he had his limit, so I wondered what he would do next. Then he fumbled to grab his shaft, ran the tip down the wetness between my pussy lips and, reaching my opening, drove it all the way in! I don't think I've ever been more surprised to have a penis in my vagina!

"I ... I ..."

"I know," he said. His thrusts were rapid and strong.

"Yes, Yes, Yes," I moaned, "So good, So good," as my hips rocked up to meet every thrust. He began kissing me and massaging my boobs as we continued to fuck.

Then he stopped, turned me over and got me onto my knees. More thrusts, even deeper, even better as again he managed to play with my breasts.

I could tell he was about to cum. "Don't stop. Don't stop" His moans became more spasmodic.

"Inside you?" he rasped?

"Yes, Yes, in me, don't stop." The shots came one by one, and I felt my lubrication change as our juices mingled. I was so happy for us both as he collapsed out of breath on top of me - causing me to flop forward with him on my back til his softening organ finally popped out of me.

I managed to squirm out from under him and we lay side by side again kissing and caressing. "That was wonderful Jay. I'm so happy you came back tonight."

"Me too. But it didn't seem like you came?" It was true. I need at least some foreplay to have a really good orgasm but the passion of that moment made up for it. And I guess the earlier phone sex also meant I needed a bit more.

"Well, no, but it was still wonderful. And besides, the evening isn't over."

I took that as my cue to reverse my position so I could take his cock in my mouth and he could lick me. We laid on our sides like that; I had one knee up in the air. I loved smelling myself on him and the faint smell of his semen came through as well. He was already getting aroused and it didn't take long for his full erection to return in my mouth. I knew all of his juices had not stayed inside me, but it didn't seem to bother him at all. In fact, I felt him licking everything clean before he got serious mouthing my incredibly sensitized vulva and licking it with the tip of his tongue. He pushed two fingers in and took them out to swallow what was on them. Then they were back in. His finger thrusts and his tongue on my clit were sending me over the top.

Wave after wave of orgasm came over me well before he was ready to finish. So when my moment was over, I told him, "Don't stop, Don't stop." Even though I was not longer cumming, his mouth and tongue and fingers felt so wonderful.

Finally, his turn was arriving. He pulled out and said, "I'm cumming." I took his shaft in my fingers and wrapped my lips around it again. His eruptions filled my mouth, pulse by pulse. I swallowed most of it, but saved some to show him as I switched back around and we were face to face. I wiped that off on my arm and we began kissing. Slowly, gently, quietly murmuring. His hand was on my breast and his other arm held me close to him. Then that hand migrated down between my legs and lightly caressed me there. A warm glow covered my body..


We found ourselves naked in bed together when we awoke the next morning. It was getting late so we took care of our bodily functions and I watched Jay shave. The hotel was pretty classy and provided crude shaving supplies. I put the little razor into the shower area so it would look like I'd used it on my legs. Of course we washed each other off - isn't it wonderful the way the soap lets your hands glide over each others' bodies? And it didn't take long before Jay was hard again. I turned around and grabbed the faucet handles so he could take me from behind.

"You can use my rear if you want. But fuck me some first and just put some conditioner on things."

"Really? Wow"

And so he did.


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I’m glad he enjoyed your creampie. The sign of a true coxman. Love your story, keep writing.

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