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A story containing wanton violence, with increasing sexual themes as it progresses. Review if you would like this to continue. I do not make profit from this work of fiction, nor do I own the characters from the Pokemon franchise that are used in this story.
The fan, who had not known what the Machoke truly wanted to do with him, approached the buff Pokémon at his beckon. As he came, the Machoke wasted no time in exposing his stiff erection. Naturally, the male human that had come close, and everyone else who saw the impressive penis and testicles of the Fighting type gasped and shouted in surprise and disbelief, as they didn’t expect a breach of public morals, not even from a Pokémon.

The fan had not backed off though, and Machoke would not have wanted him to do so, anyway. Pointing to his hard dick, Machoke grunted, and then gestured at the male, indicating the ground in front of himself. The fan gulped, but quickly nodded, dropping to his knees before the Pokémon, who wasted little time.

As the male’s mouth was open, Machoke simply thrust inside it, while using his hands to hold the head in place. The male moaned, feeling himself lose all control of his body. Yet, he sucked the cock in his mouth, even using his tongue to try and reach Machoke’s balls.

While he groaned in pleasure from the received act, the muscular Pokémon already positioned his hands in key places, gripping the top of the human’s skull, and the underside of the lower jaw, close to the throat. He knew what would enhance his upcoming ejaculation best: a neck break. Stephen had noticed these preparations, but not in time to do anything.

Before he could say: “Oh, shit…” he heard the Machoke groan as his erect dick twitched once, while the male on his knees gulped, trying to swallow the seed. He didn’t expect to be killed within seconds. The hands of the Machoke twisted the fan’s head upwards and to the right.


The male human urks, as his limbs go limp, and twitch morbidly, while Machoke lets out several loud groans of pleasure as he keeps cumming hard into the mouth of his victim. As eyewitnesses are struck with fear and their feet turn to stone, the Fighting type twists the head of the barely alive human to the opposite side, yearning for more of that incredible sound destroyed vertebrae make.

The second craaaaack is longer than the first one, and the Pokémon spurts more cum, thrusting into the mouth of the fresh corpse, which he lets go after a few more seconds. The fan’s head is facing to the side, away from his limp body as many people realize they might be next. Screams that started after the first snap get louder, and there is shouting as well, as people encourage each other to make a run for safety.

The Pokémon wasn’t going to allow all that many people to escape, though. Grabbing the corpse with both arms, he reaches between its legs while wrapping the left arm around the torso, and then launches the body like a projectile over his head. Stephen remembers that Machop studied wrestling moves, too. It was something called an exploder suplex, he thought.

The body of the male fan strikes the back of a woman, causing her to grunt and fall on the ground, just as she was trying to get away with the man whose arm she was holding onto. Her fall pulled him down along with her, just a short distance from the Ilex Forest entrance. The Machoke would have fun with them later, but now, he was trying to quickly stop escapees. To block off this route, he kicked a tree down with a running thrust kick, so that it fell across the path to the forest.

Going through an area where the smoke was blowing towards, an older man was attempting to hide and escape from the rampaging Machoke together with his granddaughter. The idea was decent, but the noise he made while coughing sentenced both of them to death.

As the man walked slowly, thick blue hands wrapped around his neck and right leg, from behind. His cry for help made the young girl halt, instead of running away. She turned around, only to see the shape of her grandfather being lifted easily by the mass of muscle. Then, the Machoke slammed the old man across his right knee, instantly producing a loud crrrunchhh and a ghastly groan from the victim.

“No! Grandpa…!” the girl in her later teens cried out, but couldn’t do anything about this. The Pokémon pushed down on the legs and face of the bent victim, overstressing the spinal cord and the nervous system of the old man. This made his twitching intensify briefly, before he went completely limp. The horrified girl was the next target.

With a blow to the stomach, he made her double over in pain, and then hooked his left arm under her neck and gripped that hand with his right one, securing a powerful guillotine choke. Her frantic scratching and punching turned him on, as he watched her go limp over the course of about 7 seconds. He wanted to knock her out only, for now. Carrying her out of the smoke-filled area, he looked for more escapees.

A fit adult male was running away to the east of Azalea, towards Union Cave. It was a fair distance away, though, and Machoke knew he would win the race. With a steady, fast pace, he followed the human who was tiring slowly. As the man realized the Pokémon was gaining on him, he tried to swerve, heading towards the trees that lined up to his right. However, he gave his pursuer a deadly idea.

The Machoke broke into a sprint, lowering his body in a very specific way. He was heading right for the male, and a tree happened to be right behind him. The full force of the Machoke speared the unfortunate escapee into the sturdy tree, shattering his ribs and causing spinal damage, as he slumped down with a yowl.

The Pokemon entertained the idea of sex with the broken male and had even begun to strip him, but he would be “lucky”, since certain developments forced Machoke to give the escapee a fairly quick death. A Team Rocket grunt was coming towards the cave, most likely. When he saw the Fighting type getting ready to violate a human, he froze in fear, and then turned around, willing his body into a run, past the fatigue and minor injuries from the explosive blast from before.

The Machoke smiled perversely at the man following this up with a four-punch combo to pound him into coma at the very least. Just to make sure, the Pokémon applied a neck lock with his right arm, hooking it around the man as he yanked back.

Yet another delightful snap set off Machoke’s orgasm as he came hard all over the victim’s bruised, blue face, coating it with copious amounts of cum. A few seconds afterward, he got off his chest, and headed for the cave. From it, he took a few bigger rocks to block the entrance for humans. He then went over a rocky outcrop in order to take a swim in the waters close to the route, to see if someone had such ideas of saving their life.

Coming back this way, he heard screams that surprised him. After all, those were far away, and he could not have been the cause, as much as he thought highly of his muscle power.

As it turned out, the grunt was rather committed to being a criminal. Instead of hiding, he took advantage of the couple at the blocked Ilex Forest entrance when he arrived there. The male was down, and the grunt was sexually molesting the woman.

Machoke was pissed off. Perhaps the vestiges of his pre-puberty self that fought injustice were the trigger. More likely, he didn’t want a pathetic human touching the woman he set out to have. In any case, he came up from behind the grunt, even as the man on the ground watched in shock, and grabbed hold of his right ankle, yanking him away from the almost-naked female by it.

The Rocket grunt screamed in horror, but had no chance. The Machoke, whose body shone from the droplets of seawater, wrapped his legs around the targeted limb, securing an ankle lock. He twisted abruptly with his hands, and the scream of the grunt, combined with the crunch of his ankle caused the Pokémon to ejaculate right there on the spot, shocking the woman he “saved”.

He smiled in her direction, and as the grunt rolled around in panic and agony, the humanoid/reptilian Pokémon sat on his back, wasting no time in locking in a quick straight armbar to destroy the right arm and shoulder, producing yet another scream, before he interlocked his fingers around the grunt’s chin, applying a camel clutch. He pulled back within a few moments.

Many pops and cracks joined into a single, chilling sound that Machoke loved almost more than himself. Letting the head fall down to the ground, he stood up, flexing his biceps and showing himself off to the couple. They were both terrified, but to the deive gesture of the muscular being, the woman responded by taking off the only remaining piece of clothes the grunt had not removed: her panties.

Machoke smiled, nodding at the right choice the woman made. He would showcase his sexual skills with women, in which he was absolutely confident. With his penis fully hard and ready, barely a minute after cumming to that perfect ankle lock, he knelt between her legs, and used both of his hands to grope at the brunette’s ample breasts, making circular motions as he kneaded both of these.

The woman moaned, arching involuntarily into the rock-hard chest of the male Pokémon. He took this as a signal of her gradual submission, and lowered his right hand to finger her pussy. Ignoring the reflex closure of her legs, he kept probing her privates while replacing the arm on her right breast with his mouth and tongue on the nipple.

The man beside her, who was actually her husband, could only watch in shame as the Machoke successfully made her scream- in pleasure. As the thick tongue worked its magic on the hardened nipple of the woman, and the blue finger became coated in her juices, clear words of betrayal came out of her mouth:

“Y-yes…please…more…you can put it…in…”

She was visibly embarrassed, and was on the verge of covering her face with her left hand, but the deed was done. With a nod and a simple “Choke.”, the Pokémon took her up on those words. As he lined up his long dick with her slick folds, he raised the wet finger to her mouth, aiming to push it in.

The initial penetration of her vagina caused the woman to moan and open her mouth, which that wet finger plugged. She began sucking almost immediately, which was rewarded by strong, yet slow thrusts, for now. The Machoke massaged her left breast as she sucked on his finger while his mouth sucked on her neck. The intensity and loudness of her moans, even when muffled, pleased the Machoke.

Pulling the finger out from her mouth, he actually noticed the woman’s husband was right there, looking away, distraught and humiliated. Poking him with a finger to get his attention, the Pokémon decided to attempt to communicate something.

He raised his right thumb up, then slowly rotated it downwards, and ended everything with an interrogative “Ma-choke?”

While fucking the woman somewhat faster, he gave her husband a choice of life or death, opening a way out from this embarrassing situation for the outmatched human.

Perhaps motivated by his wife’s moans and gasps of pleasure, the husband bit his lip, and sighed.

“I will take a quick death…,” he said, and Machoke nodded, and thought up a fancy way to end him.

As the woman gasped in shock at those words, the Machoke turned the man around, and pushed him on the ground. While his dick struck against her womb with increasing pace, he wrapped his right arm around the man’s head lifting his head off in a dragon sleeper. It wasn’t fully locked in, so the discomfort of the brunette’s husband would be minimal, until the fatal pull upwards happened.

The Pokémon felt his balls tighten. With his left hand, he pushed the brown-haired woman’s head up, meshing his lips with hers in a fierce kiss aimed to trigger her climax. The tonguing that ensued produced a muffled moan of passion that triggered Machoke. Three very hard thrusts followed, and before the last one, he tightened the dragon sleeper hold on the husband.

The final thrust happened just as the woman’s body became rigid, and her juices washed over Machoke’s dick. He blew hot load after hot load, after a sharp SNAP of the humiliated husband’s neck made the Fighting type groan and cry out his name in ultimate victory.

For the woman, seeing her husband’s head jerk upwards and then hearing that snap, as his whole body shut down and limbs fell down limply, lengthened her orgasm and put her into a state of shock. She had an incredible orgasm while this Poké-stud killed her husband. It wasn’t right to cooperate with this uncontrollable killer, yet he had pleasured her so well.

A part of her wished to die as well, as she and Machoke realized that several people were watching all of this, from the windows of houses. As she dealt with her embarrassment and guilt, he got up, feeling his erection return instantly, hard as steel, upon realization that these humans were going to worship his muscular form, by dying in droves.

He cracked his knuckles and beckoned people to come to him, getting ready to put on an even bigger show.
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