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Alice receives special attention from a much older Coach Garren. She quickly discovers she's in over her head. But his special massages leave her weak kneed.
Alice had been wanting to improve her time on her runs for a while. Her college track coach - Mr. Garren - was more than happy to oblige. She showed up to the indoor track in the late evening. There was no one there but the two of them, some scattered weights, forgotten hurdles, and empty stands.

“Let's start with a few simple stretches,” Coach Garren said.

“Great let me just change,” she said. She had only been training with Coach Garren for a couple months but already felt a strong bond. He was kind, caring, and doting.

However, as Alice peeled off the track pants covering her shorts, she felt an unfamiliar sense of vulnerability. It was strange being alone with a much older man. His silver hair and imposing figure reminded her of her own father. He looked like a wrestler. She was only a petite brunette, a short distance sprinter.

I shouldn’t feel weird. He’s never been unprofessional. What she was very concerned about was her lack of panties under her shorts. It’s times like these I wish I had a working washing machine in my dorm.

"Bend over," he said. His gravely voice echoed through the gymnasium.

Alice tied her hair into a ponytail and bent down to touch her toes. Her legs were tight from the last workout yesterday. "Sorry coach," she said. "I can't keep my legs straight."

Garren moved up behind her and grabbed her hips. He lifted her up a little, his groin just grazing the top of her ass. Alice’s knees locked and her legs straightened.

"Better?" he asked.

Alice felt the blood rush to her face. Was there a bulge pressing into her? "Er - Yes, much better coach." Alice tried to forget the fact that there were only a few scant threads between her and coaches groin.

Today would be a bad day for any leakage. She smiled a little at the joke and the thought of getting coach’s groin wet.

Garren let go of her after a minute. "Ok, let's take care of your hamstring. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s got you locked up. Lay on your back."

A terrible thought ran through Alice’s mind. What if he sees up my shorts?

"Um, coach,” she said, “my hamstrings feel fine--"

"Nonsense, we should stretch everything out. Now, lay down." His voice was a commanding bellow.

Well, maybe he won’t see anything...

Alice laid on her back and raised her left leg in the air, keeping her right leg on the floor. Her shorts rode up a bit and she panicked. Coach knelt down, seized her raised leg, and leaned forward. His knee was pressing into Alice’s hot mound as he leaned in.

"How does that feel?" he asked.

Her face was burning and she tried not to think about his knee. "Uh, It feels ok, coach."

He lowered the leg and then raised it again, his knee pressing into her pussy.

Oh my god, this shouldn’t turn me on. Alice looked around the gymnasium and tried to focus on something else. Anything other than coach rubbing her the right way. FRAGGLE

"Ok, let me see the other leg." Coach Garren took her other leg in the air. His other knee was now pressing into Alice’s groin, almost pressing into her clit.

Oh shit, please don’t let me get wet. Her body didn’t listen and her pussy now had a mind of its own. She could feel her crotch becoming moist.

"I think I should keep going on this leg," coach said. "You feel pretty tight."

Damn right I'm tight. As he stretched back and forth his knee rubbed into her groin in slow repetitive motions.

I’m definitely “leaking.” Alice snapped her leg down. "Oh jeez, coach, that hurts," she lied. "I think I should stop stretching that one."

"Really? Maybe I should have a closer look at this leg."

Alice stood up in a hurry and feigned a limp. "Oh, it's really not necessary." She saw the wet spots on coach’s knees. And so did he.

He rubbed his fingers in it and lifted them to his nose to sniff.

“Oh - er - sorry. I’ve been getting pretty - um - sweaty.”

Coach Garren frowned and shook his head. "You're a mess kid. You haven't even had a hard workout yet." He stood and walked to the locker room, waving for Alice to follow. "Come on, let's get you on a table and so I can check out that leg."

Oh jeez, should I just tell him I’m not feeling well or something? No, she couldn’t let him think she wasn’t up to playing on the team. Her scholarship was on the line. Maybe he’ll just leave me alone after I pretend I’m fine.

She stepped into the office inside the girl’s locker room. It was just as empty as the gymnasium.

Coach Garren picked her up by the waist and plopped her onto the table.

“Whoa, I think I could’ve managed that myself, coach.” She balanced herself by leaning on his chest and noticed how solid it was under her touch.

“Nonsense, you’re hobbling all over the place,” he said. He brushed his hand through his silver hair. “The last thing I need is you worsening that injury by climbing onto a raised table.”

The table was lined with paper and it crinkled under Alice’s ass. She noticed that she was leaving wet stains from her sopping crotch. Was she that turned on by coach’s manhandling?

"Boy, you really are sweaty," he said. It wasn’t a joke. His voice sounded like sincere concern. "I hope that leg isn't too bad."

Coach took off Alice’s sneakers and raised the “injured” leg. After several little tests and movements, he rested it on the table. "Well, I definitely feel a little resistance. Might be your hip actually. Take off your shorts please."

Alice’s stomach flipped and her cheeks heated like an oven. "Um - what?"

"Take off your shorts," he repeated. "I need to be sure that it's not the shorts restraining your movement. What? You're wearing panties aren't you?"

Alice bit her lip, afraid to share the horrid truth. She slowly shook her head.

"Oh, I see." Garren walked over to the only window of his office and closed the blinds. "Well, now you can take them off."

Alice was horrified. Maybe he'll just check your hip and leave it alone. She peeled down the shorts to reveal the pale globes of her ass and well trimmed pubic hair. A thin sheen of juice covers the lips of her pussy.

“You know,” Garren said. “ I’m beginning to suspect you have a different problem.”

“Wh-What’s that?” Her voice quivered when she spoke. Her nipples were poking through your sports bra, so hard they could cut glass.

“I think you pulled a small muscle in your groin. Really the only way I can fix it is massaging it from the inside.”

“From inside what?”

Coach Garren didn’t even wait for her permission. He rested her leg on his shoulder and leaned forward again, his index and middle finger slipping into her pussy.

Alice felt his fingers rubbing the sides of her wall and his thumb grazing her clit. His thumb picked up a rythmic pace as juice flowed out of her. She was beginning to lose her mind. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as an ache spread from her groin. Her body tingled all over and her breath was labored. She knew what would cum next.

“Slow down,” coach growled.

“S-sorry,” she said. She didn’t realize she’d been rocking her hips. “I - oh - just want to get better faster.” Was this still even a massage? No, she knew deep inside that it wasn’t. She had seen the way coach looked at her during practice and on campus; the way his gaze lingered on her.

God, his fingers must be knuckle deep.

Coach withdrew his fingers and slap your pussy. The pain was delicious but jarring. “I said, take it slow.” He rubbed her pussy as if to brush aside the stinging pain. The massage began anew, his fingers fully inside her.

Alice lay back and surrendered, staring at the ceiling. Saliva dripped from her mouth and onto the table. A finger penetrated anus and she lost her damn mind.

Oh, God. No, please not now. Orgasm rolled over her body like a rolling wind traveling over her. Her legs quivered and her pussy quaked despite coach’s tight grasp. She bit her lip and buried a whimper in her throat. Seconds later she was ready to cum again.

“This is worse than I thought,” he said. “You’re very sensitive.” He wiped his hand on Alice’s stomach and dabbed the drool from her face with a towel. “I’m going to try something drastic. I need you to stand up and bend over the table.”

Alice fumbled to stand in the orgasmic haze. She was still shivering. She noticed a sizeable bulge in Coach Garren’s trousers as she slid off the table. Alice did not have a lot of experience but she’d fooled around enough to know that his “bulge” was was too big for her.

She turned around and bent over the table, her pale tushy sticking out. She looked over her shoulder for a second. She could feel his eyes boring into her ass. It made her wet.

“Eyes forward and back straight,” he said. “First, we need to clean this up. Christ, it’s like a river.”

Something grazed her pussy and Alice flinched. It was soft and velvety, much like skin. Is that his tongue? She dared not look back to find out but now she could not shake the image from her head: her coach eating her pussy.

The “tongue” traced the outside of her labia and stopped just before reaching her anus. It dipped back down to her clit and then repeated the motion several times. Every time it brushed her clit and every time it teased her asshole but never touching it.

Her new tide of warmth spread from her groin to the rest of her body. It was as though feathers were caressing her body, tickling her skin and kissing her senses. I’m gonna cum again. I’m gonna cum on my coach’s face.

“I keep wiping this,” coach said, “but it seems to be getting wetter.”

“Sorry, coach,” she whispered. Shut up and keep doing whatever you’re doing back there.

The licking stopped and Alice was left breathless and disappointed. Something unzipped behind her. “What’s that?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Coach Garren said. “We’re going to try that ‘internal massage’ I did earlier.”

Alice felt him enter her. This was thicker and longer. She grabbed the table and leaned forward. “Oh, uh - are you using two fingers?” It felt more like three. She tried to bring herself up on her elbows but she just did not have the energy.

It dove in and out of her slowly. Alice was almost certain it was his cock. It stretched her pussy further than any boy had before. She did her best to relax but her muscles clenched around it like a tight fist.

“Wow, you are tighter than I expected,” coach said.

Alice said nothing. She was drooling onto the table, the paper sheet clenched in her hands as she tried to hold herself together. She realized she was moaning and thrusting back against him.


“Stay still,” coach said. “The more you wiggle the wetter you get.”

“I-I’m S-sorry coach. I just can’t help it.”

He seized a fistful of her hair and pinned her down against the table. Her breasts pressed into the table. “Try and hold still.”

Coach picked up the pace with a series of maddening deep thrusts. Alice was shoved across the table with each slam of his cock. She was speechless and barely remembered to breath. Soundless gasps escaped her throat. She felt so full. Her body shuddered as she slapped the table.

“Oh, more coach! More!”

“Are you sure, Alice?”

“Yes,” she said. “I can take it, coach.”

He tugged her hair as he hammered away, pulling her face from the table. Her skin tingled with euphoric bliss as she raised her head in the air.

“I’m - I’m gonna cum,” she said.

“Good girl.” His gravelly tone caused her heart to flutter. He let out a mighty groan.

She clenched on his cock as he came inside her. She was stiff and rigid for a moment, head to the sky and wailing in pleasure. Then she collapsed hunched over the table as he pulled out of her. His hand caressed her back, lined with a thin sheen of sweat.

“You feel better now?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said between gasps. “This was a good practice.”

“Yes it was.” He kissed the back of her neck and nibbled her ear. “I’ll see you at practice again tomorrow.”


2019-05-22 08:14:26
Fuck yeah, this Coach is my kinda perv! Mmmm, I wish I had a young pussy like her I could “train.” Would love to do on the job learning with this man and help him keep all those little goirls stretched the fuck out!


2019-05-22 08:12:57
Fuck yeah, this Coach is my kinda perv! Mmmm, I wish I had a young pussy like her I could “train.” Would love to do on the job learning with this man and help him keep all those little goirls stretched the fuck out!

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