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Phoebe, is an atheletic, blonde, college student whose roommate was part of a dark demonic ritual. She has been planning a night where she could please peeping toms.
Crawling Creeps

Four college students. Ones always looking for a bigger picture are easy to manipulate. A single incantation from a page, from one who studies ancient text. From the mouth of a student of the world who believes in anything and all, they see as truth in their own minds.

A trigger of incompetence and ignorance can come to be. Even if all work and preparation has been set in order yo prevent such outcomes.

These five students read from pages of a lost people. A single ‘smart’ individual saw the page and looked at it as a puzzle to figure out.

He read the page and they came into our world. The pages title was.


From a magic circle in a barred off room. With a fake wall of plaster. These Crawlers found their way through the minimal portal inside the frailly sealed off room.

Dangerous and scampy creatures of the darker sides of realms. Observers. Devious. Clever. Patient. Kind of...

And aggressive.

They are small but with polymorphic abilities. Usually used to increase the size of claws or teeth.

Gret, Morv, Go’lisk, Mosh, and Jghorishk made their way through. All considered, ‘Crawler’ class demons.

It took a whole forty minutes to break through the wall. Once they did the humans were gone.

None of them were seen at that point. But they could track their humans. Every single one who were in the ritual. Unlike most of their escapes, where their humans were all in different directions.

These humans were all in the same place.

With a ritual from their own dwelling, the creatures spoke verses lost to man. And when they arrived to a relative point near their targets. It was a small dark space...

“Your touching me!” Morv moaned, in a gritty light voice,

“Shut up assfuck!” Mosh barked, still a light voice but gruffer.

“Both of you shut your fucking mouths. Neither of you have been to this plane yet. We can’t go in stupidly. We must isolate our humans. So shut the fuck up. Obey me.” Jghorishk glowered in a rough deep scratchy voice, a tall broad silhouette, towering over the other four demons.

Go’lisk, stood forward.

“You do not scare me. I know de way. The old way. You, too, know one way. I will not stand against you brother. You lead.” Go’lisk stated,

Gret remained silent.

Jghorishk stomped once in agitation, “I wanted trained demons. All of you! But some how you all crept out! Go’lisk is the only one who is useful to me! And what the fuck is on my head!” He roared tearing the tendrils that seems to rest upon his head. He raged at the bonds of summoning flesh as he rammed against the closest surface breaking through a wooden barrier.

Jghorishk sat up and saw hallways illuminated. Looking forward were the other four demons walking out from behind a hole in a door and a mop.

“We seem to be in some sort of ward for many individuals. From what I can sense, most of them are younger ones. Eighteen to early twenties. There are a lot of them here but I can sense all of our chain holders are here. We kill them. We are free. Split up.” Jghorishk commanded.

Mosh and Go’lisk crawled through a vent feeling the presence of one of their callers. They finally found their target in one of the three buildings in the vicinity. A small room. Colorful and artistic. Two beds.

“Look at that fat bitch with the perm.” Mosh said with disgust.

He remarked about a bountiful woman.

“That is our caller...” Go’lisk hissed.

Mosh began to salivate from the thought of eating her flesh. He clanked a solid set of talons forward.

Go’lisk clomped a heavier and keener set of a paw on his shoulder.

“Careful brother. Their is another here.” Go’lisk calmly whispered.

Mosh gruffly sighed but kept his ground.

He knew he would stand no chance in fighting this demon. Nor have a chance at eating the caller.”

Phoebe had just refused an invitation. One that would be sure to get her laid. However Phoebe was a little more into those who spied. Who crept, and watched until they made their move.

Phoebe finally finished her shower coming out of the bathroom wearing spandex pants, and a tanktop.

“Angela?! Are you going to stop by the party tonight?”

Angelas round soft face turn around with a porcelain smile.

“No. I have some prior engagements tonight. But have fun Pheo. I am sure friends will visit you. Smaller stature the better right?” She replied with a devilish smirk and a wink.

“Okay? I’ll leave my window open.” She said in a laugh, half sarcastically,

“Just be you.” Angela called as she walked out of the room. Closing the door behind her.

“Heh, heh, look at that round ass Go’lisk! It looks like a plump calorie filled heart!” Mosh chimed, licking his salivating chops.

Go’lisk again reigned his hand on his shoulder.

Suddenly behind them elbows flew until they were against Mosh’s face.

“Morv! What!? Why!?”

“I followed you! I was on my own!” Morv barked quietly,

His eyes suddenly became animated. Staring at a single thing.

Mosh and Lo’lisk followed his gaze between the grate of the vent.

Pheobe waiting until Angelas footfalls faded off. Which is when she turned around and pulled a smartphone from her pocket. Logging in a speaker across from her bed began to play a song.

Final boss 2, G Mo Skee.

The blonde, curly and long haired girl was in the middle of pulling down her spandex pants. Her curvy, round butt lined right along her round thighs and arched back as her hands glided up to her lower torso. The tips of her fingers slipping under her tank top and pulling it up over her head.

Her under garments were matching black, lace. Barely transparent. A buxom skinny blonde with an athletes butt.

Her hips thrusted back and forth as the the beat fell in a fast yet stable progression.

She pulled on the sides of her tight thong. Each time she pulled the lace ends crimped between her firm cheeks. She would slide her hands up her tight ribs and firm, round, cleavage. She swung her hips back and forth to the window sliding it open slowly. Her hands sensitively fondling the two ancient window handles of the college dorms old structure. She saw a pair of eyes staring outside.

Her round gloss covered lips curved into a smile as her kneeling frame slowly but deliberately popped her ass out her lower back and knees arching back up.

“Look at it! Would you just look at it!” Mosh hissed, “That. Is. Firm. And it’s like. Like. A flesh pulp. Or an onion!”

“Shut, your shit!” Go’lisk barked quietly.

She slowly moved to a bed of pink silk, her fingers slowly perused the sheets as she moved into it. Her rounded hips went ferocious as a pair of eyes leaned in from a branch. Being a tree right outside of her window. His view was direct. The hormonal college student however was unlucky enough to capture the attention of the unseen beings.

“Mosh. Eat.” Go’lisk ordered.

Moshs presence immediately dissipated, the echoes of his claws clanking against the metal boundaries.

Phoebe could feel the eyes upon her flesh.

James smiled and observed as Phoebe danced. His hands going down to his privates, he smiled deviously.

Until a sharp pain hit him mid torso.


James cried out as blood began to leak out from the other half of the branch.

Pheobe slowly slid under her purple sheets.

The eyes still alive peered as her voluptuous butt was the last thing to disappear under the sheets. Expecting the cute boy from outside the window to crawl in. In fact she wasn’t sure who was out there. However, she has always fantasized about a voyeur outside her window watching. One who acted on what they wanted.

She spotted him out there not long beforehand.

Mosh was with the dead body in the bushes ripping whatever felt juicy between his teeth.

Morv snickered looking at her slim figure under the sheets.

“I am glad you sent him. Even though I was hear second. But on the other hand. I think she likes us!” He hissed. Petting the the thick rubbery, green flesh of his face, jagged teeth, and sticky tongue.

“Why on this stupid existence would you think she would want you?!” Go’lisk muttered angrily, his mandible clashing and gnashing together, beginning to salivate grotesquely,

Phoebe knew he was out there. She could feel the eyes on her. Her pussy was so wet she couldn’t stand it. She felt it was time to bait her catch.

She began to slowly rub herself under the sheets, feeling the tips of her other hand to caress her lace undergarments. Her privates began to burn, her other hands fingertips feeling the heat transfer.

“Mmm. Oh. Whose ever out there better get take that open window invitation quick.” She cooed, finishing with a singsong, “because if I finish without you, I’ll close the do-oor.” Still completely under the sheet.

“I could get whatever I wanted you ugly fiend! Wait. Wait! What is? What is that fool doing?!” Morv sputtered.

“Fool!” Go’lisk hissed,

Mosh’s claws pulled him throw the window. He rolled through, tumbling along the floor a few paces.

He looked up to the box playing the music. He climbed the stool into front of the desk. He pressed the small squares menu as a music selection came up. He smiled grimly.

“Eh, heh, kinky bitch.” He chortled, pressing on a song.

Morbid Angel: Rapture,

Began to play loud and hard.

He hissed a giggle looking to the sharp angles that were under frame under the purple silk sheets.

Phoebe realized there was someone in her room. Her lips curved into a smile, one finger going to her lips lightly biting the finger.

“Mmm, what are you waiting for.” She called, “I’m all, squishy, and ready the devil in you.” She called again, in her fantasy of the perverse.

She felt the bottom of the beds weight shifted. She could feel she wasn’t the only one on the bed. She slowly widened her legs. She quivered as cold hard fingers touched her inner thighs.

“Mmm. It must be so cold out there. On a lonely little branch with only yourself to entertain.”

Morv gasped, “He’s in!”

“At least he is sneaky.” Go’lisk sneered, “Let’s see what else she has on that rectangle of hers.” He said as he watched the form under the silk sheets protruding knees move too and fro as the two and a half foot bump between those knees giggling vigorously.

Her moans enticed his more primal senses.

They came so fluently and from a place of pleasure. A mindscape he had not been able to even think about in a long while. He forgot how the world of mortals is a haven for them. That they should enjoy all pleasures besides just the ones they were allowed to indulge in. He had actually forgot what flesh pleasures were like. One Mosh had not seemed to forget.

Mosh’s long tongue lapped around her thighs as he inched his way forward. His long bulbous tongue was filled with bumps and ridges.

She didn’t seem to notice which was alright with it.

For now.

Phoebe thought there might be something off about this guy.

But her flesh was tingling, she didn’t actually care, she wamted to feel what that weird tongue she was feeling could do.

‘What if it was some kind of freak?’ She thought,

‘Oh who am I to judge?’

‘What if, what if, what if,’ kept driving through her mind.

But it was part of the thrill.

Hey soft, breathy moans kept climbing slowly until the bulbous tip touched her vagina. She gasped, a hand grasping her right breast.

“Oh. Lick me. Shove that inside me.

Mosh slowly pushed his tongue forward, entering between her soft lips.

She groaned in pleasure as his clawed fingers pressed at her thighs. James blood trickling down his chin. He squeezed her firm thighs inches deep with his long tongue.

“Morv. Find something dark.” Go’lisk commanded at the foot of the moaning woman’s bed.

Morv ran to the chair.

Go’lisk growled in eagerness, moving toward the bed in a lerch. He grasped the edges of the bed, slowly climbing. He slipped under the sheet as “Lords of Salem, Rob Zombie” began to play.

His fingers began to slide up her thighs walking along the bed instead of crawling.

He grabbed the demon Mosh pulling him back.

“Oh! Why did you stop?” She exclaimed.

“Take her ass. I get her pussy.” He muttered.

Go’lisk placed his hands on the crest of her pelvis lifting himself as he pulled out, almost comically, a shaft half as big as him. He pressed its length against her slit.

“Mmm. That’s what I’m talking about boy.” She moaned, one hand running down her face as her tongue slowly drew across her top lip.

Morv climbed up the side, under the sheet, wanting a bit for his own. Slowly snickering under his breath.

“Do you use those big lips as good as they look human?” He muttered,

Morv slowly slid his legs around her throat lifting himself until his four inch phallus could touch her lips.

She began to moan, she protruded her lips slightly, moving her head back and forth to let her lips rub the new unit.

She put the tip a little bit deeper, allowing it inside the folds of her lips. Her tongue slowly pushed out meeting the tip.

Morv exhaled in pleasure, his eye twitching. He felt his cock being enveloped slowly by her mouth.

“Mmm.” Her lips began to slowly wrap around it sucking in its length and with a releasing ‘pop’, the creature fell back.

“Mmm. Put your finger back in my mouth!”

Morv looked back in anger, sensing a hissing laughter from Go’lisk,

He began to mumble something under his breath.

Mosh slid under Go’lisk as he began to enter her. His mouth slowly opened as that long tongue ventured between the back her her thighs, her hands pressing on Go’lisks back squished him underneath. But he wanted flesh.

His tongue snaked up, and slowly pressed and pushed between her firm round ass cheeks.

She gasped, her mouth opening wide, as that first wet phallus moved in a tight circular movement against her butthole. Right as she gasped so audibly, something much bigger then a finger entered her mouth.

Her hand sprung outwards to the corners of the bed grasping the edges.

Then the pleasure emerged from all parts of her body as something sharp pinched her right nipple, her other a mixture of pinching, saliva, and whipping tongue she couldn’t explain. Her mind went to strange thoughts of how to explain it. All in her mind, seemed valid for this kind of treatment.

She began to suck whatever was in her mouth. A finger a cock. She wanted it.

Her eyes did however fling open when she heard the light rasping words of,

“Hey! This bitch really seems to be digging this!”

Her mind spun into too many different horrible ways. But she decided equal trade of pleasure would be fine seeing as her mind couldn’t go beyond the sensational feeling anyway.

Go’lisk’s mandibles played with her left breast, pinching and lighting mashing it between its teeth, every so often using its full retractable four way jaw to envelope her breast and slowly slide its teeth off of it.

His six fingered hands with fingers of tentacles slipping and sliding up and down her left ribs. Other hand grasping her opposite breasts, sliding around the voluptuous flesh and squeezing her nipple.

Mosh’s tongue was inches inside her ass. Tasting fine to the demon he began to chuckle a little, feeling the changes in her body’s movement as his tongue wriggled.

Morv had his hands on her cheeks as her shoved his now six inch cock down her throat. She sucked so hard, her mouth so wet, soft, and firm as she sucked. Morv began to moan.

Phoebe too was moaning as she thrusted her body off and back onto the bed. Her neck pumping her mouth on the cock in her mouth.

Her moans climbed more and more. Her hands going to her ample breasts. She felt the beings tentacles hands also her nipples, breast and torso. Her right hand going over its insectoid head, which her first reaction was to shoved its spikey mouth over her tit.

She lowered herself on the bed so the wet cold object in her ass could press deeper. It did as she her tongue ran along the things shaft. Her mind began to think these were separate things, and not human.

But for some reason that excited her more.

Her tongue spiraled and retracted along its shaft as she heard it begin to exclaim. It’s tiny roars went louder, until her eyes widened feeling a release of fluid in her mouth. For such a small being she swallowed once, then again as the fluid began to breach the seal of her lips, sliding down the sides of her mouth, a green slime. She threw the covered off her head and looked her devil directly in the eye as she slowly swallowed another mouthful of demonic cum.

Morv looked at her in a merciless grin until looking in her eyes back, and feeling that she wasn’t quitting. She kept sucking. Morv breathed heavily as his gripped loosened and slowly began to fall off her chin.

“Oohhh I think. I need. A second. Just a minute.” Morv whispered

She slowly lowered the sheet from her chest seeing the insect looking humanoid sucking her ample breast. His tentacle hands sliding up and down her body.

Go’lisk’s eyes flared upwards at her.

Her response was to let a bit of Morv’s green cum drip down the left side of her chin. Her tongue starting bottom right of her cum covered lips, and slowly lick them clean.

Go’lisk’s only response was to drive himself deep as he could and drive himself at her breasts.

Phoebe moaned as she placed her ass directly over the unseen ones face. Her gasped again with a giggle feeling the bulbous phallus deep in her ass.

“Take the pussy Mosh!” Go’lisk commanded.

He pulled out and slid himself up her her breasts. He slid his cock between her resting breast. His tentacled fingers pressed her breasts together slowly around his cock. Looking directly into her deep blue eyes she lifted a finger to her smiling teeth. Her head nodded slowly as he began to pump.

“Oh these are real!” He grinned, as Mosh’s ling tongue shoved itself inside of her tight slit.

“Oh, yes they are big prince.” She cooed placing her hands around her breasts as well. Go’lisks hands sliding to her nipples and squeezing and gripping them, tightly, loosely. However to make himself cum faster over the womans chest.

“Call me prince again, whore!” Go’lisk ordered,

“Oh, my, Big, prince. Let my supple breasts please your hard mighty cock.”

“Ope! Okay. Yep! Here we—here we... GO-O-O!!” Go’lisk roared as his own darker green semen sprayed once under her chin and upper chest. He stood up over her chest as she kept pushing them together. Another squirt of cum sprayed on her breasts. She gave a satisfied groan rubbing its slimy cum over her breasts. Pinching her nipples with its seed.

The creature over her seemed to be in a sort of haze as the one in her crotch brought her moans over the edge. Her body climaxed for a third time as her pelvis slowly shook down to the wet bed.

Go’lisks mind wandered. Thinking about what to do with the woman. And it also thought that maybe it was a little bit hung—

*knock, knock*

“Hey Phoebe, is Ange—“ a voice called and cut off.

Go’lisk snapped his head over. “Caller?!” He barked happily, “just in time. Let’s get him boys! Move!” Go’lisk jumped off of the bed and charge the thin school boy. He screamed and began to run down he hallway. Morv shot his head up and ran along.

Phoebe kept moaning as she began to reach another climax. The tongue inside of her moving hungrily.

“Mosh! Get over here!” Go’lisks voice barked. She gasped in an orgasm as the small being slipped the whole length of its tongue out of her pussy.

“Damn it! I didn’t even get to stick myself in her yet!” He groaned running out,

She sat up quickly, her blonde hair flying over her shoulders.

“Wait! Come back!”

She stared at the open door for a minute. A string of green cum still strewn on her cheek.

Go’lisk’s head popped back in.

“Um, yeah! Get you yourself cleaned up whore. We’ll. I’ll be back.” Go’lisk promised before grabbing the bottom corner of the door and slamming it shut.
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