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He has been around for thousands of years , immortal as best as he could tell. He had forgotten more history than all of the history books. He could shift into any animal form but he had trouble doing human forms so he spent a lot of time in animal forms , his preferred dog was a large dark short furred mastiff. He wandered from place to place occasionally gaining a short term home with a family or individual but the longest he could stay is about ten years a normal dogs lifespan. Sometimes he lucked out and found an attractive female into dogs. That weekend he got lucky , he was wandering through a park when he heard a commotion coming from a hidden clearing. Checking it out he discovered a family being harassed by a street gang. Jumping in he took down five members before one got off a lucky shot and the rest ran off.

The family consisted of an attractive red headed mother in her middle thirties , a sixteen year old female with dark reddish-brown hair , two fourteen year old twin girls with black hair , and one twelve year old boy with dark brown hair. The five of them gathered around the dogs body trying to help him but they realized that he needed medical attention. They picked him up and rushed him to the local animal hospital and while they waited for information reported the attack to the police. The veterinarian came out and told them he would be alright but they would have to keep him since he had no tags. The women talked it over and decided to take the dog into their home , they paid the vet and bought the license and shots and took him home to recuperate. He slowly healed and learned the ins and outs of the family. One Friday night the kids were out and the mother who's name was Alyssa decided to take a shower and when done walked back to her room naked and sat on the end of her bed.

She lay back and closed her eyes starting to fall asleep when Bear the dog came up between her legs and started licking her pussy furiously. She tried to get him to stop but he was just to big and strong and the attention he was giving her cunt brought her to a climax which he cleaned up her juices with enthusiasm. Alyssa rolled over on her belly and tried to crawl up the bed to get away and only succeeded in allowing Bear to mount and fuck her. She lay on the bed after he was done and cried not for the fact that a dog fucked her but that she enjoyed it. After that she had regular sex with Bear whenever the kids were not around. The dog got the chance to have the twins join in his harem when the two were crying over a boy the both liked and he moved in on them licking the tears from their faces and then moved down to their chests causing their nipples to become aroused. The one twin whose name was Kayla moaned her pleasure and stripped then her sister Kyra also stripped naked and while Bear fucked one the other one ate out her sisters pussy.

Then they switched places , they enjoyed regular sex with the dog joining in to make it so much better. Then one day their brother confronted them with a video of them and the dog making love , what do you want little brother. He responded with , the same thing that dog is getting , eww the sisters said your our brother. He laughed I think you will get over it after all your letting a dog fuck you , he started feeling the two of them up and stripping them naked , sucking on their nipples and finally fucking one while Bear took the other one. When they switched Killian took advantage and when Bear mounted Kyra he reached in between them and before she could stop it he positioned Bears cock at Kyra’s anus entrance and he shoved into her and she screamed as Bear breached her anal cherry. The four started having regular sex together.

It took a while for Bear to gain access to Kara the sixteen year old but it finally happened when the rest of the girls burst into her bedroom and held her down in the right position for Bear to fuck her and they made it possible for him to take her cunt , her asshole , and her mouth and he did each hole multiple times until she passed out from multiple massive orgasms. The cleaned her up and Killian did the same until she finally became a willing participant. After almost a year of sex with this family Bear exposed himself to them letting them know what he could do and they started having sex with many different creatures. The funny thing was they each had a favorite Alyssa preferred the mastiff , Kara liked snake sex , Kayla and Kyra were into water so they liked dolphins and porpoises , and finally Killian liked to fuck his oldest sister up her asshole while a snake moved around in her womb.

Killian got his sister in position as the three foot snake entered his sisters gaping vagina the video cameras took in the event sending it to the cloud for posterity showing the image of the snake moving around in her womb on the skin over her abdomen as Killian gave them another image to watch as his large cock showed as he pumped into her guts , leaving a load of sperm inside of her.
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