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Japan is a land of beautiful woman who desperately desire to be cute. That combination can manifest in some very creative and erotic ways. Kitty is a story about a couple who meet a young half Japanese woman in a bar who a propensity for being a cat.

by Vincent

My girlfriend has an obsession with my past lovers. I lie in bed with Kay and she presses me for details of how I had made love with them. Although she would never use those words “make love,” it was much too flowery sweet for her. It was not at all fitting with the way she enjoyed sex. She preferred the raw, the graphic, she wanted her dirty talk straight up. She used words like “fuck” when she wanted the kind of information that would get her all wet; when she said “fuck” I knew it was my mission to stoke the flames of her desire, and I was very likely to get my brains fucked out that night. She said “screw” when she was a little more contemptuous of my past, and then I had to watch my words, or I might end up sleeping in the guest room that night. She could be exasperatingly specific in her inquisition: how long did the sex last, were the girls more or less noisy than her, their preferred positions, did they let me cum inside their pussies. She often told me I was the best lover she had ever had and I think she wanted to get an idea of how she fared on my list of lovers. I’m not the kind of guy to compare McIntosh to Granny Smith, but I can say this girl was very unique in her tastes and desires, and she took me to places I’d never been before. She always wanted to try something new, fuck in strange places, in new positions, there were endless fantasies that needed to be explored. I don’t want to infringe upon her privacy, but I can say we styled many interesting experience for ourselves. One of her fantasies was to watch me fuck another girl. She figured the burning jealousy would drive her into a frenzy of desire, but I was a little more skeptical of the idea. I was crazy about Kay and never wanted to do anything that might affect our relationship.

So it wasn’t out of character at all for her to suggest during dinner at our favorite Thai place, that I take her to one my old hunting grounds and fuck her in the toilet for dessert. Our best choice for this endeavor was a foreigner’s bar in America-mura, with old furniture and watered down drinks. It’s popular as a hook-up place for those special kind of Japanese girls for whom nothing but a fat gaijin cock could ever satisfy their desires for a thorough shagging. I would never go there except for the free pool tables and the assurance that for the price of two drinks and cab fare I could get laid.

We arrived. Balabushka’s was the name of the place. Being a week night it was its usual half full. There were a few foreign guys shooting pool, hanging around too long after their shifts at any of the numerous language schools in the area, dressed in their work clothes, ties loosed. Cues in one hand and half full jockeys of beer in the other, they were trying to drink as much as possible while happy hour prices last. Most of these guys were fresh from university without much ambition other than to get drunk every day. They thought they were living the good life because at long last they had a few bucks in their pockets. There were a few other groups scattered around the tables and sofas, boys and girls together, or just girls, or just guys looking around to see if they could make eye contact with the girls, granting them the approval they required to attempt striking up a conversation, hopefully leading to a more desired type of intercourse. It all seemed rather silly and tedious to me after all these years. That had been me once, but suppose I’ve become the type of guy who appreciates the greater intimacy of a more committed relationship.

I hadn’t been to Balabushka’s for five years and the place looked exactly the same. It had looked thirty years past due for a renovation back then, too. We got a couple of beers at the bar, about the only tolerable thing to drink in a place like this, found an empty booth by the wall and sat down. Kay immediately began to grill me regarding any past exploits originating in this over worn venue. She kept pointed out other girls in the place and asking me I’d like to fuck this one or that one.

I enhanced my exploits as best as my imagination would allow. The more I could get her worked up over stories of hot sex and wanton gratification the harder she was going to fuck me when our time came. I told her stories of the New Year’s Eve we had spent here. We hooked up with a group of girls, already drunk and crazy, dancing on the table with their skirts pulled up to their waists, and how I took them up to the loft one by one to ring in the new year by fusing genitalia. The stories were clearly having an effect; Kay pulled my hand down between her legs, slid it into her panties and made me rub her pussy while I talked. She was very moist and my fingers had no trouble finding their way inside.

I was about to tell her the story of the Halloween party from a few years ago; every year it’s a crazy scene with naughty nurses and degenerate Disney princesses, but this one somehow ended up with several naked intertwined bodies passed out on a bed in a love hotel with pieces of various costumes mingled together on the floor, imitating the bodies. However, just at that time an acquaintance I had not seen since my language teaching days recognized me, and after a little chit chat he challenged me to a game of pool. Kay told me to go ahead as she needed to use the ladies room. Maybe she needed to finish herself off.

I hadn’t touched a cue in several years. I was quickly dispatched and my friend was obligated to accept the challenge of the next contender. I was relieved to get back to my more important business. I moseyed back to the booth anticipating a resumption of our conversation, but my little Kay was not alone. She was sitting with another young lady. They were sitting fairly close and seemed to be chatting as if they were old friends. As I walked up they both turned to me and smiled.

“This is Kitty,” Kay said. We exchanged our hellos and I sat down next to Kay.

“No, no,” Kitty said in the friendliest way possible, “sit here.” She patted the seat next to her, signaling that she wanted to be the center of conversation. Kay gave an approving smile, so I shifted over to the other end of the booth.

Kitty was dressed in a tight black shirt cut low in the front exposing a very lovely cleavage; I thought it must be a leotard as it fit very snugly. She had on black denim short that barely covered her ass, and black socks that came up over her knees. Her jet black hair contrasted with her creamy, pale skin. She had a cute round face and big green eyes. I couldn’t tell if she was Japanese or Caucasian, but in my mind I decided she must be the product of mixed genes that most often result in a beauty that is hard to define. Anyway, the girl was gorgeous, and made so much more desirable by the ample white breasts being constrained by her top.

As I sat down she gave a little yelp.

“Careful, you sat on my tail,” she said.

“I’m so sorry,” I returned sarcastically, thinking I was playing along with a joke, as I raised my rear end off of the seat. She pulled a long, black, sleek and shinny cat tail from underneath me and laid it across her lap. I was a little taken aback. Not only did this girl have a tail, she seemed to be wearing some kind of black gloves that made her hands into cat paws. I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or beg her apology, but I did admire such dedication to her fetish that she would sacrifice the use of her fingers.

“That’s ok,” she said, smoothing out the ruffled fur, “It’s always getting sat on or stepped on or caught in a door. It’s just one the hazards of being a cat.”

Then I noticed the girl had large black furry cat ears coming out of her head. They protruded directly from her hair, and at first sight didn’t seem to be attached to her head by any devise other than being attached to her head. Dangling from a black leather collar around her neck was a gold tag that said “Naughty Kitty”.

“Well, you are a kitty, aren’t you?” I said, “I hope I didn’t hurt you. Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.”

“What a coincidence, I live with a black cat. I’m sure it would be love at first sight for both of you.”

“Yes, I do. Kay was telling me all about your Ren-chan. He sounds adorable,” seeming very interested in the topic, “she said he is all alone. That sounds so lonely”

“That’s true, but I guess that’s another hazard of being a cat. At this point it would be risky trying to find him a companion.” I said.

“Why don’t you come be his friend, Kitty?” Kay jumped in, “I’m sure he’d love having a friend like you, and you seem well behaved. You won’t scratch up the sofa, will you?” Kay started stroking Kitty’s tail. It seemed to flick and flop on its own accord.

“Maybe, but I eat more tuna than your average house cat,” she said, “and I’m oh so lazy. I would lie around in bed all day licking myself if you let me.” The girls smiled at each other.

“Well, I might just make you do that. Are you two old friends, too?” I asked.

“No,” answered Kay, “she just sat down and we started talking.”

“She was just sitting by herself and she looked like she could use somebody to keep her company,” Kitty added.

“Was I gone that long? I beg your forgiveness, my dear. Let me make it up to you. Can I get you girls a drink?”

They both replied in the affirmative.

“What’ll it be?” I said, as I moved to stand up.

“I’d like milk, in a saucer.” Kitty replied with a sweet smile.

I froze for just an instant, but then I thought of course, kitties drink milk. What’s unusual about that?

“Me too, I’ll have milk…in a saucer,” added Kay, with a big grin on her face. I returned from the bar with two glasses milk and a beer.

“They don’t have any saucers, but the bartender gave me a couple of bowls they use for peanuts.”

Kitty poured her milk into the bowl and Kay followed suit. I expected Kitty to put her face down and lap up the milk with her tongue, but she didn’t. She took the bowl between her paws and raised it to her lips and gently sipped the milk from the edge.

“That is a good trick for a kitty, very refined. Who trained you to do that?” I said.

“Almost elegant, I would say,” Kay added, “I wonder if you could teach that to our Ren.”

“Well, it helps me to be more acceptable in polite company,” Kitty said, “Some people get offended.”

“Oh! We would never. Please, don’t hold back on our account. We are far from polite, and terribly difficult to offended,” I said.

“Kitty, are you saying you aren’t so reserved when we humans aren’t watching?” Kay inquired.

“Aren’t we all so much happier when we behave according to our desires? We can only be truly content when we follow what’s in our hearts. I’m sure you don’t make Ren eat with a knife and fork, do you?” Kitty said.

“You are absolutely right,” Kay said. She bent her face down to the table and began jabbing her tongue into her bowl of milk. She was making a mess of the job, milk wetting her face and splashing all over the table.

“Try like this,” Kitty said, “curl your tongue so it makes a pocket, and go slowly. See.” Kitty’s pink tongue delicately slid out between her lips and entered the bowl without a splash. She drew it back in quickly dragging a stream of milk into her mouth. I knew I was witnessing something special. We gave her a little applause.

“Oh, you’re good,” Kay said admiringly, and improved her efforts according to the instruction. I drank my beer quietly as my two companions giggled incessantly between laps of milk.

We spent the rest of the evening talking in cat analogies and taking turns petting Kitty’s tail. As we talked we seemed to all sit a little more closely together until we were nearly pressed together. Kay and I were both smitten by the charm and beauty of this little kitten.

However much fun we were having it was getting to be about that time, and after exchanging contacts we tried to make our goodbye.

“We are going to tell our Ren all about you,” I said, “He is going to be so excited.”

“I’d love to meet him if he isn’t too busy.” She said.

“Ren? I don’t think he’s every been busy in his life. Would you like to come with us and you meet him tonight?” Kay asked. She had never asked a girl to come home with her before.

“Sure,” she replied without a hesitation. We were all pleased our evening together wouldn’t be coming to and end.

We jumped into a taxi and sat in the same order for the ride back to our place. Kitty, in the middle, squeezed between Kay and me, began to purr.

I rescued Ren from under an air conditioning unit across the street from my apartment, but actually I rescued the neighborhood from the noise he’d been making for two days. He was a little gray tabby who fit in the palm of my hand. I have always loved cats, so the sight of a helpless little fur ball in my hand melted my heart. In a month he had turned completely black and tripled in size, but despite a couple of quirks he turned out to be a real sweetie. The thing about Ren is he’s very protective of his personal space. He doesn’t like to be held and rarely submits to being petted. He will let you know if you have crossed a boundary with a quick nip or a swat of the paw. He seems proudest when he draws blood.

This is why I was absolutely floored when we arrived at my apartment. Before we could even remove our shoes Ren was rubbing against Kitty’s legs and meowing to be picked up. We had a little chuckle at Ren’s welcome, and Kitty obliged the cat by taking him into her arms. He turned into the sweetest cat ever. He rubbed his head under Kitty’s chin and purred so loudly I thought it might wake the neighbors. He absolutely would not let her put him down which gave me the delightful opportunity to remove Kitty’s black high top sneakers for her.

We made our way to the living room and sat on the sofa preserving the order we seem to have natural fallen into. Our conversation focused on the joys of cats and how anyone would benefit from associating with feline friends. Ren sat on Kitty’s lap, turning his head toward each of us as we spoke as if he were a party to the banter. I remember this next part in my mind as if it happened in slow motion, though it may have occurred in only a second. The conversation paused, Kay and Kitty turned to look into each others eyes, the green gazing into the deep brown. With just their eyes, in that instant, they seemed to convey a feeling mutual and mutually understood. They closed their eyes, moved their lips closer and began to kiss. It was the tenderest kissing I had ever seen. I was at once aroused and jealous. I could see their lips forming around each others’ and flashes of their tongues mingling as they explored each others’ mouth with their own. Instinctively their hands began to move over the others body, moving from shoulder to neck to chest, down over their stomachs, their legs, their asses. Their hands began to move underneath their clothes. I made the daring move of taking Ren from Kitty’s lap and putting him on the coffee table. My own desire was growing beyond restraint, I didn’t want to spoil this magic moment unfolding in front of me, but I knew I had to risk joining in.

Kitty was turned away from me. I noticed her shorts had been tailored to allow her tail to stick out at a natural angle just around the tailbone, rather than having to stick out the top of her shorts in an awkward direction. I was very curious to find out how it was attached and looking forward to finding out. I brushed my hand down her shoulder and arm, and let it come to rest on her hip. Kay’s hand slid over to mine and she wove her fingers into mine. Kitty slowly peeled away from Kay’s lips and turned to me.

“I guess you need to be kissed, too,” her eyes smiled as wide as her mouth.

“I was hoping you’d remember I was here,” I said coyly.

“How could we forget about you? You are the only one with a cock.” She said it so sweetly it sent tingles down my spine.

I raised my free hand up to her face and gently held her cheek in my palm. She leaned her face into my hand as I moved my mouth to hers. It was ecstasy sharing those passionate kisses I she had just been exchanging with my girlfriend. The softness of her lips thrilled me; I was intoxicated by her tongue mingling with mine with such affectionate grace. I’m sure Kay had been just as thrilled by Kitty’s kisses.

I still held Kay’s hand, my other around Kitty’s neck. Kay’s other hand was moving over Kitty’s lower back and ass as she rested her head on Kitty’s shoulder while giving the bare skin of her arm little kisses. Kitty had one hand on my side, and I saw with her other she had lifted up the hem of Kay’s dress and was rubbing her hand over her panties, her fingers exploring for the edge to gain access. Her fingers disappeared under the fabric and I knew she had found what she was searching for. Kay started grinding her hips against Kitty’s hand.

“You are so wet,” Kitty said, turning her attention back to Kay, “I like that.”

“What can I say, I’m a juicy girl,” Kay said, receiving Kitty’s renewed kisses.

“I’d like to taste some of that juice,” Kitty whispered, “Would you like that?” “Uh-huh.” Kay pulled her dress off over her head and tossed it on the floor. Kitty moved her kisses to Kay’s neck and chest.

I took this opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about Kitty’s tail. While the girls were kissing and discovering private places with their fingers I turned to face Kitty and kneeled on the floor in front of her. I began kissing her thighs just above the hem of her socks and slowly kissed my way towards her shorts. Her thighs were amazingly soft and creamy. I tried sliding my tongue under the hem of her shorts, but it was just too tight. I reached up with my hands, unbuttoned the top of her shorts and slowly slid down the zipper.

“I don’t want to pull your tail,” I said, looking up into her eyes.

“Here, let me,” she said. She raised her hips and pulled her tail free from the hole in the back of her shorts. “Ok, you’re good to go.” She went back to kissing Kay and exploring her pussy with her fingers. Kay had her hand on Kitty’s breasts. I pulled her shorts to the floor. Her panties were jet black. It contrasted provocatively with the whiteness of her thighs. I resumed my quest for the origin of her tail. I kissed and nibbled her panties over her pussy. I let my tongue tease under the edges, seeing how far I could reach inside without pulling them aside with my hand. The smell and warmth of her pussy was filling my head with a crazy desire I could barely control. My cock was exceedingly hard and very uncomfortable, begging to be set free from the restraints of my jeans.

I was dying to taste her pussy. I slid both my hands, from inside her thighs, under both cheeks of her ass and pressed my mouth into her mound, forcing the fabric of her panties inside the soft slit of her pussy with my lips and tongue making a delightful cameltoe. I reached up to grab the top of her panties to pull them off, and then realizing these weren’t her panties. I remember my guess at the bar that she was wearing a leotard, and these had no snaps between her legs. My efforts had been foiled, this was going to take some work and I needed to rethink my strategy. I had an overwhelming desire to lick pussy, so I moved over to the next girl. I didn’t see how, but Kay had her panties off and was completely exposed. Kitty’s hand was still doing some work down there when I began kissing my way in along Kay’s thigh. I give Kitty’s hand a little nibble and she moved it up to cup Kay’s breasts. I took the opportunity to indulge in her lovely bald snatch.

Kay had a tiny pussy, almost like a child’s, all her little petals are tucked in deep between her puffy labia. I have never been able to fit two fingers inside comfortably, and I’ve always wondered how my cock fits into such a tight hole, her saving grace is that she gets very wet. After a little work rubbing my cock along her opening, coating me with her wetness, guiding myself inside her is always snug and smooth stroking. Kay kept herself clean shaven, so it was always a delight to go down on her. I began doing my best work. I licked up and down her swollen labia, worked around her tender folds in circular motions and darted my tongue in and out of the opening of her vagina. I tickled her perineum with my tongue and licked in and around her anus. With my other hand I reached over and started rubbing Kitty’s pussy. My fingers felt under her leotard and found the entrance of her pussy. She was dripping wet and my fingers found a welcoming place to play. Both girls were beginning to breathe heavily.

Kay was leaning back across some pillows with one hand over her eyes and the other on Kitty’s shoulder in a stupor of ecstasy, while Kitty was kissing and biting her nipples. She was making long sighs, I could tell her pleasure flowed through her body in waves. I sensed she was edging towards an orgasm.

“Come down her, Kitty. I want you to help with this.” I said, “This is a job for two tongues.” The girls looked at each other with approving smiles.

She came down on the floor next to me and I pushed Kay’s legs wide apart so we could both fit our mouths on her pussy. One leg was over the armrest, the other pulled up on the sofa. Kitty began licking her pussy, I was licking her pussy, our cheeks pressed together like two kittens trying to suckle at the teat. Our tongues would mingle together as we both tried to enter her hole, then we’d switch to kissing each other and then back to pussy duty. It only took a few minutes before Kay’s hips began to buck wildly and she let out a growling moan. I knew she was having one of the best orgasms of her life. Kitty and I stopped and laughed with each other, feeling proud of our good work. She stood up and pulled me up by the hand.

“Ok, you’ve had yours. Now I think it’s time to make you feel just a little jealous,” Kitty said to Kay. She pulled her off the sofa with both hands and they wrapped their arms around each other, pressing their bodies together in a passionate friendly hug. Taking Kay by the hand she led her into the bedroom. She sat her down in my leather desk chair.

“Now you sit there and don’t move.” Kitty opened the closet and pulled out two neckties. She returned to Kay and tied both hands to the armrests of the chair. She seemed to be very good with knots, it seemed Kay wouldn’t be able to escape. She looked a little nervous as to what was going to happen next, so I went over and gave her a kiss to reassure her that I wouldn’t let anything terrible happen.

“You are not allowed to do that,” Kitty scolded me in a serious, but still playful tone, “You stand right there and wait for me.”

I was a little taken aback at the sudden change of demeanor, but I was intrigued as to what she was up to, and decided to obey her completely. How could I risk ruining what will likely be one of the best sexual experiences of my life? Kay was nude, tied to a chair, facing the bed. I was fully clothed, but dying to change that situation, Kitty was left only in her leotard, ears and tail. Kitty stood out of arms reach in front of me; we were all silent with anticipation. At this point words would only detract from the titillation of our experience.

Kitty stared into my eyes as she slowly pulled one arm out of her leotard and then the other. If a nuclear bomb had gone off next door I don’t think I would have been able to look away. She grabbed both sleeves, and at a snail's pace peeled the leotard down over her body. With a bounce her breasts emerged simultaneously. They were magnificent. Large and translucent, they seemed as delicate as cotton candy and floated high on her chest. She had large pale nipples that faded seamlessly into the whiteness of her skin. They were the most delicious things I had ever seen. I was losing all self control, my desire to push her down on the bed and take those sweet twins in my mouth was overbearing. I could see by Kay’s gapping smile she was also very impressed. Kitty continued her slow striptease and I thought I would die. Her delicate white skin continued down her stomach, she exposed her navel, pierced with a gold cat. She continued peeling the leotard down over her hips and finally revealed her pussy. She wasn’t completely shaved, she had a small patch of short black pubic hair cut in the shape of a cat head. She pulled the leotard over her thighs and let it fall to the floor. Kay and I both noticed at the same time that her tail was still attached and shot each other a quick look of surprise and delight.

Kitty got down on all fours and slinked over to me like a cat. She rubbed her head and body against my thighs as she crawled around and between my legs. Now we could clearly see that the tail emanated directly from her asshole, and must be held in place by some sort of plug. The implications and possibilities raced through my mind. This girl was incredibly dedicated to her fetish, I was incredibly hard. She slid up my body until she was completely standing, wrapping her arms tightly around me and rubbing her nude body against mine. My hands instinctively began to run over her ass. She started unbuttoning my shirt. She kissed every piece of new skin that she exposed as she worked her way down my torso. Kay was straining in the chair, trying to reach her pussy with her fingers to get a little relief from her unbearable arousal, but not quite being able to make it. Kitty reached my waste and I finished with my shirt by pulling my arms out and tossing it across the room. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zipper. She grabbed the jeans and my underwear together and pulled them down together. My cock slipped out the elastic waistband and hit her in the face. The girls laughed and Kitty seemed to be delighted at the treasure she had discovered. I was relieved to be set free from the confines of my pants. She gave my cock just a little kiss.

Kitty led me over to the bed, pushed me down on my back and laid down on her stomach between my legs, her face inches from my cock. She looked over to Kay to make sure she had her full attention. Kay had given up trying to touch herself and was showing signs of great distress. Kitty gave her a very naughty smile. With one hand around my balls she took my cock into her mouth. She made a tight suction with her lips and moved her tongue all over my shaft while gently squeezing my balls. To say the sensation was earth shattering would be an understatement. I knew I would cum if she kept this up for more than a minute as all my tension and anticipation came flooding out through the marvelous sensation, but I wasn’t about to cash out early on this junket. My goal was to wear out both girls and leave them deeply satisfied, with sore pussies to remind them of the experience. Every time I felt myself getting anywhere close to climax I made her stop.

I wanted to experience the whole girl. I grabbed her under her arms and pulled her up even with me. We kissed and pressed our bodies together in a rolling hug across the bed. I pinned Kitty on her back and began to kiss down her body. She moaned softly as I kissed her neck, her chest; my lips moved over her breast and I took her nipple in my mouth, I licked and nibbled, first one and then the other. They were as soft and yummy as I had imagined. I began to kiss down her stomach; I looked to the side and saw that Kitty and Kay were staring into each others eyes. Kitty was making kissing motions at Kay with her lips. Looking anguished, Kay was obviously having some regrets about letting herself be tied down, and was strained at her bonds. I could tell Kay was feeling jealous and left out. Later she told me it was like burning up inside. She was dying to be touched and held. She had an overwhelming desire to have Kitty and I pleasure her together. Kitty looked a little self satisfied that she was the cause of this frenzied emotion.

After a brief swirl around Kitty’s navel I continued my journey to the Promised Land. I undertook to leave no curve or crevice unexplored and no shade of pink untasted. Licking her pussy was intoxicating, the smell, the wetness, the soft petals of her opening filled me with incredible lust. I went into a pussy licking rage. Licking from her clitoris, over her swollen vulva, I searched the inner recesses of her labia and stabbed my tongue deep into her hole. I kissed my way across her perineum and swirled my tongue around her asshole. From the sounds she was making I figured she was enjoying herself. The wetness from her pussy dripped down between her legs and lubricated her ass. I grabbed the base of her tail and gently pulled, it offered some resistance.

“Do you mind,” I asked, “I might want to use this hole later.”

“Go ahead, but don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.”

I tugged a little harder and I could see the plug begin to emerge from her asshole. It was black and oval, a little smaller than an egg. Another little pull and it reached the critical bulge, the thing shot out of her ass and landed two feet across the bed, her asshole instantly closed back up into a star. It was so cute and sexy I had to drive my tongue as deep as I could into her little brown sunflower.

As wonderful as oral sex can be, nothing beats good old fashioned fucking. I wanted to be inside Kitty since the moment I sat on her tail at the bar. I moved my way up the girl, retracing my steps with kisses. I reached the top and our lips met in a reunion of tongues. My hips were between her legs. I took my cock in hand and gently rubbed the head up and down the opening of her pussy, covering my large purple glans penis with her natural lube. I teased her around the opening; I put in the very tip and pulled it out again, I rubbed my shaft up and down her labia. Both girls were going crazy. Kay was in her chair whimpering “no, no, fuck me, no, no” over and over to herself. Kitty had her legs spread wide, staring down at my cock and biting her lip. This might have been the greatest moment of my life and I was wondering how long I could make the tension last between these two girls. Kay cracked first, she blurted out, “Come on and fuck the girl!” We all laughed and Kitty, “please,” so nicely I couldn’t resist.

I pushed the full length of my cock directly into little pink pussy with the kitty head pubes. There was slight resistance at first, then the labia parted and my head slid in. I stopped at that point and gave her a few short quick strokes to make sure she was ok. Some girls can’t take a cock of my size right away, they need to be acclimated to it, or the sex could end up being painful for them. I learned that through experience. I eased my shaft in and out of her pussy, giving her the longest strokes possible, and pressed my hips against her thighs at the conclusion of each stroke. I could feel my cock pushing against her cervix; I went as deep as I could, driving her womb into her abdomen. After a few full strokes I think she came hard, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and squeezed tightly as her pussy began to clinch powerfully around the shaft of my cock. Her mouth straining open as if she wanted to scream, but no sound came out. After what seemed like an inordinately long time she relaxed her grip and smiled at me. We looked over to Kay and it seemed like she might start crying.

“What do you say we release our prisoner?” I inquired.

“Does that mean you have to take your cock out of me?”

“I suppose we could try it your way, but it could result in injury.”

“Well, as long as you promise to put it back.”

“I think I can make that promise.”

I reluctantly pulled my cock out of Kitty. We got up and each untied one Kay’s bonds.

“You guys are bastards. I thought you were going to leave me there all night,” Kay complained.

“Never sweetheart,” I replied, “Don’t you know that giving you amazing orgasms is my whole purpose in life?”

“Well, you’d better. I’m so frustrated right now I would cum if you just blew on my cunt.” she said.

“Then my plan is working perfectly,” Kitty said.

She took Kay by the hand over to the bed and sat her down. She slowly spread Kay’s legs apart, drew her mouth close and blew a steady stream of air into her pussy.

“Did you cum?” she asked.

“Oh, you are a naughty kitty. You had better lick this thing like it was fresh cream or you aren’t getting any cat treats.”

Kitty took her orders and began to give Kay a thorough tongue lashing. Judging from Kay’s moans she was just as good at licking pussy as she was at sucking cock. The sight of these two beautiful women engaging in this intimate sex act right in front of me was breathtaking. I had to grip my own cock to keep it from exploding. Kay laid back on the bed and moaned, Kitty, on her knees, had her face buried in my girlfriend’s pussy and her ass was sticking into the air. Her pussy was beckoning me enter. I kneeled behind Kitty and buried replaced my cock all the way inside her dripping pussy with one stroke. We went on in this configuration for at least 20 minutes.

Kay finally spoke up, “You’ve tortured me all night being tied up in that chair. I think it’s about time you both paid me some special attention. I want to be in the middle” We disengaged, got a drink of water and rearranged ourselves. Kay laid flat on the bed. I was sitting up between Kay’s legs, with her legs spread over my thighs. Her ass was slightly elevated by pillows so she could be comfortable while my cock still had a good angle to enter her pussy. Kitty was straddled across Kay’s face, slightly bent forward, giving Kay’s tongue good access to her pussy while avoiding impaling her asshole on Kay’s nose. This put Kitty’s face right in front of mine, so we took the opportunity to smile at each other and kiss while we took our pleasure. This position was fun, but a little awkward and I didn’t last long before my legs began to cramp up and it had to be abandoned.

We ended up lying on the bed next to each other letting our hands run over each others bodies, touching and rubbing each other’s special places and chatting about nonsense. It was then we noticed Ren was sitting on the dresser staring at us. Kitty invited him to join us, but he just sat and watched. Kay pointed out that she had not yet been fucked sufficiently this night and I was neglecting my responsibilities. Kitty concurred, so I rolled over on top of Kay and slid my cock inside. I did some nice easy stroking for five minutes, making sure to get all the angles and motions, then Kitty declared that it was her turn. I moved gracefully over to Kitty and gave her some of my best missionary position moves. For the next hour or so I went back and forth between the two girls. The girl not being fucked would amuse herself by playing with the others breasts, or rubbing my ass, or just getting a drink of water. They kept a tally of how many times they had come. Their final scores numbering in the teens.

The dawn couldn’t have been more than an hour off. I thought the girls might be getting tired and if they were satisfied I’d really like to blow my load.

“You just have one more thing to do before you can cum,” Kitty said, “You made me a promise.” She turned over on the bed, got up on her knees with her head low and her ass way up in the air. “I want it where the tail goes.”

Kay gave me a look as if she were very interested in seeing that. I have never done anal with Kay, I was too big for her tiny asshole and she is too scared she would get permanently damaged.

“Ok,” I agreed, “but I have to do one thing first.”

I got the lube out of my dresser and cleaned off Kitty’s tail plug. I told Kay to turn over. She instantly understood what I had in mind and didn’t hesitate for a moment. We’d been having too much fun for her to back out now and she willingly complied. I lubed up the plug and rubbed a good amount inside Kay’s asshole with my finger. I kissed the cheeks of her ass and gently slid the rubber plug into her ass. It went in much more easily than I had expected. Kay immediately began to stroke her new appendage with one hand and her pussy with the other. I turned my attention to Kitty, who was still in the same position and gave her ass and my cock the same lube treatment I’d given Kay and the butt plug. Her asshole was tight, but with a little patience my cock slipped in fairly easily. Assholes are more muscular than pussies and can grip pretty hard. Kitty kept gently squeezing my shaft. I knew I wouldn’t last long at this point.

Kay slid underneath and started kissing Kitty’s pussy while still playing with her own. She occasionally reached her tongue over and licked my balls. This was more than I could stand, I had reached my limit. I fought as hard as I could to cling to the top of the mountain, but it was desperate cause. I think I screamed as my whole body started to convulse. I kept cumming and cumming; I must have shot a pint of jizz into Kitty’s ass. I’d never cum so violently before in my life. I think the girls came too because they got loud. We all collapsed on the bed and began sharing exhausted kisses among the three of us. We were thoroughly spent and all drifted off to sleep clinging together. The next morning the encore was a little more civilized but no less enjoyable.

Since that night Kay and Kitty have become close friends. Kay has gotten herself a cat costume of the Siamese variety and they often go out to play together. I am under considerable pressure to become a Maine Coon.
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