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Hey everyone this is my very first story wanted to try it out so please let me know if you think i should write more.
My hubby hasnt had a off day from work in a long time until now and he's getting the whole weekend off and im happy for him he deserves a break. I suggest that he go do something fun like maybe hangout with the guys. He looked at me and you can see he's thinking with the dork look on his face. I finally said that they should go camping, its been awhile since he got to camp. I agreed and said it was a great idea. He added that he wanted me to come too. I wasnt really into camping and he knew that but he insisted so finally i said i would and he called the guys and we got started packing. Within a few hours we were headed out of the city and out to the middle of nowhere. Of course my phone didnt get any signal out here but i have to admit its really beautiful. We arrived to the campsite that they picked and were the first to arrive. Hubby started setting up camp getting our tent up within minutes and a fire started. About an hour later his buddies started showing up one after the other. Has the sun was going down everyone was around the fire laughing and having a few drinks. My hubby asked me to sit in his lap and have a drink with him.He knew i didnt like drinking beer but i reluctantly did it for him. As the night rolled on the drinks slowly kept coming and i was actually feeling pretty good and past the bad taste of the beer. But i started noticing all his buddies looking at me and i could see the lust in their eyes. Ive always known his buddies checked me out cause hubby would tell me when he would come home from work. I always found it flattering but i thats it cause i was faithful to my man. But i couldnt deny i was a lil turned on from the looks from them. I turned to my man and started kissing his neck gently and i whispered in his ear that i wanted to go back to the tent with him. He knew exactly what i wanted and we told the guys we would be back. I we got in the tent and he was roughly kissing me and grabbing my body and i fucking loved. I couldnt get his pants off fast enough but finally i did and pushed him on his back taking his cock in my mouth. As i was hungrily sucking his cock a heard a noise and looked up and he was passed out. All i could think was what the fuck, but i wasnt mad just horny and frustrated but i knew he has been working hard at work and needed his rest. I laid next to him for a few minutes but eventually realized i wasnt going to sleep so i got up and went back to the fire. All the guys were laughing and talking about work but soon as i sat down their attention turned to me. His best friend billy was closest to me and offered me another beer. I really didnt want one but he insisted and that it was rude to say no to a drink. I laughed and said whatever as i took the drink. They continued talking and more and more they would pull me into the conversations. Making flirty comments and looked at me with lustful eyes. I couldnt tell if it was the beer or me being horny as hell from earlier but i could feel my pussy getting wetter. But i didnt dare tell them that, i hated that i was being turned on by my hubbys friends but my body was betraying me. Every few minutes one of them would trying to make a move for me but i gently let them down and tried changing the subject. After a few more drinks i was feeling really wobbly so i decided it was time for bed but as i tried standing up my legs gave out on me. I was quickly picked up by 2 of the guys and they started walking with me. I thought how nice of them to walk me to the tent but i quickly learned i was wrong i they walked me to the picnic table lifting me up and sitting me on it. I started saying that i wanted to go to bed but they said no. I told them my hubby wouldnt like this if he say yall and i dont want this. They quickly said he wont know and your gonna like it. Before i could understand what he was meaning by that i felt my legs being opened wide by 2 sets of hands and my arms were held behind me tight. I tried getting away and saying no but all i got was laughing. Next thing i know my leggings were cut open exposing my pussy and before i could say stop a cock was slammed all the way inside me. My pussy immediately squeezing this cock but i kept saying stop i love my hubby. Finally they were tired of hearing me talking and a guy got on the table shoving his cock in my mouth. The feeling my body was having was too intense and my will and love for my hubby slowly drifted away and was replaced with my first orgasm and i moaned on the cock in my mouth. Before i knew it i was thrusting my body into his trying desperately to get all of his cock in my pussy. The cock in my mouth swelled up and i knew he was about to cum. I greedily sucked his cock wanting all of his cum down my throat. Within another minute he blasted hard down my throat but i couldnt swallow it fast enough. He pulled out and i was able to look at the guy fucking the hell out my pussy and it was billy. I moaned more and more and i felt his cock swelling and stretching. Omg he's bout to cum inside me. Billy dont plz im not on birth control i could get pregnant. I guess thats all he needed to hear and he grab the back of my neck forcing me to look down at my pussy and his cock and he grunted and i felt the biggest load ive ever felt explodes in my pussy and instead of screaming at him. My pussy squeezed his cock milking his cum taking all of it and i started cumming violently on his cock and moaning heavily. As he pulled out of me cum poured out and i quickly started thinking of my hubby but that thought was faded soon as i felt other cock slide into my pussy someone else got on the table and shoved their cock in my mouth and i started sucking willingly. For the next few hours i was fucked roughly and in several positions everyone had a turn at my mouth and pussy cumming in both sometimes on my ass or back or face or tits as i laid there on the table looking at all these satisfied guys i felt very proud that i could give them so much pleasure. I immediately realized that i just cheated on my hubby omg. Not to mention im most likely pregnant but what can i do i cant take care of this baby by myself. And then i said to myself this is his fault he fell asleep on me and knew how these guys felt about me. I decided to go to the creek and clean up and not tell him. The weekend went on and every chance the guys got. They would distract my hubby and a few at a time would fuck the hell out of me. And at this point i willingly asked for it cause i loved being constantly full of cocks. The trip finally ended and i took about 68 loads of cum in my pussy from 8 guys over 3 days. I was physically exhausted but hubby didnt notice thank god. He back to work and no one told him what happened. 2 weeks later i found out i was pregnant of course i didnt know who the father was. But i told hubby we were having a baby and he was excited. As time went on the guys forgot about me and all found nice girls. All but one hubbys best friend billy, he came over anytime him and hubby werent working the same days and would fuck the hell out of my pussy. And once again a few years later i was pregnant again. I knew eventually that both kids were his but hubby never noticed which is a good thing. He's a good man and takes care of us and im grateful.
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