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He is wealthy beyond belief and is obsessed with Wonder Woman , Gal Gadot. His name is Sam Winston and he contacted Gal’s agent offering a million dollars for a ten hour job as Wonder Woman at a birthday party. The agent contacted her told her the offer and she accepted he told her the job was that weekend on Saturday ten AM until eight PM at his mansion. Gal dressed in the provided Wonder Woman costume and was picked up in a black limousine Saturday morning. She arrived at the mansion and entered where she was led to the gardens at the rear of the house. A party was set up with tables and food for about twenty five boys and girls around the age of thirteen. The party was super villain themed with the kids dressed as DC villains. As she joined the party she was told to act the part and go with it. Gal stepped up and told them to surrender or face her wrath.

The kids laughed and pulled out the main weapons of the villain they were dressed as but were modified paint ball guns. When they fired on her she tried to use her bracer to block the shots but some got through and after about five minutes she started feeling woozy finally falling to her knees and everything went black. They had video recorded everything and they didn't break character as they gathered around Gal’s unconscious body and stripped most of her costume from her leaving only her golden tiara. They bound her spread eagled on a king sized bed and gagged her with a cock ring then explored her body until she woke up. The main boy spoke to her stating , Wonder Woman finally we have captured you and now you lay helpless before us. We will use your body as we see fit fucking you until one of us impregnates you and you bear a child. Don't think we are the only ones you will be having sex with there are others waiting to taste your charms. Gal sobbed as she heard the dogs in the nearby kennel.

The first boy lay down on top of Wonder Woman and slipped his dick through the folds of her vagina making her scream at the pain from her dry unprepared sex. After awhile she slowly started producing her own lubrication as well as that from the boy. It helped when he ejaculated and the next boy stepped up to fuck her. This worked fine until one of them fucked her up her dry anus but her blood helped lubricate her asshole. Then he moved to her mouth sticking his bloody shit smeared cock into her mouth. Gal cried as her body was used and abused by seventeen young men and eight young girls who came up with even more perverted acts to perform on her. They all laughed at her when her body betrayed her by having orgasms , many orgasms. When the kids were done with her they brought in the first dog a large black mastiff. While she was exhausted they shifted her onto her hands and knees so she was perfectly positioned for the dogs to mount her. They allowed the dog to lick her pussy and anus until she climaxed then he mounted her Jack hammering her cunt unmercifully.

While that happened they brought in a female collie and had the dog lay on her back positioning the dogs pussy under Gal’s face then removed the gag and forced her mouth down on the dogs cunt holding her nose until she started licking the dogs pussy. They filmed the three molesting each other to orgasms and ejaculations. Laughing the boys told her they would make millions from the movie of her obviously performing these acts of her own free will. I never did that Gal started to say when they laughed and said , but Wonder Slut you have not been bound or forced for the last hour of sexual activity. The stuff before that can be attributed to your perversions of wanting to be forced and rape fantasies. No please Gal said , I’m married with children don't do this to me. We will consider it but how will you compensate us for the lost money from the movie. What do you want Gal asked them. There are lots of rich perverted people in the world from now on you will do as we want any acts those rich people want you to perform without complaint and with enthusiasm.

Gal sobbed because she knew they had her if she wanted to save her family , okay she replied whatever you want. Good first you will go home pack and tell your husband that you have been hired for a secret project and will be out of touch for a year possibly longer. During that year you will give birth to a child that will be ours and make many rich perverts happy , we will even be generous and pay you two million dollars for your services , wait doesn't that make you a whore , very fitting since all of you Hollywood types are prostitutes. Now let’s see how good an actress you are , you will act with enthusiasm with your next co-star , bring in the python. They brought in a four foot long snake three inches around and laid it on her pussy it started moving around rubbing its scaly body over her clit she grabbed it and forced its head into the entrance to her vagina.

She watched it slide itself into her body watched its outline on her abdomen as it entered an filled her womb screamed as its scales rubbing across her clit brought her to a massive climax spraying her juices ten feet from her groin. She screamed yes fill me fuck my cunt you beautiful snake make me cum then she screamed in agony as its head slipped out of her pussy and pushed it’s way into her anus. Forcing its entire length deep into her rectum until it turned around and came back out as Gal forced it out by pushing like she was shitting. The snake came out of her bowels along with her shit. The snake left her body returning to its cage unbeknownst to Gal while she was unconscious they put snake eggs into her womb and the male snake just fertilized them. She was also impregnated by one of the young boys and she would give birth to a genetically altered human female with snake like attributes along with altered snakes of which ten would survive and display heightened intelligence and other changes like a psychic connection to each other and the girl they named Synn.

Gal Gadot spent years pleasing a large variety of rich people in every possible perverted way. She even did a nude photo layout displaying all of her bodies charms so that all men and women could see and appreciate her body. Her husband did not like this but he accepted it was something she needed to do before she got too old and her Israeli beauty faded.
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