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Based on a true story. The writer of the story is female who this happened to but decided to go from the males perspective. Names have been changed.
“Hey Dave! How was your break?”

I looked up to see my best friend Ivy. We’ve been friends since the start of the school year. Spring break just ended and I haven’t seen her in over a week. For some reason she looks different.

“Hi Ivy, it was good. I didn’t do much. How about you?”

“It was great! Just mostly enjoyed some relaxing time at home.”

As she was talking I noticed that she was showing off her figure. Her shirt was being pulled tight across her breasts. They must have grown since I last saw her. I wonder what bra size she is wearing now.

“Hello?? Dave?”

“Oh, sorry! What were you saying?”

“I was wondering if you needed help with your presentation for tomorrow?”

“Yeah you know what that would be great. How about we meet in the library after school?”

“Sounds good! See you later.”

I watched her walk away. Her ass looked magnificent and her hair swayed back and forth a little. I wonder if her boobs were jiggling a bit… I can’t think about this anymore, I am getting a semi and I need to get to class.

**Later in the library**

I sat there in the library as the last bell of the school day rang knowing Ivy was coming soon. I couldn’t help but feel really excited to see her.

“Alright I’m here. Sorry it took me so long. I was getting water at the water fountain and some jerk must have broke it because it got my shirt soaking wet!”

I looked at her shirt and I saw the outline of her bra. It had a flower fabric design. As I kept staring I noticed her nipples poking through. She sat down and I reached my hand over and started rubbing her thigh.

“Umm Dave… What are you doing?”

I didn’t respond. I just stared at my computer continuing to rub her thigh. It felt right to be doing this.

“Ok maybe we can get started on your project.”

Ivy scooted over a little so my hand couldn’t reach her thigh. I can feel my pants getting tighter. I looked down and I saw why. I am getting an erection.

“Hey Ivy, I’m going to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back”

“Alright, I’ll be here.”

I quickly walked to the bathroom. I locked the stall and pulled my pants down. As my erection grew, thoughts of Ivy grew stronger. I started to masturbate. It felt amazing as I imagined Ivy’s nipples through her shirt. They would feel so good to suck on. To roll around on my tongue and pleasure them.

I rub faster and faster as I start to orgasm. My cum blasts against the door. I start to think about what I am going to do to her.

I pull up my pants and walk back to the library.

“Hey Ivy, how about we go to a room where there aren’t other kids around so we can focus better”

“I think that’s a good idea. It is pretty loud in here. I know what room we should go to! Follow me”

We pack up our stuff and I follow Ivy. It wasn’t loud in the library. I had a different reason for wanting to move.

“Ok here’s the room. No teachers, no kids and the janitors should be done cleaning this side of the school, so there shouldn’t be any distractions”

This is perfect. No one will be able to see what I am about to do and it will just be us two fooling around in here.

Ivy sits down and starts unpacking her stuff. I lock the door behind me.

“What are you doing? Why did you lock the door?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal”

“Ok… So what do you still need to do on this presentation?”

I walk behind her and grab her boobs. They fit perfectly into my hand. I start massaging them.

“What the fuck are you doing!? Get off of me!”

She tried to stand up but that turned me on even more. I leaned on her so she couldn’t stand. I put my hands under her shirt and lifted up her bra. Her nipples were getting hard as I started to lightly squeeze them. I could hear her taking some deep breaths.

“Dave seriously, get the fuck off of me and stop touching me!”

Ivy started squirming and tried pushing away from the desk. I let her stand but right away turned her around. I ripped her thin shirt off. I was looking directly at her boobs. Oh god was she hot! Ivy starts blushing and runs towards the door. I grab her and with one arm. I forcibly hold her against my chest. My other hand reaches down into her pants. She is already wet but I plan to make her soaking soon. As I rub her clit, she starts moaning a little. The moans are quiet because she is trying to hide that it feels good. My fingers go a little faster while her pussy starts to leak more juices onto my fingers. Ivy starts thrusting her hips a little but stops. I can hear her trying to restrain from the pleasure so I start rubbing faster to force her to accept it.

My cock is so hard that I stop rubbing her clit and take her pants off and sit her on the desk. Her eyes look blank but her body looks alive and excited. With a naked girl in front of me, I feel like I am in total and complete control. I can do whatever I want to her and she has to take it. I grab her neck and force my fingers in her mouth.

“This whore mouth is now mine. I will do what I want with it.”

I reached down and pinched her nipples.

“These nipples are mine and to play with.”

I went further and put two fingers in her soaking vagina.

“This hole is mine and you are now my bitch. Do you understand?”

“Why are you doing this?”

Since she didn’t answer my question I rammed a third finger into her vagina.

“Ow! Stop please Dave. It hurts!! I don’t like this.”

“That not what your body is saying.”

I kept three fingers in and pushed them in and out fast. Over and over. She sat there and took it. Just like I wanted her to.

“Dave please stop, I don’t want this. You’re hurting me.”

“Shut up! If you say anything else I will hurt you more.”

With that Ivy stopped talking. She wouldn’t look at me. I wanted to see the look in her eyes when I put my cock in her. I grabbed her face and forced her eyes on me. I knew she could feel something different at her entrance. I started to push the tip of my cock in. Her eyes went wide and fear struck across her face.

“OH MY GOD! Dave no! Don’t please! Don’t fuck me!! This is wrong! I can’t handle this, please please don’t!”

Without warning I shove my penis all the way in and holy fuck is this amazing!

“Ahh, please, I-I can’t…”

Her voice starting to trail off as I fuck her pussy. My cock grows bigger while I keep fucking. Ivy’s moans are getting louder. Her tits are bouncing with very hard nipples. My cock is throbbing so much and I am so turned on that I start fucking Ivy as fast as I can. She yelps a little whenever I slam all the way in. Her hips start moving.

“Dave I’m going to cum. Please stop. I don’t want this anymore.”

“No, you are going to cum on my cock!”

With that I felt her body start to vibrate and her pussy walls tightly clench my cock.

“Oh FUCK! Ah ah ah, Dave, oh oh oh oh oh, please”

Shit is this amazing. I’ve never felt anything so good!

“Since you came on me, I get to cum in you.”

“No you can’t! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

I feel like I am about to erupt! One final thrust and,

“OH SHIT!!!”

My cum shoots against Ivy’s pussy walls. I thrust a couple more times as my orgasm settles.

“That was amazing! Holy fuck!”

I pull my pants up, grab my backpack, and starts walking towards the door.

“Clean yourself up whore. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that I unlock the door, walk out and don’t look behind me.


2019-03-21 04:18:06
Tell Ivy that she can NOT get anything done without paying for it.

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