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Holly, continues her journey by the name Sammi Shepherd, hitchhiking across the country facing the dangers any teen might encounter while trying to establish a new identity and life for herself. No longer with the kind trucker Joseph and his K-9 companion Ol'Jack, Sammi must now depend on others for transportation. Will she stay safe or face more danger? The other chapters to this story and my other stories are here:
Sammi was struggling to keep her emotions in check especially after hearing Joseph's rig drive away. She felt so unsure she had made the right decision so she knew the best thing to do was to just keep walking.

She took another look at the map and made the decision to walk along a Northwest interstate. It took her almost 45 minutes to get along the interstate she wanted where she thought she might get a ride.

She continued to walk but also looked back at the cars and trucks and on occasion would put her thumb out.

Finally after another 45 minutes a sleek black big rig pulled over. Sammi had to walk almost 100 yards as it took the truck time to pull over and stop after passing her.

Finally after walking up behind the truck she decided to walk up to the driver's side, "Hola Senorita, where are you heading this fine day" the driver asked having lowered his window?

"Hi, I'm Sammi, I'm trying to get Northwest, are you going that direction" she replied?

He replied, "Yes ma'am I am. Walk on around and hop in, door's unlocked."

Sammy walked around to the passenger side of the cab and opened the door. The driver was standing by the passenger seat and reached a hand out to take her bags. Because it was bigger she handed him the duffle bag but she kept her backpack over her shoulder as she climbed in.

"Jose, Jose Reyes" he said introducing himself and shook her hand.

Once she was seated he moved back into the driver's seat setting her duffle bag on the floor between them. He buckled his seat belt as did she and put the big rig into gear released the break and once again pulled out onto the highway.

"Where are you from" he asked.

His question caught her completely off guard. She hadn't thought about the possibility of the person giving her a ride would make small talk. Joseph had been so respectful and didn't ask her anything about her past so it took her a minute to answer his question trying to think of someplace besides where she had really lived but also someplace she knew something about.

Finally after what felt like her to be a long delay she answered, "Atlanta."

"I'm from Texas" he said and added, "Nice to meet you Sammi."

Jose played what he called Tejano music on his truck sound system and while Sammi didn't understand most of the lyrics she was enjoying the upbeat rhythm of the music compared to most of the country and western music Joseph played.

He asked her lots of questions about places she had been and what type of things she liked to do but she tried to limit her answers to yes, no or vague answers.

He then got her talking about food and she opened up a bit more about food knowing that likely would not reveal much about her past.

He made her a bit uncomfortable asking if she had a boyfriend. When she indicated she didn't he said, "Such a beautiful girl like you I'm surprised you don't have lots of boyfriends."

She didn't know what to say so she said nothing and just looked down at the floorboard at her feet.

Jose continued to make random conversation talking about traffic and how dumb driver's of four wheelers, the term he uses for cars, are and how they have no idea how long it can take an eighteen wheeler to stop and cut them off often too close.

He even whistles when a car, with two attractive blondes, drives bye blowing their horn and waiving. Jose blows the truck horn in return.

After a while he had Sammi laughing as he would say the most off the wall things about one vehicle or another. Sometimes he would sing along in full voice with the Tejano music but very off key which got her laughing too at how bad it was but he obviously was having fun.

He didn't stop as often or long as Joseph and a few times he made her nervous as he was driving the truck very fast even passing other cars and trucks. He was very proud of the sleek looking black cab and bragged how much power it had talking numbers about torque and horse power she didn't understand but all of it helped pass the time.

He did a quick drive through at a fast food restaurant and even took his food to go and ate it while driving which made her a bit nervous. She paid for her own food in the drive through.

He drove the truck long into the night and she started finding herself drifting off to sleep on and off.

Sammi woke startled her mind scrambling to determine where she was. When her eyes opened and she saw the inside of a truck cab her left hand reached down to where Ol'Jack would lie between the two seats but she didn't find him. Finally her mind woke enough to understand she wasn't in the Bar with Roger and his 'friends' and she wasn't in the truck with Joseph and Ol'Jack, she was with the truck driver whom she had met earlier that day, Jose.

As her mind woke more she looked around and realized the truck was stopped and Jose seemed to be shutting things down. They appeared to be on the far end of a rest stop.

"Welcome back. Have a nice nap" Jose asked?

"Yeah, um sorry I fell asleep" she replied and yawned.

"No worries Senoriata. I'm going to sit outside a few minutes, unwind and have a smoke. You are welcome to join me if you'd like" he said getting out of the cab.

She took a few minutes to decide but getting out of the truck sounded good to her too.

She got out of the truck and it felt good to stretch her legs. She had been right about what she had seen out of the windshield of the truck, they had parked at the far end of a highway rest stop.

He had taken two lounge chairs out of the truck and was already sitting down.

She said "Hi" to Jose and then added, "I'm going to step to the ladies room."

She stepped to the ladies room and as she walked back towards him she could see he was smoking. She walked directly towards him and sat down in the chair next to him, "Thanks for getting two chairs out."

As she sat down she realized the smell from what he was smoking wasn't a cigarette.

But before she could think much about it he held the joint out to her and asked, "Would you like a toke?"

She waived her hand left and right and said, "No thank you."

He just smiled and took another hit on the joint.

"Nice night out don't you think. It's almost a full moon. Crazy shit happens during the full moon" he joked.

"Yeah it's a nice night. The moon is beautiful" she answered with a giggle avoiding his crazy shit happens comment.

"Yeah I just like to unwind before heading to bed, ya know Senorita" he asked?

"Yeah it's cool" she replied sounding sincere.

They sat quietly for the next several minute occasionally the sound of a car coming or going from the rest stop the only sounds besides the sounds of the night bugs in the nearby trees.

When he was down to the smallest bit of pot left he asked one last time, "Sure you don't want a hit? Last chance?"

With a smile and waive she replied, "I'm good."

With that he took his last few draws on the joint and then flicked it on the pavement and crushed it against the blacktop.

He then started folding up his chair and she watched what he was doing and did the same with the chair she sat on. They got both chairs folded and he put them into the cab where he stored them and then gave her a boost up to the passenger door of the cab. He then got in through the driver's door.

She reclined the passenger seat as much as she could and took her shoes off. He got back into the sleeper. He then asked, "Would you like to join me in bed? It's not to often I have the opportunity to share my bed with a beautiful woman."

She wondered if he meant just to sleep but this wasn't Joseph. So after a moment of thinking about it she said, "Thank you for the offer but I'm okay here."

With that she heard him settle in the bed. She was still tired and it wasn't very long before she was drifting off to sleep.


She felt her body being lifted and then laid on a soft surface as her mind worked to lift the fog. As she opened her eyes she saw a man with dark hair starring down at her with a subtle smile on his mouth but a hunger in his eyes, it was Jose and she was pretty confident he had carried her from the front of the truck to the sleeper.

He was already on top of her and she regretted taking off her bra shortly before settling down to sleep. He moved to kiss her but she turned her face to one side so instead his mouth kissed her cheek by her ear.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you" he said but still looked at her with a look of hunger.

She put her hands on his shoulders to try to push him off of her and for a moment she thought it worked because his upper body lifted up but she quickly realized that he cooperated so he could get her shorts off. He had them unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts before she realized what he was doing. She reached down and grabbed the waistband of the shorts but he used his strength and hit the inside of one of her arms first tugging the shorts partly down on one side and then within seconds did the same to her other arm and tugged the shorts onto her thighs.

He pushed her shirt up until he exposed her breasts and when she used both hands to pull her shirt back down covering her boobs he used that moment to pull her shorts below her knees and onto her calves.

Once again she tried to push him off her and for a moment it felt like it was working as his body moved towards one side. But he knew his truck better then she did, she hadn't even been in the sleeper till then. Once he was to the side of her he grabbed her shirt and this time he grabbed hold of the base of her shirt pulled it and the head hole up over her head. She didn't lift her arms and he took advantage of that pulling her shirt down behind her head and back but left the sleeves still on her arms which restricted her arm movements some.

With him on one side of her she tried to crawl away to the front of the truck but he used that to tug her shorts the rest of the way off of her legs. She almost made it but suddenly she felt first one hand on one ankle and then a second hand on her other ankle. She was shocked how easily her pulled her back into the sleeper.

"We're not finished yet" she heard Jose's voice say but with a strange intense sound in his voice. Before she could think he was on top of her kissing her.

It felt strange as Jose's mouth was on her mouth and like so many times before she opened her mouth and let the man kissing her, kiss her deeply. Her shirt was partly holding her arms or at least keeping her from fully extending them. That didn't stop her from trying and she pushed, grabbed and scratched at him with little or no affect.

He tore her panties from her body with only a minimal effort and then she felt him pull up one of her legs. That was all it took for him to push his cock into her body and he kissed her mouth hard, pushed his tongue into her throat and she felt his cock penetrate her sex.

Her mind struggled to separate the past from the present and she let her eyes close and simply accepted the man taking her body. As far as Jose was concerned she seemed to be responding to the sex he could feel his cock sliding easier and she raised her other leg.

She almost thought she could hear Viktor's words in her mind telling her to accept and appreciate the cock using her. Jose was just so much bigger and stronger then her and she lost her will to fight and let him use her body for his pleasure. She even found herself thinking more about what Viktor said and moved her hips and tightened and released her vaginal muscles helping him to cum sooner which meant he would stop using her.

Viktor was right it seemed like less then a minute after she began to move her hips and squeeze and release her muscles, as Viktor called it Sammi milked the cum from Jose's cock.

He moaned with great satisfaction, "Damn Chica, I thought maybe you didn't want it at first but you really got into it." He kissed her cheek in gratitude and rolled off her body onto his side but kept his arm around her. Within minutes he was asleep and snoring.

Sammi lay there feeling like a dirty, filthy slut. But worse she felt like trash for having had sex with Jose, a man she just met but not having slept with Joseph a man she believed she loved and a wave of guilt crashed through her entire being bringing sobs from deep down inside her.

Eventually she was able to fall asleep. The next morning she woke feeling Jose moving around. He told her he was going to take a shower in the rest stop. She got her backpack together and went to the ladies room to do the same but she saw why Joseph avoided doing so, the showers were pretty filthy.

She was glad she had a thin pair of flip flops in her bag because she had no desire to walk barefoot on the nasty concrete floor and she considered skipping taking a shower but she needed to wash the sex off her body.

She hurried to take a quick shower because it felt dangerous to be naked in the public shower and she was nervous he might leave her there and take everything in the duffle bag. But the truck was still there when she walked out and she actually had to wait for Jose to get back into the truck since he locked it up.

Jose came out just a few minutes later and unlocked the truck and they both got in. He very quickly got his things in order and had the truck on the road again. He stopped long enough going through a fast food drive through for breakfast tacos. Once again he played the Tejano music on his sound system.

He tried to make small talk asking, "You had a good time last night, no?"

But when she saw him glance over at her she shrugged and said softly, "Guess so."

He could tell she wasn't wanting to be chatty so he focused on the road.

The two shared little conversation throughout the day and he didn't seem to mind as he made a few cell phone calls over the sound system in Spanish.

He did make one stop at a truck stop for fuel and suggested, "Im going to get food to go from the cafe. You can do the same if you want to." So Sammi did as he suggested. It wasn't very long before once again they were on the road.

He drove into the night and once again she started drifting in and out of sleep.
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