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He sat at the bar, smoking a cigarette and drinking the terrible excuse for scotch the bartender had served him. He was on his fourth, but who was counting.
He sat at the bar, smoking a cigarette and drinking the terrible excuse for scotch the bartender had served him. He was on his fourth, but who was counting. He looked down the bar at the skinny little emo chick that was giving him the eye and thought to himself that she might be fun for a night or three and wondered if she just liked older guys like him because of his experience or if she had daddy issues.

He signaled the bartender and sent the girl another of whatever it was she was drinking and as the bartender placed the drink in front of her, he got up and headed towards the door. As he drew even with her, he bent down and whispered to her in a husky voice, “If you’d like the fuck of your young life, be on the back of my bike in five minutes.”, causing her to choke on her drink a little as she watched him walk out the cliché swinging batwing doors of the bar.

Wolf was looking at his watch for the 5 minutes to pass and cracked a small smile as she dashed out of the bar in less than three minutes. She must have guzzled that drink he bought her, he thought as he handed her the spare skullcap helmet he always carried. He helped her strap it on then waited for her to climb on his Indian Chieftain Darkhorse, he watched as she hiked up her tight little skirt nearly to her hips, exposing the thong covering her sex as she mounted and took her seat, wrapping her arms tight around him. He pushed the starter on the handle then gunned the engine several times, feeling her shiver against him as the vibrations from the engine ran up into what he hoped was a very tight, little pussy. “Best vibrator in the world.”, he thought with a smirk as he pulled away from the curb and gunned it, quickly getting the bike to over 60 mph on the local street and aiming in the direction of his motel.

He knew the most direct route to the motel, but wanted to drag it out a little as he felt her moving her tight little ass back and forth on the seat, trying to find the best place to get the most stimulation from the bikes vibrations until she accidently made contact with something hard running down the back of his pants and realized with a shock that whatever it was, was like a lighting rod of stimulation for her pussy, so she moved her ass as far forward as she could and pressed her pubic mound as hard against him as she could and reveled in the sensations flowing into her body as she wrapped her arms even tighter around him.

Wolf chuckled softly as he realized she had found the hard barrel of his S&W MP .40 caliber semiauto and was using it as a conduit for her increased pleasure. He could feel her breathing quicken as her hands slipped into the unzipped portion of his leather jacket and crossed over his chest as she started rubbing his nipples through his shirt. “This is an interesting change.”, he thought as he gunned the engine again taking the bike onto the freeway at nearly 90 mph causing her to squeal and moan loud enough to hear her over the engine and the rushing wind. The faster he drove, the more she squealed and moaned and the more she squealed and moaned, the more she played with his nipples until they were hard and she was pinching and twisting them frantically.

“If this keeps up much longer, I’m going to have to pull over and pound her cunt on the side of the freeway.” he thought as he shifted slightly to take the pressure of his rigid cock. Fortunately, he saw his exit ahead and rapidly took it then pulled into the motel parking lot a block later. Pulling a tight circle, he got to the parking space he had claimed in front of his room and backed the bike into it, working his legs back and forth as he looked behind the bike. He looked down at her flushed face, her eyes half closed from the orgasm she was currently having as the barrel of the gun worked back and forth across her pubic mound from the motion of his hips as he moved his legs. He finished parking the bike and after putting down the kickstand, he gunned the engine several more times, causing her to moan again as she buried her face against his back and tried to squeeze the life out of him, prolonging the orgasm she was having for a few more seconds before shutting down the bike. He waited till she could climb off the bike on wobbly legs and put out a hand to steady her, couldn’t have her falling and damaging herself before he had a chance to plough the little emo slut. Once she appeared to be steady enough, he climbed off the bike himself and leaned it on the kickstand then took her small hand and walked her to the door of his room. He quickly let them in and pushed her inside then stepped in and closed the door, slowly stripping off his heavy jacket and tossing it on the bed he sleeps in, planning to use her hard on the spare and not caring how messy they made it…it always pays to pay for a double queen instead of a single king unless you enjoy waking up on the wet spot after hard, nasty sex.

He let her get a good look at his back and the gun tucked into his pants as he went to the fridge and got a couple of beers out for them and turned just in time to catch her in his arms after she launched herself at him and hold her mouth away from his throat, noticing the sharp little fake fangs she was sporting on her top row of teeth. He held her face in his large strong hand and made sure she was looking as his lips as he peeled them back and showed her his very real, implanted fangs on both the top and bottom rows in his mouth…thank god for dentists that don’t mind making a few extra bucks for special requests. Her face turned a little pale as she realized just how much damage he could do with those fangs if he wanted to and tried to struggle away from him, but he easily moved his hands from her cheeks to her throat and wrapped it tightly around, constricting her airflow and the rush of blood to her brain.

“What the fuck is it with you emo bitches always wanting to be fucking vampires?” he asked as he threw her on the unused bed. He was on her in a second, pinning her to the bed with one large mitt as he ripped her soaked thong off her, her skirt still pulled up to her hips then he reached up and pulled down her top, forcing it under her perky breasts as he tore the top slightly. She gasped as he lowered his mouth to hers and forced his tongue deep into her mouth, twining it around hers as his free hand ran down her body to between her thighs, finding her shaved pussy, as he forced two fingers into her roughly, finding her g-spot and rubbing it up and down and back and forth as his extra long tongue nearly gagged her as it slipped past her tonsils. She moaned into Wolf’s mouth as his fingers pounded into her and his tongue easily took possession of her mouth, her back starting to arch as he worked her so easily…so expertly, almost knowing just what she liked. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as he pounded his fingers against her spot, slowly pulling his tongue out of her mouth, running it down her chin to her throat where he nipped her softly with his fangs, causing a small shiver of fear to run through her, then continued running his tongue down to her right nipple and wrapping it nearly all the way around it before sucking it hard into his mouth and making it pop out hard and stiff as his tongue thrummed against it. He then moved his mouth to her other breast, running his long tongue over her hot flesh until he was sucking hard on her left nipple, giving it the same treatment, causing her to moan and squeal under him as her hips bucked against his hand as she got closer and closer to her second orgasm since the bar. As she moaned below him, he roughly forced another finger into her, stretching her tight little hole in preparation for his long, thick cock…he wanted to hurt her, not kill the little thing when he finally impaled her and forced her over the edge of her orgasm in the process, her cum spraying from her as he caused her to squirt from her orgasmic bliss, her body clenching up and shaking all over.

Not giving her a chance to recover, he ripped open his Levi’s and fished out his 9 ½ in rock hard cock that was nearly the diameter of a Red Bull can and rubbed the tip briefly through the lips of her pussy, wetting himself in her juices before putting the tip to her opening. He looked at her face as she panted from her orgasm, her eyes closed, then he grinned wickedly before shoving himself deep into her, bottoming out against her cervix in her shallow pussy, 4 inches of his cock still outside her. Her eyes blazed open in pain as she shrieked out her displeasure at the violent intrusion but wrapped her legs and arms around him and pulled him tight against her heaving body, hypocritically betraying her desires to him. Not giving her any time to adjust to him, he began pounding hard, fast and deep into her abused cunt, her eyes rolling back into her head and her split tongue lolling out each side of her mouth. “Fuck! That’s hot!” he thought, staring at her tongue as each tip flexed in differ directions as he stretched her tight pussy deeper and deeper, using her hard, his balls starting to boil as his desire to fuck the life out of her growing more and more as she moaned and screeched louder and louder as she got close to another orgasm…if he timed it right, he’d end up pouring his hot cum into her womb just as he made her squirt again he reasoned. Slowly, he lowered his hot lips to her left shoulder as he pounded faster as her pussy clenched and squeezed his raging cock faster and tighter and once his lips found their target, he latched on and started to suck hard as his fangs rested against her soft, silky skin…waiting their turn to penetrate her. Just as he pounded deep enough into her to sheath his entire cock in her tight, wet velvet embrace, he felt a profoundly deep shudder from her toes to the top of her head and the shriek of pleasure that escaped her lips triggered his own orgasm and he bit down hard on her shoulders, her coppery blood gushing into his mouth as his cum gushed into her. Her second shriek caused by his teeth turned quickly into a deep, ecstasy filled moan as he gulped the blood that filled his mouth and he left her pussy plugged with his long, thick cock, hard twitches of his cock inside her causing deep shudders to run though her silky insides as she passed out from the intensity of her orgasm.

Slowly, he pulls his cock out of her ruined, gaping pussy then his teeth out of her flesh before climbing off the bed and pressing a nearby towel to the bite marks to staunch the blood before it stains the bedding…much easier to explain one towel then all the bedding if it has to come to that. He carefully undressed her after several minutes, once the blood flow almost stopped then presses the towel back to her shoulder until it stopped completely so he could fetch medical supplies out his packs to clean and dress the wound he caused. He worked quickly and efficiently as if well practiced then picked her up and carefully placed her in the other bed then got undressed himself. He then went to the fridge for the beers that were forgotten from earlier and opened both for himself…guzzling one down quickly then slowly enjoying the other one with a much needed after sex cigarette.

He finally climbed into bed with the emo fucktoy he found for himself and reminded himself to ask her what her name was before he destroys her little asshole in the morning, pulling her tight to his chest and spooning her to him, hoping she remembers when she wakes up in the morning that she came here willingly and doesn’t have to answer for much. He closes his eyes as he places a soft kiss on her long, exposed neck right behind her ear then falls asleep, the heat from her body relaxing him as she softly breathes in a rhythmic pattern that helps him fall asleep quickly.

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