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To star in the school play, Xotchitl will have to fuck her futa-sister. Can she do it?
Futa Naked In School – Futa's Taboo Naked Performance

Chapter Two: Juliet's Naughty Futa Practice

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Xochitl Estevez's Week, Monday

A nervous trepidation rippled through me as I approached my house. I could see my futa-sister's car was in the driveway. She was already home. I swallowed, not wanting to see her. I was just glad I was clothed now.

This week, I was chosen for the Program.

I was thrilled when my name was called. I was eager to have fun going to classes naked for a week. I had as much sex as I could at my college. I used all opportunities to ask for relief—a ten minute period at the start of all my classes were I could masturbate or ask for a volunteer to get me off—and had so much sex. I wanted to fuck all the futas I could.

All the futas but one.


My futa-sister was the last dickgirl in the world I wanted to fuck. I didn't want her girl-cock anywhere near me. She was such a bitch. Though she was older than me, she was always copying my style, dressing in tight jeans and belly shirts to show off her body. She used it to fuck every girl she could. She was always bringing home a different one.

There was nothing more annoying than hearing the gasp and moans of your futa-sister getting lucky in the next room while you were trying to do your homework.

She ruined everything. Everything!

Even going naked at my college was spoiled because of her and my part in the school play. I was going to be Juliet. I would be naked and performing my heart out. I was especially looking forward to the love-making scene with Romea. I wanted the entire audience to watch me tremble and gasp and moan. My co-star, a cute freshman named Letizia, would have made me cum so hard on her futa-cock. I would have screamed my head off.

“Why did you have to go and break your leg?” I muttered in Spanish as I stalked up to the front door. Why did my futa-sister have to be Letizia's understudy?

I reached the front door. I could hear talking inside. Had Isidora brought home one of the girls at school. I'd seen her getting her futa-dick wet a few times today, fucking girls in the hallway without any sort of shame.

I wrenched open the door and entered the house, slamming it shut behind me.

“Xochitl,” my mother said in Spanish, shaking her head. “How many times have I told you not to slam the door? You'll break something.”

My cheeks warmed. I shuddered and started playing with my black hair, streaked with purple highlights. “Sorry, Mom,” I muttered. “I forgot.”

My mom sat on the couch in our living room. It was covered in a plastic sheet to protect it. She could be a little anal about stains after Isidora screwed the mail lady on the couch a year ago. Just fucked her hard and sent her on her way to deliver mail with a pussy full of cum.

And left a big wet spot on the couch.

The plastic shifted as she looked at me. She patted the seat beside her. My futa-sister was sitting on the recliner playing on her phone. I groaned at the sight of Isidora being naked. She must have stripped nude the moment she walked into the heated house and left behind the cold, January air. Her small breasts rose and fell while her futa-cock spilled half-hard over her right thigh. She smiled and texted something.

“Arranging a date for tonight?” I demanded as I marched towards the couch.

“You know I don't date,” said Isidora.

“That's right,” Mom said. “Your futa-sister is having fun. I hear you've been having fun, too.”

“She fucked a few futas during the day,” Isidora said without looking up.

My cheeks warmed as Mom clapped her hands in delight. “That's wonderful. I'm so glad you both were chosen for the Program. How many futas did you make love to?”

“Mom,” I groaned as I stumbled towards the empty spot on the couch beside her.

“Ten?” asked Isidora.

“Ooh, ten, really?” Mom asked. She sounded so impressed. “That's wonderful. I'm so proud of you for accepting your sexuality. And were there any girls?”

“No,” I muttered. I sat down beside her, the plastic crinkling beneath me. “I'm only into futas, Mom.”

“Right, right,” Mom said. “So am I. Nothing wrong with that. Not every girl can be bi.”

“Some are even lesbians,” said Isidora. “Watch out. I bet Adile is on the prowl for you. She likes to eat out every girl in the Program she can.”

“Not if the girl's pussy is full of cum,” I said then blushed.

“Well, if you fucked ten futas at school, I bet that must be the case.” Mom glanced at me. “Are you soaking the panties you're wearing with staining cum?”

“I douched myself before putting them on,” I muttered, my ears burning now. “Do we have to talk about this.”

“About your school day?” Mom patted my thigh. “Honey, I love hearing about your day. I wish the Program existed when I was your age. Why, I didn't lose my virginity until my senior year, can you believe that. And here you are, nineteen and already fucking so many guys.”

Not all adults were as accepting of the new order to the world. But my mom was. Her salon was offering all sorts of services to girls who wanted to take advantage of the laws and go topless or naked. A wide variety of nipple piercings and even hooks that would just hang from your hard nubs. They offered advanced trimming of pubic hair into wild shapes or dyed them into colorful hues. Labial piercings, bellybutton charms, and more.

“So, who was the best fuck?” Mom asked.

I shrugged. “There were some good ones. I had a lot of fun.”

“I bet you did.” Mom beamed at me. “Ooh, you're growing up so fast, Xochitl.”

“I'm nineteen,” I muttered. “An adult, Mom. Sex is no big deal these days. It's just fun. You don't have to get worked out over it.”

“Sorry,” Mom said. “Well, that means you're going to be naked for the opening of your play. I guess the sex scene will happen even faster. I was going to tape it and show it to all my friends. Let them see what a modern, young woman I had for a daughter.”

“I might not be doing the play.”

“What?” Mom gave me this look. Then she put her arm around my shoulder. “Why would you say that? You can't quit. You've been so excited about it. You've been talking everyone we know into going so they can watch you get plowed by that cute co-star. What's her name?”

“Letizia,” said Isidora. “And she's not in the play any longer. She broke her leg at school.”

“Oh, well, that means you're Romea now, aren't you?” Mom said, beaming at my futa-sister.

“Yep,” I said. “That's the problem.”

“What is?” Mom glanced at me. She blinked her large eyes. “You don't want to act with your futa-sister.”

I stared at her in shock. “You know what that means, right? We'll be having sex.”

“And?” Mom smiled at me. “I had hoped you two would get closer when the incest laws were repealed. It might calm down some of the fighting. And I do love hearing the sounds of passion echoing through the house.”

I stared at my mom like she was from another planet.

“Well, you and your futa-sister could try to get along,” Mom said. “Honestly, Xochitl. You claim your not a child.”

“On my eighteenth birthday, when I was about to blow out the candles, you could hear her fucking my friend in my bed!” I hissed.

“Your friend was having a delightful time with your futa-sister,” Mom countered with a pleasant smile on her lips.

I let out a frustrated shriek. “You just don't get it! I hate her! She copies me! She fucks my friends!”

“You could fuck her friends,” Mom suggested. She gave me another bright smile.

I shrieked again.

“Now, really, Xochitl.” She shook her head. “So you're going to drop out of playing Juliet, something that you've been excited about for weeks because you have to have sex with your futa-sister while acting.” Mom shook her head. “When you watch those shows with all the sex in them, do you think the actors always want to have sex with each other? They're acting. It's not real.”

“This is so unfair,” I muttered. “I can't believe this. If that dumb Letizia didn't have to jump off the bleachers showing off how big her dick is, I wouldn't be in this spot.”

“So you're going to give it up?” asked Mom. “You're going to let that nice Meaghan take your place. Will she be as good a Juliet as you will be.”

“Of course not.” I lifted my chin. “Ms. Tyrell chose me for the role after the auditions. I smoked her skinny ass.”

“She's got a nice ass,” Isidora said, still playing on her phone, her cock harder now. It was twitching with her heartbeat, throbbing, pulsing, beading with precum.

I hated that naughty itch in my depths. So I glared at my futa-sister.

“I think I know what to do,” Mom said as she stood up.

I looked at her, this hope rippling through me. “You're going to talk to Ms. Tyrell and have her recast someone else to play Romea?”

Isidora lowered her phone, her brow furrowing. Her small breasts rose as she drew in a deep breath. She had the same golden-brown hue to her skin as Mom and me. She didn't like that at all. I wasn't surprised she wanted to fuck me.

Probably why she always dressed like me.

“No, no,” Mom said as she began unbuttoning the front of her blouse. “I'm going to show you just how wonderful of a lover your futa-sister is.”

My jaw dropped. “You've had sex with Isidora? She's your futa-daughter!”

“And?” Mom asked. “It's not illegal any longer. We could have sex whenever we want, and no one, not even your futa-mother, could stop us.”

“But... but...”

“And, no, we haven't made love before.” Mom smiled at Isidora. “Though it has crossed my mind a few times. You are quite the randy futa. My beautiful futa has such a big rope. I've seen the satisfied smiles on the girls after they leave your room.”

Isidora had her own satisfied smile on as she set her phone on the coffee table. Then her eyes focused on our mother working open her blouse. I just sat there shaking my head in stunned disbelief. This could not be happening. My mother could not be about to have sex with my futa-sister. I didn't have a problem with incest normally, but...

“You'll see how good of a lover your futa-sister is, and I'm sure that will help relax you,” Mom said.

“You can't do this in front of me!” I objected. “It's lewd!”

“Xochitl!” Mom said, sounding firm. “The point of the Program and the new laws is to free people from such thoughts. Nothing is lewd. Sex between consenting people is beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Isidora said, a big grin on her lips, her dark eyes hunger. Her nipples thrust brown and hard before her. “Besides, you fucked our drama professor before me.”

My cheeks burned. “Ms. Tyrell was just calming me down.”

“And that's what I'm doing,” Mom said as she reached behind her and unfastened the bronze bra she wore. “Calming you down.”

My mouth went dry as Mom's large, lush breasts came into view. They were soft and had a pillowy jiggle to them. My cheeks burned as they swayed back and forth. I couldn't believe this was happening, and yet...

There were Mom's tits. They were so from and plump. Her nipples were as big as Isidora while her breasts were actually even larger than mine. They were impressive tits. I had a lush pair of D's, and Mom... Damn. I squirmed at them, staring at those hard nubs. I used to suckle from them. This strange tingle rippled through me.

“Damn, Mom,” groaned Isidora. She had a hungry look in her eyes. She rose to her feet, her hard cock thrusting out before her. “You're gorgeous.”

Mom's cheeks blushed dark. She let out a girlish giggle. “You're not just saying it?”

My futa-sister, her cock throbbing hard before her, shook her head. Her tits and dick both swayed as she reached out and cupped our mother's breasts. I swallowed. I wanted to flee. I didn't need to see this, but I was rooted to the spot by this taboo energy rippling through the air.

They were going to have sex before me. They were going to commit incest. My mother's wedding ring flashed on her hand as she reached out to cup my futa-sister's small breasts. They were kneading each other's tits, fingers digging into forbidden flesh.

Isidora's head drifted in. Her mouth nuzzled into our mother's plump lips. They kissed, Mom's eyes closing. She tilted her head to the side, whimpering and shuddering. Her fingers dug into my futa-sister's tits.

My pussy soaked my panties.

My hands rubbed on my jeans as they came closer together, my futa-sister's cock rubbing into our mother's stomach. It slid up Mom's flat belly. Their tongues danced together, both groaning and whimpering as they shared their taboo passion.

This was really happening.

“Oh, my,” Mom panted when they broke the kiss. She fanned her face, her eyes wide. “You're really good.”

“So are you.” Isidora squeezed Mom's tits. “Maybe I inherited that from you.”

Mom shuddered then she gasped as Isidora leaned over and sucked our mother's fat nipple into her mouth. My futa-sister's lips locked around the nub. She suckled. My thighs squeezed together, my clit aching. My heart pumped passion through my veins.

I wanted to look away, but... but...

I couldn't.

I groaned while Mom whimpered. Her dark hair swayed about her shoulders as she trembled. Isidora suckled with hunger, nibbling and playing with Mom's hard nipple. I swallowed, my entire body trembling as my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

“Oh, Isidora,” whimpered Mom. “Mmm, what a good futa-daughter you are.”

“You're just so gorgeous,” Isidora said while her eyes darted over to glance at me. “See, Xochitl. I won't hurt you.”

“Not why I don't want to fuck you,” I muttered.

My futa-sister pressed her face into our mother's heavy breasts. She nuzzled between them, her head turning right to left. Did Isidora like big tits? I glanced down at my large boobs swelling my top. I swallowed as my futa-sister reveled between Mom's, my eyes flicking to Isidora's small tits. They were barely A cups.

I bit my lip as Isidora turned our mother. Mom didn't resist. She allowed my futa-sister to guide her into the chair. She sank down, her skirt rustling. Isidora stood over her, cock thrusting from the folds of her shaved pussy. Mom grabbed it and leaned in, nibbling on the tip.

“Damn,” Isidora moaned. “I'd love to let you suck it, but...” She glanced at me. “I'm supposed to be showing the brat how happy I make women.”

Mom popped her lips off my sister's girl-dick. “Mmm, you're right. Maybe later I'll suck you off?”

“Futa-mom's going to flip out,” I muttered.

“Your futa-mom likes to watch,” said Mom. “And so do I. It's hot watching her with another woman. I bet you like to watch, too, Xochitl. Exhibitionist often have a streak of voyeurism, too.”

My cheeks burned. How did she know I was an...? Right, I told everyone how eager I was to be fucked before them.

Isidora sank to her knees before the chair. She slid her hands up Mom's dark skirt to the waistband. With a deft skill, she hooked the elastic waistband and pulled them down, revealing a pair of satin, bronze panties that had a nice sheen to them.

Mom squirmed on the chair, lifting her legs and letting my futa-sister remove her lower garment. Mom's breasts rose and fell with her excitement. Her fingers found her nipples, twisting them as she squirmed in place.

My futa-sister leaned her head down. I shifted my position, craning my head. I couldn't help how hot this was. As much as I loathed Isidora, incest was always exciting to watch. My pussy ached to be touched. My fingers itched to unsnap my jeans and slid in.

“You can masturbate,” Mom said like she'd read my mind.

“I'm fine,” I muttered.

“Mmm, so am I,” Mom moaned. Isidora was nuzzling into her panties' gusset, licking at the fabric right over Mom's pussy.

“Getting a taste of your flavor,” said Isidora. “You're sweet.”

“I know,” Mom said then giggled.

Her mirth turned to moans as my futa-sister yanked the gusset of Mom's panties to the side exposing a thick, dark bush. My futa-sister buried her face into the tangle of silky strands to lick at our mother's pussy.

I swallowed, my pussy clenching. Mom groaned. Her fingers twisted her nipples while she squirmed on the chair, the plastic creaking beneath her. It was clear she loved what my futa-sister was doing.

“Oh, wow, Isidora,” groaned Mom. “Ooh, you could give your futa-mother a few pointers. Yes, yes, just like that. Oh, yes. I like that. Mmm, that's my clit, you naughty futa!”

My hand rubbed at my jeans, my sweat soaking in the denim as I watched my mother squirm and gasp. Her head tossed back and forth. Her face scrunched up. Her whimpers echoed through the room. Her back arched and her breasts jiggled with their full plumpness. My hands crept higher up my jeans as she twisted her nipples.

My futa-sister's licking grew louder and louder. I could hear her feasting on our mother's juices. I worked my tongue across the roof of my mouth, struggling to moisten it. My ears burned as hot as my dripping cunt.

Mom loved it.

“Isidora, yes!” Mom gasped, her cheeks flushed a dark crimson. It contrasted with the brown hue of her skin. Her dark eyes fluttered while the plastic crinkled. It stuck to her back as she shuddered, her moans echoing through the living room.

I bit my lower lip.

My hands gripped my upper thighs, begging to slide higher.

“That's it, Isidora,” she moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, show your sister how good you are. Oh, Xochitl, are you watching.”

“Yes,” I croaked.

“Good, good!” Mom's eyes fell on me. She smiled. “Your futa-sister is going to make me cum. Oh, Mother of Goddess, she's skilled.”

I swallowed, my throat aching. I needed water. I squirmed, the plastic crinkling beneath me while my pussy begged for attention. My large breasts felt constrained by my bra. I wanted to free my tits. To yank down my tight jeans.

Mom's head tossed from side to side. She was coming closer and closer to cumming. Her moans echoed around the living room. Her back arched, thrusting her big tits forward. She squeezed them now, kneading them.

“Isidora!” Mom gasped. “Oh, Mother of Goddess, yes!”

Her howls were unmistakably orgasmic. I witnessed her incestuous pleasure crossing her face. My mother came on my futa-sister's hungry mouth. My entire body shook, that itch so powerful between my thighs as I watched Mom thrash in bliss.

She bucked and shuddered, cumming hard on my futa-sister's mouth. I swallowed, staring in awe at the sight. My fingers inched a little higher up my jeans, sweaty palms rasping against the denim as I watched. Mom's big breasts heaved. Her face tossed back and forth.

“Isidora!” she moaned. “My sweet Isidora!”

“Mom!” groaned my futa-sister.

Then Isidora was rising. She'd sensed the same thing that I had: our mother was ready for the next level of intimacy. Isidora grasped her big futa-cock. It thrust hard and powerful before her. She stroked it as she settled her knees on the edge of the chair between Mom's spread thighs.

I trembled as I watched the incestuous tableau before me. My futa-sister's cock pressed into the pussy that had birthed us both. It was such a taboo act. My cunt clenched as Mom's pussy lips spread wide, sliding around my futa-sister's girl-dick.

Isidora sank into our mother's twat.

Mom moaned with wanton passion, her arms and legs wrapping around my sister's body. Mom hugged her tight, fingernails biting into my sister's back. Isidora moaned, her ass clenching as she buried her cock to the hilt in Mom's pussy.

“Oh, damn,” I muttered, my hands sliding higher, almost touching my pussy. The incestuous sight had me trembling.

Isidora drew back, her ass flexing, and then plunged into our mother, bringing another gasp from the older woman. Mom's face, shining over Isidora's shoulder, twisted with pleasure. The chair creaked as they both writhed, moving together, sharing their passion.

I had caught glimpses of my futa-sister in action. I had witnessed her fucking in brief spurts, but this... There was no looking away as I witnessed the raw, incestuous passion shared by them. Mother and daughter were united in rapture. My breath caught.

My right hand reached my crotch.

I rubbed up and down the groove of my vulva, pressing cotton panties into my hot flesh. I couldn't look away. Isidora's curvy ass rose and fell as she drove her futa-dick into Mom's pussy. My futa-sister thrust with passion. My cunt clenched with envy. My fingers massaged my labia through my clothing.

My clit throbbed.

I rubbed harder, faster, pleasure rippling out of me as I watched in breathless awe. I groaned, my body twisting and shuddering. The chair creaked. They gasped and panted as their flesh smacked together over and over.

My two fingers rubbed at the seam of my jeans, my body shuddering as I watched their rutting. Their flesh smacked together fast and hard. My mouth grew drier as I watched it. Isidora was making Mom moan in rapture.

“Oh, yes, yes! You're amazing! Oh, I have such a wonderful futa-daughter!”

“Mother of Goddess, you're tight, Mom!”

“Ooh, Isidora, I like that! Your cock's hitting just the right spots. I'm going to cum so hard on this dick!”

“You want to milk me dry, don't you?” Isidora slammed hard into Mom's cunt. “You want to feel my incestuous seed spurting into your cunt.”

“You know it!” she moaned. “Oh, Mother of Goddess, yes! Ram that cock into me. Fill me up! Yes, yes, Isidora!”

I trembled, my breath coming faster and faster as they kissed. I heard the smacking of their lips. Mom must be tasting her own pussy on Isidora's lips. This was insane. I couldn't believe this was happening and yet...

I was glad.

My fingertips burned as they rasped against my denim. The heat grew and grew. This breathy delight built in me. My pussy clenched. My body shuddered as they made love. It didn't anger me like it normally did when I saw Isidora fucking someone.

My futa-sister looked so sexy as she pleased our mother. I brushed my clit, my little bud throbbing. I focused on it, massaging it through jeans and panties. I groaned as the recliner rocked. Isidora's girl-dick vanished into Mom's twat over and over.

I bit my lip, my heart pounding in my chest. This envious ache grew in me. My mom was experiencing such bliss right now. I could hear it in how she moaned, in how her fingernails scratched across Isidora's back. My futa-sister was giving our mother such rapture.

I wanted that rapture. I wanted a futa—any futa—to fuck me right now. To ram a girl-dick deep into my twat and give me that ecstasy. I shuddered, my clit aching, throbbing. I pressed my fingers hard into it.

And came.

My orgasm exploded through me.

My pussy convulsed, juices gushing out of me. I felt them soaking through my panties and then the denim. They coated my fingers massaging my clit as my neck arched. Stars burst across my vision while the rush of pleasure shot through me.

I added my moans to the incestuous gasps and groans coming from the chair.

I bucked on the couch, my mind melting beneath the rapture. My head tossed back and forth as I savored the bliss. It felt incredible. Amazing. I whimpered, my eyes fluttering. Waves of darkness nibbled on the edges of my vision. My chest rose and fell, my breasts aching.

“Isidora!” Mom groaned. “Oh, yes, yes! Cum in me! Ooh, give Mommy that wonderful jizz!”

“Yes!” my futa-sister grunted. Her voice sounded so passionate. “Just cum on my cock, and I'll flood you. I want to feel this twat writhing around me.”

“Ooh, yes, yes!” Mom's thighs tightened around my futa-sister's waist. “I want that. I want to cum on my futa-daughter's big cock!”

Isidora thrust hard into Mom's pussy. She buried into her, plunging deep. My heart pounded. My cheeks burned as I watched them. I fanned my face, squirming on the ground as I came down from my orgasmic high.

I just came, and it wasn't nearly enough. It wasn't the same rapture Mom was building towards. My mother was getting what every woman truly craved, something hard and long slamming into her pussy. Filling her up. Stimulating her. Driving her towards the peak of rapture.

“Mom!” my futa-sister groaned. “Oh, damn, Mom, cum on my cock and... Yes!”

“Isidora!” Mom squealed.

She bucked beneath my sister. I groaned, knowing it was happening. Mom was cumming hard. She was lost to the bliss of my sister's big cock. I groaned, licking my lips, my heart hammering in my chest as I watched their passion.

Isidora slammed into Mom. My futa-sister's ass tightened. She shuddered and Mom squealed. I knew incestuous seed was flooding into the pussy that birthed me. Birthed us. It was such a heady, taboo sight to witness. It left me breathless, squirming.


“Oh, Isidora, yes, yes!” groaned Mom. “Ooh, you cum as hard as your futa-mother! She'll love hearing about this!”

I shuddered at those words. My parents were kinky.

Isidora groaned as she pulled out of Mom. My futa-sister's big dick popped out, coated in Mom's cream. It gleamed, so thick and hard. Then my eyes noticed Mom's pussy gaping open, her pink depths swimming with pearly spunk that slowly leaked out of her, matting her brown bush.

“Mmm, Xochitl, honey,” Mom moaned, “come lick me clean. Lick out your futa-sister's spunk from my pussy.”

Those words sent a hot shudder through me. I wanted to say no, but I was so turned on from witnessing their incestuous passion. My body quivered. My pussy clenched, aching for more. I stood up on shaking legs, my eyes locked on Mom's twat and the salty cum leaking out of her.

I'd never eaten pussy before. I had never wanted to, but... but...

Mom wanted me to lick her clean.

I fell to my knees before the recliner, my hands landing on her smooth thighs. She smiled at me, her large breasts rising and falling as I leaned my head in. She had this motherly expression of joy on her face mixed with the wanton look of a woman reveling in lust.

I licked my lips before I nuzzled into my mother's pussy.

I shuddered at the kiss of her wet pubic hair against my face while the scent of her sweet cream filled my nose. The scent was seasoned with salty cum. My tongue flicked out, licking through her folds, gathering up the mix of incestuous fluids. I shuddered at the flavors, at the feel of my mother's silky petals. A hot shudder ran through me.

I licked again and again. It tasted so good. This wicked sensation rippled through me. My fingers tightened on her thighs as I thrust my tongue into her pussy's depths. Her silky walls surrounded me. I was nuzzling into the hole that had birthed me. I lapped out my futa-sister's cum mixed with sweet cream.

This was so heady. A wild rush.

It was different from eating out a futa's pussy. There was no clit-dick thrusting up before me, no shaft bobbing and twitching, seizing my attention. Instead, I stared at her lush breasts as they shook and quivered, her body trembling from my touch.

“Oh, yes, Xochitl,” Mom groaned. “What a sweet daughter. Mmm, doesn't your futa-sister taste good?”

“Mixed with your cream,” I moaned, my tongue fluttering up through her folds. I brushed her little clit poking out of her pussy. Not a big dick, but that small bud.

Mom gasped as I sucked on it for a moment.

I groaned as Isidora's hands caressed over my rump. She was behind me, watching me. I should be mad, but I was too busy feasting on Mom's pussy to care. I was too turned on by the incestuous sight to stop her.

I needed a cock in me. Any cock. Even hers.

I thrust my tongue into Mom's twat. I swirled around inside of her. She whimpered and groaned as I lapped out more of my futa-sister's cum. Isidora tasted good mixed with pussy. I had to eat out other creampies. This was amazing.

My futa-sister's hands slid around my hips and found the fly of my jeans. The fastener popped. The zipper rasped. She worked the tight denim off my rump and pulled my jeans down my thighs. I groaned into our mother's pussy. This wicked thrill ran through me.

“Mmm, show your sister all your skills,” Mom moaned. “Teach her how to eat pussy. You're so good.”

“With pleasure, Mom,” Isidora moaned. “Xochitl, I've wanted to eat you out for so long.”

I gasped as my panties ripped off my ass and down my thighs. Before I could say anything, my sister had her face buried into my snatch. She licked through my juicy folds, stimulating me, teasing me the way she had Mom. Incestuous bliss rushed through me. I groaned into Mom's pussy.

I licked with more eagerness. My tongue darted and danced. I rooted around inside of Mom, searching for more cum while my futa-sister lapped at my twat. Her tongue danced over my folds, teasing me, sending such pleasure shooting through me.

She was good.

Very good.

I squeezed my eyes shut, not wanting to think about how Isidora got so skilled. A nervous twist ran through my stomach as a flash of her and all those girls she'd fucked swam through my mind. I tightened my grip on Mom's pussy and sucked on her clit.

“Xochitl, yes!” Mom moaned, her little bud throbbing in my mouth.

The chair creaked beneath her while my futa-sister's tongue fluttered against my clit. She batted it while her fingers slipped into my pussy. I gasped at that, feeling her digits pumping in and out of me. I trembled, squeezing down around her, my heart racing.

This was such a rush. I couldn't believe this was happening. My futa-sister was fingering me, thrusting over and over into my depths. My pussy gripped her, molten from my masturbation, aching for stimulation.

For pleasure.

I was so close to cumming already. What had my futa-sister done to my pussy? I whimpered around Mom's clit, nursing with hunger as the incestuous touch of Isidora's fingers and tongue drove me wild. My pussy gripped her digits while my bud throbbed against her hungry tongue.

“Oh, Isidora, she loves it!” Mom moaned, her hands sliding through my hair. “Ooh, she's moaning around my clit. She's going to make me cum!”

“Good,” Isidora moaned. “Make our mother cum!”

“Yes, yes!” Mom moaned while my futa-sister jammed her fingers deep into my twat.

My own pleasure swelled. My futa-sister's tongue fluttered against my clit while I nursed on Mom's bud. Her large breasts heaved as she gasped out. Her thighs tightened around my face. Then she cried out in pure rapture.

Her sweet cream bathed my face.

This incestuous rush ran through me. I made my mother cum. My pussy clamped down on my futa-sister's thrusting fingers. My clit drank in her fluttering caresses. I whimpered and then my climatic delight rushed over me.

“Isidora!” I gasped into Mom's pussy as my twat writhed and spasmed.

I shuddered and moaned, cumming hard, my tongue fluttering over Mom's folds. I lapped up her juices and more of my futa-sister's cum. I trembled, my mind melting. I whimpered and groaned, then gasped as I was pulled away from Mom.

Isidora turned me over and pressed me down on my back. I stared up into my futa-sister's eyes as her hands pushed up my blouse, exposing my large tits constrained in a lacy bra. She squeezed my tits then she lowered herself down between my thighs, her futa-cock bobbing for my convulsing pussy.

I needed a cock in me. Any cock. Her cock!

I grabbed my futa-sister's dick and brought it to the folds of my writhing twat. I groaned as she thrust into me in a single plunge. I gasped, my flesh spasming around her dick while this incestuous rush shot through me.

My futa-sister was in me.

“Xochitl!” she groaned, her face twisting in pleasure.

“Isidora!” I groaned, trembling, caught up in the wild passion we just shared.

Her lips kissed mine, tasting our mother's sweet cream on my lips. I tasted my tart juices on hers. I shuddered, her hands squeezing my tits through my bra. My legs gripped her hips as she drew back her cock through my spasming depths.

Then she thrust back into me.

She filled me over and over. It was incredible. A dizzying, incestuous bliss rippled through my body. My orgasm intensified, my pussy convulsing with more fervor about her clit-dick. She groaned into our kiss, burying her dick over and over into my cunt.

“Oh, yes, yes, enjoy each other,” Mom whimpered. “That's so beautiful.” I heard the click of a phone taking a pic. “Your futa-mother's going to love this.”

I ignored her and just savored that dick finally scratching that itch in me. Isidora plunged her futa-cock deep into my pussy over and over. She touched those delicious delights deep in me, stimulating me, sending orgasm after orgasm through my pussy.

I clutched her tight, our tongues dueling as her girl-dick thrust hard and deep into me. I shuddered beneath her, my hips bucking up to meet her thrusts, my clit throbbing every time her pubic bone rubbed against it. My pussy never stopped convulsing. Delight rippled through me over and over.

A never-ending storm of rapture.

My fingernails clawed across my futa-sister's back. Her girl-dick buried to the hilt in me with rapid plunges. I whimpered into her lips, my pussy celebrating the bliss by writhing about her thick shaft. She filled me.

“Ooh, you two are so beautiful together,” groaned Mom.

Isidora thrust harder.

“Yes, yes, I'm so glad you're finally getting along. Oh, love your little sister, honey. Plunge that big dick into her. Ooh, yes, yes, she's loving it.”

I broke the kiss and moaned, “I'm cumming so hard, Mom!”

“Of course you are.” Mom stood over me, naked and smiling, her phone aimed down. “You two are beautiful.”

“Mom,” I groaned in embarrassed lust, another orgasm rippling through me.

My futa-sister girl-dick thrust hard and deep into me. She kissed at my neck, nibbling with her hungry lips. I groaned, stars rippling across my vision. My nipples ached in my bra. I trembled, gripping her body tight as my pussy writhed around her thrusting dick.

Somehow, my orgasms grew more and more powerful. Each one had me bucking and trembling. They spilled together, bleeding from amazing bliss to the next. Her girl-dick thrust so hard. So deep into me. It was incredible. I felt so drunk on this moment.

“Isidora!” I moaned.

“Xochitl!” gasped my futa-sister. She lifted her face and stared into my eyes.

I gasped at the intensity in her dark depths. They arrested me. Mom faded away as I peered into my futa-sister's intense gaze. Her girl-dick thrust harder, faster into me. She sent another orgasm rippling through my body.

I moaned and gasped. There was something in her eyes. Something that frightened me and entranced me. She slammed her girl-dick deep into me. She buried to the hilt in my spasming depths, her pubic bone grinding on my clit.

Pleasure burst inside of me, sending fresh waves of climatic bliss through me.

“Xochitl, yes!”

My futa-sister's girl-dick erupted. Her incestuous seed flooded my pussy. Spurt after spurt of her cum flooded me while the intensity in her eyes only deepened. I trembled beneath her, feeling like a little leaf tossed about in a hurricane of passion.

She kissed me with a hot and hungry mouth, her eyes closing, snapping me from that gaze. I bucked beneath her, another orgasm rippling through my body. My pussy milked her futa-dick. Her cum spurted over and over into me, finally soothing that hot fire in me.

I groaned into the kiss, our tongues caressing each other. I whimpered as she trembled atop me. Her dick fired a final blast of girl-cum into me. I held her tight, my orgasm carrying me to the heights of rapture, to a trembling plateau of ecstasy more intense than any I had felt.

My futa-sister made me cum!

She broke the kiss and I panted. “I think... I think I can do this,” I whimpered. “Be your Juliet.”

“Good,” she whispered into my ear. “Don't worry. I won't hurt you, Xochitl. You know that, right?”

I almost said something, but then I noticed Mom watching us. Her presence made my cheeks burned. “I know,” I muttered. “You can get off of me now before Mom has an aneurysm of joy.”

“You both are just so beautiful,” Mom said, sounding misty-eyed. “Wait, cuddle together so I can get a photo for the Christmas card.”

“Mom!” I groaned and covered my face in embarrassment while my stomach roiled.

What was up with that look in my futa-sister's eyes?”



I could do this.

I was at rehearsal at the end of my second day going naked. I had tried not to think about this moment all day. I had thrown myself into every diversion I could. I fucked every futa I had the opportunity to enjoy. During lunch, I let them run a train on me. Girl-dick after girl-dick had fucked me. Cum in me. All my holes. I had been dripping jizz for my first class after lunch and found out that Alanna Glass was more than happy to lap up my sloppy cunt.

Now it was time to prove that I could be Juliet.

A nervous ripple ran through my stomach. What did that look in my futa-sister's eyes mean?

“Okay, let's start from the kiss,” said Miss Tyrell. I was on the stage bed, my naked breasts rising and falling. My futa-sister moved in, her small breasts quivering while her large cock thrust hard before her.

This pit formed in my stomach. I could do this. I made love to her last night. It wasn't bad. My futa-sister wasn't as terrible as I claimed. My heart pounded in my chest as she slipped onto the bed. It was just a mattress. No sheets during rehearsal.

Her eyes gleamed as she stroked my face. That look I found in her gaze the night before returned. It was so deep and frightening. I caught a glimpse of it last night just as she erupted in me. Now it was so huge. This yawning pit surged through me as she leaned down to kiss.

“My Juliet,” she whispered. “But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun!”

Hearing those flowery words sent this ripple through me. I squirmed, feeling everyone's eyes on me. They were all watching my futa-sister leaning in to kiss me. Her lips came closer and closer. My stomach knotted.

What was this fear growing in me?

I felt like I stood on the precipice. I yawning abyss stretched out before me. I was about to do something irreversible. A violent tremble ran through me as her lips were about to reach mine. Footsteps shuffled around us. Someone coughed. Clothing rustled.

People were watching this moment.

Panic seized me.

“No!” I gasped, thrusting my arm out before me. I pushed my futa-sister away before her lips reached mine. “No, no, I can't do this!”

Isidora gasped. Her eyes became so vulnerable, so hurt. She recoiled back from me as I scrambled across the bed. What was wrong with me? I shook as everyone stared at me. Ms. Tyrell shook her head, disappointment on her face. I trembled, my stomach queasy.

Then I bolted off the bed and raced out of the auditorium.

To be continued...
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