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All things Pokemon are the owned by Game Freak, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. I make no money off this unauthorized use of their intellectual property.
The characters in this story are all fictional and are not based on real persons living or dead.

Thank you.

Here is part two of my fun futanari adventure with monster girls.

I hope you will enjoy.

This chapter was a bit harder then I thought it would be. One reason that Pokemon battles are really violent when you stop to write them out. They seem so easy and clean when a battle is just text and effects going across sprites like in the games.

So I'm going to add the tag for violence just for some of those battle scenes.

Later in the story when we meet our villains there could also be scenes with sexual violence and forced sex.

Just so your all aware I'm also more or less making this up as I go chapter by chapter. You may note some minor changes or inconsistencies in the story from the last chapter.

Notably one thing that changed as I was writing was Fletching's back story. I had thought of Fletchling's abusive former trainer as just some random guy but in this chapter I changed it to Hilda from the Pokemon Black and White games.

Being flexible dose mean that if you have any situations or kinks or Pokemon you'd like to see in the story then let me know.

Suggestions and comments are always welcomed.

Futanari Pokemorph Adventure

Part Two: A Night in Santalune Forest.

On a map Santalune City seemed like a short walk from Aquacorde Town by way of the Santalune Forest.

However this first leg of Leona's Pokemorph journey would take a full day at lest. The forest was not wild and did have several well maintained paths through it but it was not small. Also to find rare Pokemorphs meant that a trainer would have to go far of those well beaten paths.

Leona considered all of this as she made ready to leave Aquacorde Town. She stocked up on healing items, Poke' Balls as well as any camping supplies she'd need.

-Route 2, Avance Trail-

The trail from Aquacorde to the Santalune Forest was an easy enough trip. It was an open meadow with a rive running along on one side. The meadows also had plenty of wild Pokemorphs hiding in the tall grass.

Fennekin easily defeated the few random low level Pokemorphs they encountered. None of them were anything that Leona thought warranted using a Poke Ball on. This did give her and her Pokemorph partner their first taste of battle as a team.

They had just gotten themselves into a battle with a wild Bunnelby. The futanari Bunnelby had the body of a fifteen year old girl but it was covered with short soft gray fur. She had rabbit like hind legs, a rabbit tail and huge rabbit ears that flopped down to her waist. Darker brown fur covered her feet and the tips of her ears. Her face was mostly human only with light gray colored skin with a rabbit like nose and whiskers on her face. Her chest and stomach were the same light gray skin color. Her flaccid human penis was pink as were the nipples of her pert C cup breasts. Her tits and cock bounced side to side as she hopped around like a bundle of compressed energy.

“Use your Scratch attack!”

Fennekin unsheathed her claws from her hands at Leona's command. “Like I know any other attacks right now!”

The Bunnelby didn't even have time to wipe the black confused look of her face before Fennekin attacked her. The training that a tamed Pokemorph received clearly giving Fennekin an edge over the wild one.

“Bunn! Bunnelby!” the weaker Pokemorph cried as Fennekin's claws scratched her leaving red lines on her chest and stomach. She tried to mount a counter attack with a Tackle. Her powerful rabbit legs letting her jump with speed and power the belied her body.

Fennekin was too quick and too smart for that. She easily dogged the oncoming attack and then used Scratch again on the Bunnelby's exposed back.

Feeling the sharp claws rake over her back was too much and the wild Pokemorph fell to the ground in defeat.

Fennekin licked her claws clean before sheathing them. She also took note of her opponent now face down in the dirt. Those thick bunny legs and thighs gave Bunnelby a nice wide and round ass topped with a cute white tail. All the battling was making the fox Pokemorph a little horny.

Fennekin pulled the simple white dress she was wearing off with one easy movement. She then pulled Bunnelby's head up off the ground by her big ears. The bunny girl's big round eyes filled with tears of pain but Fennekin didn't care.

“You know the what's next.” Fennekin said and even if Bunnelby didn't speak human she understood and lowered her head in submission.

The weak must submit to the strong was the fundamental rule of the wild.

Bunnelby buried her face between Fennekin's legs and began licking the victor's wet pussy with her soft rabbit tongue.

Fennekin's tail swished happily side to side as she held the other Pokemorph girl against her aching sex. She gasped suddenly when Leona reached around and cupped the fox girl's B cup breasts.

“Don't be too rough on her.” Leona warned as she massaged Fennekin's tits.

“Let me have some fun!” Fennekin cried feeling Bunnelby's tongue caress the hot wet folds of her pussy.

Leona roughly pinched Fennekin's nipples between her finger tips. “Fun is fine but If your too rough with her then I'll be rough with you.” Leona warned then started twisting Fennekin's nipples slightly.

Fennekin only yipped in pleasure at her mistresses treatment of her breasts. It felt so good but she didn't want to upset her mistress so she did let go of Bunnelby's ears.

However by now Bunnelby didn't need any encouragement.

Bunnelby's pain at losing faded away as her own nymphomaniac tendencies started to flared up. Her pink nipples hardened as did her cock still nestled between her furry thighs. She took to eating out Fennekin's pussy with vigor. She even put her hands on Fennekin's hips so she could grind more of of the fire fox's sex against her face.

Seeing that Fennekin was going to behave herself Leona deiced to step away and enjoy the show.

Fennekin made Bunnelby lie down on her back so that the two of the could 69 each other. Fennekin then sat down on the bunny pokemorph's face. Bunnelby's hard eight inch futanari cock was raising up between her powerful legs. The fox girl laid down on top of the defeated bunny girl and started sucking that lovely futa dick.

Leona took of her baseball cap and laid down next to Feenekin who was busy sucking off the other Pokemorph. “How dose she taste?”

Not missing a beat Fennekin let Bunnelby's shaft slide out of her hungry mouth. “Why don't you find out for yourself?”

Leona kissed Fennekin before moving to suck off Bunnelby. She also pushed two fingers into Bunnelby's twitching asshole making the rabbit buck harder into her mouth.

Fennekin watched on amazement as her trainer never once let Bunnelby's cock slip from her mouth. The tight seal that Leona's lips on made around the futanari's cock didn't break even with Bunnelby making rapid thrust in her mouth. It wasn't long until the futanari pokemorph was ready to cum.

“Bun!” the rabbit Pokemorph cried from under Fennekin's pussy as she nutted in Leona's mouth.

Not a single drop of that creamy cum escaped Leona's mouth. She lovingly sucked every inch of that cock as it came. Leona took on last long suck on that dick once Bunnelby stopped cumming. Her vacuum sealed lips went from the base of Bunnelby's pink shaft all eight inches up to the head. There was a pop sound when Leona finally let the Pokemorph's spent cock out of her mouth. Leona turned to showed Fennekin the thick load of cum that she kept safe in her mouth.

Fennekin couldn't wait and kissed Leona's cum coated mouth and tongue. The Pokemorph's rushed and overeager tongue was pushed aside by Leona's more experienced one. The Pokemorph and her master kissed passionately as they shared the salty taste of Bunnelby's cum. Fennekin then came all over Bunnelby's face and the bunny girl quickly lapped up her treat.

Leona got up and then helped pulled Fennekin to her feet. The fox pokemorph was a little wobbly on her feet having just climaxed but Leona held her close.

'If only Leona was naked too.' Fennekin thought as her trainer held her. Leona's full D size breasts where just held back by her bra and green baby-doll T-shirt. Her sexy hips and ass still hugged by light blue denim jeans. Fennekin had only know her trainer for a few hours but she wanted her so badly.

Leona could feel Fennekin undressing her with her eyes and smiled. “I promise to show you a good time later tonight.”

Fennekin rested her head against Leona's ample chest and sighed contently. The two stayed like that for several minutes.

Just then a dark shadow flashed over them.

Looking up in the sky they saw a the winged silhouette of a bird type Pokemorph.

Leona strained her eyes and squint into the sunlit sky. The bird Pokemorph seemed to be flying back around toward them. Fennekin made ready for another battle but Leona held her back. “Hang on, I know that Pokemorph.”

“Mistress Leona!” the bird Pokemorph chirped happily as she touched down next to Leona and threw her blue feathered wings around the human.

Leona was a little alarmed at seeing the bird pokemorph who lived with her all the way out here. “Fletchling!? What are you doing you here?! You should get back home before someone catches you!”

Fennekin looked at the small harpy looking Pokemorph wearing a black dress and hugging her trainer. “Did you already have a tamed Pokemorph before you got me?”

“No, Fletchling was released from her old trainer and has been living with me and my family. I've have been taking care of her for years now but Fletchling is still a wild Pokemorph.” Leona turned back to the bird pokemorph hugging her. “So you need to get back home or someone might catch you.”

Fletchling only hugged Leona tighter, “But I want to be captured by you Leona. I've been waiting for you to become a Pokemorph trainer so you could catch me and make me yours.”

“Fletchling....” Leona was at a loss. She didn't want to see Fletchling get hurt like before.

Fennekin's big fox ears twitched with annoyance. “Look small fry you can't just beg your way onto a trainer's team. You have to be worthy of it.”

“I'm not Trash!” Fletchling yelled feeling a pain that had never truly left her.

-3 Years ago in Unova region, Pinwheel Forest-

Thirteen year old Leona was going out into the Pinwheel Forest with her mothers for a picnic. Grace was dressed in in her ridding overalls while Rhyhorn was naked but for a simple collar around her neck. Up a head was clearing where the family planned to spend the day.

However they were not the only one's in the clearing.

Three trainers where gathered tree stump laughing. There were all new trainers having just turned 16 with one being a boy and the other two were girls.

“So Hilda, looks like you found a use for that piece of Trash.” said the boy wearing a light blue blazer, glasses with short cut black hair.

The girl he was walking to wore a black denim vest over a white T-shirt with ripped jean shorts. Her long brown hair was pulled out the back of her white and pink baseball cap. Hilda laughed a little at the sight before her. “I Know! Still what a let down she is. I was so excited when I heard that someone was selling Pokemorphs from Kalos but she's just a common piece of trash. She's not even worth the Poke Ball she's kept in. Still, do you think I can get a refunded Bianca?”

Bianca was the last of the group of three. She wore a white dress with an orange vest over it and a mint green beret which had her blond hair spilling out from the edges. “No chance. As if anyone would want her after all that.”

Leona gasped when she saw what had amused them so much.

Chained to the tree stump with her wings broken was a Fletchling. The chains that twisted her broken wings around her back was also tangled around her legs and froced hem apart. She was trapped and couldn't go anywhere. A wooden sign was set up next to the stump offing any passerby the “Free Use” of the Pokemorph.

Layers of crusted dried semen laid under fresher wet coats of cum. Fletchling's bright orange plumage was matted to her head. Bother her pussy and ass where big gaping tunnels of abuse. Her breathing was coming in short painful gasps that rushed past her dry bleeding lips. Whatever depraved sexual acts had happened to Fletchling had gone on without rest.

While it was true that Pokemorphs loved fucking and getting fucked that didn't mean that they didn't need recovery, food and sleep.

Fletchling would die without care at a Poke Center.

“Hey assholes!” Leona yelled and all three of them turned to face that pissed off little girl.

“The hell do you want?” Hilda asked.

“I want you to leave that Pokemorph alone before you kill her.” Leona said while going over to Fletchling and tried to untangle the chines holding her.

Hilda shrugged but like she didn't care but pushed Leona into the dirt once the girl's back was turned. “I can do what I want with the things I own!”

Leona got up off her feet a heartbeat later and put herself between Hilda and the Pokemorph. “You don't deserve her.” Leona said softly.

Still amused by this little do-gooder Hilda leaned in closer to Leona. “What did you...!”

Leona took that chance and sucker punched Hilda right in the face. She then dogged the other girl's return swing and pushed her off balance. Hilda fell backwards into the dirt and her buddies had to help her up. “I said you don't deserve her, you bitch!”

By then Grace and Rhyhorn had moved between them and Leona to protect their daughter.

“You better keep that little brat in check!” Hilda said while rubbing her chin in the spot where Leona had hit her.

“How about you let that poor Pokemorph go and we just leave without this getting personal.” Grace said firmly.

“Fuck you! There are three of us and we're all Pokemorph trainers! All you got is one freak Rhyhorn!”

Rhy stomped her foot once and the near by ground shook with the impact. The group of three hadn't been ready and all three of them fell on their asses. The shadow of the massive seven foot Rhyhorn fell over them as she cracked her knuckles. “I'm a 'freak' that's at level 85 and far stronger then anything you got. Also just know that when I win I'm going the chain you three to that stump and then have free use of all your holes.” Rhy said then licked her lips just picturing the sight in her mind.

The three newly minted Pokemorph trainer paled as Rhy looked them over hungrily.

Grace stepped forward and held out a hand. “Give me Fletchling's poke ball.”

“Are you stealing my Pokemorph now?” Hilda asked.

“Your abuse and neglect of Fletchling crosses into the criminal. The League could strip of your badges and your the right to compete if I reported you. Or would you rather settle this with a battle? Because me and Rhyhorn will not hold back.”

Hilda clenched her fist in anger. She knew she couldn't beat Grace and her overpowered Rhyhorn in a battle. With teeth grit she handed over Fletchling's poke ball to the woman.

“I won't forget this.”

“That's fine because I won't be remembering you.” Grace said before returning Fletchling to her poke ball. “Come on we need to get this girl to a Poke Center as soon as possible.”

Rhy knelt down and picked up Leona in her arms. She held on to her daughter tightly as Grace climbed onto her back. The stone plates of a Rhyhorn's back made for perfect hand and foot holds. Grace put her hands on Rhyhorn's stone shoulders blade plates while her feet rested on the stone plates above the Pokemorph's hips. By using those holds a Grace could perch herself up on Rhyhorn's back and see over the top of the Pokemorph's head.

“Let's go get Fletchling to the nearest Pokemorph Center!”

Rhy took off running her powerful legs turning the ground beneath her feet as she moved. While lacking the quick starts of some other Pokemorph breeds few things could stop a Rhyhorn once it got going.

-Present Day-

Leona remember that day and the many after it. It took months for Fletchling's wings to fully heal and many more months after that till she opened up to Leona. That pain had forged a strong bond between them. The thought of seeing Fletchling in pain again almost hurt Leona.

Fletchling however was amendment that Leona take her along. “I want to be strong and I want to get stronger with you.”

Fennekin huffed. “Fine then! Let's have a battle and then we'll see if you have what it takes!”

Fletchling nodded. “Agreed, let's settled this in battle.”

Leona was none to happy about this but knew this was how it should be done. Fletchling would have to prove herself to Fennekin.

“Fennekin stay on your guard. Fletchling's been trained so she's not going to be some pushover wild Pokemorph hiding in the grass.”

Fletchling flapped her wings and took to the sky. The wide open space of the meadow gave her plenty of room to maneuver. Fletchling didn't waste any time and used a Quick Attack on Fennekin. The dive bombing attack gave a speed boost so she was too fast for Fennekin to dodge. Fletchling's talons hit Fennekin with full force knocking the fox girl off her pawed feet.

Unlike the battle before with Bunnelby the bird Pokemorph quickly flew away before Fennekin could land a return attack.

“Fennekin! Calm down and wait for your change when she attacks again.”

Fennekin nodded and when Fletchling came back around she was ready. She jump up to meet the flier. While not as strong as the Bunnebly legs were Fennekin's own legs allowed her to easily jump several yards into the air.

Fletchling tried to cancel her attach but it was too late as Fennekin's hit her with a Scratch several attacks. She took a few hits on her wings and her flying became unstable. Fletchling had no choice but to land. However the fox was ready to pounce and hit her with another Scratch attack.

“Now that you can't fly it's all over!” Fennekin said right before she was hit with Fletchling's Tackle attack.

Being land bound didn't mean that Fletchling was helpless. She slammed herself against the fox Pokemorph with another Tackle attack. “No way is this fight over!”

Leona had to help Fennekin retake control of this battle or she'd lose. “Fennekin, use Tail Whip before she attacks again!”

Fletchling charged forward with another Tackle. Fletchling spun around and started shaking her big fluffy fox tail. The movement distracted Fletchling for a moment and her guard was lowered.

Fennekin used her Scratch just as before Fletchling's Tackle hit her.

Both of the battling Pokemorphs fell to the ground.

Leona ran to help but as she got closer Fennekin got up while Fletchling stayed down.

“She got spirit that one.” Fennekin said to Leona. Then she felt something inside her change as if something had awoken within her. Fennekin took a deep breath and when she exhaled she breathed out a storm of burning embers. “Leona! I've learned Ember! My first fire attack!”

“Good job.” Leona said with smile as she walked over to the defeated Fletchling with a empty Poke Ball. “Come on Fletchling, let's get stronger together.”

Fletchling smiled happily as she got sucked into a new Poke Ball. The Pokemorph trap clapped shut immediately as Fletchling didn't struggle.

Leona picked up the Poke Ball as Fletchling's data was add to her Poke'Dex. After checking the entry Leona felt something pull on her shirt. She turned to see the futa Bunnlby that Fennekin had defeated earlier. “Do you want to come along on my journey too?”

“Bunnlby!” she said while thumping one of her big rabbit feet against the ground happily.

Leona pulled another Poke Ball out and tossed this one at Bunnlby and just like Fletchling she didn't resist being taken.

With that done Leona used a potion on Fennekin. The healing spray of the potion on Fennekin's skin made all the scrapes and bruises she got in those two battle disappear. Once she was healed Fennekin put her simple white dress back on.

Leona and Fennekin then continued on their way to the Santalune Forest.

-Santalune Forest-

It was a little past midday when Leona and Fennekin reached the Santalune Forest. The shade of the trees giving welcome relief from the midday sun.

“Hey! Leona! Wait up!” a girl's voice called out from behind.

Leona turned around and saw Shauna and Chespin running to catch up to her.

“What's wrong?” Leona asked as Shauna came to a stop in front of her.

“I'll tell you what's wrong! Calem, that's what's wrong! He went on into the Santalune Forest without me! He told me to wait and go through with you. Then the jerk just left me here!”

Leona looked puzzled for a moment. “If Calem left you here how did you get behind us when we just arrived.”

Shauna's smile ran from her face as she looked at the ground to embarrassed to speak.

Chespin however had no such shame. “We went in after Calem but we couldn't keep up and then we got totally lost. Once we got out Shauna though we should head back down Route 2 and see if we can meet up with you.”

“Chespin! I'm going to leave you in your Poke Ball if you keep blabbing like that!”

“Wah! Sorry.”

Leona shook her head but smiled none the less. “So you want to travel though the Santalune Woods together?”

Shauna blushed still feeling embarrassed. “If that's okay with you.”

“The more the merrier I say.”

Shauna lit back up with boundless positive energy in a heartbeat after hearing that. “You won't regret this.”

True to Shauna's word Leona did not regret bring the fourteen year old girl along with her.

Shauna was trained not only in Pokemorphs battling but in the use of O Powers. Her HP healing powers where at a very high level and she had Leona's new Bunnelby and Fletchling ready for battle in moments. It was like a hiking though the woods with cheerful Pokemorph Center in tow.

Shauna hadn't been able to catch anything new so seeing Leona with two new Pokemorphs already was impressive to her.

They battled wild Pokemorphs and several trainers who were out in the forest looking for a fight.

Chespin leveled up enough to learn Vine Whip as her first Grass attack.

Fletchling and Bunnelby also leveled up a few times as they all pushed deeper into the woods.

Hours pasted and their progress was good however they stopped running to many Pokemorph trainer's looking to battle. A disgruntled trainer fuming over a loss walked right past Leona and company. “Hey! If you guys see some punk trainer with a frog Pokemorph kick his ass for me!”

Leona and Shauna exchanged a knowing look as both knew who it was that had been beating all the other trainers in the forest.

Running on ahead the two soon found Calem sitting on a bench in rest area.

Shauna was about to call out to him but Leona covered her mouth before she could speak.

“Hold on. Let's sneak around to the side and get a closer look.” Leona said.

Keeping to the treeline the two made their way around to get a better look at Calem.

Their friend wasn't alone and he wasn't just resting.

Froakie was knelling in front of Calem and was busy sucking his cock. Leona had to stifled a gasp and Shauna bit her knuckle and squirmed.

Calem's dick was as thick as his wrist and at least 13 inches long. Even with that massive length Froakie had no trouble taking her master's tool down her throat. As her head bobbed up and down on Calem's cock you could see her long thin tongue wrapped tightly around his shaft. Froakie's tongue was choking his cock while her throat sucked him off.

Calem held Froakie head against his lap and forced his whole cock down her neck. He gasped as he came filling her mouth, throat and tummy with his seed. After several minutes of dumping jizz into his partner Calem let go. Froakie unwrapped her tongue from her master shaft and let him pull his cock out of her mouth.

“That was amazing.” Calem said in between panting breaths.

“I was worried that my Master would be disappointed that I don't have a real pussy to fuck. So I spent a lot of time training my mouth and ass pussies for my Master's use.” Froakie said before kissing the list drips of cum off her master's cock. Even though he had just climaxed he was still somewhat hard and getting harder. “Were my efforts worth it?”

Calem youthful vigor was returning as Froakie talk dirty. “Stand up.”

Froakie got to her feet and you could now see the outline of her own seven inch futanari cock trapped in the swimsuit she wore.

Calem peeled the one piece swimsuit off Froakie's wet amphibian skin. He ran his hands all over his Pokemorph's cool, wet and smooth skin. Her B cup tits were much firmer then a mammals would have been. Her nipples were pale white in color on top of the blue mounds of her breasts. He made sure to squeeze her tight ass cheeks and even gave her aching cock few loving strokes.

“Do you want to cum?” Calem asked knowing very well what Froakie's answer would be.

“Yes! Please make me cum my Master!”

“Then sit that sexy blue ass of yours on my big cock and let me fuck you!” Calem said spinning Froakie around and then pulling her onto his lap.

Froakie made a happy little croaking sound as she felt Calem's cock pressed in between her ass cheeks. She used her strong legs to push her Master's huge cock up her ass. Froakie reached out and anchored herself to the bench using the suction cupped tips of her fingers.

“Is my ass pussy to your liking Master!?” Froakie asked while crying out in joy as Calem's thick cock entered her.

“Your wonderful Froakie! I love you just the way you are!” Calem said warping his hands around Froakie's futanari cock. He then started to jerk her off as he fucked her ass. Froakie would bounced her tight ass up and down Calem's huge cock only to pump her own cock into his tight hands.

Leona and Shauna were watching all of this happen.

It wasn't long until the trainer and his futa pokemorph were cumming. Calem filling Froakie's ass with jizz while she blew her load over his hands and her own chest.

Watching all of this was too much for Shauna. She already had pushed two of her fingers pass the fly of her cutoff jean shorts and was rubbing away at herself.

Leona was also wishing she could just pull out her own futanari cock and start stroking. “Let's leave them be.” she told Shauna after some debate.

While still in somewhat of a daze Shauna just nodded mutely as she let Leona lead her away. The two of them then sneaked away under the sounds of Calem and Froakie still fucking each other.

Several more hours had passed after that and daylight was starting to fade as the sun got lower in the sky.

“I think were going to have to find a place to camp for the night.” Leona said to Shauna who wasn't paying attention. The girl's mind had been elsewhere after seeing Calem with his futa Pokemorph.

Shauna looked up and noticed for the first time that she and Leona where very far off the beaten path. “Oh God, don't tell me that I'm in these woods again!”

“You're not lost Shauna, you're with me after all.” Leona said confidently while checking her map and compass.

“Then where are we?”

“We are in the Santalune Forest and only slightly misplaced.”

“Misplaced?” Shauna asked.

Leona nodded an affirmative and kept checked her map.

“What the hell do you mean 'Misplaced'!? We're not items on a store shelf in the wrong row!”

“What's your problem? Santalune City is north of the Santalune Forest so all we have to do is keep going North and we'll get out. Eventually.”

“We'd be out of here and in Santalune City if you just stuck to the main path.”

“We'll never find strong or rare Pokemorphs if we only stick to the main roads.”

Shauna was about to offer a retort when she saw yellow sparks flashing off in the distance. “What's was that?”

“That is what we're looking for way out here.” Leona said and then took off running with Fennekin at her side.

Shauna might be peeved with Leona for getting them lost. However she knew that if they split up now then she really would be up shit creek without a paddle. Biting back a cruse she and Chespin took off after them heading toward the flickering yellow lights.

They soon found the source of the yellow lights and it was just what Leona was hoping for.

It was a pair a Pikachus.

Not only that but one of the pair was a futanari Pokemorph. The flashes of yellow light were caused by discharges the two of them made as they made love.

Being in the middle of their evolution path the Pikachus had bodies of older teenagers or young adults. Bright yellow fur covered their arms, legs, backs but their abdomens and breasts where bare with milk white skin. They had long narrow furry ears tipped with black fur and two black lines of fur ran across their backs. Their bodies where tall and slender with nice round asses and full D breasts. Right above their nice butts was the big iconic lighting bolt tail. Their tails were so long that the tips of their tails could touche the back of their heads.

The female Pikachu was laying on her back with her legs spreed wide as she submitted to the futanari. The futa was on top pumping away into the girl's pussy with her foot long cock. The strong hips and thighs of the futanari Pikachu slamming wildly into her mate as they fucked. Little sparks of electricity would flashed off their bright pink nipples as the Pokemorphs' tits rubbed together.

There was no technique or style here just two wild animals fucking.

Leona shushed Shauna as she and Chespin came up from behind. “I had heard that this forest is home to some wild Pikachus. Looks like were in luck and we can each catch one.”

“You got us lost in this forest just so you could find a Pikachu?” Shauna asked deadpan.

“Pikachus are fast with powerful electric moves. Not to mention they are also the unofficial adorable mascot character of the Pokemorph world. You just can't call yourself a real Pokemorph trainer without a Pikachu.”

Shauna took a deep breath and then sighed in resignation. “As long as we're here we might as well catch them.”

“Pika! Pika! Pikachu!” the futanari Pikachu cried out as she made one last thrust and came hard into the other Pikachu's pussy.

The female Pikachu gave a weak cry off “Pi!” as she climaxed along with her partner. Her body was ready as the other Pokemorph's seed filled her womb. In a few weeks she'd give birth to a Pokemorph egg with a cute little Pichu inside it. Even tho they'd never see each other after tonight the female was grateful for the gift the other Pikachu had given her.

That magic moment was ruined by two humans and with two tamed Pokemorphs busting out of some near by brush.

“Chespin use Vine Whip!” A long green cord like vine extended from Chespin's wrist and then cracked through the air before it hit the futa Pikachu's back.

“Hit them both with your Ember attack, Fennekin!” Fennekin breathed out a storm of burning embers that hit both of the Pikachus. It wasn't a super effective attack but it did damage both of the wild Pokemorphs as the embers burned them where they landed.

Being ambushed it took a moments for the two Pikachus to untangle themselves. Once they did they each fired off a Thunder Shock attack. Yellow bolts of electricity shot out from the Pikachus and hit Chesspin and Fennekin full force. The electric attacks were so fast that there was no chance of evading.

Being a Grass type and therefore more grounded Chespin didn't take much damage. Fennekin however had to bear the full brunt of the Thunder Shock that hit her.

It was now a doubles Pokemorph battle with Leona and Shauna verses the two wild Pikachus.

The female Pikachu used a Quick Attach on Fennekin before the fox could call up another Ember attack. The wild Pikachu using all her size and speed to hit Fennekin.

“Damn it! You think that's going to stop me!” Fennekin yelled breathing out another stream of embers.

The wild Pikachu countered by firing off another Thunder Shock and both attacks hit their targets dead on. Fennekin felt her body go a numb as the Thunder Shock paralyzed her. The Pikachu found herself suffering from a Burn effect after taking that second Ember attack.

Leona was quick and used a Paralyze Heal on her pokemorph. The wild Pikachu could only endure the Burns on her fur and skin. The Pikachu took a wobbly step forward but seemed too weak to mount any kind of offense.

Leona threw a Poke Ball that hit the wild Pikachu dead on. The pokemorph disappeared in a flash of white light as she got sucked into the poke ball. The red and white ball rocked back and forth on the ground as the Pokemorph inside struggled to escape. The wild Pikachu was unable to escape and the was captured.

Shauna and Chespin's battle against their Pikachu was going much more smoothly.

Seeing that it's electric attack had little effect the futa Pikachu had to use normal attacks to cause any real damage. Shauna just had to order Chespin to stay out of reach and keep using Vine Whip. The whip like vines struck the Pikachu again and again leaving welts on her body with each strike. Pikachu cried out in pain and a little pleasure as the Vine Whips hit her big cock and then her large tits. The futanari Pokemorph feel to her knees unable to fight on any more.

Shauna smiled victoriously and tossed at Poke Ball at her opponent.

The other Pikachu didn't even resisted as the ball snapped close at once she was in it.

Leona smiled and held up her hand for a high-five. Being more then far taller then the younger girl meant that Shauna had to jump into the air to make contact. The hard smack of their palms hitting rang across the clearing.

Shauna smiled as her apprehension about being lost was pushed out of her mind by the victory. “That was great!”

“I know! That was one hot battle we just won!”

Fennekin huffed still sore from the injures she got in that 'hot' battle that 'they' won. “You two are acting like your the one's who fought it.”

Leona kissed Fennekin's forehead and then gently petted her big fox ears. “You were so good out there, Fennekin. Thank you.”

Chespin who was far less injured smirked. “I too am amazed that fox face pulled out a win as well.”

“I still have enough fight to take you rodent!” Fennekin said with a growl.

Shauna stopped Chespin before she could respond. “Okay, okay, that's enough. Let me heal you both and our newly captured Pikachus.”

Shauna used her O Powers to heal her and Leona's starters as well as their newly captured Pikachus.

The two Pikachus seemed a little less then thrilled even after getting healed back to full health.

“They don't seem happy to see us.” Shauna said as her new futanari Pikachu refused to look her in the eye.

Leona nodded seeing her own newly caught Pokemorph was being stubborn as well. “I think they need a taming session before we can use them in battle.” Leona took off her cap and then pulled her green baby-doll T-shirt off over her head.

Shauna blushed seeing Leona standing there with only her D size sport bra holding back those large breasts. Then there was the older girl's muscular abs and flat stomach. Leona was just so strong and sexy. Shauna bit her lip and felt her own small AA size bra under her shirt.

“Are you embarrassed to be naked in front of me?” Leona asked as she unhooked her bra and let her big brown tits free causing Shauna's blush to deepen.

“It's hard to not feel a little inferior when your built like a dream.”

“Your very cute too Shauna.”

“Well it's hard being cute when I'm not voluptuous or beautiful like you Leona.” Shauna said looking away while still feeling inferior next to Leona's body.

What happened next took Shauna by surprise.

Leona touched the younger girl's chin and made Shauna look up at her. Leona then kissed Shauna passionately on the lips. Shauna gasped but that only gave the older girl's tongue full access to her mouth. Leona pulled Shauna into an embrace. Shauna moved her hands to try and block but she ended up grabbing Leona's tits instead.

Shauna's mind raced. 'Leona's kissing me! A girl is kissing me! She's stealing my first kiss! God, her tits are so huge and soft! Fuck, why is my body getting hot!? Why dose this feel so good!?' While her mind raced Shauna's body acted and returned Leona's kiss. Her hands started to actively grope and fondle the older girl's big tits.

Chespin, Fennekin and the two just captured Pikachus weren't just watching this all unfold.

Fennekin was already on top of Leona's new Pikachu sucking those big tits. Pikachu cried out as Fennekin got aggressive and used those sharp canine teeth to bite her nipples.

Chespin was on her knees and using her cock sucking skills on the futanari Pikachu. The wild pokemorph had never felt anything like this. Chespin reached into her shorts and started fingering herself. The futanari's foot long dick slid down Chespin's throat as her gag reflex milked the cock. The Pikachu just stood there getting the first blowjob of her life. If she had know about this she would have let herself get captured years ago.

The two trained Pokemorph introduced the newly captured Pikachus to the joys of being training while Leona kept working on seducing Shauna.

Leona broke the kiss much to Shauna's confused disappointed. “Will you strip for me, Shauna?”

“You want me to strip naked, here and now?”

“Yes but do it slowly so I can enjoy it.” Leona said backing up a few steps so she could give Shauna room.

“Just because I'm a Pokemorph trainer that doesn't mean I'm into human girls.” Shauna told Leona even as part of her ached to touch the topless girl in front of her.

“Maybe you don't like girls but I know you love big dicks, Shauna. I saw your rubbing yourself and damn near salivating sight of Calem's big tool. There were two Pikachus and you went right for the one with that nice cock.”

Shauna's blushed not just from accusation but from the accuracy of it as well. She had lost count of the nights she spent toying with her pussy and asshole thinking of Calem's big dick. She had so many videos at home of female Pokemorph Breeders taking big hung Pokemorph futa cocks. Shauna sometimes fantasized about being in those Breeders' place and having Pokemorphs dumped load after load of cum into her.

Leona licked her lips wolfishly as she had Shauna right where she wanted her. “Do you want to know a secrete about me, Shauna?” Leona undid the fly of her jeans and at the same time she released the minimizing effect she had placed on her cock. Shauna gasped as Leona's thick fourteen inch cock unfurled before her. “I'm a futanari.”

Shauna felt week and her mouth went dry. The four pokemorphs took a break from their own wanton fucking to stare.

Leona didn't care that all the eyes were on her and she shimmied out of her jeans. She calmly piled her clothing next to her backpack and then stretched with her arms over he head. It felt good to be naked after having to ware clothing for almost a whole day.

“Do you still think I'm sexy?” Leona asked after finally revealing all of herself to Shauna.

“Yes, your so very sexy.” Shauna said as she devoured the image before her with her eyes.

Leona with her dark brown skin over her athletic muscles, long legs, big round ass with her firm, full breasts. Her beautiful face and short raven black hair with green eyes and that little mischievous smile. Then of course the thing about Leona that was making Shauna go weak was that cock. Growing thicker and harder by the moment with those big heavy balls hung low between Leona's legs.

Lust overpowered everything else in Shauna's mind as she started pulling wildly at her clothing.

Leona grabbed Shauna's hands and stopped her. “I told you to strip slowly.”

Shauna nodded and then pulled her pink t-shirt up over her head slowly. Leona could now see the lacy hot pink bra Shauna had on. She then undid her jean shorts and slowly pulled them down around her cute ass. The hot pink thong that matched her bra so wet from arousal that it was almost see through. Shauna kicked off her sport sandals and then stood before Leona clad only in her lacy underwear and a blush.

“You are so fucking precious that I can barely stand it.” Leona told Shauna moving closer and placing her hands on the younger girl.

Shauna pushed herself up against Leona to feel the other girl's strong muscles under that gorgeous dark skin. She gazed into Leona's eyes with a thirsty yet still timid and unsure look in her eyes. “Would you please kiss me again?”

Leona kissed Shauna only it was a softer and more romantic kiss. It wasn't as needy or wild kiss like before but it was as every bit as passionate as the first. The younger girl let the older teen futanari hold her while they kissed. The feeling of Leona's hard cock pressed up against Shauna's tummy and flat chest felt so good for both of them.

“Can I touch it?” Shauna asked after she and Leona stopped kissing.

Leona smiled coyly. “What is it that you want to touch?”

“I want to touch your cock.”

Leona back up half a step and put her hands to her side. “Don't be so shy. I just love the thought of having a cute girl like you playing with my dick.”

Shauna's eyes went wide with wounder as she softly ran her finger tips up and down Leona's hairless shaft. She would cupped and played with the Leona's big balls as well. She then wrap both of her hands around Leona's cock. “I didn't think a real cock would be so hot and flexible and yet hard at the same time.” Shauna admitted as she started stroking Leona off.

“I can tell this is your fist time handling a real cock and not some rubber sex toy.”

“Am I doing it wrong?” Shauna asked stopping mid stroke.

Leona shook her head no as she bit her lip. “Your doing great!”

Shauna didn't have a tenth of hand job skills that Grace had but the fact that such a cute innocent girl was playing with Leona's cock more then made up for it. Leona also hadn't cummed once yet today and she feeling backed up. Leona was trying to fight it but Shauna's kind hands were getting her close.

Shauna licked her lips feeling braver after handling Leona's huge sweaty cock for a while.

Shauna then leaned in and kiss Leona's big fat cockhead with her soft lips.

Leona threw her head back and roared like her namesake.

This would have startled Shauna if she wasn't to busy gagging as Leona's salty jizz flooded her mouth. Shauna's tender kiss was enough to push Leona over the edge. The first blast of the futanari's cock made Shauna think she had put her mouth on a running garden hose. It was so sudden that Shauna had let Leona's cockhead slip from her lips.

Leona took hold of her own gushing cock and aimed the next blast of jizz at Shauna's face. Thick creamy ropes of cum splashed allover Shauna's cute face and hair. She aimed the next shot at Shauna's small titties. The cum completely soaking the younger girl's hot pink bra in moments. This went on for sometime as Leona emptied her tireless balls all over Shauna. The fourteen year old Pokemorph trainer looked to be in shock as Leona soaked her in jizz.

Leona had climax so hard that it left her breathless and sweaty. Even so she took a moment to admire her handy work. There was not one part of Shauna's face, chest stomach or thighs not coated in cum.

Shauna slowly ran her hands over her jizz covered body. She scooped cum up off her face and then sucked her fingers clean. Shauna then fell to the ground like a marionette with the strings cut. Leaon's heart skipped a beat as from a moment she thought Shauna was hurt. Shauna was fine however and ripped the cum soaked remains of her underwear off and then jammed two fingers in the hairless pussy. “That was so fucking incredible! Oh fuck! I'm so horny!”

“Get on your hands and knees.” Leona told Shauna as she stroked her spent futanari cock hard again.

Shauna did as she was told without hesitation and got down on all fours like a dog. Her cute tight toffee colored ass was kept pointed right at Leona.

Leona got down on her knees right behind the younger girl and placed her hardening cock between Shauna's ass cheeks as if they were hot-dog buns. She then started sliding the thick shaft of her cock up and down the other girl's ass-crack. Leona hadn't penetrated Shauna as she was just teasing the other girl.

Shauna felt her heart race and her body ache with anticipation. Yet every time she was sure that Leona would start fucking her she was rewarded with disappointment. It was madding to have that huge sexy cock rubbing against her tight ass cheeks but not fucking her. “Stop toying with me and do it! I can't wait anymore!” Shauna pleaded with all her heart.

“Are you sure? Do you really want all this big hard futanari cock up your ass?” Leona said smacking her hard cock on Shauna soft butt cheeks as the little girl whimpered.

“YES!” Shauna begged with tears rolling down her cum soaked face.

Leona put her hands on Shauna's hips and guided her thick cockhead to the other girl's tight asshole. Cute little Shauna had pleasured herself using a dildo in her ass but it hadn't been near as thick or long as Leona's pride.

With a hard thrust Leona began pushing herself into Shauna's cute tight ass.

Shauna gasped as the Leona's cock head stretched her asshole open wide. Even having her ass cheeks and Leona's cock slicked with cum only helped so much. Shauna's balled her fist twisting the grass under her hands so much hard that her knuckles turned white. The only thing Shauna could do while Leona fucked her ass was try to remember to breath.

Leona bite her lip as she drove more of her cock into Shauna. The younger trainer's ass felt so hot and tight wrapped around her dick. Holding the other girl's hips in her hands she pounded inch after inch of herself into Shauna.

It felt like it had taken hours but Leona was now hilt deep in Shauna's ass. Her heavy low hanging balls were now slapping the little girl's wet pussy as she'd pushed in and out.

It was too much for Shauna as her arms could hold her up any longer. She was now face down and ass up with Leona fucking her. The pain had melted away into pleasure for Shauna as she tried to fight back moaning.

Leona suddenly slapped one of Shauna's cute butt cheeks causing the girl to yelp. “Stop being so shy. Or are you going to tell me you don't like getting your ass fucked?”

“Ahhhhh! But it's so! Ah Fuck! I can't....”

“Yes you can. Even if were out in the open there's no but us and our Pokemorphs for miles. Go on, let it all out.”

“Fuck! I feel so good! Anal sex feels so fucking good! Don't stop pounding my asshole till it breaks!” Shauna screamed into the forest air as she climaxed from getting her ass fucked.

“You really like my futanari cock that much?” Leona asked spanking Shauna's ass cheeks as she fucked the younger girl harder.

“I Love it! I Love Your Huge Cock So Much! FUTANARI COCKS ARE THE BEST!!” Shauna was now screaming wildly as Leona fucked her.

Leona came soon after and filled Shauna's asshole with her thick spunk. She quickly pulled out of Shauna's ass and shot the rest of her load all over the girl's back. Leona made sure to paint Shauna's back and ass cheeks with a thick layer of cream.

Shauna collapsed onto the ground and Leona fell backwards onto her own ass as both girls were left breathless.

Looking around Leona saw that she and Shauna weren't the only one who were spent.

Fennekin was resting on top of Leona's Pikachu after the two of them had fucked each other. Chespin was laying on her back Shauna's futanari Pikachu on top of her. The pokemorph's futanari cock softening in Chespin's well fucked pussy. The four pokemorph didn't seem much worse for wear after all fucking they did. Pokemorphs did tend to recover from sex very quickly, a trait that Leona inherited from her own Pokemorph futanari mother.

The sky was getting darker and Leona knew they needed to find a place to camp.

“Are their any good places to rest around here?” Leona asked her newly caught Pikachu.

“Pi?” Pikachu thought about it for a moment and then nodded with a bright smile on her face. “Pi, Pika, Chu!”

Fennekin translated for the other pokemorph. “She says there's a small lake not far from here. To the east.”

“Right let's head there and set up camp for the night.” Leona said getting to her feet. She did not seem to mind remaining naked as she packed away her and Shauna's discarded clothing. She the shouldered her backpack and returned Pikachu to her poke ball.

Shauna could barely move after getting her ass fucked so thoroughly. She just sat on her knees while Leon got ready to move out. “Leona, I can't go away while I'm covered in cum like this.”

“We're alone in a forest. It's not like I'm asking you to walk down Castelia City's Central Ave wearing nothing but my cum.” The thought brought a smile to Leona's face. “That could be fun to however.”

“I'm not kidding! Help me clean this junk off me before it dries.”

Leona's amused smile turned even more mischievous and Shauna didn't like what that smile meant. Leona set her backpack down again and pulled out Shauna's trendy little pink t-shirt. She then tossed the t-shirt at Shauna's feet. “Here use that to mop off my cum once it's good and wet.”

“I think it will take more then your bottle of water get me clean.”

“I wouldn't waste good drinking water on that.” Leona said taking hold of her spent futa dick and pointing at Shauna.

“Hey! I need you to get this cum off me not....!” Shauna protest was cut short by a thick golden stream of piss splashing her in the face.

Leona sighed contently as she emptied her bladder on Shauna. “Not only am I hung like a race horse but I can piss like one to. A nice warm golden shower is just what you need to get cleaned up.” She was right too as her warm piss cut through the cum coating Shauna's face.

Leona soon had Shauna's face clean. So she then started pissing on the young girl's flat tits making a golden waterfall of urine that ran down Shauna's stomach.

Shauna couldn't believe this.

She knew that you could drink human urine in an emergence but she never though that she'd ever showed in it.

Or that it would feel so good!

Shauna squired a little as the steam of Leona's piss hit her tight bald pussy. She was now getting involved in the shower by twisting her body this away and that so Leona could piss all over her. Shauna grabbed her discarded t-shirt and rubbed the pink fabric over her piss and cum covered body. As she rubbed her piss soaked shirt over herself Shauna looked up at Leona. “Don't forget to get my hair.” She asked sweetly as she was getting drenched in urine.

Leona made sure to give Shauna's hair a good soaking as she moved to get girl's shoulders and back. She was just about done when she felt Shauna grab her flaccid urinating dick.

Shauna aimed the stream of piss at her face and then opened her mouth wide. It moments the girl's mouth was full of piss. She quickly gulped down and the let Leona fill her mouth up again. She did this several times until at last Leona's bladder ran empty. Shauna still licked that last few drops of piss off Leona's futa dick.

“Wow, looks like when I travel with you I won't need a Pokemorph Center or a urinal.”

Shauna took her ruined piss and cum soaked t-shirt and rung it out over mouth. The cute little nympho was so sexy that Leona couldn't help herself.

Without warning Leona reached down a picked the piss soaked girl up off the ground and into her arms. Leona held Shauna like she was a princess in a fairy ale.

“What are you doing!?” Shauna asked surprised but not at all upset. It felt great to be held in Leona's strong arms with her head resting against those large breasts.

“We don't have much daylight left. So I'm going to carry my little Pink Piss Princess the rest of the way.”

Shauna blushed but didn't say anything as she did just spent the better part of the last hour guzzling down Leona's jizz and piss.

So with Fennekin carrying Leona's and Shauna's backpacks and with Pikachu leading the way the group set off once again.

As it turns out a Pokemorph's idea of 'near by' was several kilometers.

Leona still ran that distance nonstop while holding Shauna in her arms.

Shauna knew she wasn't the heaviest of girls but still it was impressive. Here she was lost in some woods near night and all but naked save for some drying piss. Yet being held in Leona's arms she never felt safer.

This futanari girl who Shauna had known for less then a day and she never felt so safe.

Or so loved.

“You can swim right?” Leona asked suddenly.

“Hmm? Yes, I can. Why do you ask?”

Leona picked up speed as she saw the lake that Pikachu told them about. She held Shauna tightly and took a flying jump in the clean cool waters.

“Cowabunga!” Leona cried before both she and Shauna made a big splash into the water.

'Then again....' Shauna thought to herself as she and Leona broke through the water's surface. '….Leona can be such a bitch at times.'

The lake's cool clean water washed last bits of piss and cum off Shauna's body.

Shauna let her hair down and dunked herself under the water several times to try and get her hair clean. Leona helped by ranking her finger's through Shauna's long soft brown hair.

“Your hair is so lovely, Shauna.”

“Thank you.”

Shauna felt Leona's hands on her breasts and hard nipples.

“Your tits are also lovely.”

“You mean small.” Shauna said with a gasp as Leona play with her nipples.

“If you can't savor the beauty and joy of small tits then you don't to have sex with women.” Leona said as she kissed Shauna's petite breasts. The feeling of sucking Shauna's whole breasts and nipples into her mouth as making her hard again. “Come on, we're clean up enough to get down and dirty again.”

Shauna nodded and swam with Leona to the edge of the lake.

Leona got out first and then easily pulled Shauna up and out of the water.

Fennekin and Chespin were waiting on a log that was set in a clearing. That space must have been used as a campsite no long ago. You could see the remnants of a fire pit with a stone circle. Leona when to her backpack and pulled out a large towel. She then laid the towel out on the ground. Leona then laid down on her back on top of the the towel and waved Shauna over. “You did such a good job sucking my cock today that I think it's time I pay you back by eating out that cute pussy of yours.”

Shauna knelt down over Leona's head with her knees on either side of the futanari's face. She was facing away from Leona as she spreed her bald pussy open.

Leona put her hands on Shauna's hips and pulled her face into the other younger girl's snatch. Shauna gasped loudly as this was the first time she'd received cunnilingus and Leona was well practiced in the art. The futa's skilled tongue lashed at the folds of the girl's wet pussy.

Fennekin watched all this going on and couldn't wait any more. Practically ripping the simple white dress she wore off as she straddled her trainer's hips. The fox pokemorph then started to lower herself down on top of Leona's huge cock. “Leona is so cruel, playing all day with Shauna and ignoring me!”

Leona took a moment to stop eating out Shauna to reply to her fire fox Pokemorph. “Go on Fennekin, I would love it if you topped off my cock right now.”

Fennekin nodded and began pushing herself down on Leona's big thick dick. The human's futanari cock head spread her pussy as she slid down the shaft. The pokemorph lab had trained Fennekin to take big cocks before but that didn't mean that this was easy of her. Half way down and Leona bucked her hips to help her pokemorph take her huge cock. Fennekin finally took all of Leona's shaft up her pussy after a long struggle. A big distended bulge on showed on her tummy as she bounced up and down on her trainer's cock.

Fennekin panted like the dog she was as she rode her Leona. “Oh yes! Leona has such a great cock! It's so deep inside me! Please use my pussy as your cock sleeve again and again!”

Chespin moved to stand in front of her trainer who was still siting on Leona's face. The grass pokemorph pulled down her shorts and showed Shauna her aching sex. “Please, what Leona is doing to you would you do....Ahhh!” Chespin didn't need to ask as Shauna started eating the Pokemorph's pussy. While not as skilled Shauna did her best to mimic that moves that Leona's tongue applied to her pussy.

All four of them were now fucking each other.

Leona was on her back eating Shauna's pussy while Fennekin rode her cock and Shauna was likewise eating out Chespin.

Fennekin was the first reach orgasm as her tight hot pussy twitched around Leona's dick. It wasn't enough for her trainer however so she kept bucking her dick into the fox girl's twitching sex.

Shauna felt herself about to cum and thought up some payback from before. So as the young girl came on Leona's mouth she pissed herself. Leona pulled Shauna closer and sucked the golden stream of piss right out of the girl's cumming pussy. That was enough to push Leona over the edge and she flooded Fennekin's stretched pussy. Chespin came last as Shauna struggled to lick up all the nectar that flowed out from her pokemorph's sex.

Spent and tired the two trainers and their two Pokemorphs laid down next to each other as the stars shone overhead in the night sky.

After that last bit of sexual fun for the day it was time to make camp once they had recovered.

Fennekin had made a fire using her ember attack on the dry wood that Chespin found.

Shauna was siting on the log and tended to the fire while Leona worked on setting up a tent. Leona was naked but Shauna was wearing her cut off jean shorts and Leona's baby-doll green t-shirt. Shauna's shirt and underwear were ruined beyond anything a simple washing in water could clean so she was also going commando.

Technology in this world was such that not only Pokemorph's but items could also be stored as data. So for Leona to set up a tent it was as easy as clearing a space and letting the two person tent materialize and then make sure it was secured with stakes.

Fennekin, Bunnelby, Fletchling, Chespin and the two Pikachus were all happily eating some Poke Puffs. They had all worked so hard today and had earned a treat. Pokemorph training wasn't just about sex as feeding, grooming and care were big parts of it was well.

Shauna watched as Leona took her backpack into the newly erected tent for a moment and closing the tent flap behind her. She emerged from the tent a few moment later wearing soft pastel colored pajamas.

Leona stretched her arms up over her head and yawned loudly. “I'm about ready to turn in for the night. Fennekin are you and the others about done eating?”

The group of Pokemorphs were just finishing up the last of their Poke Puff snacks. “I think we're done.” Fennekin said and then Leona returned her and her other Pokemorphs to their Poke Balls for the night. Shauna did the same for Chespin and her Pikachu.

Seeing that the Pokemorphs were tucked away for the night Leona tossed a small incense block into the fire. The fire flared green from a moment as the air took on a mint like aroma. The incense was a Pokemorph Repellent and the smell would keep wild pokemorphs away from the camp while the girls slept. Trained pokemorphs couldn't stand the smell either so that's why they went back into the poke balls for the night.

Leona sat next to Shauna but not too close as she felt that the other girl wanted space right now.

Shauna just kept poking the fire with a stick as her mind replayed the events of the last few hours.

“Do you want to talk?” Leona asked.

“If you asked me if I was gay this morning I would have told you that I don't like girls like that.”

“If it helps I'm not really a girl so technically your not lesbian.”

Shauna whipped the stick she was using to tend the fire around and pointed the burning tip at Leona. “I known you less then a day but we did all of that. I mean I knew what being a Pokemorph Trainer would include but sex with Pokemorphs doesn't really count and...”

“Your in love with Calem.”

Shauna blushed bright red thinking about the boy she'd loved for years. “If you knew that then why did you kiss me like that!? Then we did all of that and you even fucked me! If you knew how I feel about Calem then why did you do any of that!?”

“Let me answer you question with a question of my own. Why didn't you ask me to stop?” Leona then licked her finger tips and then crushed the burning ember at the end o Shauna's stick.

Shauna looked away. “I was caught up in the moment.”

“If I thought you were unwilling or if you had told me to stop I would have. I've come to see this futanari body I was born with as a gift. It's a gift I want to share with those I care about, like you Shauna. Then when you said I was beautiful I just couldn't hold back. Your the first person who wasn't one of my moms to call me beautiful.”

“Wait your moms?” Shauna asked.

“Yes, moms, plural as in more then one. Grace is the mother who bore me and the futanari Rhyhorn you saw in front of our house is the mother who sired me. I'm a first generation Human/Pokemorph crossbreed.”

Shauna shook her head as a smile smile crossed her face. “No wonder you seem so alike.”

“Who do I seem alike?”

Shauna looked like she was about to say something but changed her mind in the last moment. “Just something I know about someone but it's not my place to say. So no one ever told you that you're pretty?”

“Growing up the word used most was 'freak' when people described me. Using O Power to hide my true futanari gender is trick I only learned recently. I don't believe I should have to hide what I am but I know most people wouldn't accept me if they knew. I'm glad your not one of them Shauna. You made me so happy that after seeing the real me you still said I was sexy.”

Leona got up and then kicked some sand over the fire to smoother it. The repelling incenses had taken effect and she didn't want to leave a fire burning unattended. “My tent and bedroll is big enough for two.” Leona said holding the tent flap open for Shauna.

“We're just going to sleep right, nothing else?”

“Even us futanaris need to sleep. I won't touch you unless you ask for it.” Leona's playful smile crept back onto her face. “However if you are in the mood I could rally for one last...”

Shauna held up a hand to stop Leona while a blushed crossed her cheeks. “No that's alright. Sleep would be good after such an eventful day.”

Leona then let Shauna into her tent and both of them tucked into Leona's large sleeping bag for the night.

“Goodnight Shauna. I'll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight Leona and sweet dreams.”

Hours past.

Shauna had some trouble sleeping.

Not because of she was camping or the company that was dozing so contently next to her.

The thing that was making Shauna restless was her own heart.

“Leona?” Shauna asked her voice less then a whisper.

She waited to see if Leona reacted. When she was sure that the older girl was still sound asleep she continued on. “I have something I need to tell you but I also don't want you hear it.”Shauna was blushing so hard that she was almost afraid that her heart beating loudly in chest would be enough to wake Leona.

Leona stirred slightly in her sleep.

Shauna quickly held her breath and dared not move a muscle. For the next several minutes Shauna became like a stone and watched Leona in the dark for even the slightness signs of awareness. When she was sure that Leona was still sound asleep Shauna began to speak in softest voice she ever used.

“Leona, I just wanted to tell you that I think I'm falling in love with you.”

Saying what she needed to say Shauna cuddled up close to Leona and fell into a restful sleep.

If Shauna had waited a few more moments she could have seen Leona's self-satisfied smirk in the dark.

-The Next Day-

Leona was not happy about this.

And the day had started so well.

Shauna and woken Leona up with a soft kiss and then made a campfire breakfast.

They had broken down camp and were ready to set out once again for Santalune City.

“Ready to go Leona?” Shauna asked still wearing Leona's green t-shirt and that was Leona's only t-shirt by the way. Shauna had knotted the shirt so it exposed her bellybutton and stomach.

Leona was as dressed as best she could in her shoes, jeans, baseball cap and white bra.

“I don't see how this is fair? I only lent you my shirt for last night.”

“Well you only had to lend me this shirt because you used my designer t-shirt as a rag to wipe up cum and piss. You should be grateful that I'm not charging you money for the shirt and lingerie you ruined.”

Leona had almost chocked when she saw how much those few items had cost. “I know we can buy new clothes when we reach Santalune City. However I going to make a scene walking through the city with only a bra on for a top. That just seems a little unfair.”

Shauna thought about it and realized that Leona was right.

“Your right, this isn't fair completely” Shauna then grabbed Leona's bra and pulled it off her ripping the straps as the older girl's big tits bounced free. “You didn't just ruin my shirt but you bra as well. So as punishment you have to walk through Santalune City topless.”

Leona felt her nipples harden at the thought of all those people starring at her. “If I do this then will you forgive my debt for your ruined wardrobe?”

“No.” Shauna said simply and then reached out and pinched Leona's hard brown nipples. “But I think I know of other ways that you can pay off your debt to me.”

“For being such a kind and cute girl there's a part of you that's a real bitch.” Leona said before kissing Shauna. The young girl returned the older futanari girl's affections in kind. “But I like that part of you too.”

Leona pulled her backpack on and set off for Santalune City seemingly unconcerned with her partial nudity. After all Leona was doing this for Shauna and that girl's gaze was the only one she cared about.

Leona also knew that she'd get a change to get Shauna back for this later.


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I'm going to ramble on like a old man with some ending notes here so feel free to skip.

This parody is off the games not the anime and the characters have little in common with their originals in game.

I don't plan on giving the Pokemorph characters unique names as I think that would just get confusing. I've described the characters as best as I can. You can also just search for any of them on any hentai image board and find tons of anthropomorphic pokemon porn.

At some point I may make a character charts and put numbers to their height, bust, waist and hip measurements.

I thinks it's enough if you know that Leona is athletic and tall not only for a teenage girl but for a teenage boy as well.

Shauna is a little short for her age and petite however she's not like a loil.

Even as a story that's porn without much plot I'm more concerned with keeping their personalty straight.

Leona is kindhearted, playful and always down for a good time or to fuck but she's not stupid or naive. She wouldn't force herself on anyone human or Pokemorph who wasn't willing. As a futanari she's equally attracted to men and women. Leona had only just recently stated to take pride in her futanari gender as she had been ostracized for in the past. She sees Pokemorphs as sentient life equal in vale to that of any human.

Shauna is as bright, cheerful and supportive here as she was in the game. Unlike in the game she has some kinks and a major crush on Calem. While feeling a bit insecure about her petite body she enjoys wearing sexy lingerie. Since meeting Leona she's started to explore the fantasizes she'd kept to herself. Like the one about getting fucked by a pack of hung futanaris Pokemorphs. Also she's found she has a budding kink for humiliation and exhibition sex play.

Calem is easy going but competitive at the same time. He's bisexual and while not open about it he is attracted both genders and futanaris. Calem is smooth, handsome, talented and unfortunately he is very well aware of those facts. This doesn't make so much arrogant as it makes him overconfident. Leona might just give his considerable pride in his Pokemorph Training skills it's first blow.

If you'd like to see any other characters or Pokemorphs from the games please let me know.


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