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The naughty coed needs to understand her feelings for her older futa-sister before she can perform!
Futa Naked In School – Futa's Taboo Naked Performance

Chapter Three: Juliet's Futa Taboo Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Xochitl Estevez's Week, Tuesday

I was so confused.

What was wrong with me? Why did that look in my futa-sister's eyes scare me? It was so intense. I felt like if I let her kiss me, if I let her make love to me before the rest of the cast and crew for the play, I would be lost.

Lost in what?

I shook my head. It was so much easier when I just hated my older futa-sister. When I fumed at her for ripping off my style of tight jeans and belly shirts. When I moaned in annoyance as she fucked whatever bimbo slut she brought home that night in the next room. It was easier to just despise her for seducing my friend on my birthday and spoiling the moment when I went to blow out the candles on my cake.

Why did she have to try out for Romea when I auditioned for Juliet?

Why did that dumb Letizia have to go and break her leg? She was the futa that was supposed to make love to me in the play. On Friday, my college's production of Romea and Juliet opened. The classic love story brought to life. I was so eager to have sex before the audience, to let them see my passion as Letizia made me cum.

Now my futa-sister played Romea and it was all screwed up.

“Xochitl?” a concerned voice asked.

I looked up to see my drama professor coming closer. Ms. Tyrell was a White futa with short, black hair that framed her cute face. She was a tall futa, a big smile on lush lips. She came up to me cautiously, her eyes hardly falling on my naked breasts.

I had to go naked this week for the Program. I was trying to enjoy it, having all the sex I could while everyone watched, but my futa-sister was ruining it. Isidora also was chosen, and she was having just as much sex as me.

“What's wrong?” she asked. “I thought you had this sorted out?”

“Me, too,” I said. “My sister and I had sex last night.” I shuddered at that incestuous menage. Our mother set it up. To prove to me that Isidora was a great lover, they had sex before my eyes. They made love. It was hot. Before I knew it, I was eating Mom's cum-filled pussy out and Isidora was devouring my twat. “I... I enjoyed it. I thought I got over my hangup and...”

“And what,” Ms. Tyrell asked. “You had a panic attack when Isidora went to kiss you. I don't want to cause you distress. I promise you, in the next play, I'll cast you in the lead and won't let your futa-sister audition for your love interest or anything.”

I chewed my lip.

“But it's clear you can't play Juliet.” She stroked my arms. “I'm sorry if I pushed you into this.”

“No, no,” I said, shaking my head. “I don't get it. I'm not shy. I've been having sex with everyone, but then I felt all these eyes on me, and...” I bit my lip. “I don't know, I just felt like I was about to make a decision that would change my life forever.”

“By having sex with your futa-sister?” Ms. Tyrell asked, a slight tinge of skepticism in her voice.

“Yeah,” I said, shifting. I felt suddenly defensive. “What's so weird about that?”

“For such a progressive girl that enjoys multiple partners...” Ms. Tyrell frowned. She cupped my chin, staring into my eyes.

“What?” I asked her.

“Nothing,” she said, shaking her head. “It's really not my business. Are you okay? I have to get back to rehearsal.”

“Not going to have sex with me to calm me down?” I muttered, my pussy on fire. Maybe I just needed a hard futa-D reaming my pussy. “Don't want to slam my dick into me and enjoy my hot concha?”

“Tempting,” she said. “But, sadly, against the college's rules. Unless you want to start dating me. We could use the Stacie-clause and have all the fun we want.”

“I'm not dating no one,” I said. “I want to enjoy all the futa-putas I can. There are too many girl-dicks out there to tie to one.”

“Right,” she said, that skepticism returning. “Well, I have to get back to the rehearsal. You don't have to come any longer. You can go back to your sixth-period class. I won't let you watch your futa-sister make love to Meaghan.”

“Yeah, she's eager for it,” I muttered. Probably wanted to get back at Stacie. Meaghan's ex had cheated on her the week before with the swim coach, a hot futa, a Hispanic beauty like me.

Ms. Tyrell leaned in to kiss me and... I turned my head, letting her plant one on my cheek instead. She sighed and sauntered off. I really, really didn't want to go back to my last class. This week, because of the play's rehearsal, I didn't have to attend English Class taught by Ms. Rowbottom but could have fun getting ready for the play. That was the plan.

“Isidora is such a pendeja!” Anger rippled through me, driving back that fear. I didn't want to go to class. Shouldn't have to. Technically, I was still in the play. Meaghan might be playing Juliet, but that made me her understudy. I could at least hang out with the others and maybe make fun of Isidora's form.

Yeah, that sounded great.

I whirled around and marched back. I wasn't afraid of anything. I was Xochitl Estevez. I had the blood of Aztec warriors brimming in my veins. It was why futa-mother named me Xochitl, not a Spanish name, but one that embraced our ancient heritage. I marched ahead, my naked, large tits bouncing. I was unashamed of my hot bod.

Maybe I'd pass fuck Christina Beck. She was playing Mercutia. She was cute. As Isidora practiced the love scene with Meaghan, I could show up my futa-sister. I would be a better fuck than Meaghan, too. I loved my plan.

I reached the auditorium and headed backstage, my bare feet painted-black, wooden floor. I heard the conversation. Everyone was on stage, gathered around the bed. They all wanted to watch the fucking. I smiled, spotting Meaghan naked now. She'd gone through the Program right before Winter Break, so she wasn't shy.

She had brassy hair that fell in a short bob about her cute face. She had that White girl paleness that so many futas found attractive, but I thought my golden-brown flesh was hotter. She had round tits topped by puffy, dusky-pink nipples.

She didn't have my huge breasts. I squeezed my boobs as I came up alongside Christina, eager to fuck the futa. She glanced at me, blinking in shock. I winked at her. I was about to slide my hand down and cup her ass when Isidora slid onto the bed.

My futa-sister had the same shade of golden-brown flesh as me, though her body was slender, her breasts small little titties. Her futa-dick thrust out hard from the shaved folds of her bush, twitching and throbbing as she placed a hand on Meaghan's thigh.

As my futa-sister shifted into place, Isidora's eyes fell on me. She stiffened for a moment. Her brow furrowed then a tightness set in her jaw. Of course, she was acting hurt and miffed because I wouldn't have sex with her.

Such a futa-bitch.

She turned to Meaghan and I squirmed. This strange, yawning pit opened in my stomach. That same fear I felt when I stared into my futa-sister's eyes opened. I could feel that decision before me that darkness I could leap into. It was scary. I didn't know what was down there. What I would find if I surrendered to... to...


What were these emotions spilling through me?

“'What light through yonder window breaks,'” my futa-sister spoke, her voice breathy.

Realization struck me. As Isidora leaned down to kiss Meaghan after delivering those powerful, poetic, beautiful lines, a welter of fear rippled through me. I could feel that abyss slamming shut. I had been afraid to jump in it, and now it was about to be too late for me to take the plunge.

Their lips came closer and closer together. Meaghan's pale hand cupped Isidora's breast, squeezing and kneading. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as this cold sweep of fear and excitement swept through me.

My emotions boiled through me, and it was all so clear to me. Why I was always so angry with her. Why I hated seeing her with other girls. Why I was afraid of surrendering myself to her.

I loved my futa-sister.

I didn't feel jealous last night when I watched her with our mother because they were family. It was safe. Mom wasn't trying to steal Isidora from me, but help me understand my heart. And what scared me was if I could trust Isidora to love me back.

After all, my futa-sister had fucked so many different girls, but never the same one twice.

“No!” I shouted and then rushed forward. “I'm your Juliet, Romea!”

Isidora jerked her lips back from Meagan's mouth. My futa-sister turned to stare at me in shock as I burst from the crowd. Before, all their eyes on me terrified me. Not because I didn't want the world to see me share my incestuous passion for my futa-sister, but because I didn't want them to witness her rejection.

I couldn't hold back now. I had to take that leap.

Isidora rolled onto her back, sitting up on elbows. Meaghan gave me such a venomous look as I leaped onto the bed. It was covered by a single, white sheet. I bounced on it, tits heaving as I settled between my futa-sister's spread thighs.

“I'm your Juliet!” I said, staring into her eyes. Then I switched to our native tongue, Spanish. “I'm your Juliet, idiot. You can't say those words to anyone else but me!”

“You're the one who ran out of here,” Isidora protested. “You rejected me.”

“Because you didn't say the words.” I slid my hands up her thighs. “You didn't declare it last night. You should have. When you were in me. When we were staring into each other's eyes. I felt it. I felt your passion so strong it scared me. I needed you to be the futa and—”

She bolted up, seized my arms, and kissed me hard. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. I shuddered against my futa-sister, feeling the strength of her passion. Tears spilled out of my eyes as this joy burst through me. I'd been so jealous I'd fucked every futa I could, trying to prove to myself that I didn't care about Isidora.

That I could just be a slut like her.

But it wasn't what I wanted. How long had I loved my futa-sister? Since we were children? When I used to follow her around with a doll tucked beneath my arms wanting to play family with her. When I pretended to be her wife and bear her babies.

My short, brown hair swayed about me as she pulled me down to the bed. Meaghan, hissing in disgust, rolled off while everyone else watched. They said words, but I couldn't understand them over the pounding heat pumping through my veins.

My heart filled me to the brim with such passion. I groaned as my futa-sister rolled me onto my back. My large breasts piled into two lush mounds. Her firm titties pressed into mine as she kissed me. I held her tight, our tongues dancing.

She broke the kiss. “I love you, my beautiful sister.”

“Say it in English,” I moaned, feeling all those eyes. “Let them know.”

“I love my sexy Juliet!” she moaned. “My beautiful sister.”

“I love you!”

More tears spilled down my cheeks as she darted her head down and kissed me. Her lips sealed on mine. I hugged her tight, her hard nipples brushing mine. Pleasure burst from that wicked contact. Incestuous delight flowed through me. It was a heady rush. I groaned, shuddering on the bed. We groaned and shuddered on the bed. It was a treat to experience.

My tongue danced with hers. It dueled and teased her. I shuddered, my lips tasting her delicious passion. She trembled against me. She loved me with such passion. Our incestuous delight made me so happy I was thrilled we could share such passion with each other. That we could revel in such wondrous delight.

My futa-sister broke the kiss. She smiled down at me. “You really love me?”

“Madre de Diosa, yes. Even if you can be a pendeja.”

She smiled. “I tried to tell you, but I could never say it. I was always afraid you'd hate me.”

“I did hate you. Fucking all those girls...”

She smiled. “I was just trying to make you jealous.”

“Uh-huh.” I gave her a sly grin. “And it had nothing to do with getting your big dick wet in all their juicy twats, futa-puta.”

She winked. “Think of it as practice for making love to you.”

“Show me,” I moaned. “I want everyone to watch mi futa-hermana perversa make love to my body.”

Moans rippled from the watching crowd. I noticed Ms. Tyrell was rubbing her futa-cock through her skirt. She looked around, her face twisting. I bet she was looking for an excuse to fuck one of the girls.

I didn't care. My futa-sister was kissing down my neck to my collarbone. Her hands stroked me. She touched my flesh, caressing me in such wicked places. I groaned, my body trembling. This heat rippled through me. My pussy clenched. Dizzying passion danced inside of me at her ever touch.

This incestuous rush shot through me as she nuzzled down to my breasts. She squeezed my big tits into her face, rubbing back and forth. Her black hair spilled over my boobs. I shuddered at the silky touch. It made me whimper and groan. She brushed my nipples, sending tingles rippling through my body.

“'What light,'” she quoted. “'through yonder window breaks. It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.'”

I shuddered at the poetic words. My body trembled as she climbed up and up my tit. She nuzzled and sucked as she went higher and higher. I panted as her tongue flicked out and darted around my areola. This pleasure surged through me. My body trembled on the bed. I whimpered and groaned, my heart pounding in my chest.

Her tongue spiraled into my areola. She flicked across it, bringing squeaking moans to my lips. My head tossed back and forth, catching glimpse of our fellow performers around us, moving in, looking hot and breathy as they witnessed our incestuous passion.

“Isidora!” I squealed as she sucked on my nipple. “¡Mierda! ¡Madre de Diosa!”

She winked at me as she sucked on my nipple. She loved my nub with her wicked touch. She was so good at it. Incredible. I groaned, tossing my head from side to side as she delivered such pleasure to me. I groaned and whimpered, my thighs rubbing together. Pleasure surged through me, a wicked passion that would have me crying out in bliss.

I panted and groaned, writhing on the bed as the pleasure surged through me. I bit my lower lip, groaning and shuddering at the passion dancing inside of me. I groaned, savoring this rapture. It was an incredible delight.

I panted and groaned, my head tossing back and forth. I held her to my nipple, my fingers running through her black hair. She sucked with such hunger, feasting on me and making me gasp. She loved my nipple.

“Damn, look at her go,” someone whispered.

“Xochitl looks like she's in heaven.”

“Trust me, Isidora knows what she's doing.”

“It's so sweet that she's loving her little sister.”

“I know.”

“I'm so hard!”

“So wet!”

Their excitement had me shuddering.

“Isidora!” I panted. “Mmm, mi futa-hermana perversa, that's so hot. ¡Madre de Diosa! You're making my nipple throb.”

My pussy was on fire. My thighs rubbed together as she squeezed and kneaded my tits. My hands stroked her sides, caressing her smooth skin, the same shade as my own. I loved the feel of her. I reveled in stroking up and down her flesh. It was incredible. I was so glad we were related.

“Isidora, yes! You're such a futa-puta! You love my nipple.”

She popped her mouth off my nub, leaving the brown nipple glistening. “They're so suckable, mi hermosa hermana.”

I shuddered as she engulfed my other nipple. “Oh, you just like big boobs!”

She sucked hard, moaning in answer.

I trembled, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. My hands slid down her sides to cup her small breasts. They were little handfuls. The perfect size for me to cup. I squeezed and kneaded them, loving the feel of them in my grip.

I felt so wicked as I played with her tits. My thumbs swept out, massaging across her breasts and brushing her nubs. She moaned in delight, her passion echoing around the stage, mixing with the heavy breathing of our audience. Clothing rustled.

Girls and futas masturbated.

“Mmm, we're turning them on with our hot passion, mi futa-hermana perversa,” I purred.

Isidora popped her mouth off my nipple. “Mmm, when you got such ample tits, why wouldn't they look.”

My hand squeezed her tits as I moaned, “And you have that big dick. All those White girls love Latina futa-cocks, don't they?”

She winked at me. “You were enjoying all those White futas' dicks.”

I gave a wicked giggle. “Just to prove I was as wild as you. Now I want that big, Latina futa-dick in me.”

“Mmm, and I want to enjoy some spicy, Latina pussy.” She slid down my body. “Remember how I ate you out last night.”

“¡Mierda! Yes, I do. Go and feast on my tasty clam. Eat me. Madre de Diosa, I want to cum on your lips. I love you, Isidora.”

“Love you, mi hermosa hermana!”

She kissed down my stomach while the watching girls sighed in envious delight. They were gushing even as they masturbated themselves. I loved it, reveling in the passion as my futa-sister kissed lower and lower. Her tongue licked out, flicking through my flesh.

I shuddered, squirming on the bed, loving every moment of this kinky pleasure. My heart hammered in my chest. I whimpered, my pussy grown so juicy. My heart beat with such intensity as I tossed my head back and forth.

It was glorious.

A wonderful treat.

I giggled as she kissed across my stomach, my heart beating faster and faster. She flicked her tongue around my bellybutton. I smiled as she swirled it around in my little divot. I gasped and giggled, my head tossing back and forth.

“Why did we have to be such idiots?” I asked my futa-sister in Spanish.

She lifted her head. “I've never been an idiot. You were the blind one.”

“Yes!” I shuddered. “Eat my pussy. Make me cum! We have so much to make up for, mi futa-hermana perversa!”

She winked at me.

I groaned as she nuzzled into my bush. Her lips pressed into my black curls. Her head shifted from side to side. Her nose vanished into the forest as she went lower. I groaned as she reached the top of my folds, kissing my outer labia before nibbling up my clitoral hood and finding that special place.

“¡Madre de Diosa!” I howled as she sucked on my clit.

The pants and moans grew louder as futas and girls masturbated. Hands stroked up girl-dicks or fingered juicy twats. I shuddered, the world outside the bed seeming to spin as I writhed. My futa-sister sent such wicked passion surging through me. I shuddered, my heart hammering in my chest.

Incestuous delight fluttered through me. My toes curled and relaxed as this hot bliss surged through my system. It was wild. The best thing in the world. I couldn't believe it. I felt so dizzy from this amazing bliss.

It was incredible.

“Isidora, yes!” I moaned, my heart beating with love and passion. Surrendering into the darkness, throwing myself into the abyss and hoping to be caught was worth it. I was glad I took the plunge.

Isidora's tongue fluttered around my clit. She nuzzled and loved my pussy. I thrashed on the rehearsal bed, my dark hair sweeping about my face. My large tits heaved. Pleasure surged through my nineteen-year-old body.

I loved it. My futa-sister did such wicked things to me. She drove me wild with forbidden pleasure. Her tongue dived into my pussy. She swirled around inside of me. She teased me. I bucked into her, my head tossing back and forth.

“Mi futa-hermana perversa, you're going to make me cum!” I moaned.

“Make her cum!” whimpered a watcher, voice throaty.

“Cum on your futa-sister's mouth!”

“Damn, incest is so hot.”


“So hot,” groaned Ms. Tyrell, her hand stroking her futa-cock. The professor licked her lips, eyes glossy with passion.

My body shuddered. My orgasm swelled faster and faster. Having everyone witness our love was amazing. I never wanted this to stop. I squeezed my thighs tight around my futa-sister's face, holding her to my twat.

I shuddered as she licked and lapped. Her tongue darted up to my clit again. Her lips sucked it as her thumb popped into my pussy. I felt the fat digit slide into my depths while her finger found my asshole.

“Isidora!” I groaned as she worked a digit out of each of my holes. “Oh, wow, that's naughty. ¡Mierda! I love it. Love you!”

Isidora winked at me. Then my futa-sister sucked harder on my clit. I gasped as the pleasure built my orgasm. I was so close to the bliss surging through me. I ached for that moment. I humped against her mouth, my big boobs jiggling.

Her fingers plunged in and out of my two holes. My asshole and pussy clenched down on both, the dual stimulation mixing with the delight coming from her lips on my clit. She sucked with such hunger. She drove me wild. My head tossed back and forth. I whimpered and groaned. I bucked into her. This amazing treat surged through my body.

I gasped and moaned. My eyes squeezed shut. The pleasure rippled through my flesh. I groaned at the hot feel. My eyes squeezed shut. The heat surged through me. I whimpered, bucking on the rehearsal bed, reveling in this bliss.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, Madre de Diosa, you're good. I'm going to cum! ¡Mierda!”

She nipped my clit.

My futa-sister made me explode.

I gasped and bucked as the incestuous pleasure surged through my body. It rippled out of my pussy and swept through my nerves. I bucked, my pussy and asshole convulsing around her fingers. Juices gushed out.

“Mmm, Xochitl,” she groaned. “Love it.”

“Yes, yes, you love my pussy cream, mi futa-hermana perversa! You savor it.”

“I do,” she groaned and then sucked on my futa-clit.

I gasped out in delight. My head tossed back and forth at the rush of bliss surging through me. I groaned, squeezing my thighs tight about her head as I rode through the wonderful bliss. My futa-sister licked up my twat, gathering my cream.

I wanted her cream in me.

“Fuck me, Isidora!” I moaned. “I want you plowing into my concha! I want your futa-cum in me. That delicious, creamy milk! Fill me with it!”

“Yes!” she moaned and rose. She ripped her fingers out of my holes. Her small breasts quivered before her. Her thick girl-dick bobbed and swayed. Such a wonderful movement to watch. I smiled at the sight of her dick and bit my lower lip. It was incredible to see her shaft. “You are hung.”

“Mmm, and you're stacked,” she said.

“I know you love big boobies!” I moaned, squeezing mine.

“Yep.” She winked at me. “Big tits are just the best, aren't they?”

I shuddered and shook them at her. “Come on and fuck me. You can play with my big boobies while you do. I just need my hung futa-sister's dick in me!”

“Yes, yes, fuck her!” Ms. Tyrell moaned, flogging her cock.

“Pound her, Isidora!”

“Make your little sister cum on that big dick!”


Isidora mounted me. My futa-sister's big cock nuzzled into my pussy. The incestuous contact sent such a wild thrill through me. I groaned as I stared up at her. My heart pounded in my chest. That wonderful thudding made me shiver. I was so ready to have this fun. To get wild and naughty with my futa-sister.

It would be perfect.

Incredible with everyone watching.

I groaned as my futa-sister thrust into me. She rammed her girl-dick deep into me. My pussy welcomed her amazing girl-cock into my depths. I reveled in her filling me up. It was like we were made for each other.

In a way, we were. We were sisters.

“Isidora, I love you!” I moaned.

“Mi amor,” she purred as she leaned down, pressing her small breasts into my big tits. Her little titties felt so wonderful against mine. I shuddered, my pussy squeezing down on hers. A hot shiver ran through me. I grinned at her, wiggling my hips, eager for her girl-cum to pump into me. That would be so hot.

Such a wicked treat.

She drew back her hips and then plunged into my twat. That wonderful thrust filled me to the brim. I gasped, my fingernails biting into her flesh. Pleasure rippled out of me as my cunt squeezed down on her big futa-dick.

She pumped away at me. She thrust hard and fast. She buried to the hilt in my girl-dick. It was an incredible thrill. An amazing treat. I groaned in delight. My head tossed back and forth. I squeezed my pussy around her. It was incredible. I loved it.

Our flesh merged together.

“¡Mi futa-hermana perversa!” I cried out as she thrust in and out of me. My pussy clenched down on her. “Yes, yes, fuck me! Make me cum in front of everyone!”

“You're going to milk my cock dry, mi amor,” Isidora groaned. My futa-sister grinned at me, her dark eyes burning. Her black hair fell about us as she thrust into my twat. She churned me up. “You're going to love my cum firing into you.”

“Give me your futa-leche!” I howled. “Fill me with it. I want it in me.”

“Goddess, yes, fill her, Isidora!”

“I wish I had a futa-sister!”

“That's so beautiful! I'm posting this on Instagram! Incestuous love!” A bright flash dazzled my eyes from my right.

I shuddered, wanting everyone to know I loved my futa-sister. My thighs clutched to her hips. My arms wrapped around her neck. I pulled her down for a kiss. Her lips melted against mine. I reveled in the taste of my tart juices.

They were incredible.

A treat to enjoy. I groaned into the kiss, my tongue dancing with hers. It was such a treat to enjoy. This wonderful delight. It was incredible. I squeezed my eyes shut. I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through me with my futa-sister's every thrust. Her clit-dick reamed my pussy.

Stimulated me.

It was amazing to make love to my futa-sister. A treat. The pleasure surged through me. I gasped and moaned, my head dizzy with delight. This wondrous bliss burned through me. I humped against her thrusts, grinding my clit into her pubic bone, sparks flaring.

The incestuous heat built and built between us while the moans around us built and built. Someone gasped out in rapture, orgasming to the sight of our forbidden love. Only it wasn't forbidden any longer. It was legal.

I kissed Isidora hard, celebrating this moment.

The bed creaked and moaned beneath me. I humped against her, my pussy squeezing down around her thrusting girl-cock. It was an incredible treat. A wonderful delight to enjoy. My head felt dizzy with rapture. This amazing passion that built and built in me.

My fingers slid down my futa-sister's back. I caressed her as she drove her clit-dick over and over into my juicy pussy. My orgasm built and built, a massive celebration of this moment. My nipples kissed against hers while our tongues dueled and danced.

“Oh, yes, yes!” gasped a futa. “I'm cumming hard!”

“Ooh, yes, that's hot! Just a little more!”

“I need a cock in me right now!” howled Meaghan.

“I have you, Meaghan!” Ms. Tyrell said. “I'll calm you down so you can practice!”

I broke the kiss to giggle, glancing over to see the futa-professor pouncing on Meaghan. In moments, Ms. Tyrell had the senior girl bent over a piece of fake set. The professor rammed hard into the student. Meaghan howled as the futa-professor fucked her, pounding her hard, reveling in her coed twat.

“Damn,” I moaned as Isidora plowed into me.

“Yeah,” she moaned. “Ms. Tyrell is a perv.”

“And you're not,” I asked, arching an eyebrow at her.

She grinned as she thrust her girl-dick into me. Her hands slid beneath my rump, gripping both my butt-cheeks. “Mmm, you liked it when I fingered your asshole, didn't you?”

“Of course,” I moaned, my pussy squeezing around my futa-sister delicious cock. “I'm a big perv, too.”

“¡Mi amor!” panted Isidora.

She kissed me as she drove her girl-dick hard into me. Our breasts rubbed together as my fingers found her ass. I gripped her rump and wondered how she'd like a finger up her asshole. A wicked tingle ran through me.

I slid my fingers between the cheeks of her butt and fond her rectum. My futa-sister kissed me with hunger, thrusting her girl-dick hard and deep into me. I groaned and trembled beneath her, loving every moment of her hard thrusts.

It was my turn.

She moaned into my kiss as I penetrated her asshole.

Her tight, hot asshole gripped my finger. I pumped it in and out of her bowels with the same vigor that she plundered my pussy. Her girl-dick buried deep into my twat while my digit reached as far as I could go into her velvety ass.

Her flesh gripped my digit while my pussy clung to her thick futa-dick. I whimpered and moaned, kissing her with passion as the pleasure swelled and swelled in me. My clit throbbed, drinking in the impact of her crotch on every plunge while her cock did such naughty things to my pussy.

She made me shudder.

“Yes, yes, pound my twat, Ms. Tyrell!” Meaghan moaned. “Oh, goddess, yes! I haven't had a cock in me all weekend! Fuck you, Stacie Ward!”

I broke the kiss with Isidora and moaned, “I'd rather fuck you than Stacie.”

She smiled at me, emotion shining into her eyes. I saw that heady sight, the intensity that had scared me before. Now I welcomed falling into her gaze. I reveled in it, knowing what it meant. That she loved me.

I loved my futa-sister. I wanted to share incestuous passion with her. I wanted to do such naughty things with her. I pressed my forehead against her, my pussy burning. I came closer and closer to my eruption.

“Cum in me,” I whispered. “Spurt that jizz into me and make me erupt.”

“Yes!” she groaned, thrusting harder, her asshole clenching on my finger. “I'm almost there, mi hermosa hermana.”

I smiled at her. “Mi futa-hermana perversa.”

She kissed me hard. Our tongues dueled as she thrust her futa-dick into my bowels. She buried to the hilt in me. This amazing rush of delight shot through my body. I groaned, my pussy clenching, drinking in friction.

Her cum erupted.

Hot futa-jizz flooded my pussy. I squealed into her mouth, our tongues dueling as that first spurt of spunk splashed against my cervix. The heats swelled through me. It reached my burgeoning orgasm. That last bit I needed.

I joined my futa-sister in rapture.

My pussy convulsed around her erupting futa-cock. I bucked and thrashed beneath her. My thighs held her tight. My fingernails scratched at her back as I trembled on the bed beneath her. Spurt after heavenly spurt of her cum fired into my twat. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure screamed through my body.

It was amazing. The best.

I reveled in it. Wave after dizzying wave of rapture shot through me. My pussy milked her futa-dick. I trembled, clinging to her. My tongue danced through her mouth. I kissed her with passion. My thighs gripped her as the ecstasy burned through me.

The incestuous passion carried me to this wonderful height. It was like no orgasm I had ever had. Better than any other gasping delight on a futa-dicks. Than any shuddering whimper on a licking mouth. This was different than any other climax I had experienced.

This was pleasure I shared with my futa-sister. The person I loved.

I broke the kiss, my twat milking out the last of her cum, to moan, “I love you.”

Her nose nuzzled into mine. Her eyes stared into me with such hunger in them. “Mmm, I love you, too. Xochitl... Mi amor... I don't want to be apart from you. I want it all.”

“You better not be writing checks your ass can't cash,” I told her. “I'll hold you to that. Me and you.”

She winked at me.

Just as she leaned down to kiss me, Meagan screamed her pretty, little head off. “Yes, yes, yes, Ms. Tyrell! Cum in me! Give me all that jizz!”

“Wow, she is a screamer,” I whispered. “Juliet shouldn't howl her head off like that.”

“No, Juliet should be a cute and sexy Latina with big boobs,” Isidora said.

“And full of her futa-sister's cum?” I asked, winking at her.

She kissed me hard. Such joy shuddered through me. I was so eager for Friday night.



“Sorry, Shelena, these holes are closed,” had been the first words I had to utter Wednesday morning. The Black futa-quarterback had come sniffing around to fuck me, but I was a one-woman futa.

“Can't stop me from doing this!” she'd growled and thrust her hands between my thighs. She rubbed at them and then frowned. “You're really wet.”

“My futa-sister fucked me before we came to school,” I'd answered.

Shelena had jerked her had away then wiped the jizz off on a passing futa's backpack. I had giggled at her reactions. Other futas had to be taught that my pussy was closed to their dicks. Yes, they could touch me—I was in the Program, after all—but they couldn't do much more than rub my pussy or grope my big boobies. They made me horny, luckily I had my futa-sister to satiate me during the lunch break. She fucked me hard on the table Wednesday, Thursday, and earlier today.

I screamed my head off for the entire student body to hear.

It was hard being monogamous, but we were both doing it. We both had found what we needed by going naked, so we didn't need any others. I didn't ask for relief most classes, though the few times I did it was all self-love, and I certainly didn't ride any other futa-cock than the one my futa-sister wielded.

At home, Mom and Futa-Mom were both so happy with us. Things were a little different now. I mean, they were family. Mom and Futa-Mom liked to watch each other and, well, Isidora and I liked to be watched. Futa-Mom had a nice cock and it was hot having Mom lick me clean afterward. Of course, I licked her clean after Isidora finished.

I still had my suspicions that President McTaggart had “arranged” to have my futa-sister and me naked at the same time. It was too much of a coincidence. She did choose the two leading candidates for homecoming queen to go naked the week leading up to the vote. She was a devious futa.

I loved it.

Now it was Friday night, time for the big play. I had gone home after classes, eaten a nervous dinner, and now was back. Our parents drove us, dropping us off out front before they went to park. Isidora and I slipped out into the cold, holding hands, the air puffing before us.

“You two are going to be amazing,” Mom squealed out the open door. She had her phone out. “I'm going to record everything.”

“Really make your sister cum, Isidora,” Futa-Mom said, a big smile on her plump lips, her short, black hair falling about her mature face.

“Oh, Mother of Goddess, you two are so embarrassing,” I said, my cheeks burning. “Of course she's going to make me cum. She's good at it.”

“Oh, we know,” Mom said, winking.

I giggled and Isidora took my arm.

Lola Lovell had her Purity Club out, protesting the play for featuring sex in it. They were a bunch of prudes. They held their signs and were ignored by everyone. Lola stood on her soapbox, crying out at all of us.

I rolled my eyes. Lola needed to get her cherry popped and relax. Shame Isidora was taken. Lola would have to find another cock.

Since we were in the play, we didn't stream into the front of the school like everyone else was. Holding her arm, my cheeks burning from the January chill, I strolled with my futa-sister, my lover, around to the back.

Just out of sight, we heard gasping and moaning and found Shelena ass-fucking this Hispanic freshman against the side of the building. They were in the shadows, half-hidden. They were both crying out in passion, their clothes adjusted just enough for the Black futa's cock to vanish between the girl's butt-cheeks.

“Damn, I love fucking your asshole!” panted Shelena.

“Hurry up and cum before we're caught!” whimpered the girl. “¡Madre de Diosa!”

“You gonna cum?” groaned Shelena, pounding the Hispanic freshman harder.

“Yes!” she moaned.

I wanted to watch, but my futa-sister pulled me away. “Let them have their privacy,” she whispered. “Not every girl's an exhibitionist like you.”

I grinned at my futa-sister. “Everyone's going to watch you make me cum. I can't wait.”

“Me either.”

I snuggled back against her and we kept walking down the salted sidewalk. The grass had a shimmer of frost over it. My coat rustled and my tights clung to my thighs. Even though it was nippy, I had a warmth bubbling through me.

The cold made it more important than ever to be cuddled against Isidora.

For a time, it was just the two of us in the dark. There were no clouds overhead. The stars twinkled bright. I shuddered, the moon burning full. Silvery radiance fell on us. I trembled, feeling like Juliet for real, walking by her Romea.

“I hope we don't do anything stupid,” I whispered.

“Oh?” Isidora asked. “Like what? Breaking our leg the weak of the big play.”

I giggled. “Poor Letizia, she misses out on making love to all of this.”

“Mmm, her loss, my gain.” My futa-sister slipped her arms around me. “So, what stupid thing are you really thinking about?”

“Dumb plots to fake deaths and not tell each other about it,” I said. “You know, not communicating. That's what doomed poor Romea and Juliet.”

“And not because their families were embroiled in a pointless blood feud that led to two people in love dying over it?” she asked. “More senseless death on senseless death. Not exactly a problem we have, do we?”

“No. But we could do other stupid things.” I bit my lip. “Not communicating is why we were both fucking every other person but each other. If Letizia hadn't broken her leg and forced us to examine our emotions, what would have happened.”

“Forced you to examine your emotions,” Isidora said. “I knew I loved you.”

“And you didn't tell me.” I drew in a breath, my arms slipping around her neck. “So what I'm trying to say is, we have to communicate. We have to share everything.”

“Everything, my Juliet.”

I gasped as my futa-sister kissed me with such passion. Her tongue fluttered through my mouth. I clung to her, trembling and swaying. My heart swooned. I loved her so much. I was so glad things had changed to let us get together.

That we could be true to our emotions. The world didn't conspire to keep us apart like the two lovers we were playing tonight.

Isidora broke the kiss and gasped, my frosty breath washing across the delicious shape of her mouth. Her eyes were dewy in the moonlight. I trembled, my heart pounding in my chest. A smile grew on my lips.

“Now let's go and put on the best-damned version of Juliet anyone has ever seen. I want people moaning in delight when they see us make love, and sobbing their eyes out when they realize we'll never get to share that sweet, sweet passion again.”

“You are unique, Xochitl,” Isidora said.

I beamed at my futa-sister. “Would you want me any other way?”

“No, I wouldn't.” She smiled. “'What light through yonder window breaks...'”

I trembled in her arms, ready for tonight. It would be the best play anyone had ever seen. Though Romea and Juliet didn't get their happily ever after, I did with my futa sister. I was such a lucky girl. I was so glad the Program came to Rogers College.

To be continued in the next Naked in School Tale...
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