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I get my very first BJ from none other than my older sister.
Big sis gives me my first blow job
by Dickwaggin

Many years ago when I was 14, I, like most guys my age, was one horny bastard. I was jacking off so much I'm surprised my dick had any skin. I averaged three or four times a day. If not for spending the day in school, it would have been more.

I read every type of porn magazine I could get my hands on and wore them out. I was dying to fuck some girl, or at least get a blow job, but I was too shy to even ask one out. Hell, I was so desperate to stick my dick in someone’s mouth I even considered – VERY briefly – hooking up with a guy in school that I knew was gay.

I seriously thought I was going to spend all of my teen years as a virgin.

Then, one Saturday night back in the late seventies, I was alone in the house. My parents were at a party that would last at least until 2:00 am, and my 17 year-old sister, Nikki, went to a midnight movie with her friends.

At about 11:30, I jumped in the shower because it had been hot that day and I was sweaty. After drying off, I walked naked to my room and lay on my bed under the ceiling fan to cool off. Being naked and alone, it didn’t take long for my hand to go to my dick and start stroking. I was soon hard as a rock.

I lay there with my eyes closed fantasizing about every hot girl in school naked and showering in the girls’ locker room. And, since it was MY fantasy, they were, of course, covering each other in soap and tongue kissing. After a few moments of that, I’d show up and they would invite me to join them. In no time at all I’d be butt naked and every girl there would have their hands and lips all over my body.

And then I heard someone giggling form my bedroom doorway. I quickly opened my eyes and saw my sister standing there with a huge grin on my face. She said it looks like you’re having fun, little brother.

Panicked, I pulled the sheet over my boner and asked her what thee hell she was doing home. I could feel all the blood rushing to my face. It felt like I had just stuck my head in a hot oven. I must have been blushing like a little girl.

She told me she and her friends decided to stay and party instead. Then I noticed that she was drunk. I asked if she had been drinking. Instead of answering she just smiled and walked over to my bed. Embarrassed, I bent my legs to hide my boner under the covers and asked what she wanted. She sat on the bed and I scooted away a few inches.

At that point I was getting pissed of and wanted her out of there. Even after getting caught, my dick was still hard and throbbing and needed to be relieved. And moving it under the covers didn’t help any.

My sister then asked me how long I had been masterbating. I felt my face flush again and said it was none of her business. She giggled and said not to worry because everyone does it, even her. For a brief second I had this weird image of my sister with a dick and she was pumping it big time. Then I realized she meant she fingered herself when she said she masterbated.

I asked her again what she wanted. To my shock, she looked at the blankets and asked me to let her see my penis. What the hell was she talking about, I thought. Why in the hell would you want to see my penis, I asked her, I’m your brother. She just smiled again and said a penis is a penis and she loved looking at them.

AT that point, I realized that Nikki was obviously not a virgin anymore. The images of my big sister, naked and sweaty and getting banged hard by some guy, suddenly popped into my head…and the thought made me really, REALLY horny.

I looked her over and looked at her big tits pressing against her blue t-shirt. A tingling rushed through my stomach and into my groan and all I wanted to do was play with them. I told her she could see my dick if I could se her breasts. To my surprise, she said okay and immediately pulled off her shirt revealing her boobs pushing against her way too small bra.

Holy crap I moaned, my eyes wide and glued to her cleavage. My sister laughed and said I acted like I had never seen real boobs before. Embarrassed, I admitted that the only boobs I had seen were in magazines. She acted surprised and said that she thought a good looking guy like me would have bagged at least one or two girls. I said no, that I hadn’t even seen one naked, even though I wanted to so bad.

Well, she said, let’s take care of that right now – and she unsnapped her bra and pulled it off exposing her incredible tits and puffy pink nipples. I almost came right there. I must have started drooling because my sister giggled at me and asked what I thought. I said I thought they were amazing. She said thank you and asked if I wanted to touch them. My mouth went dry and I nodded quickly.

She leaned closer to me and whispered, go ahead. My hands trembling slightly, I reached over and gently touched the side of her left boob. It was so soft and firm at the same time. I rubbed the side with my finger tips and felt my boner jump to attention. A rush of adrenaline shot through me and I fought the urge to lunge on her and start licking every inch of her body.

My fingers moved slowly to her nipple, which was now hard. I touched it gently and tweeked it softly. She said it felt good. I said I agree and she smiled. Then I started massaging both tits with both my hands. It was amazing. I was like a man who had never eaten before, suddenly tasting food for the very first time.

Nikki closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. She said she was having a dry spell and it had been a couple of months since a guy had played with her tits. That made me even more horny and I leaned over and started sucking on a nipple. She started breathing harder and playing with my hair as I sucked and licked.

Finally, she pushed me away and I thought she was going to say we had to stop. Instead, she leaned over and wrapped her lips around my throbbing teen tool. It felt so incredible my body convulsed and I hit my head against the wall. It hurt a little, but I didn’t care. I lay there, hypnotized by the beautiful sight of my own sister licking and sucking on my boner. I had always read that blowjobs were terrific, but I had no idea they were that fantastic. And judging by how well Nikki was playing my man flute, she must have had a LOT of practice.

My body – and my dick -- stayed rigid while sis bobbed her head up and down, tickling my balls and making a moaning “this tastes delicious” noise. The only time she ever took her mouth away was to lick and bite gently on my balls while her hand continued stroking me.

Finally, I couldn’t hold it anymore and warned her I was about to explode. But rather than taking her mouth away, she started sucking hard and faster until I let loose and shot what seemed like a gallon of semen into her mouth. I closed my eyes and let out a scream. I had NEVER felt that good in my entire life. She continued to suck until I was completely dry, sucking every drop of the cum.

When I finally let my body collapse on the sheets, she let go, wiped her mouth and smiled asking how it felt. I was so drained I couldn’t talk which made her laugh. I let out a deep sigh of satisfaction and said I had no idea it felt so good.

She laughed again and patted me on the leg. Then she stood up, grabbed her shirt and bra and said good night. Startled, I looked at her and said that’s it? She turned and stood in my doorway, still topless, her gorgeous tits staring at me. Then she said yeah, what did you think we were going to do…fuck?

I started to speak, but suddenly realized I had no idea what else I thought we were going to do. So I just shrugged and said sure, why not? She laughed and said because, that would be weird. After all, you’re my little brother.

And then she left, leaving me lying there stark naked after having what, to this day, is still one of the best BJs I have ever had.

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My sis used to give me Bjs and I would eat her out but I moved out and had but tits to I know how Ito feels Ithat awesome dude

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You guys are so lucky I wish I could get a bj from my sister. She is so fucking hot. I don't even know how to get her to give me one.

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My sister gave me a bj... Then I licked her boobs

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My sister sucked me off a bit like this...

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