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A "girl's night" turns into an erotic game of Truth or Dare for Ashley, Alyssa, and Madison.
Chapter 10 - Girl’s Night

Ashley, Alyssa, and Madison have an interesting ‘Girl’s Night’ in Ashley and Madison’s basement.

Author’s Note: Those of you who have been “following” this story (you know who you are) may have noticed that it has been a particularly long time since the last installment. For that, I apologize. I have been too busy to dedicate time to writing this. I haven’t forgotten about it or quit (obviously). Thank you for your continued interest and support in the story! I do appreciate it -- genuinely.

Summary: Ashley and Madison are sisters; Alyssa is Madison’s girlfriend. Ashley is dating a boy named Brian. Recently, Ashley and Brian began doing sexual things in front of Madison -- mostly limited to oral sex and masturbating. Things have slowly heated up between everybody however. Ashley and Madison have begun playing with each other, and Madison and Brian have had a few one-on-one experiences. Most recently, Madison gave Brian a handjob and then, with encouragement from Ashley, Madison sucked Brian’s cock. Fueled by arousal from watching Madison (her sister) give Brian a blowjob, Ashley rides Brian, purposefully getting caught by Madison.

Nothing really happened for a few days. Ashley and Madison both worked a lot, as did I. Normally we all might hang out on Friday, but Ashley, Madison, and Alyssa had all planned a “girl’s night in” for that weekend so I hung out with some of my other friends instead. Ashley ended up filling me in on all the details the next morning.

The three of them met up at Ashley and Madison’s house once they were all done with work. Each of them took a quick shower before congregating in the main room in the basement (where we all usually hang out). Ashley had acquired a few bottles of wine for them to enjoy while they talked and watched movies. Both Ashley and Alyssa could drink a fair amount, though Madison was usually content to have just a couple of drinks.

Madison and Alyssa were sitting on the couch across from Ashley. Each of the girls was wearing a cami and running shorts. Madison had socks on; Ashley and Alyssa did not. Ashley was in charge of pouring wine for everybody. They were drinking some white wine, probably pretty cheap. I don’t remember. In any case, Ashley poured herself a glass and set it on the ground next to the couch before pouring two more. She stood up and brought the glasses as well as the bottle to Madison and Alyssa.

“Thanks Ashley,” Alyssa smiled.

“Yeah, thanks sis,” Madison said.

“You’re welcome,” Ashley grinned. She walked back to her couch, picking up her glass of wine before sitting down and taking a sip.

Madison and Alyssa had also begun working on their own glasses. Ashley turned on the TV and flipped through the movie channels before settling on something that would make for at least some good background noise while they talked.

The conversation focused mostly on work drama and other stories from their jobs while the girls drank their first glass of wine. Ashley was the first to finish, followed by Alyssa and finally Madison. Ashley opened up a second bottle of wine and poured herself a big glass. Madison and Alyssa followed suit, pouring themselves a big glass each. They almost killed the bottle so Alyssa just finished what was left, drinking straight from the bottle.

The girls continued to chit-chat as they worked through their second glass of wine. Madison was already feeling the effects, and Ashley could tell.

“I think Madison is drunk,” Ashley giggled. Madison’s skin was already quite flushed.

“Shut up,” Madison laughed. Alyssa gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Madison wasn’t the only one beginning to feel drunk. Both Ashley and Alyssa were already feeling loose. And as the girls continued to drink, their conversations began to become a bit more interesting.

“So,” Alyssa said after downing the last of her second glass. “I have a question for you, Ashley.”

Madison bit her lip and shot Ashley a look. Ashley only briefly met Madison’s eyes before looking back at Alyssa.

“What is it? And do you want more wine?”

“Yes please,” Alyssa said. Ashley set her wine glass on the ground and picked up another bottle. She took the wrapping off the top and uncorked it before walking the bottle over to Alyssa and Madison.. Alyssa poured herself her third glass of wine -- this one a bit more modest than her previous -- before handing the bottle to Madison, who downed the last of her second glass. Madison poured herself a small third glass and set the bottle down on the side of the couch, out of the way of where anybody would be walking.

Ashley sat back down on the couch and looked expectantly at Alyssa, who was blushing heavily.

“I don’t know if you remember,” Alyssa began slowly, pausing to take a breath. “The last time we had a movie night -- when Brian was here -- you and him went into your room for a bit in the middle?”

“I remember that, yeah,” Ashley said. “Why?” Ashley could feel her heart beating hard in her chest; Madison felt the same.

“What exactly were you guys doing?” Alyssa said. Her face was bright red.

“Why do you ask?” Ashley said. “Not that there’s anything wrong with asking -- I’m just wondering.”

“Well,” Alyssa said. She looked at Madison, who returned her gaze. “Both Madison and I heard… things.”

“Things?” Ashley couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Oh please,” Madison said, feeling a bit bolder than usual. “There’s no sense in beating around the bush. We heard you and Brian having sex.”

“Madison!” Alyssa said, her face somehow turning an even deeper shade of red.

“What? Like I told you, I hear them all the time,” Madison shrugged.

Ashley laughed. “I mean yeah, we were having sex.”

“No shit,” Madison laughed. She took another sip of wine. Her lips were a little numb and she couldn’t really taste it too much anymore -- alcohol had that effect on her.

“Did you guys know we could hear you? Because we heard, like, everything,” Alyssa blushed.

“Maybe,” Ashley said before bursting out laughing like Madison, who was still giggling.

“You ain’t slick, Ashley,” Madison giggled.

“So you knew?” Alyssa repeated. “Like you knew we could hear?”

“Yes,” Ashley shrugged. “We figured y’all could hear us pretty well.”

“Does that not make you, like, uncomfortable?” Alyssa asked.

“She’s an exhibitionist, silly,” Madison said. “She likes it. Even I know that.”

“How do you know she’s an exhibitionist?” Alyssa asked Madison.

“Because she doesn’t even try to hide it when she and Brian are fucking,” Madison giggled. “I hear them going at it damn near every night. So she’s either the least shameless person ever or she gets off to it. Probably both, actually.”

Ashley shrugged. “She’s right. It turns me on. I like knowing other people can hear us.”

“See?” Madison grinned. “I told you!”

“I am sorry if we made you uncomfortable though, Alyssa,” Ashley said.

“No, no, you didn’t,” Alyssa said, blushing again.

“I think Alyssa liked it,” Madison said, giggling again.

“Shut up!” Alyssa said, giving Madison a playful slap on the thigh. Alyssa was bright red now.

“Did she now?” Ashley said, amused. Obviously Ashley was aware that Alyssa was seemingly turned on since Madison had told her everything, but Ashley was playing along as if she was hearing about this for the first time.

Alyssa blushed once again. If it weren’t for the wine, she may have tried to save face. But her inhibitions were gone. After a brief pause, she admitted to enjoying the show. “Okay, yes, I liked it.” She paused for a moment before saying, “it sounded like Brian was really giving it to you.”

“Well, that’s good. It’s only fun if everybody is enjoying it, really,” Ashley grinned. “And yes, Brian was really giving it to me.” Ashley giggled.

“Wait, so do you think it’s hot when Madison can hear you and Brian having sex too?” Alyssa asked. “Since she apparently hears you guys a lot?”

Ashley shrugged. “Well, yeah. It’s a bit weird since she’s my sister and all, obviously. But it’s still hot.” That was a white lie; Ashley loved the fact that her sister specifically could hear her having sex, but now was not the time to admit her overtly incestuous feelings to her sister’s girlfriend.

Alyssa looked amused. “Jesus Ashley. You’re kind of a freak.” She paused before quickly adding, “-- in a good way. Like I didn’t know you were so kinky.”

“Really?” Madison asked. “Maybe it’s because I’m used to hearing them and all, but I could always tell my sister was a freak.”

Ashley laughed. “I suppose I am.”

Alyssa took another sip of wine, prompting Madison and Ashley to do the same.

“Do you guys wanna play ‘Truth or Dare’?” Ashley asked after a brief pause. Perhaps it was cliché, but the mood felt right. Or maybe Ashley was just horny. Either way.

“Sure,” Madison said, flashing a small smile.

“I’m down,” Alyssa nodded.

“Sweet. I’ll start,” Ashley said. She paused to think for a moment. “Alyssa -- truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Alyssa said. It would be foolish to start with a dare -- that makes it too easy for everyone!

“Do you like watching or listening to other people have sex?” Ashley asked.

Alyssa blushed. “You’re asking if I’m a voyeur?”

Ashley nodded. “I wasn’t sure if you were familiar with the term.”

“Well, I do like watching people have sex and whatnot, but I don’t have the opportunity to watch people very often, obviously.”

“Maybe the next time we have a movie night with Brian, he and I will slip away in the middle again,” Ashley said with a wink.

Alyssa grinned and giggled. “I would like that.”

There was a brief pause before Ashley spoke. “Since you were asked, you can go next, Alyssa. And then it’ll be your turn, Madison,” Ashley said.

“Okay,” Alyssa said, shifting around to get more comfortable. “Madison, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Madison said. She was tapping her fingers on the armrest of the couch in a mix of nervousness and excitement.

“Do you enjoy listening to Brian and your sister have sex?”

Madison blushed hard. “Yes, I do,” she said softly. Her heart was pounding. Did she really just admit to her girlfriend that she was turned on by the sound of Ashley having sex? Madison shifted around anxiously in her seat.

Ashley grinned. “You like listening to me and Brian have sex?” Alyssa didn’t know, but Ashley was teasing Madison. Obviously Madison liked listening -- in fact, she liked more than just listening.

“Yes I do. Just -- shush,” Madison giggled. Alyssa and Ashley both laughed.

“I don’t blame ya, babe,” Alyssa shrugged. “In fact, I’m a bit jealous you get to hear them going at it every night.”

“Maybe you should sleep over more often,” Madison smirked. “Is it my turn?”

“Mhm,” Ashley nodded.

“Okay. Since you haven’t been asked yet -- Ashley, truth or dare?”

Ashley smiled confidently. “Dare.” She had a devilish look in her eye. Madison knew Ashley wanted a juicy dare to start things off.

“Oooh, a dare!” Alyssa said excitedly. She put her hand on Madison’s thigh, stroking her leg softly with her fingertips.

Madison thought for a moment. “I dare you --” she paused. “Ashley, I dare you to flash us your tits.” Madison immediately started giggling.

Alyssa looked at Madison wide-eyed and gasped. “Madison!”

“What? You don’t wanna see Ashley’s tits?”

Alyssa blushed and looked at Ashley. It’s true -- Alyssa did want to see Ashley’s boobs.

“Y’all ready?” Ashley said. She was already gripping the bottom of her cami with her hands. Apparently she had no issue with completing the dare.

“You’re actually gonna do it?” Alyssa gasped. There was obvious excitement in her voice, and she was leaning forward towards Ashley as if to be ready to get as good a look as possible.

Ashley shrugged. “I mean, she dared me to do it. A dares a dare, ain’t it?”

“Exactly. So do it,” Madison said. “Let’s see some titties!”

In one swift motion, Ashley pulled her cami up, revealing a lacy red bra. She immediately hooked her fingers underneath her bra and pulled that up too. Alyssa and Madison watched as Ashley’s tits dropped into view. First the left, then the right. They jiggled slightly as they fell out of Ashley’s bra.

“Ho-ly. Shit.” Alyssa said. Her eyes were drinking in the sight of Ashley’s breasts. Madison bit her lip.

“Are they nice?” Ashley said, still holding up her shirt and her bra. She was allowing Madison and Alyssa a good, long look.

“They’re gorgeous,” Alyssa said. The sight of Ashley’s nipples standing erect atop her big, round tits immediately made her wet. She had always wanted to see Ashley’s boobs, and they certainly did not disappoint.

“Agreed,” Madison said. “You’ve got a nice rack, sis.”

“Well, thank you,” Ashley replied with a small smile. She lowered her bra and then her cami back down over her tits. Madison and Alyssa couldn’t help but be disappointed. “Brian certainly seems to enjoy them.”

“How do you mean?” Alyssa asked. She just wanted Ashley to give more details; obviously she knew what Ashley meant.

Ashley knew this, and rewarded Alyssa’s boldness in asking the question. “Oh, he just loves playing with them and sucking on them when we have sex. I have sensitive nipples so I love when he takes them into his mouth and runs his tongue all over them.”

Madison thought that may have been a little too much, but Alyssa was blushing hard and very clearly turned on. Madison wondered if Alyssa was picturing what it would look like for me to be sucking Ashley’s tits as I fucked her. Probably. Madison was thinking about it, after all.

Alyssa nodded. “Yeah, mine are pretty sensitive too,” she looked at Madison and grinned. “I certainly enjoy the attention Madison gives them.”

Both Ashley and Madison giggled.

“My turn. And since I followed through on a relatively big dare, I’m gonna ask both of you at once for my turn,” Ashley said.

Alyssa and Madison both shrugged. “Fair enough.”

“So. Truth or dare?”

Alyssa and Madison looked at each other. “Dare.”

Ashley grinned and said nothing for a second. “You both know what I’m going to dare you to do.”

Both Madison and Alyssa blushed, but they both nodded. Together -- with a hint of hesitation of Alyssa -- they pulled their shirts and bras up over their tits. Ashley had seen Madison’s plenty, but Ashley knew she’d never actually get tired of seeing her sister’s boobs. This was the first time Ashley got to see Alyssa’s tits though, and while Alyssa’s tits were not as big as Madison’s or Ashley’s, they were just as gorgeous. Alyssa had small, pink nipples, and each of her breasts was a little under a handful.

“Jesus Christ,” Ashley said. “Both of y’all have great tits. Holy shit.”

“Thank you,” Alyssa and Madison said. Both were smiling. After letting Ashley look for another few seconds, they lowered their shirts and bras back down.

“Y’know,” Ashley said. “I think we can all agree that we enjoy looking at each other’s tits, right?”

Alyssa glanced at Madison before answering. “Well, yeah.”

“Yes,” Madison said.

“So why don’t we all just take our tops off?”

“I’m down,” Madison said.

“Me too,” Alyssa grinned.

With that, Ashley pulled her shirt up over her head and unhooked her bra. Madison and Alyssa quickly followed suite. The girls tossed their shirts and bras on the floor in front of them.

“This is pretty hot,” Alyssa said, looking around. “Like everyone having their tits out.” Clearly seeing everyone with their tits out was turning Alyssa on.

“Yeah, this is great. Are your nipples hard?” Ashley asked. “Mine are.”

“Very,” Alyssa said. She glanced over at Madison’s tits. “And Madison’s are too.”

“Shall we continue the game?” Madison asked with a smile.

“Yes, let’s keep playing,” Alyssa said. “Whose turn was it again?” They must’ve been fairly drunk to not remember that Ashley went last. But they hadn’t been focused on the game for a few moments.

“I think it was mine,” Ashley said. “But first.” Ashley stood up and hooked her thumbs into her running shorts. She swiftly slid them down her thighs and kicked them off her feet before sitting back down. She was wearing just a black thong now. “Much better,” she said as she sat back down.

Madison looked at Alyssa for a second before standing up and stripping down to her panties too.

“Why are we doing this?” Alyssa said as she too stood up and took off her pants. “Not that I’m opposed.”

“I don’t know, it just sorta feels right,” Ashley shrugged. “I mean, we’re all sitting here with our tits out. Why bother with pants?”

“Works for me,” Alyssa shrugged. Madison nodded in agreement.

“Right. So my turn. Hmm.” Ashley thought for a moment. “Madison, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Madison said. She hadn’t felt this exposed since she, Brian, and Ashley first started playing together. Sitting here in just her panties with no shirt or bra in front of both her girlfriend and her sister was almost overwhelming.

“I dare you to grope Alyssa’s tits,” Ashley grinned. “While I watch, obviously.”

“Okay,” Madison smiled. At this point, Madison remembered Ashley had been last to go, but who cares?

Alyssa turned to Madison and bit her lip. Madison immediately reached over and squeezed Alyssa’s tits, holding one in each of her hands. Madison gently ran her thumb over Alyssa’s nipples, causing Alyssa to moan softly.

“Oooh, she liked that,” Ashley said. “Keep rubbing her nipples, Madison.”

Alyssa blushed and moaned loudly as Madison ran her thumb back and forth across her nipples.

“Yeah, like that,” Ashley cooed. “You’re making her moan! Don’t stop”

Madison traced her thumbs around Alyssa’s nipples, eliciting another few moans. Madison gently pinched Alyssa’s nipples, causing her to whimper and arch her back. She gripped the edge of the couch cushion as Madison’s fingers continued to tease her nipples.

“Okay, that’s enough. You fulfilled the dare,” Ashley said. “You can go next, Madison.”

“That was a lot,” Alyssa breathed. She was in the process of catching her breath and still recovering from Madison playing with her nipples in front of Ashley. Ashley and Madison laughed.

“No kidding,” Ashley chuckled. “You certainly look like you enjoyed it though.”

“It felt really good,” Alyssa nodded, biting her lip again. She was so turned on she almost couldn’t think straight.

“Alright so Alyssa, truth or dare?” Madison said.

“Everyone seems to be doing dares now so dare.”

Madison smiled. She glanced at Ashley, who met her eyes briefly, before looking back at Alyssa. “I dare you to lick one of Ashley’s nipples.”

Alyssa looked at Madison wide-eyed. “You seriously want me to lick your sister’s nipples?”

“I do,” Madison said. “It’d be hot.”

Alyssa bit her lip and looked at Ashley. “May I?”

“Please,” Ashley smiled. She scooted over slightly and patted the space next to her. “Like I said, I love having my nipples played with.”

Alyssa took a shaky breath before standing up and walking over. She struggled to walk in a perfectly straight line which made Madison giggle. Alyssa sat down next to Ashley, who leaned back a bit and puffed her chest out. She was trying to position herself so Madison would have a good view. Alyssa leaned forward and opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out slightly. Slowly, she moved her head towards Ashley’s chest, incredibly excited at the idea of pleasuring Ashley sexually in some capacity.

Madison watched as Alyssa’s tongue made contact with Ashley’s nipple. At first, Alyssa just sort of held her tongue against Ashley’s breast. Slowly, she began to run her tongue up and down, twirling it around.

“Shit, that feels good,” Ashley moaned softly. She looked down at Alyssa, who was gazing back up at her.

“That’s so hot,” Madison said softly. She had the urge to masturbate, but she restrained herself.

Alyssa got a little more into, flicking her tongue up and down across Ashley’s nipple.

“Oh God,” Ashley groaned. “Please don’t stop, Alyssa.”

Alyssa took all of Ashley’s nipple into her mouth and sucked it gently, twirling her tongue around it and flicking her tongue back and forth, up and down. Ashley placed her hand on the back of Alyssa’s head and moaned, and Alyssa reached over and held onto the sides of Ashley’s stomach, bracing herself for support. Madison was so turned on she almost couldn’t stand it. It was overwhelming.

Ashley stroked Alyssa’s hair gently as Alyssa’s tongue worked her nipple. Alyssa flicked it up and down before twirling it around. Alyssa sucked Ashley’s nipple gently, using her tongue to tease it. Ashley groaned, “Fuck, that feels so good.”

Finally, after letting Alyssa tease Ashley’s nipple with her tongue for a bit longer, Madison said, “Alright, you’ve fulfilled the dare.”

Reluctantly, Alyssa popped Ashley’s tit out of her mouth. She smiled at her girlfriend’s sister before standing up and walking back over to her seat.

“That was really hot,” Ashley said, breathing hard. “And it felt really good.”

“Yeah, that was so hot,” Alyssa agreed. After a pause, she asked, “Is it my turn now?”

“Yep,” Madison said.

“Alright. Ashley, truth or dare?”

“Dare. I’m just always doing dares from here on out, probably,” Ashley said.

“Same,” Alyssa said. “And alright. I dare you…” she trailed off for a second while she thought about what the dare should be. “I dare you to flash us your pussy.”

Ashley smiled. She had no problem with that. Ashley leaned back and spread her legs open. She grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them to the side.

“Holy fuck,” Alyssa breathed. “Holy fucking shit.”

“Oh my God,” Madison said.

The two girls looked hungrily at Ashley’s pussy. Her pretty pink lips were nicely shaved, and as usual there was a neat landing strip right above her pussy.

“Good enough?” Ashley cooed, still holding her panties to the side. She could tell her audience was absolutely entranced by the sight of her sex. Ashley adored being on display like this. Alyssa whimpered softly; Madison just stared hungrily.

“Yes,” Alyssa nodded. “It’s your turn now, Ashley.” Alyssa and Madison kept their eyes glued to Ashley’s crotch until her panties were back in their usual position.

“I’m sorry to be so unoriginal again,”Ashley said slowly. “But I think I’d like to see your pussies -- both of you.”

Alyssa blushed and looked at Madison, who returned her look and nodded. Alyssa inhaled sharply and grabbed her panties. She pulled the strip of fabric aside, revealing her pussy to Ashley and Madison. Madison then did the same, pulling her panties to the side, exposing herself in front of her girlfriend and her sister.

Ashley bit her lip as she took in the sight of two gorgeous pussies. Both Alyssa and Madison kept themselves neatly trimmed.

“Fuck yeah,” she said softly. “You guys are both so hot.”

“Thank you,” Alyssa smiled.

“Thanks sis,” Madison said.

Ashley enjoyed the view for another moment before ending the dare. “Okay, that’s good. You guys fulfilled the dare,” Ashley said after a moment. “Back to you, Alyssa.”

Alyssa thought for just a second. “To be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen enough of your pussy yet, Ashley.”

“Is that so?” Ashley cooed.

“And I bet Madison would love to see it again too, as dirty as that is,” Alyssa said. She looked at Madison who just giggled.

“So what’s the dare?” Ashley asked.

Alyssa looked at Ashley. “Take your panties off and spread your legs so we can see everything.”

“You’re so naughty,” Ashley said softly with a smile. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them down her legs and off her feet. She tossed the panties on the ground in front of her couch and slowly moved her left leg out to the side, teasing Alyssa and Madison. Carefully, she moved her right leg out to the side, completely exposing herself to her audience.

“Fuck yeah,” Alyssa whispered as Ashley’s pussy came into view, completely unabstructed. She looked at Madison, who turned away from Ashley’s pussy long enough to meet Alyssa’s eyes. “Does it turn you on to look at your sister’s pussy?” Alyssa whispered.

If Madison weren’t drunk, she may have feigned indifference. But that was not the case. Instead, she nodded. “Yes”

Alyssa looked satisfied by Madison’s answer. “That’s so dirty.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No, definitely not,” Alyssa grinned. The two girls turned and looked back at Ashley, who still had her legs spread wide open.

“How does it feel having your legs spread in front of us like that, Ashley?” Madison asked.

“Amazing,” Ashley smiled. “It’s a huge turn on. And it’s your turn, I believe.”

Madison turned towards Alyssa, who knew what was coming. “Truth or dare, Alyssa?”

“Dare.” Alyssa didn’t even wait to hear what Madison’s dare was. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and slid them down her legs, tossing them on the ground. She spread her legs open, putting herself and her pussy on display.

“Madison,” Ashley cooed. “I think you should take your panties off too.”

“I agree,” Alyssa said. “We wanna see your pussy again.”

Madison smiled and slid her panties off, tossing them on top of Alyssa’s. She spread her legs too, laying her right leg atop Alyssa’s left.

“This is so hot,” Ashley whispered.

“Is your pussy wet, Ashley?” Alyssa asked.

“Mhmm,” Ashley said. She traced a finger down her slit before pulling it away slowly. A line of pussy juice extended between her body and her finger. “It looks like you guys are wet too.”

“I am,” Madison said. She reached over and began stroking Alyssa’s thigh with her finger tips. Alyssa did the same to her.

“Me too,” Alyssa said. “Is it my turn yet?”

“I think so,” Ashley said. “Truthfully I don’t really remember, but you can just go next.”

“Okay, I actually know what I wanna dare you to do already,” Alyssa said.

“Great,” Ashley grinned. “What is it?”

Alyssa hesitated for a second, which is surprising considering she was three big glasses of wine in, and then spoke. “I dare you to flash your asshole.”

Ashley grinned. “I was wondering if you were gonna ask me to do something like that.”

“You were?” Alyssa asked.

“Mhm,” Ashley said. She stood up and turned her back towards Alyssa and Madison, who were both now staring at Ashley’s big, round butt.

“Goddamn girl,” Alyssa said. “Now that’s an ass!” She reached over and began to play with Madison’s boob. She was mostly squeezing it, but every so often she’d brush Madison’s nipple with her finger.

Ashley bent over a bit and leaned forward, bracing herself against the top of the couch, arching her back slightly.

“Holy shit,” Alyssa grinned. “I’ve never gotten a good look at your butt before Ashley, but holy fuck.”

“You like it?”

“Fuck yeah!” Alyssa said. Madison just laughed.

Ashley reached back and grabbed an asscheek with each hand. Slowly she spread her cheeks apart, giving Alyssa and Madison a perfect view of her pussy and asshole. Ashley was very clearly wet.

“Oh my God,” Madison said. Seeing her sister’s asshole was the ultimate sin; Madison could not get over how dirty it made her feel. She loved it.

“Fuck me,” Alyssa whispered.

“I didn’t know you had a thing for assholes, Alyssa,” Ashley giggled.

“I’m an ass-girl,” Alyssa said. “Therefore I like assholes.”

“I mean, me too,” Ashley said. She was still spreading her buttcheeks apart.

“You’re good,” Alyssa said finally. “I do have a question for you, though.”

Ashley stood up straight and then turned around. She sat back down and spread her legs open again. She began to slowly trace her fingers up and down the sides of her pussy and her inner-thighs. “And what would that be?” she asked as she continued to stroke her thighs.

“You ever take a cock in there?” Alyssa asked, blushing. She was asking Ashley such a dirty, vulgar question.

“In my ass?”

“Mhm,” Alyssa nodded.

Ashley grinned. “Yes, of course. I love being fucked in the ass.”

Alyssa looked at Madison. “Have you ever heard them doing anal? Like could you tell Brian was fucking her in the butt?”

“Yes actually,” Madison laughed. “There have been a few times where I’m walking by her door when she moans something like ‘come in my ass’ or ‘fuck my ass’ or something like that.”

“Holy shit,” Alyssa whispered. “That’s so hot.”

“Yeah, it really is,” Madison admitted.

“I don’t know about you guys,” Ashley said. “But I’m really horny.”

“Me too,” Madison said. “My pussy has been wet this entire time, honestly.”

“Mine too,” Alyssa giggled.

“Would it make either of you uncomfortable if I got myself off?” Ashley asked. She had already started teasing herself with her fingertips; she was slowly running her fingers up and down her slit.

“I would love to see that,” Alyssa said. “What about you, Madison? I bet you’d love to watch your sister masturbate.”

Madison giggled. “I would, actually.”

“You should come sit with us though,” Alyssa said. She scooted over and made room in between her and Madison.

“Yeah, c’mere,” Madison said, patting the space in between her and Alyssa.

Ashley walked over and sat down in between Alyssa and Madison. Each girl spread her legs such that one leg was overlapping with one of the other girls’ legs. For example, Ashley had both of her legs atop the left and right legs of Alyssa and Madison.

Ashley slid her hand in between her thighs and began to rub her clit slowly, moving her fingers in a circle. Alyssa and Madison watched for a second before doing the same, sliding their hands in between their legs. As the girls began playing with themselves, the sounds of their moans filled the room. Once Ashley was really into it, she got a little bolder. She reached over with her free hand and stroked Alyssa’s inner thigh, causing Alyssa to moan. Madison placed her hand on Ashley’s thigh and delicately traced her fingertips back and forth.

“Oh my God,” Alyssa moaned. She slid her fingers in her pussy and was finger-fucking herself now.

The sound of Alyssa’s fingers sliding in and out of her cunt drove Ashley wild. “You’re so fucking hot, Alyssa,” Ashley groaned as she touched herself.

“I can’t wait to feel you come next to me, Ashley,” Alyssa grunted.

“Me too,” Madison moaned.

“I’m getting close, guys,” Ashley said. She was using one hand to finger her pussy while the other was as blur on her clit.

“Hey Madison?” Alyssa groaned.


“Do you wanna suck Ashley’s tits until she comes?”

“Holy fuck. Yes.”

Madison and Alyssa both shifted so that they were facing Ashley. With one hand still between their thighs, Alyssa and Madison leaned in and took one of Ashley’s nipples into their mouths. Ashley cried out as they began to flick her nipples with their tongues. They twirled their tongues all around Ashley’s nipples, making her squirm and buck her hips.

“Oh my fucking God,” Ashley cried. “You guys are gonna make me come!”

Neither girl stopped sucking. Alyssa moved her free hand to Ashley’s thigh and held it there softly, just inches from Ashley’s cunt. Madison did the same.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Ashley cried out. Her back arched hard and her toes curled. “I’m coming! Oh my God, holy FUCK!”

Ashley cried out once more as her orgasm tore through her body. Alyssa and Madison kept sucking on her nipples.

As Ashley’s climax ended, Madison began bucking her hips.

“Fuck,” she grunted. “I’m gonna come. Oh my God!”

“Quick, Ashley, suck her tits!” Alyssa said.

Ashley promptly leaned down and took Madison’s nipple into her mouth. She sucked it gently as Madison started to come.

“Fuck yeah,” Alyssa said, watching Ashley suck her sister’s nipple. That sight alone was enough for Alyssa. Immediately her orgasm hit and she cried out, “Oh FUCK I’m coming!”

Ashley reached behind her and held Alyssa’s leg as she had her orgasm. Once Madison finished coming, Ashley popped her tit out of her mouth and looked at Alyssa, who was squirming and bucking through the final seconds of her climax.

“Fucking Hell,” Alyssa sighed. “That was incredible.”

“No kidding,” Madison breathed.

“I can’t believe you sucked Ashley’s nipple. And she sucked yours. Holy shit.”

“It was hot,” Ashley said. “Really fucking hot.”

“I’m really sleepy now,” Madison yawned.

“Me too,” Alyssa said. “Do you guys wanna all sleep in the same bed together?”

“Sure!” Ashley smiled.

“That’d be nice,” Madison nodded.

The three of them stood up and stumbled to the bathroom to brush their teeth.

“Guys, I’m drunk,” Alyssa said as she collapsed onto Ashley’s bed.

“Me too,” Madison giggled.

Ashley crawled into bed after them. Madison was laying on her back in the middle of the bed. Alyssa had snuggled up beside her on her left side. Ashley crawled over to Madison’s right side and laid down next to her. Alyssa was cupping Madison’s left boob so Ashley cupped Madison’s right boob in her hand. Madison giggled.

“Is Brian gonna care about what we did tonight?” Alyssa asked softly.

“He might be sad he missed out, but that’s about it,” Ashley said. She was right about that.

“Would you be okay with him joining us next time?” Madison asked.

“Yeah, I don’t care,” Ashley said. “Are you guys gonna want to play with his cock?”

Neither Madison nor Alyssa said anything at first.

“Could we?” Alyssa asked.

“Would you like to?” Ashley replied. She was smiling.

“I would,” Madison giggled.

“I would too,” Alyssa said.

“Then sure. You guys can play with his cock as much as you’d like.”

“Awesome,” Alyssa smiled.

“Can’t wait,” Madison said softly, already beginning to drift off. Nobody spoke for a brief second.

“Goodnight guys,” Ashley said sleepily.

“Goodnight everyone,” Madison said.

“Goodnight,” Alyssa said, yawning.


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I'm very flattered by the interest in the series! I have 100% not quit; I'm just super busy and haven't been able to finish up the next section. Will hopefully have it soon -- thank you for your patience and support. :-)


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