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If you've been pining for a white Christmas, plant yourself a seat and prepare to be rooted as the strange tales of this holiday special stumps your logic.
A little, round old man jovially strolled the halls of his retirement home, his jiggly belly keeping a faster pace than his feet as it guided his path to each of the residents' rooms one at a time. With each new neighbor he visited the old, beardy man would deliver a gift; a small box wrapped in shiny red paper, bound in a snow white ribbon and topped with a suitable green bow. Each of the old man's fellow elders would receive a gift this day, and each would open a similar, yet subtly unique flower pot tailored specifically to the recipient. Each flower pot was reasonably simple, with just enough detail to be a pleasant decoration on its own without being tacky or overly flashy, and each of these pots found its home in the window of its owner. As the gifts were being delivered that day, the fat little man giving them out appeared to be known and loved by all whom he came across, as if they were old friends that had never known a time without him, and yet once the last of the flower pots were delivered and the red clad man departed, it was almost as if his very existence had been forgotten.

Her breasts were exceptional, a pair of perky handfuls that bounced just the right amount as the doctor thrust into her again and again, her dark skin glistening with sweat that scarcely dripped upon the discarded nurse uniform beneath her. Each moan was a desperate cry for release through the doctor's muffling hand, his throbbing shaft driving deep inside his lover's swollen entrance as its girth spread the lips wide, causing the nurse's eyes to roll back beneath their lids. The scent of raw lust and passion filled the room, drowning out the smell of the elderly that lingered far too fiercely, and as the lovers voraciously went at one another their steadily intensifying sex had grown so powerful that they no longer cared to be silent. The restroom was filled with the sounds of flesh smacking into flesh, deep moans of pleasure and desire, and as the only security guard working in the facility gazed upon his wife and her lover savagely fucking one another he stroked himself so violently a fountain of bliss launched across the room; it landed directly on the doctor's foot. "Whoot zee fook, joo vapean hoocher! Dis muh gewd fot!" The doctor's eyes burned with a rage hotter than his passion for the cuckold's wife in which his throbbing cock currently found itself implanted. "Oh, dawlin'... please dun' hurt 'em. He ain't mean nothin' by it, he just got e'cited!" The whorish wife's eyes flooded with tears as she pleaded for her pathetic husband's life, desperate not to be responsible for another man's life being lost over her vagina, and even more desperate for her lover to stay out of prison. "Think 'bout where they put ya if you kill again! Las' time they said it's ya last time! Ain't no comin' back from it again!" The doctor closed his eyes, a heavy sigh releasing immense pressure as he decompressed his blinding rage. "Lick et oof, ja toofin' scowler... wunt be givin' twice." Begrudgingly the cuckold dropped to his quivering knees and crawled his way over to his wife's lover, and taking a moment to gag he lapped up his own seed from the doctor's foot; he vomitted instantly, all over the doctor's leg.

"JA FOOK'N CHANTER BILE! PRIS'N IF IT MAWST!" As the doctor drew his gleaming machete, raising it skyward and ready to strike down the pathetic man spewing at his feet, the screams of elders flooded into the room from just outside. "Ut's 'at!? Why they hollerin' like that?" The nurse was in a panic, her eyes even more filled with tears than before, and now she began to pace the room quickly. "We can't 'ford ta lose more'a them old folk! We be shut down!" She embraced the doctor desperately, crying hysterically into his burly chest, her tears flooding the thick sea of hair; "Please... please don't let us gets shut down!" Looking directly in the pathetic man at his feet's eyes whom he only moments before was going to slaughter like a ritual zebra, the doctor lifted the nurse up with a single arm, pressed her perfect breasts firmly against his chest, thrust his cock back into her sopping pussy down to the base of his shaft, and kissed her with such a passion that it was obvious to anyone who saw that she just forgot all about her husband's very existence. Moans filled the room again as the nurse received the doctor's furious manhood, forgetting the world around her and falling into a void of bliss; "Ah gawd! Giv' me yer seed! Giv' me the baby my garbage hubby ain't 'nuff man ta giv'!" As he watched his beautiful wife being expertly bred like a cow the man on the ground began to sob, as this was different from what they had agreed upon, and she had forgotten him and now truly sought another. With the last of his shotgun-like release into the nurse's fertile womanhood finding its way to her womb, the doctor glared at the trash upon the floor and discarded its wife onto the nearby toilet seat. Taking a moment to wipe down the sweat and various sex fluids coating his body, the hulking doctor lunged at the restroom door, bursting it into a staccato of splinters, machete ready in hand.

Thousands of elders rushed through the hall in a slow panic, many of them falling to the floor and being trampled by the rest, while others huddled into corners and small spaces as if they had forsaken escape and instead opted to hide in some futile attempt for survival. It seemed as though the entire interior of the building was being overtaken by vines of tinsel, their shimmering bristles peppering the floor almost as thick as grass. Many elders appeared to already be dead, their wrinkled bodies devoured by shining garland, and yet it was not blood that coated the walls like the last time... it was water; the doctor watched as each of the old folk was ensnared and constricted, their bodies seemingly freezing solid before being compressed so tightly they melted and splattered the room. Flipping around his machete in preparation the doctor gritted his teeth and made a mad dash towards the invading decor, his blade slicing clean through one after another until all that was left was a field a debris, and soon he moved on further down the hall. Each of the rooms' doors were scattered across the floor in the form of splinters, the doorways completely filled with thick garland, and as the doctor cut his way through the first blockage he looked upon pure horror within. Growing so tall it merged into the ceiling, a decorative pine tree sat rooted to the window sill, its roots cracking the wall and burrowing into the floor. "...Taw I gawtst away from ja... ja flasterin' conchtrot..." The doctor collaped to his knees, his head hanging in shame and defeat as he dropped his machete and the tree ensnared him thoroughly.

The nurse cautiously wandered into the carnage of the retirement home, her perfect body still glistening with sweat as her own nectar mixing with a flood of her lover's manliness rushed down her thighs. "PLEASE! DO NOT GO! YOU WILL DIE!" The pathetic man writhing across the floor like a slug made his way towards the restroom's doorway, not daring cross its boundary but reaching out to call his wife back to him. Callous and disgust filled the nurse's eyes as she glanced back over her shoulder at the filth she married, and as if to make it clear to him that he was less than scum to her she stomped straight towards him, straddled his face, and projected a flood of spunk and urine across his face. Tears flooded the man's eyes as his visage was overtaken in fluids, his mouth filling so full it made its way up into his sinus and out his nose. After three hours of a constant torrent of spiteful spraying the man being gushed finally succumbed, his eyes rolling back as the last of the life escaped him much the way oxygen had. Smirking, the nurse rose to her feet and turned away from the twitching garbage she had already forgotten the name of and made her way into the depths of the structure, confidently stroking her belly at the thought of motherhood.

Large pine trees rampaged through the streets of the town, their garland legs tearing the asphalt and sidewalks as their glowing lightbulb eyes filled their screaming victims with terror. Splitting from the tip they opened like an alligator's jaws and clamped down upon their prey, the helpless fodder freezing into snow and being devoured in instants with each ravenous chomp. Police tried their best to hold back the invading plants with gunfire and other protective means, but none of it mattered; explosing pine needles sprayed towards those their jaws could not reach, and soon the entire town was lost. If there was even a single surviving soul they had hidden so well even Santa Claus would be unable to see them. The fat, jolly man sat high upon the largest Christmas tree in town, his sparkling eyes gazing upon the chaos of his potted plants consuming everything in sight. With a wiggle of his nose and a wink his skin paled to pure white as he transformed into snow before exploding into a blizzard, each snowflake-like seed drifting far beyond this town and seeking somewhere new to call home.

It had been years since the greatest passion she had ever felt overtook her, the strong arms of doctor Eim Ghondai so powerful she could still feel them two decades later, and tears filled her eyes as she felt herself once again finding a lover so exceptional. Her dark legs wrapped around his hips, her perfect thighs squeezing tightly as he thrust his might against her, his massive cock slamming so fiercely against her cervix it felt as if it would bruise. "Ah fuck, so good!" The former nurse cried out, completely overtaken by bliss as her hulking lover fucked her into oblivion and made her forget the world around her for the first time in twenty years; her nails raked her lover's chest so hard they drew blood, and if the pleasure was not the greatest she had ever experienced the nearly bone cracking, relentless thrusts would be too much to endure. As the lovers lost themselves in one another, the man's thick shaft bulged and flexed before erupting like a volcano, the hot and thick seed coating her insides so thick and heavy it flooded the bed and guaranteed she would once again be with child. The two gazed into each other's eyes lovingly, the nurse stroking his strong jaw much the way she use to do to his father; they locked their lips together in a kiss so passionate nothing else mattered. "Be careful today, babeh... I can't lose ya like I did ya daddy..."

The snows had begun to fall just a month earlier, and this was already the worst winter he had ever seen. Countless small towns and several large cities had already been lost these past thirty days, and as the towering man prepared himself with every tool and protection he could ever need he swore to himself that this would be the year it all ended. Kicking open the large barn doors, his custom, sword-like machete in hand, he made his way into the frigid flurry and made his way to the nearest town.
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