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The first arc of the "Vampire Saga" Betraitor comes to its brutal conclusion, and makes way for the burning horizons of the future.
A beauty so beautiful had rarely been witnessed by eyes, such a beauty as beautiful as the moon. His flowing, shiny black hair flowed in the midnight wind as he drifted delicately through the air, his perfect lips glistening in the moon's light as he smirked confidently as he descended upon his prey silently, so silently that he could not be heard in the wind. With a swift swipe of his sword directly up the spine, the lady's man lady man Juan split the human noble up the spine and split his spine in half, causing him to collapse in a heap. Juan swiped his sword so that the blood did that cool splattery thing and cleaned itself on the grass, and using his powerful vampire magic Juan summoned the blood from his prey into several viles across his belt which then sealed themselves by closing. Sheathing his sheening, silver sword the beautiful Juan sheathed his blade at his side, pushing the noble's slumped corpse further to the ground with his fancy boot. Not a soul had heard the attack, the attack so silent and swift that nobody had heard it left him completely undetected by all at the ball. Juan flicked his wrist, engulfing the corpse in vampiric flames that completely incinerated the remains before completely vanishing. Juan vanished into the darkness, just as silently and undetected as his silent attack from before, and again he began to stalk further prey.

For the past several years it had become a bit of an epidemic around the kingdom. Nobles would vanish without a trace, as if some silent and invisible force would spirit them away in the night so silently nobody could see a thing. There were never more than three or four to disappear in a single night, and it would only occur at unpredectible times that nobody could predict. The nobles became worried and so they made all of their events into large spectacles full of people, so much so that surely it would be insane for anyone or anything to try to take one of them, and even i something did surely it would be seen, but these events inevitably always led to the inevitable disappearance of even more nobles. Every event upwards of ten would disappear into the night, spirited away by some sort of silent force nobody saw. Nobody ever grew the wiser, and the one constant witness to all of it was that silent shadow with beautiful pale brown skin; his yellow eyes always witness to the abductions, as it was he, Juan the lady loving lady's man lady man, who would take them. He would cut them down silently, steal their blood, and burn the body until nothing remained. He had done this for years, and it had become something of an epidemic to the nobles.

The nobles became tired of such things, and naturally like any humans in large groups eventually they group judgmental and jumped to conclusions. In droves they assigned their peasants to take up torches and pitchforks and march upon that old Victorian house on the hill, that dark and scary place none of them ever went near because it was surely far too dark and scary to be somewhere they would want to go near. The peasants marched in droves, torch and pitchfork the ready, and soon they befell the old Victorian house. The doctor knew not what to do, his house was surrounded in torches, pitchforks, and screaming peasants demanding the return of the people that actually mattered and were not at all expendable. The doctor was in a panic, he stood upon his balcony in a panic wondering what to do and why they had revolted against him. What did they mean? Who had disappeared? What had he done? He had been a trusted and loving physician to many of them for their entire lives, he had birthed many of them himself and even done much of the work for free. He always helped those in need and those suffering, he always made sure they were healthy and happy, even donating much of his family fortune to those less fortunate than himself that truly needed it. When they were cold or homeless he would let them inside his house. Many of those revolting against him right now had just the night before slept in the house because they had nowhere else to go. He had fed their hungry and literally given them the clothing off his back. So this horrified, shaking, naked old man cowered on his balcony as those who were already in his house burned the clothing he had given them to make torches, and soon his house was engulfed in a raging inferno that consumed him and took the lives of many, many peasants. By the end, there was barely a foundation left amongst the ash and ruin, and many of the peasants spit, urinated, and shit upon the remains while cursing his memory for burning so many of them alive.

As the peasants departed the ruin, Juan who had been watching the whole time and was totally cool with a lowly human taking the fall, descended upon the wreckage. Using his vampire magic he summoned and manipulated the various ashes left behind by the dead humans, as well as the ashes of the old doctor himself, and from their remains were forged a new, singular human-like entity. It looked much like the old doctor, but constructed of the greatest components of each of the burned peasants, creating a perfect specimen of a man. The newly reborn doctor wondered what happened, distraught by the memories of the attack. Juan assured him things would be okay and filled him in on the details, and once the horror faded he asked why a vampire had done this for him. Juan told him that he had been the one taking the nobles, he was the one that the doctor had died for, and that as thanks he gave him new life from the greatest aspects of his attackers, turning him into something far greater than any of them and greater than he had ever been before. He had given him the power to do great things. His name was Frank, and he thanked Juan for the gift. As Doctor Frank felt the cinders of the fallen peasant souls fill his own, fire erupted from his body and burst from his eyes. Rage filled him for his own kind, the cowards and hypocrites he had done so much for who had burned him alive, and massive flaming wings of a demon, resembling those of a great bird, spread from his back.

Just as he began to take flight, Juan placed a hand on the doctor's perfect form. Their eyes met as Juan's beauty entranced the doctor, and in moments the two found one another behind a tree. Juan bent over against a rock as Frank gripped his womanly hips and brutally plowed his rage deep inside Juan's pretty, plump as. Juan moaned out as his new creation fucked him, biting his sensual lips and gasping from the immense pleasures against his prostate. The intense heat of Frank's body would have killed a mortal, but for Juan all it did was heat his passion and drive him wild, causing him to slam his hips back against Frank vigorously. Frank gripped Juan's hair and pulled him back directly against his chest, exploring his stomach with his burning hand steadily downward as he pumped into the beautiful, brown man's tight ass. Suddenly Frank gasped and began to pull back, his eyes wide in horror as he found his hand resting upon Juan's hanging penis. He was in panic, remarking about how he swore Juan was a woman and he would never touch a man in such a way.

Juan tried to calm him and tell him it was okay but Frank had no idea how to handle what he had just experienced. He had not even finished yet and the built up lust was driving him insane. Juan was desperate, and biting his lip sensually, gazing upon the doctor with a deep lust of intense lustful longing asked if it would be okay if he could be a woman for him. Frank was bewildered and asked what he meant, only to witness in horror as Juan drew his sword and plunged the end of the blade into his pelvis. Blood gushed and poured as Juan mutilated himself, his shredded and dismembered member falling in a heap to the grass below, blood dripping in streams from the gaping hole above. Juan showed no signs of discomfort, and leaning back against the rock with his legs spread, exposing the horrific mutilation, Frank's mind reeled as it was once again overtaken by primal lust. The doctor lunged forward, his demonic form in full carnal drive, and his burning, massive penis penetrated deep inside the newly carved cavity. Juan moaned heavily as he began to get fucked like a woman, and the two of them lost one another in the carnal passion clear until dawn when Juan had no choice but to leave.

As Juan flew to his home, his wounds growing shut, he could feel the demonic, burning seed within him beginning to take form. Juan would indeed be the mother and father of this newly emerging abomination within, this burning madness of vampire, man, and demon. Just the thought of being filled with such a horrid abomination filled him with uncontrollable lust and burning madness. Flying as high as he could he transformed, his vampire form taking shape as he began to hurdle rapidly towards the ground. His hands sensually explored his naked, brown body and touched longingly, and just from the intense thoughts and delicate touches alone overtook him with blissful orgasm. The sun began to rise over the horizon, its rays burning into his vampiric flesh and filling him with incredible, orgasmic agonized pain, but just as it felt as though he would be lost to the sun's brilliance something felt different. The warm from within began to rapidly regenerate his flesh from the burns, and soon the burning sensations no longer caused harm but merely suffering. Something had changed within this sensual vampire's very being, and the sun was no longer a threat to him. Just as he was about to strike the ground he took flight once more, and after several repetitions of his orgasmic freefalls he made his way back home into the castle, fully regenerated from his prior self mutilation.

Titania grunted as her stomach grumbled and ached, her insides burning and feeling as though they were being torn apart. Something was inside her and it was growing rapidly. Titania could feel the rapid growth tearing through her organs and desperately trying to tear its way out of her, until it finally did. Jutting forth, the newly formed mutant arm of the Great Big Bitch Virginia erupted from Titania's stomach and tried to tear the wound open further. Titania groaned in pain, her eyes rolling back as her teeth clenched. Taking firm hold of the arm bursting from her gut Titania pulled with all of her might, ripping it free and tossing it onto the ground, stomping it down to pulp. Bit by bit the Great Big Bitch began to reform more and more, bursting new holes from Titania's powerful body only to be torn away and beaten down once more. With each new wound Titania grew slower and weaker, and as she tore the last of her sister out of her body she collapsed to one knee in a heavy panting. Faster than ever before the Great Big Bitch Virginia reconstituted herself, standing above her weakened sister entirely unharmed.

Laughing maniacally she lunged forth, her mighty hand crashing down with crushing force, but even this was not enough to defeat Titania. Using all of her remaining strength Titania grasped the crushing hand and tore it in half, taking the entire arm with it. Raising to her feet she spun to build momentum and slammed the severed, massive arm against her sister's towering frame with such fury it ripped her in two. It felt futile, as no matter what Titania did the Great Big Bitch Virginia would simply begin to pull herself together again, and as the two battled for hours, the castle crumbling around them, Titania only grew weaker until finally it seemed hopeless. And just as the Great Big Bitch seemed to be ready to release pure onslaught, her mighty arms raised high to prepare for a crushing, obliterating blow, she could feel every vein of her body on fire. The Great Big Bitch Virginia screamed in horrific agony and began to claw at her own flesh, tearing away anything she could in a hopeless attempt to stop the madness within. As she cried out for mercy her entire body was engulfed in raging flames from within, and off in the distance stood Juan, his eyes and stomach glowing like fire. The Great Big Bitch Virginia was reduced to ashes, which were then reduced to nothingness, and Titania sighed heavily with relief.

Titania panted as she composed herself, and raising to her feet she remarked how there had been too many traitors amongst them lately. They needed to put an end to it and meet all treason the same way. Heading down deep into the dungeons, Juan and Titania approached Van Hella's cell only to find it a bloody mess and standing open, but with no Van Hella to be seen anywhere. Shocked, the two of them searched the dungeon cell only to hear it slammed shut behind them, and as they turned to see who their trapper was they were met with shock. Standing there on the other side of the bars was their father, the dark lord Kevin, with an insane gaze in his eyes and a twisted, troubled grin. Beside him stood Van Hella, smiling with pure satisfaction as her plans found themselves fulfilled. Their father mocked and told of strange reasonings that did not quite make any real sense to either of them, and forced them to wonder if it even made sense to him. Clearly something was wrong, and they needed to do something. Juan turned to his sister, gazing up at her with his eyes glowing like fire. He told his sister of his recent pregnancy and what it had gifted him, but that it would be best if a true woman birthed the child. Embracing one another, Titania and Juan kissed passionately and tore away their clothing, immediately slamming their hips together.

Titania lifted her beautiful brother against her and pressed his back to the wall, wrapping her leg over his hip to thrust against him and push his heated cock inside her. The two of them moaned as they began to fuck wildly, Juan's penis growing hotter and throbbing heavier as Titania drove her hips so hard against him it cracked the wall. Clawing Titania's back so much it tore flesh away and poured waterfalls of blood, Juan gasped as his sister fucked him like an animal, and soon his burning orgasm erupted inside his sister's ravenous pussy. Titania could feel her womb being filled with brilliant flame and her body filling with intense heat, rejuvenating her muscles and healing her wounds, making her feel stronger and mightier than ever. Juan was no longer pregnant, yet his burning power and warmth remained, and in a great fury the newly impregnated Titania exploded through the bars, bypassing her father before he could react, and slamming Van Hella through the wall so hard her atoms merged with the stone. Every last trace of Van Hella burned away out of existence, and their father's trance was gone. Unsure entirely what had happened or how it had happened, Kevin shook off the lingering sensations of the trance and apologized to his children. Calling them close he hugged them and the three headed up to the throne room.

Titania pulled her father in close, kissing him passionately as Kevin forced Juan onto his back on the throne and slammed his cock deep inside his tight, womanly ass. Juan moaned deeply as his father fucked his tight ass and squeezed his tight ass around his father's throbbing cock. Titania shifted over the throne and pressed her sopping pussy against Juan's face and he vigorously consumed her nectar while he took his father's cock. The three of them fucked and sucked one another for days, and soon several of the other sisters joined them, forming a massive orgy that even pulled the queen in until every one of Kevin's family was fucking, sucking, licking, and touching each other for weeks on end. The floor of the throne room was so overswarmed by horny fuckers it collapsed, falling into the dungeons. A weak, helpless, but mostly reformed Forgettabelle fell directly onto her neck, snapping it in ways that sent uncontrollable pain throughout her whole body, and the rest of the orgy quickly collapsed safely upon her, immediatley continuing to go at one another until there was so much blood, sweat, urine, spunk, pussy juice, and some other unidentifiable fluids that the dungeons began to flood.

Outside in the night rested a smoldering ruin of what once was nobility and peasantry alike, the remains of Doctor Frank's inferno of vengeance. High in the sky drifted the winged, demonic phoenix himself, gazing down upon his wrath and smiking satisfied at what he had done. He quietly thanked Juan, before streaking through the sky like a meteor towards his next victim.
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