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Sitting at his favourite brothel, The narrator is scanning the scene looking for a girl to fuck, but things are looking dry, until, he sees a diamond in the rough.
The music was booming loud, speakers were vibrating furiously as the bassline dropped from a Justin Timberlake song all around the club section of this modest brothel I had come to frequent more than I would like to admit.

This club section was built to vacuum out all your money, with 2 mini bars, one to the immediate left and another adjacent to the dance floor that was on the right side of the room; and an impressive ***********ion of girls to pick from. I was seated in a table between a mini bar and the dancefloor, basically in the middle of the club. The best seat in the house, as I had unrestricted view to all the girls already inside the club, and all girls coming in and out. And boy were there girls:

From BBW's to tiny petite girls, yellow bones to dark beauties, massive asses to more manageable behinds, whatever floats your boat, you would find it here.

I had gotten to a point where I was pretty sure that, the girls now recognised me. I was there almost every Friday, wearing the same outfit: my uniform from work; black pants, and A T-Shirt & jersey which were conveniently Crimson Red in Color, so you could see me coming from a mile away and know who I was.

They never said anything though, but I could tell from the looks they gave me every time I walked into the 'hotel'. I paid no attention to it though, keep it moving. Whenever I was inside this building, I was a man on a mission. A mission to find some juicy pussy.

Every Friday, I would walk in, head straight for the tables in the centre of the room, and sit there, scanning the entire room. looking at boobs and Tits that would flash sporadically here and there. I would look at the asses on offer and which one is in harmony with my desires for that day.

On this particular Friday I sat in my usual spot, scanning the room, boners coming and going like the asses on parade in front of me. 40 minutes had passed, and although there were some nice prospects, nothing really caught my eyes, it seemed like one of those dry days. Until she walked in: Donning a seductive black crop top with two strings hanging loosely on her exposed flat stomach. She wore denim shorts that hung onto her tightly and perfectly drew out the outline of her ass. Walking in heels across the entrance towards the empty dancefloor; there was an air of elegance in her walk, as if the floor she's stepping on is fortunate to be her pathway. Her eyes were like the moon at full bloom; wide and subtle in their beauty. We made eye contact briefly as she glided across the room. I noticed the nose ring and her long dark hair that was neatly tucked into a pony tail- it was lust at first sight.

All my days in this brothel and it was my first time laying eyes on her. I was hard just at the thought of being in her, how she would feel, my entire body was screaming for her. And quickly realising that she might be snatched from me, I had to act fast as she was now standing next to the stripper pole on the dance floor. I had always wondered when do they strip, because this pole baffled me. its existence and placement were just baffling, because no one really used the dancefloor and no girl stripped: this was no premium whore house, with sparkling beverages and Naked women on the strip poles, no. This was a regular ol' pick a girl and fuck place, or grab a drink in the meantime. So I made my way to her, music banging, and my heart racing out of my chest. She was fiddling with her phone as I approached.

"Sawubona sisi" I said with a tone too low to be picked up by any ear in this loud room

"Huh?" She inquired

"Bengithi..." I adjusted my voice to be louder so she could hear me properly

"Bengithi, Ngiyak'thanda lokhu engikubonayo, can we go upstairs uyongbonisa kahle?"

"Naughty boy" she said with a seductive smile on her face, "Mas'hambe ke" she led the way.

We exited the club section of the hotel, ascended up the stairs which were a few metres from the club's entrance, leading to the rooms on the second to 4th floor, where the real fun took place. Up the stairs we went, she led the way to my delight, as I could check out her ass more up close- it was perfectly round, and not too big. It was the type of ass that you can cup and squeeze one buttcheek with your Palm.

Her room was on the 3rd floor; a tiring and long climb when you're trying to wrestle down an erection that's ripping through your pants. Room 305. She inserted her key and turned it, which gave me prophetic visions of what we were about to do. Inside we went and the room was warmer than outside. it smelled like warm fabric: like when you're ironing your laundry on a Lazy Sunday afternoon.

The room was well spaced out, a big mirror, about the size of a TV set was mounted on the wall. Two beds on either side of the room, I could feel sweat beads forming on my forehead, and my dick was hot and raging. As soon as she closed the door, almost immediately she took of her shorts, revealing blue lace underwear, that just looked perfect on her, like it was tailor made for her sex goddess physique. "Let's use that one", she pointed, as she took off her panties, pointing at the bed next to the window.

She was now sitting on the bed, naked except for her crop top that she left on. as I started to undress, she looked at me point blank in the eyes and rubbed her right index finger with her thumb, "money first" she said. I pulled a R100 note from my back pocket and handed it to her, not breaking eye contact in the process, she smiled and asked "you want it dog style baby?"

"Yes ma'am" I acquiesced, with a naughty grin on my face.

"Okay then, come closer sthandwa"

She put her hand on my erection, and gently stroked it, the room grew hotter with every stroke. "You must really want this pussy neh baby? You're so hard" she said as a small amount of pre-cum dripped from me. Gently with an air of grace she slid a condom on my cock and rolled it down all the way to the base, then gently applied lube with a soft touch, almost motherly.

She turned around and hung her ass in the air whilst on her knees on the bed. I could see her beautiful ass and juicy pussy in full view, and before I could penetrate her, I just had to admire her pussy first.

So I ran my index finger down her pink slit all the way to her clit. She didn't seem to mind this, so I introduced my middle finger, and together with my index, I rubbed every inch of her wet pussy, running circles around her hood I could hear moans coming from her. Her pussy was soft and moist to the touch of these hands of mine that only know hard labour. it was like what heaven could feel like if it could be touched. When my fingers were done exploring her, I plunged into her deep waters. Slow deep strokes, she let out slight moans, muffled by the blue pillow she buried her face in. Her back arched, and her ass was a ripe peach glazed by a layer of tiny sweat beads I could feel as my hands travelled every part of her thighs, butts and back, while my manhood explored her inside. The strokes grew faster, and her pussy gripped tightly on my dick. shallow strokes, I teased her, she threw her ass back at me, urging me to go deeper, and deeper I slid into her. so deep I felt a different kind of warmth my manhood had ever felt. she moaned and jerked away a bit, as if in slight discomfort. I thrusted deeper again, further I went down her wet hole searching for the warmth of her depths I had felt just moments ago. I could feel her skin heating up, her ass bouncing on my thighs like pendulum balls. Gradually I felt her pussy warm up to me, her tight grip on my cock warmer to the touch, the more I plunged into her, the more I wanted to stay in her. The more I thrusted, the more she moaned as she drew circles with my cock in her. It was a little dance we were performing on this bed: me thrusting deeper; her circling her hips, driving me crazy. I could feel heat rising from within me, her body was hot under my caressing hands, her pussy was a piece of heaven. I started thrusting faster, and deeper, the heat was rising and I could feel it coming, I held on to her ass as tightly as I could, "I'm Cumming" I moaned as I buried myself as deeply into her as I could. "Cum baby!" She urged me on- My heat tried to mix with her warmth, I felt a wave of energy exiting my system, whilst another wave ran up my body, it was bliss for a moment or two, and the smile in my face said it all.


When the deed was done and we had dressed, we made our slow descent down the stairs, both of us smiling. Saying little to nothing, but I was satisfied.

We reached the bottom of the stairs and said our goodbyes, she headed back to the club and I headed for the exit, with a smile on my face. Before I reached the door, I turned on my phone, as I always turned if off when I was in the brothel. 4 missed calls and a text from "_Bae"_ ran across the screen, " We need to talk", it read...
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