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Cathy is secretly pissed at Michael and gets revenge fucked by two island boys.
We heard Tiger’s boat before we saw it. We had neglected to bring anything to wear when we headed to the bow so we all headed to the cockpit and below to put something on.

The girls grabbed their coverups while Mike and I pulled on our trunks.

We were covered up by the time Tiger pulled along side and I helped secure his bowline. .

We exchanged greetings and I asked Tiger “What can we do for you?”

Tiger replied “I wanted to know if you all wanted me to prepare another beach meal tonight.”

While Tiger was talking to me I could see that he was stealing glances of our women. They were facing him and the sun was behind them. The view from his vantage point was probably showing silhouettes of the girls bodies, outlining them through their thin coverups. Their covers were meant to be worn over bathing suits and without suits, they were very revealing.

I invited Tiger on board to discuss dinner plans. I noticed that he was wearing a very skimpy “speedo” that revealed his sizable package.

We got comfortable around the table. Tiger said “I’m getting ready to dive for lobsters and since I don’t have any other potential customers, I thought of you folks.”

It was then that I heard someone say “Tiger! Is it okay for us to join you?” We looked over the transom and saw a guy and a girl in a 2 person kayak. Tiger said “Those are my friends Bull and his sister. Is it okay if they come aboard?” Bull was a fitting name for this BIG island boy, and his sister looked very young and has a healthy figure. She was voluptuous and youthful. “Sure.” Was my response.

Bull was shirtless and wearing board shorts that came down to his knees. His chest was big and his shoulders broad. His sister was wearing a bright yellow one piece bathing suit that was cut very low in the back. She was a little to big for the suit with what looked to be BIG titties. She looked very sexy and alluring.

As they ascended the steps on the back of the left hull, I noticed that Bull was carrying an underwater video camera. We were properly introduced and Bull turned to Tiger and said “Did you tell them?” Tiger said “No. I wanted to wait until you arrived with the recordings. I figured it would be better if they could see what I was talking about.”

I looked at Tiger and said “What’s going on?” He responded “Bull and Rose live just above the beach where we had dinner. We have an agreement. He checks the beach after my cookouts and makes sure the fire is out and he cleans up anything that might have been left behind.”

Bull said “I went down the path from our place and saw that you folks were still there. When I saw what you folks were up to I hurried back up the path to get my camera. Rose asked me what was going on. I told her to just follow me and to not make any noise. We reached the beach and we saw you all enjoying each other. I quickly began to film you all as you were “engaged” with each other.”

The four of us looked at each other, and then at Tiger, Bull and Rose. They were smiling as they looked us over. Tiger said “Bull called me late last night and gave me the details. I must say that I was not surprised. You all are obviously close, but I didn’t think about how close. I drove over to their place late last night and we enjoyed watching the movies.”

We looked around at each other and didn’t know what to say.

Tiger asked “Does this boat have a big screen?” I answered “No”. Then he asked if we had a PC. I said yes. He asked me to bring it out here so that we could watch the movies, yes, plural, together.

So I got my PC out and Bull connected his camera to it. Then he began the movie for us. We watched as it began and it started with a close up of me eating out Cathy. It was filmed using night vision so it used the ambient light, illumination provided by the fire near our table. It was extremely well lite and I was surprised at what I was seeing. While we couldn’t see much beyond the back of my head we could see the reaction of Cathy as I was enjoying eating her. We could see her with her her head back, eyes closed, and she was certainly enjoying what I was doing to her. Then the focus changed as the camera moved to Bonnie as she was sucking on Michael. He was shown in a similar state of euphoria as Bonnie was engrossed with sucking his cock.

Bull said “Tiger told me that his female customers looked good in their bathing suits and he thought they would look even better naked. He was right.”

The girls were sitting facing the table and I was standing behind Cathy and Michael was behind Bonnie.

I looked over at each of the others and saw that everyone was affected by the view on the screen. Tiger was rubbing his crotch and his cock was hard and the tip was peeking out of his speedo.

Rose was siting in Bull’s lap as she watched. Bull wasn’t watching the screen but was focused on watching Bonnie and Cathy. We watched a bit more and then the movie stopped. Bull said “When we watched Michael use the BIG dido on Bonnie and we got distracted. Then I stopped filming because I was so excited that I had to free my cock and stroke it. I was thinking that you women were some of those who were wanting to be with island boys. But then I saw Michael’s cock as he was getting ready for mounting Bonnie. He had just put in that big dildo and lubed his dick so I refocused the camera on them and zoomed in.” He started the recording again and we could see Michael begin to penetrate Bonnie. It was a side shot and we couldn’t be sure where he was poking her, but we knew it was in her ass.

Bonnie reached over to the keyboard and closed the lid. “Why are you showing us this? Is this some sort of blackmail?”

Tiger stated “We we’re hoping that you are being affected by ‘Island Fever’. We sometimes encounter visitors who are curious about island folk and want to share with us. Especially older folks looking for some excitement. They want to fuck. Some men just want to see their wife with a younger island boy, or girl. Some men want a younger island girl. Some couples want to share a boy or girl. We’ve seen a lot of different things.After watching these movies last night, we thought that you people might be some of those people. When I saw you women in your suits I knew I wanted to fuck you. You are both obviously sexual so here we are.”

Bull whispered in Rose’s ear while looking at Bonnie. She stood up and walked over to Michael. She took his hand and pulled him away towards the seat next to the helm. She patted the chair and said “Sit here.” We watched as she pulled off his trunks and exposed his hard on. She held it for a few seconds and then got on her knees, leaned forward to suck his cock.

Tiger was next to Bonnie, now isolated, and pulled down his speedo to expose his cock He he took it in his hand and stoked it and it became fully erect. He Pointed at her and said “It looks bigger than his” pointing to Michel, “Does it interest you?” Then he said “There is a saying; Once you go black, you never go back!” Bonnie looked at his cock, impressive but she has had bigger, and took it in her hand. That made Bull stand up and take off his shorts. His hard on was big but not as big as Bonnie’s dildo. He walked over to be in front of Cathy as he used his hand to stroke himself. He asked her “Do you like?” Cathy reached out to touch it. She stroked it said “I do.”as she looked at it with wide eyes. Bonnie said “In for a penny, in for a pound!”

Bull moved forward and brought his cock towards Cathy’s mouth. She blocked him and Bonnie said “We have some rules. 1. if you want me to pleasure you, then you need to pleasure us first. 2. nothing goes into us, our mouth, cunt or ass, unprotected. Condoms are mandatory!” Cathy said “That’s right.” So Tiger, you can get between my legs, eat me and make me cum. Bull, you can go forward and get some condoms from my bag. Then maybe Cathy will suck your cock.” Cathy said “I don’t want to do that.”

Bonnie stood up and pulled her coverup over her head and sat on the table. She scooted back and spread her legs and told Tiger, “Make me cum!” He leaned forward and began to lick her pussy. She took ahold of his head and pulled him tight against her crotch. Bull returned and had his cock covered with a condom. She let loose of Tiger’s head and held Bull’s cock as she said “You have to please me also. I have found that once you guys get off, you don’t worry about getting us off.” Tiger must have been doing okay because Bonnie slowed down on grasped Tiger’s head as she came!

She stood up and said “Let’s move to the front where we have more room.” She led the way followed by the island boys. I noticed that they were a head taller than she.

I leaned down and whispered in Cathy’s ear “Want to stay here or follow them?” She turned to look at Michael, who was trying to pull down Roses swim suit as she continued to work on his cock. Rose let loose of his cock and had him move onto his back. She startled his face and presented her pussy to his mouth as she leaned forward and sucked his prick as he began to eat her. Rose was now being pleasured at the same time.

Cathy stood up and took my hand as she began to follow Bonnie and her boys.

The boys, with their hard cocks, were fondling her while each had a tit in their mouths. She was stroking a cock in each hand. We scooted past them and I pulled off Cathy’s coverup and then removed my trunks. Bonnie had the boys lay down on their backs. Then she moved over to sit on Bull’s face and took Tiger’s sheathed cock in her mouth. She stroked and sucked him as Bull ate her out. She said “Lick my clit!” and he did. Then we watched as Tiger reached to backside and began to finger her ass. She seemed to cum as Bull was licking her and she pulled off of Bull an concentrated on Tiger. Bull moved behind her and stuck his cock in her pussy. She continued to suck Tiger while Bull slowly stroked in and out of her. Not wanting to cum in her mouth, Tiger pulled her up and forward which caused Bull to pull out. Then tiger had her sit on his cock and began to slowly fuck her. Bull saw his chance and scooted up to fill her other hole. She didn’t protest so he tried to enter her ass. She said “Wait!” And reached over to her bag and felt around until she found her lube. She said “Here, use this.” Bull took off the cap and applied a generous amount of lube to his cock, put the tube aside and stroked his sheathed and lubed cock and once again moved to her ass.

Cathy and I were now laying down facing the threesome and I was playing with her clit while she watched her friend being double teamed. I figured that the boys were young and would take some time to get off so there was no need to hurry. I placed my cock between Cathy’s legs and entered her wet hole. I slowly began to slide in and out of her. She reached over and got the lube.

Just then Michael and Rose appeared behind us having come forward from the side of the boat behind us. Rose was now also naked. Unlike our women, she was unshaven and her pussy was covered with a thick patch of black hair. Her tits were full. I wondered why Michael decided to join us on the bow’s trampoline. Michael had her get on her back. He stuck his cock in her. He didn’t bother with a condom which I thought was risky. But it was true to form.

Cathy had me pull out of her and handed me the lube. She said “I’m ready to go a little further.” I said “ Are you sure?” She nodded yes. “Use a finger and let me get used to the feel.” I said “I’ve got a better idea.” I went over and looked around in Bonnie’s bag and found her butt plug. Laying next to Cathy I lubed the plug. She rolled onto her front leaving her legs spread and her ass was offered to me. I put the plug to her brown eye and slowly began to insert it. I could tell that she was tensing up. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear “Breath and relax. Tensing up makes it harder for me to penetrate you.” With a gentle push it slipped in! She let out a slight gasp as she rolled onto her back.

I noticed that Bonnie was looking in our direction as the boys were still working her over. She said “ Cathy, you should think about trying one of these big cocks.“

I moved my hand lower and searched out her clit. I gently began to circle it with a fingertip. I wanted to get her off. She was beginning to pant, slow shallow breaths. I moved between her legs and began to lick her clit. Licking her she tensed up and came! Once she came I straddled her and lined up m dick with her pussy. I entered her slowly and could feel the plug filling her ass. She said. ”Please fuck my ass!” Needing no further instructions I dismounted, gently pulled out the plug and put lube on a finger and spread it around her brown eye. Then I slowly inserted my finger and felt her tense up. She took some long slow breaths and relaxed. My finger was able to push through her sphincter and was all the way in. I slowly began to finger fuck her and then slowly added another finger and met less resistance. Cathy seemed relaxed.

Bonnie’s threesome decided to change places so the boys pulled out and Bull lay on his back and Bonnie mounted him after making him put on a new condom. Tiger took his position at her backside. And they once again found a rhythm.

Not wanting to be left out Michael pulled out and reached down for the lube. He stroked some onto his cock and had Rose get on her hands and knees. He then, without hesitation, tried to enter her ass. She let out a muffled “No!” She fell forward off of her knees. He stopped.

I looked over to the boys but they were so into fucking Bonnie that they didn’t seem to notice, which I thought was good.

Cathy reached back and pulled my fingers out. “If Bonnie can do it, I can do it. I’m ready.” Was all that she said. I added a bit more lube to my cock and I got between her legs and proceeded to slowly penetrate her virgin ass. I went in, a little at a time. She didn’t protest as I was able to go deeper and deeper. She felt so tight! I was REALLY enjoying this! I was feeling the pleasure and knew my excitement would expect to climax fairly quickly.

We saw Tiger pull out of Bonnie and roll onto his back. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. Cathy said “Stop for a minute. I want to try a DP.” I pulled out and watched Cathy, waiting . . . Michael said “Alright! But it will take me a few minutes to get hard again.” Cathy looked at him and said “Not with you.” She moved over to Tiger and removed the used condom from his still erect cock.

She reached into the bag and opened a fresh condom, put it on Tiger, and threw her leg over him so that he could put his cock in her pussy. He put his hands on her hips and they slowly began to fuck. She let out a little gasp as she let his larger cock go deeper into her pussy. She looked at me and motioned for me to join them. I moved behind her and resumed fucking her ass. Bonnie removed herself from Bull and laid on her side to watch her friend’s first DP. Bull motioned for Rose to come to him and he had her give him a blowjob. He removed his condom. She knew him well and it didn’t take long for him to cum in her mouth. He must have been releasing a big load because it was sliding down his cock as Rose couldn’t, or wouldn’t, keep it in her mouth.

Tiger said “Let’s switch!” Cathy said “But you’re bigger than Frank and he was just my first.” I said “The hard part is over. Just try it.” I pulled out and she said “Okay. I’ll try.” I had her turn over so that she was now reversed on top of Tiger. She held his cock and then lined it up to enter her ass. She slowly began to lower herself on his cock as it slowly entered her ass. She was making a grimaced face as he penetrated deeper and deeper. She was taking her time lowering herself onto his cock. When he was all in she laid back and I wiped off my cock and slid into her pussy. Since Tiger was unable to move I supplied the friction by going in and out of her. She felt so tight that I was soon ready to cum. A few more strokes and I let loose my orgasm while she was tightening up and milking my cock. I pulled out and looked at Cathy and ten at Bonnie, who was rubbing her clit while watching us. Tiger was also filling up his condom with his cum. Cathy rolled off of him and lay on her back with. A big smile on her face.

Now that all of the guys were spent, and all of the tension had been released, this party had come to it’s conclusion. We didn’t bother with dressing. We all retreated to the cockpit and our guests gathered up their things and got into their transports.

As they were pulling away Tiger said “So what about a beach dinner tonight?” Cathy said “That sounds okay with me. But you’ll need to bring more condoms. We seem to have used more than we thought we would need!”

Tiger said “So we’ll be on the beach around sundown. See you there!”

Cathy suggested the she and Bonnie take a swim to cool down. I suspected that she wanted alone time with her friend. I wished I could hear what they were talking about.

Michael said “Oh man! I fucked that girl good!” I replied “You fucked yourself. You didn’t use protection! Didn’t you see why she picked you? She was told by Bull to go to you. She is just a tool of those guys. And I think she was an anal virgin! You are lucky that her men didn’t see what you tried to do. And now our women won’t let you near them because you had unprotected sex! You fucked yourself.”

After a few minutes the girls were back. Bonnie and Cathy got back on the boat and they said that they were going below to rest.

I went and got a couple of beers and gave one to Michael. I said “You’re wife turned it up today. She’s not going to be the same.” Michael replied “I was really surprised at how quickly she changed. From asking you to take her ass to a threesome and letting him fuck her ass! Wow! I’m going below.” He wasn’t gone long before he was back “She locked the cabin door.” He sat back down and pulled on his beer.

I went below and entered my cabin. Bonnie was laying on her back and was playing with her clit. I asked her “What did you and Cathy talk about?” She said “She said she liked her DP and is looking forward to tonight. She’s going to fuck both those island boys. She wants to humiliate Michael by letting him watch her getting fucked by them. She said that she was really surprised that he fucked me so much. He doesn’t keep her up all night. And then, while she turned down Bull’s cock, he went on to fuck that girl.” “I said that I was really going to enjoy watching her take it from the boys.” Then we lay down and tried to rest.

It was nearly sunset and were on deck ready to head to the beach. The girls were wearing their coverups and were naked underneath. Cathy wasn’t speaking to Michael.

We landed on the beach and were greeted by Tiger and Bull. They said that we could enjoy some beverages while they finish cooking dinner. Michael grabbed a bottle of rum while I got beers for me and the girls. It was pretty quite, no one had much to say. I saw that Michael was hitting the rum hard! We were on our second beers and Michael had gone through half the rum.

It took about half an hour, the the boys brought dinner to the table. We sat and ate in silence. I was wondering what the boys were expecting, like who and what the girls would be up for. When we finished the meal the boys cleared the table. As they were walking to the fire Cathy got up and walked to the end of the table facing the boys. When they were walking back she reached down and pulled her coverup so that her pussy was exposed. She spread her legs and said “Who wants to make me cum? I want to be pleased.” Bull got there first. He knelt down, put her legs over his shoulders and licked her pussy. Then Tiger reached the side of the table and drew up her coverup so now she was naked. He leaned down and took a breast is his mouth and sucked on her and used a hand to massaged her other breast. Bull was working on her and had a finger or two in her box. She had her eyes open and she watched as she was being licked and sucked. She moaned as she came! Bull stood up and dropped his shorts. He was erect and ready. He slipped on a condom as Cathy turned around and bent over the table. Bull stepped forward and entered her. He was slowly pushing into her and she said “Fuck me hard!” So he did. He quickened his pace and was slapping against her, smack, smack, smack! And then he held her hips and had his cock deep in her. He pulled out and held his condom covered cock. He slipped it off and stepped back and threw it in the fire. Tiger was already naked and condom covered. He took his place behind Cathy and proceeded to fuck her good and hard! She was saying “Fuck that pussy! Oh yeah, harder!” Tiger was slamming her real good! He, like Bull before him, pushed into her and pulled her back while holding her hips. It looked like he came and he pulled out. Cathy pushed herself up and turned around to face the boys. Tiger was pulling off his come filled condom. He tossed it into the fire.

Michael was pretty fucked up. He tried to stand and fell over. He crawled toward his wife, mumbling something. We couldn’t understand what he was saying.
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