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What happens when a loved one no longer resembles the person they once were? What about if you are the only one who notices? A father is willing to do most anything for his daughter, and so the hunt begins.
Legends tell of a terrible place, a place where nobody ever goes near, a place of darkness and horror. High up upon the highest of all hills, higher than even the tallest you can think of, lives a large and eerie old castle. Nobody goes near it, nobody has ever been there to tell the tale and returned, and nobody has ever even laid eyes on it that anyone knows of. Of the few who have returned, they tell of the horrors they saw. The castle is surrounded in darkness and swarms of bats. There is no way to reach the castle as it is not connected to any roads and is on the tallest, steepest hill. You would sure have to have flight or the world's finest climbing gear to even consider it. But those dozen or so who have made the voyage tell of horrors beyond imagination. The castle moans, as if it's hungry. Constant, deep moaning erupts from it in all directions from deep, deep within. It oozes a thick, unknown substance as if drooling like it is hungry and waiting for someone to just walk in so it can gulp them up to never be seen again. Nobody knows how old the castle is or how long it has been around, but there are tales that say it burst from Hell itself one day, and that is why the old kingdom that once stood here is now merely a charred and abandoned ruin.

Surrounding kingdoms that knew of the cursed lands, known as the ring of ashes, often forbid anyone from going near such a place and felt it was better left forgotten. So long as only the peasant villages between the nobility and the ring of ashes were seeing people disappear every night it wasn't exactly a big deal. Then things changed, and nobles began to disappear as well. At first it was only a small handful of lower class nobles, and all except their closest relatives made little of it, but the more it happened the more serious they began to take it. Eventually even high nobility started to vanish.

Princess Humblunt tried her best to blend in at the party, avoid attention and just sort of blend in and disappear, but when you're the princess you cannot really do that. She hated social settings and did not like meeting new people, she was shy and timid and all around pretty introverted. But it was her princessly duty to show up, greet people and meet people, and be polite, sweet, charming, and never, ever fart. She had been struggling to hold it in, this brewing fart that ached her stomach and clenched her bottom so tightly she felt as though she had just juiced a lemon into her anus while already sucking on a candy with it. She tried her best to feign a smile, gritting her teeth beneath her smiling lips in a fake and forced smile she had perfected since her early years.

Juan pulled her in close, his hand on the small of her back, his other hand holding her own while he adjusted his hair in that way bishonens do even though he's more of a woman but a very pretty one. She lost herself in Juan, their hour long conversation just prior having transfixed her with so many important details that she had never known before, vital information that would change the course of events forever and potentially leave her utterly clueless had she not heard it. She was in love with her prince, her beautiful lady man that was the most beautiful man or lady she had ever known. She was lost in Juan's eyes, she was lost in his embrace, she didn't need to fart anymore. Or had she already? In truth she was unsure if she had forgotten to hold it in and simply didn't notice releasing it or not, and she was not deeply self-conscious. Her cheeks flushing red that spread to her whole face, she turned away, clenched her hands to her cheeks, and ran off, leaving Juan dumbfounded.

Princess Humblunt made her way to her room high in the tallest tower of her kingdom, so high that you would need flight to make it to the top unless you used the stairs and she did so she definitely did not see him yet. The princess burst into her room, her entire body and mind burning with embarrassment, shame, and insecurity. She fell onto the bed, her face buried deep in its soft warmth, and proceeded to release. Apparently she had still been holding it in, she had run away from Juan for nothing, and as the room vibrated and she felt that old familiar tearing sting she got off the bed to go find something to wipe with. And that's when she saw it and she froze. Standing there, in his regal attire and gazing upon her with a handsome smile across his beautiful face, was Juan in the window. The princess' internal panic went into overdrive, her eyes wide and her face a deeper red than her own blood, and she felt as if she would feint. How did he get here so fast!? Or at all!? Had she done that in front of him? Had he seen her do it!? Did he hear it!? Did he SMELL it!?!? But before she could run and kill herself forever, Juan swept her up once more in her arms, pulled her close, and kissed her passionately.

The previous trauma made it easy for Juan to drive deep inside her, his womanly penis sliding in and out of her ass swiftly and expertly. Princess Humblunt moaned, biting her lip at the occasional twinges of pain, and pushed her hips back at Juan. Juan's hands gripped the princess' hips firmly, his sharp nails digging in just enough to sting but not enough to draw blood, and soon the princess could no longer hold herself up and collapsed directly onto her face. Butt still in the air, the princess took Juan's cock again and again up her ass, losing herself in the pleasure of her beautiful lover's thrusts. Every so often Juan would strike the princess' firm, pale ass just hard enough to leave a bold red mark, and as their beautiful buttfucking grew ever more intense his swats began to scrape her with his nails. She winced and gasped, loving that it was a bit too much for her, and soon she could feel herself being pinned down savagely into the bed, a thick and hot stream of cum erupting inside her and flooding her until it overflowed. Princess Humblunt lay against the bed as Juan withdrew, her breath heavy as she panted in a daze, her butthole overflowing with cum and traces of blood.

Just as the princess began to thank Juan for the meal, sure that their love making was over, she felt herself being turned onto her back like a helpless ragdoll. Blushing deeply she watched as Juan tore her gown open, revealing her perky breasts and virgin pussy to her lover. Her slit was moist as he began to spread her legs and take position, and using his own cum and traces of her blood as lubricant he shoved his penis deep inside her hole in a single thrust without holding back for even a moment, tearing away her virginity forever. The princess gasped deeply, her eyes wide as she felt something she had never experienced before. The pain was intense, but nowhere near what it had been during her first anal experience all those years ago, nor the time she let three men fill her anus at the same time when she was drunk because her father called her unladylike. She moaned deeply as Juan began to fuck her, wrapping her legs around his hips and letting him perform his beautiful magic, biting her lip and giving herself to pleasure. Juan thrust into her deeply, his feminine penis flexing and throbbing within as it advanced again and again, filling her womanhood so thoroughly it confirmed her once and for all to be a complete slut. His hands explored her body, sliding across her soft stomach and up to her breast which he cupped, massaging as he gently pinched the nipple. The princes was lost in bliss and gave into her lover's every desire, and before long she could feel herself being filled with his cum once again, only this time it could easily leave her pregnant. What her father didn't know, as he stood outside her room starign through the keyhole, his small penis firmly in his hand as he stroked, was that she wanted to be pregnant. Then we would see who was ladylike.

As the two lovers drew their passion to a close, Juan leaned in to gently kiss the princess' neck, placing soft kiss after soft kiss along it with the occasional nibble. The princess' entire body was burning with passion, her mind reeling as her eyes rolled back in her head to the feeling of his tender touches. Suddenly she got an idea that she had never thought of before and had no idea where it came from or why she wanted it so much, but when she begged him to bite her all Juan could do was stare. Was this bitch serious? Juan needed little convincing as he had been planning to do that very thing this entire time, and with a swift lunge he sunk his fangs deep inside the princess' neck, piercing her flesh and draining the blood from it. Princess Humblunt moaned deeply as she felt her neck being bitten and her warm blood escaping and she began to pee a little. After a few moments, Juan licked the wound he had given the princess clean of her blood and withdrew, kissing her lips before getting dressed once more. The princess blushed as she gazed upon her lover, and in an instant he made his way to the window and proceeded to jump out. In panic the princess made her way to the window, terrified of what she had just seen, but when she looked out she did not see the all too familiar sight of one of her lovers splattered across the rooftops, intestines impaled and blowing in the wind like a flag. All she saw was a very beautiful bat, flying off into the night, and in that moment a thought occured to her. What the fuck!?

The king was in a fury, his eyes burning with madness as he roared in his throne room about how there were demons in his kingdom, that they were the ones taking their people in the night, and that his daughter had become one. He had seen it with his own eyes, but without outing himself as a pervert he had no way to explain how he knew, only that he did in fact know. Despite being king, nobody seemed to believe him and instead many of his advisors often tried to talk him down and speak reason, but none of that mattered. He had seen what he had seen, and every time he looked at his daughter he no longer saw his daughter but an evil demon. Even so, he believed somewhere deep inside her the real Princess Humblunt remained, and maybe if he slaughtered the demon that corrupted her it would return her to normal. Even if it did not, at least he would have his vengeance. But no matter how much he insisted his daughter was some sort of monster nobody took his claims all too seriously, claiming she was no different than ever. Whenever they would say that he just sort of stared in disbelief, looking at them like they were insane before looking back to his daughter in absolute bewilderment.

The sweet princess had always been a cute and innocent looking girl, with a delicate frame, moderately sized perky breasts, rosy pale skin, and golden blonde hair. The thing which sat in his daughter's chair had hair as orange as fire with streaks and tips as red as blood. Her skin was far more pale than before, a stark snowy white which made her large bust appear even larger. No longer did she dress like a sweet and innocent princess but instead her gowns expanded down to expose a majority of her boobies and featured slits up the side exposing her slender, sensual legs that were surely longer than they had been previously. Only the night before the king had towered a full two heads over his daughter, but now she stood almost tall enough to look him in the eyes with her once baby blue but now sinister yellow eyes that reflected less a cute innocence and more a horrific insanity. Yet, even still, everyone insisted she was no different and almost implied he had simply gone mad, and while his daughter did in fact behave at least similarly in public settings as to how she did before, there was no mistaking it in private.

The once timid girl too shy to ask her servants a simple favor now pushed them around, violently shoving them and knocking them to the ground, stomping their genitals and grinding her heel in, threatening to have their families consumed by moths without ever giving a reason or a condition. The princess had always let just about every man she met fuck her in the ass any chance she got; she loved anal, but something was different now. The demon that all claimed to be the king's daughter now took her sex by force, taking power positions often on top or in seemingly impossible poses while forcing the mens' cocks inside her rather than submissively taking their own thrusts. In the following days the king secretly watched his supposed daughter take more semen than a hurricane during fishing season, and though she was always a bit of a buttslut she had never been this ravenous or insatiable. It would have been a massive turn on if he was not so frightened of demons and what would become of his kingdom were something not done about it, but if nobody was going to believe his claims he would have to take matters into his own hands.

The waterways were a grim and dreary place, full of vermin and filth that nobility should never be cursed to know even exists much less have to wade through in the middle of the night. This place had always widely been known as something to avoid, a dangerous place full of criminals and possibly spooky monsters. There were more than a few claims of alligators. Still, it was necessary to come here if nobody up above was going to take demons seriously, and so the king made his way to the darkest depths of the abyss. In the darkest pit of the waterways was a hall known as the Bhad-gei Quarter. Only the most sinister and vile of the kingdom's underbelly resided there, and though any one of them would gladly slit the king's own royal throat for no other reason than reputation or personal satisfaction, they all knew their greatest self interest if the king was coming here by his own accord was to seek his gold as opposed to his blood.

The Bhad-gei was a moderately sized circular room connected to six side chambers, and at the center of the central room sat a black chair, its craft remarkable and its detail strangely ornate, carved of a material he was unfamiliar with. Approaching the chair the king hesitated a moment before sitting down, and as he did a seemingly disembodied voice filled the chamber. It asked why he was here, and what the king of all people could possibly seek from criminals like them. The king told them his tale, about what he had seen and what he continued to see, about how nobody believed him and that something had to be done. When asked why he did not order his men to take this task seriously and do it regardless of their personal beliefs he revealed it would make him seem mad and insane with power, losing him the popularity vote in the next election. After a long pause there was agreement, and the voice asked him to take his pick as each of the chamber doors opened.

From the first on the left approached a large man, a very large man that had to duck to avoid the ceiling and nearly crawl to get through his own doorframe. He was as broad as he was tall, a true beast of a man clad in barbarian-like attire. His arms and portions of his body were wrapped thoroughly in chains, and attached to the ends of these chains were a variety of all sorts of painful looking weapons. His name was Rascal the Breaker. He was formerly a war general for a rival nation that had been taken prisoner during war, but he escaped prison by ripping the bars apart with his bare hands and taking the lives of several guards in the process. The Bhad-gui found him and adopted his services. He was certainly powerful, a true monster of a man that may very well be suited to hunting other monsters, but something about Rascal seemed a bit too unstable for the king's liking.

At the center left door stood a pair of identical, ordinary looking twin young women. They were dressed in ordinary looking robes that mostly hid their bodies and did nothing to show anything of interest or use. The king was so unimpressed he nearly passed them up, until the voice told him to wait. The left twin grasped her sister, pulling her close and sensually kissing her lips. Her hand slid up her sister's torso over her robe, tightly grasping her moderately sized breast and squeezing it as she slid her tongue into her sister's mouth. Both sisters moaned into one another as they began to grow hotter and heavier, and soon their robes were discarded to reveal they were entirely nude underneath. Their bodies were nice, in reasonable shape, but ultimately nothing special, yet the sight of two young women kissing, especially twins, was something the king could not will himself to look away from. At least not quite yet. One of the sisters tugged the other's bottom lip as she felt her sister firmly grasp her ass, and soon something strange started to happen. The king could not be sure if it was his ever growing erection that was making them seem more attractive than they had previously, or if they were actually becoming better looking, but it was giving him flashbacks to his youth when he would drink to stomach bedding his earlier women.

The sisters continued to kiss, bite, suck, and fondle each other thoroughly, and now it was for certain that something unnatural was happening here. With each passive minute each of the girls grew curvier and sexier in their form, their faces becoming a great deal more beautiful and their breasts becoming larger and more prominent. Their asses went from cute but ordinary to very firm and plump, sticking out almost hypnotically as the hips also widened and thighs developed more of a pronounced gap. With each kiss and fondle their seductiveness intensified, and as they became more intoxicated by one another their passion started to become ever more incestuous. Soon one of the twins found herself pressed up against the wall with her leg wrapped around her sister's shoulders as the other kneeled before her and began to eagerly lick and suck upon her labia and tease her clit. She licked and lapped every last bit of her sister's swollen, sopping pussy as her sister thrust towards her face and gripped her hair, and in return she slid a hand upward to grope and massage her sizable, beautiful boobies one at a time. The two sisters became ever more aggressive with their love making, and soon they found themselves on the ground, tightly embracing one another as their fingers mutually worked one another's hungry kitties, their lips locked together in a loving bond.

Soon each of the sisters began to moan deeply into one another, and in the same instant they each reached an intense climax, crying out as they made each other cum. The king was nearly blinded as this occured, the twins now so incomprehensibly beautiful and sexy that blood gushed from his nose and multiple orgasms escaped him in the same instant. The king could hardly think or breath as their seductive forms felt as if they were stealing his very sanity, and just as he began to fear for his very soul enough to feel as though surely he should look away he realized such a feat would be absolutely impossible. He was entirely hypnotized by their beauty, locked into a zombie-like gaze. The voice laughed and instructed the girls to cover up, and the moment they could no longer be seen the king snapped out of his trance. These were Jezza and Belle, the Twincest Sisters, and they had been on the fast track to overtaking their own kingdom until one of them came out with an awful case of the kissing curse. The hypnotic control of their kingdom broken, they fled to ensure they would not be beheaded for their crimes, but it was too late for one of them. In truth, they had once been triplets, but unfortunately the youngest didn't make it. Fortunately, it was the one of them that was slightly less attractive, so they thought it best to trip her to ensure their escape. The third sister was flayed alive for her crimes, the kingdom's women taking out their rage towards all three of the sisters on just the one, and by the sounds of her horrific screams the flaying had been the gentle part of the torturous execution.

As tempting as the sisters were, their betrayal of their own third left the king unsure if it was worth the risk, and so he looked upon the next door. There, in the third doorway, stood a small and shriveled old woman, her body shaking as if it could barely remain standing even with the assistance of her cane, her eyes glazed over so thoroughly it was unlikely she could even see. The king was immediately put off, ready to pass on the old woman immediately but once more instructed to wait. The old woman smirked confidently, her eyes gazing upon the king as if they were looking into his very soul, and as she raised her cane a mystic glow began to shroud her shriveled form. An unknown language began to fill the room from the glow in the old woman's voice, speaking strange incantations and filling the chamber with magic. Soon the glow grew brighter and more intense, the chanting faster and louder, and just as the incantation seemed to reach its climax... the old woman collapsed, dead on the floor for an apparent heart attack.

Moving on to the right most door revealed a set of three children, little girls that looked like the cutest, most sweet and innocent little girls you could ever hope to meet, were it not for their complete lack of anything even resembling faces. These were known as the Blanks, and they were experiments of some sort of dark, ancient magic that had animated dolls by sacrificing the souls of actual children. Those child souls could be heard from beyond the faceless masks of the three girls, giggling ominously and singing deep within. Whenever one of the Blanks would speak, it would be in the voice of countless children echoing from within. They spoke of how they could take the form of any child with absolute perfection, and that they really enjoyed stabbing people and carving out their veins. Even now one of them was playing what looked like Cat's Cradle with a set of disturbingly fresh veins, giggling maniacally the entire time. Even the voice mentioned how they made the rest of the Bhad-gei uncomfortable at times, and it was this that made the king shy away. As soon as the king began to pass, one of the Blanks and its thousands of voices screamed violently and ran at him, knife raised into the air out for blood, but it was promptly stopped by the voice and sent back to its room, head hanging in defeat.

At the next door stood a very strange figure. He was dressed in traditional fiend hunting attire, only it featured vibrant and eccentric patterns and colors. From beneath his wide brimmed hat was a poofy cloud of green hair, his face a liquid white and his lips overly painted in bright red, matching the large nose in the center of his face. He was introduced as Purgo the Vampire Killing Clown, and for every fang hung from his necklace there were ten vampires no longer prowling in the night, and he wore a lot of fangs. Truly, there was never a more efficient and brutal slayer of the vampire menace, and he only remained in the Bhad-gei because he was often too cruel in his methods. Some of the slayings were so horrific that even people who had lost family members to the slain vampire felt so sorry for it that they claimed Purgo to be the real monster. He also creeped people out because he was a clown, and so he remained in the darkest depths of the waterways and associated only with those equally rejected and feared by society. Everything about Purgo seemed quite promising to the king, but ultimately he felt it was best to pass on him. After all, he was hunting demons, and Purgo specialized in vampires.

Then, the final of the six doors. From this sixth doorway nobody had come into view, but the door did remain open to reveal only darkness within. As the king was about to ask, a very strange voice called him closer to the door. Hesitant, the king gingerly approached, and as he came far closer than he was comfortable with the darkness still remained complete and absolute, not a speck of light made it into the chamber. "'Allo! 'Ow're yoo? Vee are tha Eggs Dozen, and vee would like to be helping yoo! Vill this be okei?" Just the sound of their overly friendly and optimistic voices made the king's skin crawl and filled his spine with shivers. They beckoned him to come into the chamber, and with great hesitation and terror he did. What he saw inside made him want to scream, but the moment he looked upon the twelve of them he knew this was the right choice. The king would hire the Eggs Dozen at any price they requested, and he was confident this would solve his problems.
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