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New York city is tormented by mysterious monsters attacks and no attempts to track the suspected aliens are successful. The government's solution is to form an all new super hero team named G.S.P. to protect the city. The veteran heroes assembled know the hardship of being heroes and how sex might be an useful relief, but are they really prepared for what happens when an innocent (?) bystander hurt during one of their missions is something they have never encountered before?
This is a story about explicit sex and other adult only things. If you are underage or offended by such material you should stop reading now. The story, setting and characters have been made by the author the Thundercloud and all rights are reserved.


Chapter 9 An Avalanche of Power

* * *

Eagle stood in the office of Agent Anderson with clenched fists and a face contorted in anger.

"This isn't fair, I was recruited to be the field leader of the team," he complained loudly. It was not the first time.

The elderly agent on the other side of the desk sighed deeply.

"It is indeed true you were chosen as leader when G.S.P. started, but things have changed," Anderson responded. "For instance you are now as first priority loyal to the brotherhood after they messed with your mind, right?"

"I am loyal to my master and mistress," Eagle acknowledged, but then he shook his head and continued, "Commanding the G.S.P. team was the first proper recognition I ever got during my superhero career, don't take from me!"

"The change of leadership has already been communicated to the press and Washington support it so you have to deal with it. Besides Blade is your mistress and she wants to be the leader so you should be happy to step down, shouldn't you?" Anderson asked.

"Her joy is my purpose in life," Eagle responded by reflex, but his body still trembled with badly contained frustration.

The door opened to let Jennifer inside. When she saw Eagle she groaned in irritation.

"Eagle, I told you there is no use. I command the team now," Jennifer ordered.

"...but...but mistress, I was given the command," Eagle responded with a voice barely carrying due strong emotion.

"You were given command, and then I took command. It is simple as that: I command and you obey, right?" Jennifer commanded.

"You command," Eagle admitted, but still too caught by his emotions to calm down.

"I command you to accept both as your mistress of the brotherhood and as field leader of the G.S.P." Jennifer stated. Her words took effect as they somehow hooked into the conditioning controlling his mind and he relaxed.

"I live to serve mistress," he acknowledged.

"Good," Jennifer said. "Leave us and find yourself something to eat. The repairs on the kitchen should be done now so it is open again."

Eagle left the room and Jennifer sighed in relief. Agent Anderson had studied the exchange, and he did not look happy.

"That mental conditioning left by the brotherhood is disaster waiting to happen," he said. "He is not bound enough by it to stay in line, but also not free enough to be relied on."

"I agree," Jennifer said. "He is far too much dominant to fit in this situation. It is so much easier with Firefly that totally dig being enslaved to me and Mindeye. So, any news about finding a psionic that can clear the conditioning from their minds now when Mindeye lack the power?"

"No news I am afraid. Actually the board has not decided whether to make the request or not." Anderson responded. "If the G.S.P. ask for such assistance even discretely then it will sooner or later become common knowledge that Mindeye has lost his powers since else he could have done it himself. This might attract the attention of some of the many psionics out there who out of fear of Mindeye has kept themselves within the bounds of the law. For years he has been acting as the bogeyman of the psionic community."

"I understand, but we really need to do something about them. When we have sex I can tap into Mindeye's remaining powers and scan their minds to learn what they have been doing. Still if we send them away on any kind of mission we risk that there are Brotherhood members left that will use them to our disadvantage before I get the chance to discover their manipulation," Jennifer said.

"We will keep the problem in mind, but actually I summoned you here to discuss something else," Anderson said. "We have managed to convince the press and the general public that the G.S.P. headquarters was raided as part of the federal investigation about why we failed to respond when the city were attacked by Professor Enigma's robots. This has worked very well and allowed us to hide the fact that your team executed close to one hundred humans psionics without any court authorization."

"I hear a big but coming," Jennifer acknowledged.

"Can you explain to me why we have a dozen of religious people standing outside the base accusing you of being sinner, having sex outside of marriage and being a major danger to the moral values of America. Are you familiar with these?" he wondered and flipped on a computer monitor to show them.

Outside the G.S.P. headquarters a small group of people stood armed with pamphlets, signs and name lists. Even on distance it was easy to recognize that all the signs was aimed at Blade. Few people passing by paid them any attention, but the groups frantic work to attract attention made some people stay and listen for a while.

"Never seen them in my life. Perhaps I encountered them before my memory loss," Jennifer responded.

"Maybe, but from what my agents found you lived a pretty ordinary life before the memory loss. There was no hints of you sleeping around or doing anything that would trigger the attention of fanatical Christians," Anderson said. "Have you had sex with anyone in public that could have talked to these people?"

"Their accusations...could they perhaps have learned about our demonic nature in some supernatural way?" Jennifer wondered.

"The demons seems to hate our very existence and take every chance to take us out. This could be a part of it, but it is quite different from their usual mad charge to kill us. Could it perhaps be that the opposite side so say also in opposition to us? It is not like the likes of demons would object to us having sex," the demon reasoned.

"A lot of our behavior would be viewed as mortal sin by religious people, but would they really send out people with signs? Is this how they forces of heaven operate?" Jennifer wondered.

"To be honest I don't really know. In ancient times some kind of truce between heaven and hell was negotiated and both sides removed their troops from the world of humans. All the wars I fought as long as I can remember has been between demons or when I was sent out to aid some powerful summoner. Thus I have no first knowledge of what the forces of heaven are up to or how they work," the demon responded.

"Yet there are demon's here now, why don't heaven send angels to stop the demons if they have broken the truce?" Jennifer asked.

"I don't know. Maybe the rules of the truce are not violated by small scale attacks like done in this city. Maybe the demons are summoned by mortals so their presence doesn't count. Maybe heaven does not have the capability to fight the demons. Perhaps the angels have their own personal reasons for not wanting to interfere," the demon answered.

"You seem in very deep thought, remembering any sex partner that might have learned about you sleeping around outside marriage?" agent Anderson asked.

"Maybe we better direct Anderson to think this might be caused by the Brotherhood so that he does not start asking uncomfortable questions," the demon thought.

"I dunno, someone might have understood I had sex with that doctor on the hospital. Besides that I basically kept it inside the team. Doesn't it seem more plausible that they learned how I recharge my power due to the Brotherhood accessing our files when they had taken control of agent Peterson and Sandra," Jennifer responded.

"This suggest that some of the Brotherhood survived the battle with G.S.P. and is directing this campaign against you. How did they escape the base without notice?" Anderson wondered.

"No, I am sure no Brotherhood members entering the base escaped, some of them could of course be around if they never joined the attack. Still my thought was more like I thought they might have planted this leak of information to hurt me before they made the decision to attack our base and take over the team," Jennifer responded. "Speaking of something different, did you make any progress with matching your records of the enemy with my de***********ions of demons?"

"Actually we have something of a breakthrough," Anderson responded. "It turns out that the government did lots of research in occult during the second war with Germany since it was believed that Hitler would try to unleash demons. This never happened, but those records very well match what you told us. Combined with that they also match what we have found out about the current enemy has raised lots of attention. There are still many skeptics, but a number of the directing officers in the Pentagon has admitted to me that we probably are battling demons like you told," Anderson said.

"Good that I could be of help," Jennifer said.

"Another matter of notice," Anderson said. "At my instructions all calls to Eagle and Firefly are denied by the front desk to lessen the risk that some Brotherhood associate who also knows the keywords used by the Brotherhood uses them to command them."

"Seems wise," Jennifer responded. "The intended use of the keywords is exactly to direct the slave over the phone when they are too far away to being in mental contact with a Brotherhood member. What about it?"

"I check the access list occasionally, yesterday the front desk got another phone call from Linda Stevens directed at Eagle. Why would your sister be calling Eagle and not you?" Anderson asked.

"Oh your sweet sister that squirmed so incredible when we licked her," the demon thought happily.

"Be quiet! She is my sister and definitely not dating material," Jennifer responded.

"Still, she did found it so erotic when we forced her to have sex with us, didn't she?" the demon mocked.

"I did not know it was her when we had sex in Central Park. Who knows what she thinks now when she is not caught by the moment? That she is trying to contact Eagle and not me makes me nervous as hell," Jennifer thought.

"You better share your fears with the elderly agent then," the demon taunted.

Jennifer refused to answer that. The demon seemed unable to comprehend how badly people would accept a story about her raping her own sister by mistake.

"I have no clue at all," Jennifer responded. "I am not sure if she really knows I am Blade. The only time I have been without my mask was after the mall battle, but then I was very covered in blood. Perhaps she only suspect that I am Blade, but don't really know and thus want to talk to Eagle since she still thinks he is leader of the team."

"Yes, that might explain it, she might be looking for confirmation of you being Blade," Anderson said. "Still I worry that your sister Linda might say or do something that weakens your position as field leader of the team. There are people in Washington that did find your talk about demons very unsettling. Religious people outside our base might not set them off on its own, but if your sister stepped forward and started to talk about you having a changed personality they might be more inclined to take action."

"You have no idea how well founded your fear are. If Linda talks about us having sex with me, we would really be in a mess," Jennifer thought. For once the demon did not disturb her with the usual chattering.

"I agree, in fact I have taken some steps to look into it," Jennifer told. "You remember Carol Winthers that we saved from the Brotherhood? She was interested in Linda's school and since they are the same age I asked her to apply to Linda's school and see if she can learn anything from Linda."

"You confide in a former Brotherhood victim. What if the Brotherhood approach her again? What if they have already done so?" Anderson asked with alarm in his voice.

"Oh, you never heard," Jennifer responded. "There is some details that never made it into the report of the case. Mindeye found out that the Brotherhood idiot trying to brainwash her had erased a large part of Carol's mind."

"I am not following, Mindeye managed to erase the conditioning. He wrote in the report that every trace of the Brotherhood conditioning was gone," Anderson said.

"You missed an important point that he never said explicitly. The issue was not brainwashing commands that did not work, but that Carol's mind had been overwritten and largely erased. Carol was in coma because her mind had been wiped. With the threat of G.S.P. being shut down we decided to ignore the law regulations about what Mindeye is allowed to do with his powers without court authorization and he used my mind as template when he replaced the missing parts of Carol's mind."

"Oh, that put things in a different light. How much of the girl is herself and how much is you?" Anderson asked.

"This is no hard science, two minds meshed together," Jennifer said. "She has vague memories of her own, but her mental presence is definitely an exact copy of mine. She has every skill of mine, including the martial arts and a massive increase of resistance to mental manipulation. In practice she is acting as Carol to protect me since we broke the law to cure her, but it is an open question if she is Carol enough to really fool someone that knows her."

"There is a very real possibility that Linda will recognize Carol as you," Anderson commented.

"I agree, but there is also a possibility that Carol can befriend Linda easily since she will find her manner familiar," Jennifer replied. Anderson nodded in response.

* * *

Carol Winthers stepped into the office of principal Bowyer at the Beacon School. Bowyer seemed welcoming enough, but something about how he did not make proper eye contact with her made Carol cringe. She really needed to get into the school to secure her own future and be able to come close to Linda Stevens.

Bowyer was in his middle ages, a bit bald, but all in all giving the impression of someone who exercised and took care of himself.

"It is a pleasure to have you here Carol, your father Marc Winthers has spoken so much about you," Bowyer said.

"Father did not attend this school, has he been trying to pressure the principal about my application?" Carol wondered.

"I hope my father has not been disturbing your work too much," Carol said. "He is very concerned about my future and might sometimes get a bit frantic about it."

Bowyer laughed as he nodded, "Yes you can say that he has disrupted my work to some degree. He been calling me every day this last week."

"I hope you have not been offended. I understood that it would take time to review the portfolio that I submitted. I had no idea he was calling you," Carol said.

"No problem really," Bowyer said. "Let me begin by saying that the fund support that Congressman Marc Winthers promised the school if we accepted you midterm is exceptional. This is not a matter of monetary matters, if he raise the amount even further will not matter to the decision."

"I reckon that you see some kind of problem with me being accepted, was my portfolio not good enough?" Carol asked, her voice steady but inside her she felt a storm of despair.

"It is complicated for me to say this," Bowyer responded. "We have a very strict policy against accepting students midterm. At the start of term students need to have at least 85 in score in all grades, they need to present a strong portfolio and make a good impression during the oral interview. You, with your record, does not cut it, you don't even have a grade in some subjects and was thrown out from your last school for bad behavior."

Carol stared back at him filled with despair, finally she forced herself to talk. "What about the portfolio, I put a lot of effort into it and hoped that it would make up for the problems with the grades?"

"That brings us to the next problem. I understand you come from a rich background and are used to use money to solve problems. I can sympathize with a student taking a shortcut to get accepted into a school, but of course you must realize I can not accept such," Bowyer replied.

"What are you saying?" Carol asked.

"The portfolio was made too perfect. For instance Williams the math teacher commented that your paper on mathematics would have looked reasonable if a person applied here for a teaching position. Looking at your background it is obvious you can not have made the papers," Bowyer said.

"Oh...all old papers of Carol was crap so I wrote replacements for my application. Tried my very best at them, but my best is really what Jennifer with her years of University studies can perform and not what a girl of my apparent age could do," Carol realized with dread.

"No, I did not hire anyone to write those papers!" Carol exclaimed. "I did rewrite them myself for the application. Put my life into making them better and better, but I very much wrote them myself."

"I would like to believe you, but honestly I don't. You should have much better grades if you really had such skills. Besides we have this hard policy against accepting people midterm. I gave in to your father to let you submit your portfolio despite this, but I would really putting my position at risk if I folded from pressure from a congressman," principal Bowyer said.

"I need to figure something out. There must be something that I can say to make him reconsider. Is perhaps the real rub that he got offended from the pressure from father. That he kept phoning him, but could not take the effort to come here in person?" Carol wondered.

"Please, listen to me," Carol pleaded. "My father might have offended you by trying to pressure you into accepting me, but please think about from my perspective. If you look back at my school history you will find a girl very troubled by the death of her mother. For years I could not focus on school and I have done so many assignments below my true capacity. This can painfully clear be seen in my grades."

"This only puts more question in how you could make those papers in your portfolio," Bowyer objected.

"The thing is that I am well now. I might literally have old cuts on my arms, but don't feel the burden of my mother’s death or my father’s absence in the same way anymore," Carol explained. "Father arranged private tutoring for me to catch up, and with my new desire to learn I started to read everything I could find. You will be hard pressed to find a major University level book that I have not read. Still all this knowledge helps me little unless I can get the grades that prove my skills."

"Remarkable story," Bowyer said and continued with asking her about the books she had read. Carol continued talking and talking, mentioning what books she thought was good and what she found questionable. Luckily the memories of what books Jennifer had read was not locked behind the amnesia so she could go on and on and talk about the books Jennifer had read during her studies for her degree.

Finally Bowyer relaxed back in his chair with a frown on his face. Carol opened her mouth to continue making up stories about herself studies, but he motioned her to be silent.

"You have me convinced," Bowyer admitted. "You know subtle details in books, that no previous student at Beacon ever thought about reading. It totally beats me how you could learn this at home studies, but you really seem to have the knowledge needed to match your portfolio."

"Then, can you accept me into the school?" Carol asked. "This pretty much fills the job of the required interview, right?"

"It does qualify for an interview, but it is not so easy to accept you," Bowyer objected.

"Please, why can't you accept me. I will be ahead of most of the other students, I just need proof of my skills," Carol pleaded.

"I suspect you are ahead of every student, but the matter is more what I say to the staff. They urged me to turn you down because of reasons we already covered. If I accept you despite this they will think that I have been bribed by your father," Bowyer said.

"Can't I explain my reading list to them also, like I did to you?" Carol wondered.

"The teachers we can deal with in an interview, but the board of the school also took part of the decision and they will not have the knowledge to understand the importance of your reading list," Bowyer explained.

"Looks like I almost have him. What can I say to convince him? More money from dad? No he seemed offended to be pressured. A proper bribe would not do," Carol thought.

"Still you do have the knowledge to convince the board, right?" Carol asked. "You can make them see reason with your knowledge about the subjects and our talk here."

"Perhaps," Bowyer admitted. "Yet, there is also the matter of the school not accepting students midterm. The board might with good reason suggest that you are to apply next year. You will be one year older than the other students, but is that such a big deal really?"

"If I have to wait until next year I miss the opportunity to get close to Linda. Why not gamble high and try a different kind of a bribe? It is not like it would matter to me if Bowyer got so upset with me that he never accept me into the school. I can take a different school if this won't have me, and there is always the possibility that I can pursue him to change his mind," Carol thought.

"I see, it would really require lots of effort from you to get me into the school, right?" Carol asked.

"Indeed, it would require massive effort, close to a miracle," Bowyer agreed.

"What if I make it up to you?" Carol asked.

"It is not about money!" Bowyer exclaimed angered.

Carol ignored him and pulled her dress off. He just sat there frozen as he looked at her nearly naked in white panties and bra.

"Right, it is not about money. I would never do such exchange, but for being accepted into Beacon this week I would gladly go all the way," Carol said and let her finger trace the inside of her panties.

He stared back at her finger, moving uncomfortably as his costume strained over his groin. Carol smiled, he had not balked at her suggestion. He might not have said yes already, but if she seduced him he would feel pressure to honor his part of the deal.

He watched her transfixed as she moved around the desk to stand by him. She started a movement that could be interpreted as she would pull down her panties, but she was only teasing him. Instead she bent down in front of him and placed her hand at his groin. She found his member rock hard below the confining clothes.

Using her free hand she undid the clasp of her bra, it loosened enough to allow him a peek at her youthful perk breasts. Moments later she felt his fingers touching her breasts, still in a hesitant shy way. She moved forward to increase the contact.

"If it ever got out that I had sex with a student I would be toast," he mumbled.

"Who will suspect anything?" Carol wondered. "I am expected to be here from time to time as new student, right? Of course in the future we could also do it at some other location."

She tugged at his costume, and as in trance he aided her in exposing his tights briefs.

"Future occasions?" he asked.

Instead of answering Carol bent down. Without missing a beat, she pulled his briefs down and took his member into her mouth. He tensed as she felt her eager sucking. After a few moments she paused, she could literally here his groan of disappointment.

"Your cock is sexy," Carol breathed. "Of course there will be future occasions if you like. We could not expect one single fuck session be enough to compensate you with the trouble of getting me into the school, could we?"

She took him inside her mouth again and used every part of her skill as she let her tongue whirl around the tip of his cock.

"Ahh...that...feels so perfect. You compensating me," he mumbled as he trembled below her tender attention.

"I have a girlfriend also, a red head, ten years older than me. If you want I can invite her to a threesome," Carol said while she took a pause to breath. She could feel his hand probing her sex through her panties.

"You are bisexual?" he asked as his fingers wiggled its way past her panties and touched her moist folds.

"I am, but she is not," Carol said. "Yet if it is to save my future I am sure she can be convinced to let you watch us or perhaps even fuck her. If the lover is good enough the sex of lover does not matter. You are a good lover, aren't you?"

"I want to fuck you hard," principal Bowyer whispered as his fingers probed into her hole. Carol groaned in pleasure as she let her groin move in a suggestive fashion.

"You want to fuck a student of your school? You want to fuck me?" Carol asked.

"Hell yes!" he exclaimed. "I want to fuck you so very hard. I will enroll you today, the others be damned."

"That's more like it, but first I want you to drill my hole deeply with that sexy cock you have there," Carol responded.

In response he stood up and pushed her towards the desk. Carol followed the motion and leaned back, she felt a number of objects on the desk cutting into her back.

"Your desk is so full with stuff," she complained. "I want to be full with you instead."

In a swift motion Bowyer took hold of her panties and the contents of the desk. Both came down quickly and Carol wondered if the sound could be heard outside his office. She got no chance to think more about this before he pressed himself close.

His hard member probed her opening, but not finding its way directly inside. With a giggle Carol used her hand to direct him inside her. He groaned in sexual bliss as he felt her wetness surrounding him.

"Not the first time you do this?" he asked.

Carol was on the way to agree until she realized that her memories of fucking men was from Jennifer's memories. As far as she knew this might be the first occasion ever that she let a male fuck her. Additionally she was not on the pill and thus had no protection against pregnancy.

She got no more time to think about this as he started to slam into her hole. All pretense of being a shy principal of a school was gone, he was a male conquering a woman. Carol didn't mind playing along as she felt him inside her.

"So...ahhh... good...take me," Carol moaned. She tried to respond to his thrusts, but lost pace as he increased the speed of his thrusts.

He still carried the upper part of his suit, Carol liked to watch the ripples passing down his tie as he with full strength slammed into her.

They continued for a number of hectic moments until he trembled as he emptied his load inside her. Carol only lay back smiling, it felt so good doing this. He was a much better fuck than she had expected. It was probably true that experience added up.

Afterwards he collapsed back in his chair and Carol lay exposed in front of him as his cum started to leak out of her pussy.

"Hot minx," he groaned. "You had this planned, hadn't you."

"It was better than I ever could expect," she responded.

"You are a marvel, how I will love to see their faces when you surprise them with your knowledge. Yet the skills you proved at my desk is a matter between us alone, right?" he said.

"I will not sleep around at school," Carol promised. "After all I have a girlfriend that might not be very keen on me doing stuff that might be trouble for her at work so I have every reason to keep it in a tight circle."

"You girlfriend is old enough to have a job?" he wondered.

"Like I said she ten years older. Imagine a redhead working at the police. You will like her," Carol promised. The grin on his lips told that he very much looked forward to the experience.

* * *

Linda Stevens groaned as she reached the classroom. The intense headache that plagued her since the morning had just grown utter worse. At the far side of the room she saw the creepy Patric, for once he did not stare at her with half hidden malice in his eye. Today he seemed worried about something.

One of the free seats was next to a new girl named Carol and Linda decided to take it. She sat down and waited for the lesson to start.

"How are you doing?" Carol asked. "You don't look very well."

"It is just a headache," Linda responded, a smile passing over her lips.

"Just let me know if I can be of assistance," Carol said.

"I appreciate the gesture," Linda answered. "I really liked how you put the math teacher Williams in place at your first lesson. I often grow irritated when it feels like she is holding me back."

"Let's hope I must not regret it," Carol said, shrugging her shoulders. "She was one of the teachers checking my portfolio when I applied, and I think she felt threatened from the quality there."

"You mean like her not liking a student that does not need her for support," Linda responded. "I think you are dead on there, she really don't like students who have own opinions on what to learn."

She closed her eyes as the headache was growing more intense, it felt like a constant buzz of voices at the fringe of her mind. Suddenly she thought she heard Patric's voice filled with malice. "Looks like the bitch Linda feels bad, has it taken effect so early?"

Surprised Linda turned towards Patric. He stared back at her with equal surprise. Actually not totally similar, somehow she could tell he was more surprised that she turned when he thought about her. Linda froze as she realized the implications, he had in fact not been speaking but thinking about her.

Suddenly Jennifer's eraser flew from her desk and hit Patric in the face. The impact was powerful enough for him to topple over, perhaps more from surprise than actual injury. He hit the floor with large groan as his chair tripped.

"What just happened?" Linda wondered. Carol was staring at her alarm on her face.

"Did she just think of us as sister?" Linda wondered, the buzz in her head had started to grow even more mind numbing.

"Did you move the eraser?" Carol whispered. Linda stared back at her in utter surprise. At the far side of the room Patric was up again, the eraser had hit him in the eye but he seemed mostly unhurt. Linda gripped her table to steady herself, she felt a massive amount of vertigo. Her gripping the table did little to help.

"In case you just moved the eraser I am also wondering if you are making the books in the bookcase vibrate?" Carol said.

Linda looked and it did indeed look the bookcase suffered from a very local quake. A number of students close by was staring as the teacher in the front of the class room was trying to get the attention of the students.

"I don't know, I don't know what happens," Linda mumbled, she really felt horrible. The headache was hammering inside her head.

Patric had stood up, but somehow got entangled in the straps of his backpack and fell down hard. This time his groan of pain indicated he had hurt himself worse. The people around him quickly assembled to see if he had suffered some serious damage.

"Out," Carol whispered, "We need to get you out from here."

Linda had no strength in herself to object and when Carol took hold of her and pulled her outside, she just stumbled along. Outside in the empty corridor Carol lost hold of Linda that collapsed down on her knees.

"What is happening?" Linda wondered.

"I think you were on the edge of filling the classroom with flying books that would try to bash that guy that you previously hit with the eraser," Carol said. Linda had problem following what she said since the storm of voices in her head deafened all sound.

"I don't get it, how would I make books start to fly?" Linda wondered as she clutched her head.

"I don't know, maybe you have some kind of telekinesis gift," Carol responded.

"I think Patric did something foul with me, he is planning something sinister," Linda said. "When he saw my discomfort his only reaction was surprise of it being soon."

"You read his mind?" Carol asked.

"I don't know, I can't stand the noise. All the voices are driving me crazy!" Linda exclaimed, banging her hands at the floor in frustration.

"I think you need to talk to Mindeye, perhaps he can help you if this is psionic related," Carol said as she picked her phone.

"Help from the bloody G.S.P? They won't answer any phone calls!" Linda screamed. Carol had been on the way of extended her phone towards Linda, but she just suddenly collapsed unconscious.

Linda stared at her in confusion, and then reached over to check Carol's life signs. To her relief she found her alive even though she was in some kind of coma.

"Crap, did I do something to her?" Linda wondered. There was no response from the ever growing storm of words that intruded on her attempts to reason. "Maybe the idea to call the G.S.P. is not so bad, seems like she had prepared a number that is not the official G.S.P. contact number. Could she somehow have a direct number to them?" Linda thought.

She picked up the phone and pressed the dial button. Agonizing moments later she heard someone on the other side pick up the phone.

"Speaking," the voice said.

"Is this Mindeye?" Linda asked.

"Yes, who are you?" Mindeye responded.

"My name is Linda Stevens and I need help badly. I have this horrible headache and keep hearing what I think are peoples thoughts," Linda said.

"Oh, you called the right person. It is quite common for new psionics to gets headaches in the beginning when they can not filter out what they hear mentally. The ability itself yearn to be used and will connect to the closest persons until you learn to control it," Mindeye explained.

"Sounds great, but I can't stand the noise, it is too much, like torture. Help me make them silent, please," Linda complained.

"You are hearing many voices?" Mindeye asked perplexed.

"More than I can count!" Linda exclaimed.

"Oh," Mindeye responded, his voice filled with a hint of surprise. "There are some shielding exercises that might help you make your power not go wild. Imagine that your mind is surrounded by a great brick wall that keep all the noise and clamor outside."

Linda tried to follow the instruction, but she could not focus. Even when she did her best to imagine a brick wall she could hear the voices through the cracks between the brick stones. She tried to imagine the cracks being filled with mortar, but it was not enough.

"It is not working!" Linda complained.

"Weird, imagine that you are in the middle of a ball of mirror. Every voice thrown at you is just reflected away and you are safe and sound in the silence of the ball," Mindeye suggested. Linda tried this image also, but no matter how much she tried she could still hear the buzz from the voices through the sphere.

"Not working, it is growing worse. Help me now," she begged.

"Okay," Mindeye said. "Imagine that you instead are a diamond. Incredibly hard and impervious to all damage, every voice thrown at you just passes through you and you can listen or ignore it depending on mood."

Linda tried and this time it did actually work, slowly the effect of the voices faded until they were something in distance that did not really trouble her unless she extended to them.

"It is working!" Linda exclaimed as tears of relief ran down her cheeks.

"Good," Mindeye said. "We need to meet soon. If you really are hearing so many voices as you claim your psionic gift is very rare and very dangerous. You can easily damage people if you use it in the wrong way."

"I understand," Linda said. "I will gladly learn. There is a girl that I knocked unconscious, I think that I hurt her when I became angry. She is totally unconscious now."

"No worries," Mindeye said. "We will make sure she is safe and I will explain how you can control your ability better."

Linda looked at the unconscious Carol, wondering what had happened to her. Suddenly she thought that she sensed some kind of conscious inside her.

"I think I can sense her conscious," Linda said. "I think I can sense Carol Winther's mind."

"What?" Mindeye exclaimed. "Did you say Carol Winthers? Don't try to fix her mind yourself! I repeat, don't try to mess with her mind, it is too dangerous!"

Linda tried to pull back, but there was no use. Instead she felt like she was falling towards Carol. One moment she was there and suddenly she were in a different place. She sat at a bed in an unfamiliar bed. Looking around she saw her arms. It was not her own arms, but instead Carol's. She could recognize some of the scars.

"Crap!" Linda thought and tried to free herself from Carol. There was no use and she could just passively watch Carol's memory.

Carol got up from the bed and moved over the closet. It was a large walk-in closet with a mirror door. She halted in front of the mirror and stood their watching her image with a skeptical look on her face.

Linda wondered what Carol was thinking, but somehow she could not use her ability while being inside Carol's memory. Perhaps her power was locked into tapping into Carol's memory.

From Linda's point of view Carol had little to complain about. She was indeed gorgeous, the only thing ruining the image being the scars on her arms.

Carol shrugged and opened the wardrobe to fetch a satin robe, it did little to hide her sexy curves. Linda liked what she saw, Carol was sexy.

Carol walked through the house until she reached another bedroom. A man laid there sleeping, the blanket pulled down so most of sexy torso was in view. Linda liked what she saw, he was a real hunch.

Carol walked towards the bed with determined steps, dropping the satin robe on the way. She slipped into the bed silently and carefully pulled the blanket down without disturbing the sleeping man. His maleness came into view and Carol halted momentarily to view it. It was still relaxed, but it seemed given that would change soon.

Linda reflected on that she did share every part of the memory including sensations. It seemed like she would experience a session of sex no matter if she liked it or not.

Carol took the cock into her mouth and started to suck tenderly on it. It was a new experience for Linda, she had in fact never touched a cock that was not rock hard. Of course it was a temporary condition, Carol's tongue played with it and it started growing more tick.

It was a weird experience, at first the cock was small enough that it fit inside the mouth, then suddenly it had turned rock hard and they choked on it. Carol seemed experienced in the situation and moved back enough so that she could get some air.

Carol glanced at the man that lay there relaxing, by now he was awake. He lay there smiling as he saw Carol sucking his member. Carol took more of him inside her mouth and Linda felt panic, surely he was too large. Of course Linda had no say in it and just had to experience the sensations as Carol took more and more of him into her mouth.

Bending her head upwards Carol allowed herself to accept even more of it inside. At last she was deep throating him, having his complete cock inside her mouth. It felt awkward, but there was no mistake of the lust the act induced in him.

They continued for a short while until the man became impatient, he pulled out of Carol's mouth with a wide grin on his face. Tilting his neck he gave her a stare. Carol follow the prompt immediately and rolled over to lay on her back exposing her shaved snatch for him.

"This will be good, baby," he promised and moved over her. His cock did not penetrate her directly, instead it was his fingers that found their way to her pussy and probed it. Carol moaned as she pushed her pelvis at his fingers and Linda felt like her head would explode.

The sensations could not compare with her hot sex with Eagle, but it was still good beyond belief. The fact that Linda had no say at all about what would happened added heavily to the experience. With anticipation she felt his cock brush over her sex, no actually Carol's sex. It was becoming hard to tell herself apart from Carol. Every sensation felt so very real. Momentarily Linda worried that there might be some danger if she continued, but what could she do. Her ability still seemed locked into allowing her to tap into this memory.

"Time for a reward," the man said and the moment afterward he was pushing himself into Carol's waiting sex.

Carol/Linda moaned highly as their sex was penetrated. The size could not compare to Eagle's width, but the man sure knew how to use it. Linda felt her sex stretch around his maleness. Within moments he was banging into her with no holding back.

He caught hold of her legs and pulled them upwards, giving him even better angle to enter her sex. Linda rolled with the emotion of laying there passively as he fucked her hard and eager. Actually it felt like there might be a climax approaching, it felt so very good. Thus it was with a large regret she felt him pull out of her.

"On your knees!" he ordered. Carol did not hesitate to follow the instructions. Sitting on her knees she twisted her head to look at him as he placed himself between her legs.

Linda felt anticipation filling her, when she suddenly realized that his cock was not aiming for hehr pussy, but instead probing her ass. She felt unease fill her, not that she was totally against testing ass-fucking but not being allowed to make the choice about to do it felt awkward.

"Further down," Carol objected. Linda felt relief that Carol had felt the same, she would very much prefer not to have her first such experience forced on her.

"No, I am going to take your ass-virginity my dear," the man said and took hold of Carol's hip to allow him to direct his cock forward.

Linda felt his cock pressing at her hole. His cock felt so very dry, no lubricant at all. Desperately she tried to distance herself from Carol's memory. There was no use, she was locked in the experience of feeling the cock trying to force itself into her ass.

Suddenly Carol wrested free from his grip and quickly distanced herself from him. Ending in the corner. Linda could feel tears flowing.

"No, not this. It will hurt too much," Carol begged. "I did not promise this."

The man approached her with rage in his eyes. Linda felt fear assault her, he could not hit her in the middle of sex, could he?

In fact he could and Carol doubled over as he hit her stomach with full strength. Linda felt every part of the pain.

"You fucking ungrateful bitch!" the man screamed. "Here I try to be nice to you and you repay me like this?"

Repeatedly he hit Carol again and again in the belly, Carol did not make any attempts to protect herself.

"Please, I am sorry," Carol pleaded.

"Sorry does not cover it. Sonja would never say no to me," the man spat as he continued the beating.

"Mom is gone, I can't be her," Carol squealed as she desperately started to try to dodge the strikes.

Linda felt dread assault her. The creep that beat Carol must be Carol's father. Linda would never have guessed since he seemed so young.

"Don't give me that fucking crap. I have told you I can't hit you in the face where it can be seen!" Carol's father shouted.

He hit her again and this time the impact made Carol lose her breath. She collapsed on the bed coughing and Linda could feel conscious slipping from Carol. Everything went dark except the lingering pain of the continued beating.

* * *

Linda opened her eyes and started to cry. The physical injury was gone, but she could still sense the trauma. Through her tears she vaguely registered that she lay resting on top of a bed.

She briefly wondered if she was alone and directly she felt her newly discovered power activate. Carol and the school nurse were present in the room. Afraid Linda tried to contain her power and luckily it obeyed her. She felt mortal fear when she thought about getting dragged into Carol's mind again.

"Careful dear," the school nurse said. "Don't sit up, we found you both unconscious."

Linda ignored her and sat up, with the mind trick of mimicking a diamond the thoughts of others did not hurt her anymore so the continuing pain was gone. If only she could forget the memories of the beating.

"I feel well now," Linda lied.

"Good, can you please explain what happened?" the school nurse asked.

"I was feeling weird and Carol assisted me walking here, unfortunately we toppled over in the corridor and I think that she might have hit her head," Linda replied.

"Good that I called for an ambulance," the school nurse said.

Linda felt nervousness assault her, what would the hospital crew say when they examined Carol. Could they somehow detect what had happened? For that matter what would Carol say when she woke up?

"I think she just needs to rest here for a while," Linda suggested.

"Hopefully, but head injuries are serious things. We can't chance on her just needing to sleep, she might be in need of emergency medical care. In fact I think you better follow to the hospital also," the nurse said.

Linda's nervousness turned into dread, she had a strong hunch that body contact amplified the likelihood to make mental contact. What would her power unrestrained powers do if the doctors insisted on touching her when they examined her? She really must avoid body contact until she learned to control her powers.

"No, I need to return to class," Linda said.

"Your lesson can wait, from the corridor talk you are one of the most ambitious students ever so you will catch up later even if you miss some lessons," the nurse responded.

"No, I don't need to visit any hospital," Linda insisted. Suddenly she felt a sense of vertigo as her power came to life. The nurse opened her eyes wide and stared back at Linda.

"Damn it, what did I just do to her?" Linda wondered. Just forming her question was enough for her power to respond. In a moment she could sense that she had just enforced her will on the nurse and made certain the nurse would not insist she be taken to the hospital.

It was fascinating to watch what she had done by accident. She had never dreamed it would be so simple to brainwash someone. It did not seem like she had subjected the nurse to any permanent harm, could she perhaps add a similar command about Carol to avoid her being taken to the hospital?

When she was not upset her powers did not come by itself, but it was there the moment when she wanted it. The nurse collapsed like a rag doll and Linda yelped in surprise and fear. Fortunately her power told her she had not really hurt her, just overwhelmed her by using too much power. Her power was indeed tricky to yield safely.

The nurse sat up and phoned the hospital to call off the ambulance as Linda left the room. She wanted to call Mindeye again to discuss her power, but she had not memorized the phone number. As for Carol's phone, Linda could sense the nurse had not seen any phone. Had someone taken it when they lay unconscious?

With the hope that Carol would wake up and join the lesson again Linda returned to the class room. Being in a crowded room left her nervous, but if she left the school she would have little chance of hooking up with Carol again. She really needed to explain things to her, she could not have Carol talking about how Linda had done something to her.

Briefly she considered the idea to return to try to affect Carol's mind like she had commanded the school nurse but it seemed like a bad idea. What if she was dragged inside her mind again and had to experience the rape again? Linda shuddered as she thought about Carol's memories. Did she actually recall them herself or had she suppressed that particular memory?

Few paid her attention as she returned alone to the lesson, was this pure luck or had her powers affected those around? Linda tried to ignored the question and started to follow the lesson.

A while later Linda suddenly felt something unknown hitting her mind. At least she thought she would have hurt her mind if her diamond shaped shield had not resisted the attack. She could sense the attack as a thread coming from behind, she followed the thread backwards.

Suddenly she saw memory fragments, she had accidentally entered the mind of the attacker. At least she was not pulled deeper in the mind this time, was that perhaps a peculiarity of Carol's mind? The mind she invaded now was protected by a brick wall, but Linda's mental probe had been so narrow that it had slipped past the cracks.

From the memories of the attacker she determined that the attacker must be a girl named Lynn. Apparently she had understood Linda was the source of the telekinesis attacks earlier and was curious if Linda also had mental defenses.

Lynn was not anyone Linda really knew. They had shared class for some years, but Lynn would never bother her pretty head with studies but instead toyed with all the boys. Until this day Linda would have said they had little or nothing in common, but apparently they both had psionic powers.

Suddenly Linda noted that Lynn was focusing her thoughts on the fact that her attack at Linda failed. She worried that Linda would retaliate, unaware that Linda had already breached into her surface memories.

If no attack came she would probably start to look around if she had missed anything. Could Linda perhaps make a secondary fake attack to trick Lynn into thinking that she had protected her mind?

Linda tried to do this, but found it incredibly troublesome. Somehow the power resisted her when it was already committed to entering Lynn's mind. She managed to create a secondary channel that she could use to attack Lynn with, but it was so thin that Linda could barely perceive it.

Lynn felt triumph as she brushed Linda's fake attack away. It had taken her little or no effort to do it. Strong telekinesis, very strong defense and weak offense. Lynn estimated Linda to be what she called a level 3 psionic.

Linda wondered if she should pull free from Lynn surface thoughts, trouble was just that she had no idea how to do this without alerting Lynn of the intrusion. She was on the way to make an attempt anyway when she suddenly recognized that Lynn had opened a mental channel to Patric.

Linda had never known that Lynn and Patric had contact. She could not directly watch Patric's mind, but could guess his answers from the thoughts they raised in Lynn. Lynn informed Patric of what she believed of Linda's abilities. In response Patric instructed Lynn to learn more.

When Lynn broke the contact with Patric, Linda took the chance to do the same with Lynn. Nothing happened so Linda hoped Lynn had been too busy to notice Linda departing from her memory.

A short while later the lesson was over and Linda left the room, outside she found Lynn waiting for her.

"Sorry if I scared you, I thought you were just a telekinesis user and just wanted to check if you had control," Lynn said. "Hope you have no hard feelings, we both turned out too strong in defense to affect each other so no harm done, right?"

Liar, Linda thought, but she responded with a smile.

"No problem," Linda said. "I was a bit scared since I am pretty new to this. Can we really talk freely about this."

"I make sure nobody really hear us. Who do you train for?" Lynn wondered.

"Talked to a guy, but have not received much of lessons so far," Linda responded.

"I see,” Lynn said. “Myself I get training from my father. Not a perfect match since he like you is a telekinetic and my ability is pure psionic based, but it is better than those cults and orders that try to recruit psionics," Lynn said. "I could give you some pointers if you like."

"I would love to," Linda responded. In truth she had a growing suspicion that Lynn and Patric were plotting against her, but getting Lynn to talk seemed like a good idea. Perhaps she would reveal something.

"I suggest you try to keep your telekinesis power hidden, many telekinetic talented have been enslaved to other psionics and it is bitch to defend if you can't counter attack with an offensive probe. Your offense is not powerful enough to really scare an attacker," Lynn said.

"Probe?" Linda wondered.

"A probe is like a channel of mental power," Lynn responded. "A level 3 psionic can split his attention into 3 channels. Each probe connect to at most one mind. If the channel is used to read thoughts, send mental commands or use telekinesis can be changed over time, but you can't create a new channel when committed since your powers will be divided over those you already have."

"What happens if you do?" Linda wondered. When she had been inside Lynn's surface memories she had indeed created a new channel without dropping her first one.

"It can't be done, if you have two channels open then your potential power in each channel is divided by two. Opening a third will do you no good since there is no power to commit to the channel," Lynn responded.

"I did very much succeed today, is that because some special ability of mine or am I so powerful that the little power that is left is still enough for a weak attack?" Linda wondered. She decided that it was not wise to ask. Better keep Lynn ignorant about her real mental strength.

"So how do I practice?" Linda wondered.

"Simple, open channels to other people and make them do simple stuff," Lynn said.

"Isn't it risky?" Linda wondered. "I got into trouble with that new girl Carol earlier today."

"Oh, normally it is not dangerous, but I get very weird vibes from that Carol. I think she has suffered a psionic takeover and that her mind is protected by a logical maze. It is a kind trap a psionic can put there to prevent other psionics from reading the memories.

If you try to enter such a mind with a probe it has to find its way through the maze and depending on the complexity you can walk her memories for a hours or even days unless you are strong enough to break free," Lynn told.

"It fits, I was stuck inside her mind until I woke up at the school nurse’s office," Linda replied.

"Luckily for you as a newbie that the maze was shallow, psionics have died from malnutrition when the maze was too much for them. Still even if you did escape I suggest to stay clear of her mind until you know who the psionic is. Actually it is a good idea to stay clear of all people who have been taken by a psionic, you never know when they will appear and be more powerful. My dad learned that lesson the hard way and was enslaved for a couple of years," Lynn told.

"Okay, so what do I do?" Linda wondered.

"See if you can make George drop his pants while he walks," Lynn suggested.

Linda decided to go along, but she made sure to split her power so she had an attack channel ready if Lynn tried to back stab her. She extended her probe and was soon overwhelmed by the number of memories inside George's head.

"Too many memories," Linda complained.

"No, you are using a thought probe. You need to use a command channel," Lynn explained.

Linda loosened her probe and tried again but taking effort to not spend too much energy on it. On the third try she succeeded. It was really like the command she earlier had given to the school nurse. George followed the instruction and unzipped his jeans and tripped as his jeans slipped down. He had been totally unaware what his fingers had been doing.

"Marvelous, you are a true talent," Lynn said. "When you get experienced you can send out commands that make people perceive different things than what they really see, but you better save that for another day. I am still beginning to learn such. It is very difficult to get it right."

"Cool," Linda said. "Is it possible to learn skills from a person. I mean like stealing the math teachers math skill so you don't have to study?"

"Yes it is possible," Lynn said. "Takes lots of effort though. I just settle with checking their surface memories of what the answers are at the test, he will have most of them in mind. Not perfect since he is also thinking about common mistakes so you have to be careful with what you take."

"I think learning the skill would be more useful, then you can tell what answer that is correct," Linda said. "Can you teach me?"

"Maybe you can watch me as I do it," Lynn said. "I already planned to learn Elenore's dancing skills."

They found Elenore by her locker, and Linda watched as Lynn connected a special kind of mental probe to the girl's mind. It did not look particularly difficult when you knew how to do it. Elenore trembled as the probe connected and leaned towards her locker.

"Now it is just to wait and hope that I manage to learn the skill before I grow too weary from using my power," Lynn told.

Linda was on the way to answer when she saw Carol approaching them. Linda felt a tightness in her stomach leave her when she saw that Carol was okay. She had not been aware of this worry until she saw Carol.

"Hello friend, how are you doing?" Carol asked and beamed at Linda.

"Can't really talk now, busy," Lynn mumbled, sweat beads appearing at her temple.

"Talk to you later, better give you some privacy," Linda said. Lynn nodded in response. Soon Linda and Carol had walked outside so they could get some privacy.

"How are you doing?" Carol wondered.

"I am fine, Mindeye instructed me over the phone and allowed me to control my newly discovered psionic powers better," Linda responded.

"Great that I could be of help," Carol said. "I don't recall what happened, could you tell me what happened to my mobile phone?"

"Not really," Linda responded. "I also fainted there when I failed to control my power, and when I woke up it was gone."

"Great loosing my phone on the first day at school. Dad will probably assume I ran away again when I don't answer his phone calls. Hope he don't hire a private detective that drags me home," Carol complained.

Linda felt a sense of bile in her throat when she heard Carol talk about her father, she really doubted Carol would be complaining about her father in this fashion if really remembered the abuse. Her earlier suspicion about the memories of rape being suppressed memories seemed to be proven right. Carol had no clue she had been raped and beaten by her father.

"I need to talk to Mindeye more, do you know the phone number?" Linda wondered.

"I do, but we have no phone to use. I heard other students joke about you lacking the money to purchase a mobile," Carol responded.

"More lack of interest than lack of money," Linda said. "Still you have a point about me needing privacy. I can't use a public phone for this kind of call."

"Simple enough," Carol said. "Help me find my phone and you can borrow it."

"How am I supposed to do that?" Linda wondered.

"Perhaps using your newly discovered powers, you could listen on people’s mind until you find the thief," Carol suggested.

"How come that you are so at ease with me having this power after what happened earlier in the corridor?" Linda wondered. "It is not that I don't like you, but we barely know each other and you like go all friendly on me despite that I knocked you unconscious."

She saw Carol hesitating, thinking deeply about something. It was very tempting to try to eavesdrop on her mind, but she did not dare to come close to her mind again.

"Okay, I admit that I had a strong hunch you would have psionic powers," Carol said. "The G.S.P. warned me of such when they asked me to keep an eye on you."

"How could the G.S.P. know I had this power before I did? Mindeye seemed surprised when I talked to him. The only team members I have encountered are Eagle and perhaps Blade if she really is Jennifer," Linda thought.

When she thought about Eagle she recalled their hot sex after he had flown her home from Central Park. She blushed at the memory, it had been so unexpected that her dream would come true and he would make love with her.

"Wait a second. Him suddenly jumping into bed with me, doesn't that resemble how I now by accident compel people into doing stuff? Could my power been going on and off for a couple of weeks?" Linda wondered.

There was little doubt about it when she thought about it. It would explain why he suddenly wanted to have sex with her after at first not showing any interest in her. The answer to why he afterwards refused to answer her calls when she phoned him to try to arrange a follow up meeting also seemed given. The effect of her accidental compulsion to have sex had lessened.

It was a bitter revelation to uncover, deep down she had still been dreaming that the reason he did not return her calls was because he was busy and not because he did not love her.

"Are you working with the G.S.P?" Linda forced herself to ask to turn her thoughts on other things.

"Not working exactly," Carol responded. "They helped me when I was kidnapped by a psionic and I kept in contact with Blade afterwards. Applying to this school to keep an eye on you seemed like the least I could do to repay her."

"Blade, her real name is Jennifer Stevens, right?" Linda asked. Carol gave her a long stare.

"Yes, she is your sister, but she has no memories of her life before she suffered a car accident," Carol responded.

"That means she did not know I was her sister when Patric forced us to have sex in the park," Linda thought with a deep blush.

The memory was so shameful, how she had brazenly enjoyed herself even when she had sex with her sister. A strange way to learn that you were bisexual. It was not something she would like to repeat, but a memory of good sex despite all this. She put the thought aside, she currently had the matter of Patric possibly plotting against her.

"Explains much, but we need to turn to more urgent matters," Linda said. "Patric in our class earlier tried to enslave my sister. I think he and a girl named Lynn are plotting something, possibly it is directed at me. I happened to eavesdrop on them when they seemed to communicate about me."

"Lynn, that girl you were hanging out with when I came? Seems like you can use some assistance," Carol said. "I will use my martial arts to defend you, but you really need to learn to use your ability in case Lynn does something psionic. Can't do much against such."

"Agreed," Linda said.

* * *

Linda took another look at the note she received. It told her to come to the roof to discuss a private matter. Should she turn back and ask the teacher who had sent the note?

By now it felt unusual that she would actually have to ask. She was quickly growing used to have her power finding the answer of everything she wondered. She supposed the teacher must be out her range. Something that also meant the teacher was not present at the classroom anymore.

Should she try to locate Carol to have her as bodyguard? The prospect of getting involved in fighting scared Linda, but she felt a nagging sensation of reluctance to include Carol. It seemed like Carol had a strong belief in her ability to perform martial arts, but Linda could remember the dreadful memory of Carol's father giving her a beating. Maybe she overestimated her fighting ability. What if they came along and was injured while trying to help. Linda decided to go herself.

She went up the stairs to the roof. Anxious to find out who had sent the note, but afraid that it might be some trap from Patric and Lynn. On the other hand she could not understand why Lynn would send as anonymous handwritten note. The official story was that Lynn was helping Linda so if she wanted Linda alone up on the roof she could just have asked her to come along.

She arrived on the roof and discovered Mindeye waiting at her by the railing of the roof of the school. She had seen his costume many times on the television, but wondered if he really was the real superhero or a impostor. Her power came to life, but was deflected by some kind of shield around Mindeye's mind. At least it seemed proven that he was a psionic.

In the far distance she could hear the sirens and car horns of the city, but up on the roof they were alone.

"I see you got my note. Good since I did not know how you looked like. Hopefully I will be able to help you, but it might be tricky," he said.

"Okay, how do we do this. Can we connect mentally so you can teach me?" Linda wondered. Dropping her fears about him being a possible impostor, she was probably just being paranoid.

"Normally that would be the way, unfortunately my ability to use my power took damage during a battle with enemies of the G.S.P. so I can't form channels to send out probes," Mindeye responded.

"Can I just not send out a probe and connect to your mind?" Linda asked.

"Not unless I drop my defensive walls and without control of my powers I can not do that voluntarily," Mindeye responded.

"Then what?" Linda complained. "I need to get control of my power. After I was dragged into the mind of Carol Winthers I have had a number of accidents when I have affected people around me. Also there is a classmate named Lynn that attacked me mentally to test me. She thinks I am weaker than her, but with me having no control there is just a matter of time until she understands she is mistaken. I think she and her crony Patric are planning something sinister."

"It seems you have a psi power level that is pretty much outstanding. It should take years of practice to reach such power level that you need to form a diamond defense. It is the base pattern used in my own defense. A low level psionic would not be able to comprehend or even less support the thought construct. Let me also be clear that you are not the one in danger, your power will protect you and even strike back at any attackers. People in your surroundings are not so fortunate, you could seriously maim any mind you are in contact with since you don't have the experience to control the power you send out," Mindeye said.

"I pretty much figured that out on my own, what can you show me?" Linda wondered.

"I and my team member Blade have developed a way around my limitation, when we have sex the limitations of my power do not matter. That is the best current idea, if we have sex our minds hopefully can connect and I can teach you restraint," Mindeye responded.

Linda cringed, she did not like the thought of having sex with the hero to see if it would work out. If it had been her dream lover Eagle, things might be different. Could she perhaps find some other solution?

"I learned how to use a probe to learn skills from another person, can't we use that to teach me," Linda wondered.

"Two problems with that theory. Firstly you can't connect to my mind without breaking through my mental defenses and you lack the skills needed to unlock the defenses. It would take weeks for me to explain how to do it with words. Secondly my knowledge base is too massive to be transferred to an unskilled. You would not have the skills to do it fast enough to not exhaust your ability and leave you with useless fragments of information," Mindeye responded.

"Can't my mind learn the skill of speed learning during the process to accelerate it," Linda suggested.

"Perhaps, but that does not solve your lack of training at unlocking mental walls. Our best bet is to have sex and see if we can connect during the intercourse," Mindeye said.

"Bloody hell, I don't want to have sex with him," Linda thought. "I can see why he does not object of fucking me, but I don't feel any real attraction to him. If only I felt sexual excitement about doing this it would be so much easier."

Suddenly Linda felt her sex tremble as a wave of pleasure ripped through her. The feeling was too intense for her to keep standing. Collapsing down on her knees she could not help to cover her sex with her hands. The cloth of her skirt was in the way, but her fingers could feel her pussy below. Desperately she rubbed her pussy and this made her moan in sexual excitement.

"What happened?" Linda wondered as she could not help herself from digging at her clothes to get them out of the way. She needed to have pussy spread and filled with something.

Like many times before her power responded on her question. Inside her own mind she could see the mental command for sexual excitement that she herself had invoked on herself.

"I reckon that you changed your mind," Mindeye said.

"Accidental self invoked brainwashing, get the costume off and fuck me now! I need to learn to control the damn power," Linda cried out. She could see him flinch as he heard her words. He obviously found her lack of control disturbing, or was it more to it?

Linda did not care and ripped impatiently at her clothes. The buttons on her school shirt flew in all directions. She could see his gaze drawn to her tits, she had no bra. He pulled down the lower part of his costume, he was nude below.

She opened her mouth in anticipation as she saw his cock come free. It looked so incredibly inviting, throbbing with precum. The essence of maleness coming true, or was that her accidental brainwashing affecting her judgment?

She did not care as she closed the distance between them. Eagerly she fumbled with the buttons of her jeans. She barely had time to get them down before she reached him. Her panties follow the jeans down and she could literally see how her naked exposed sex caught his attention.

Diving into a close hug she pressed her body to his so very male body. She trembled with anticipation as she felt his cock pressing into her stomach. With him being taller than her their groins where not aligned.

He was bending down for the most marvelous kiss. It almost made Linda loose focus on getting out off the confining jeans that prevented the sex she so deeply desired. Moments later she was out of the jeans and wrapped her legs around his hips.

Purring with delight she felt the tip of his cock touching pussy. She grinded her sex against his and suddenly she felt him entering her. The massive excitement she felt had made her so moist that it took little or no effort for him to slide inside.

She started to slide up and down his long male shaft. The action reminded her of the amazing sex she had with Eagle in her room. This time it was not as perfect, he struggled with holding the balance as she worked in a frantic pace. The lack of a super power to aid the move meant a lot. Still it felt awesome as he stretched her inside in such a lovely way.

Thinking about super powers made Linda try to extend her mind to see if she could connect to Mindeye's mind. It was no use, she still ran into the iron tight defenses that previously had prevented them from connecting.

Groaning in irritation Linda increased the humping of her sex along his maleness. The response was a satisfied grunt from Mindeye. The sound was soon replaced by a yelp as he lost balance. It all went to quickly for Linda to get afraid before they slammed hard on the rooftop. Fortunately Mindeye managed to not crush her completely as he landed on top of her.

"Ohhwww, that hurt," Linda complained as she struggled to regain her breath.

"I am so sorry my dear," Mindeye excused. "I did not mean too."

"It is alright," Linda responded. "Just fuck me in until I forget the pain."

The pain in her body did little to dull the artificially created lust that filled her body. Luckily he obeyed her and began to fuck her with no abandon. When he did not have support her weight he was actually a marvelous lover.

Linda had never guessed there could be so many ways a simple cock could push inside. His alternating thrusts that mixed slow and quick thrusts with different angles made her squirm in sexual excitement.

It was not only the thrust, but also the quick touches as his lips brushed over her body. Finding just the right spot on her neck to make her chins turn crimson. His tongue touching her exposed nipples. Him thrusting extra deep into her pussy as his teeth caught hold of her nipple and teased her merciless.

The pain from falling was long gone as he took her to greater and greater heights. Somewhere on the way she had started to enjoy it a lot. She could not say to what degree her excitement came from her command directing her and natural excitement. The only thing she was sure about what that she loved it a lor. She wanted him slamming into her body.

He nibbled at her shoulder playfully as he continued to fuck her quick and hard. Linda tried to connect to him mentally again without any success. She started to scowl when she suddenly felt her sex climaxing. It was simply amazing as her mind and body joined totally in massive ecstasy.

She opened her mouth to scream her lungs off, but he anticipated her move and silenced her with deep kiss. Rocking below him she tried to somehow make the feelings out. Her fingers was digging into his back, but the sturdy Kevlar reinforced cloth of his superhero costume prevented her from causing injury.

With the climax the compulsion on her mind had gone. Not that it mattered, she was still hot from lust and loved every second of the fucking she received.

Her breathing started to quicken again, was it possible to climax so soon again? He kept fucking her and it felt that maybe she was getting close again. He took hold of her knees directing them upwards to providing him with better access to her exposed pussy. The move was all to familiar to Linda, exactly the same thing Carol's dad had forced Carol to do before he suddenly switched into wanting anal sex.

Linda felt her lust drop like a stone as she recalled the rape. Every part of this fuck was perfect, but the memories was intruding on her.

"Finnnnnish it," she moaned, suddenly she wanted the sex to be over.

He responded with a number of rapid thrusts before he froze inside her. She could feel him trembling as he emptied his load inside her. When he was done he rolled off her and lay their gasping for air as he tried to regain his breath.

Linda looked at him as she tried to calm down. She could agree that he could hardly be blamed for doing sex in fashion that reminded her of her bad memory. On the other hand she could feel the hurt in her back from the fall.

When the sexual excitement was over the pain came back with a vengeance. She had not broken anything and carefully she examined her back with her hand to determine if she had broken the skin. At least it seemed like her skin was whole, it was more general pain, not the bloody mess that she had feared.

"That was pretty intense sex," Mindeye said and rolled over to watch her. He shrugged as he saw the dark look in her eyes.

"The beginning was rather good," Linda conceded.

"Remember that I had no part in you brainwashing yourself," Mindeye said. Linda's foul mood quickly bringing him down from his excitement.

"My back hurts lots," Linda complained. She saw comprehension fill Mindeye's eyes.

"Sorry for dropping you, must have hurt like crazy," he said.

"I will live," Linda responded. They lay there in silence and looked at the clouds passing by above them.

"What was that?" Linda suddenly exclaimed. In the ever stream of voices passing her diamond shield she had heard something that startled her. Had Mindeye really been thinking "like expected the ability to connect to psionic ability belongs to Blade"?

"You were asking?" Mindeye asked.

"You expected us not being unable to connect mentally since Blade is the one with the ability, but you tricked me into testing it anyway so you could fuck me?" Linda exclaimed.

"Oh, you picked up a stray thought that I accidentally sent out. No, I did not know this would not work but I feared it," Mindeye responded.

"No, that is not what you thought. You thought about this being the expected outcome!" Linda objected.

"Sorry, but you can't blame a guy from wanting a sexy girl like you, can you? Besides this could have worked so it was worth a shot," Mindeye answered.

"You should have told me," Linda growled. "So what is plan B?"

"You must come with me to the G.S.P. base and then we try to have sex together with my team member Blade. This is guaranteed to work because I know this will allow us three to communicate mentally," Mindeye suggested.

"Great plan, I am to fuck with my sister," Linda spat. He stared back at her with a pale face. "Yes, Jennifer is my sister you bloody dolt," Linda continued.

"You are the minor they were talking about earlier, the one looking for Eagle. I forgot about Jennifer's family name," Mindeye mumbled.

Linda trembled in rage, so much hope had been tied to this encounter. Having sex with her sister once more would perhaps not be impossible to stand, but him taking advantage of her made her furious.

Would it perhaps be possible to learn from his mind using a thought probe. He said she lacked the skills needed, but she had plenty of raw strength. Perhaps it would be enough.

She opened a channel and send a teach probe to Mindeye's mind. He looked up with irritation when he understood what she did.

"You lack the skills to unlock a trained mind like mine," he commented. Linda did not listen to him but just applied every bit of strength she had to the probe.

"Raw power is a poor substitute for..." Mindeye begun to say. Then he trembled as he felt the rush of power. He tried to divert her again and again, but Linda just kept pressing. Finally he desperately did throw himself forward and took a stranglehold on Linda. Linda refused to give up, if he took such a desperate physical action she must be close to breaking through.

Suddenly something snapped inside his mind and she was inside, massive loads of information flowing into her mind. The stranglehold had been dropped as they both kneeled facing each other locked in mental transfer of skills.

"Shit, there is no way to break the transfer when it has started," Linda realized with dread. It was not just the information from Mindeye, but also the information he had taken from every psionic he had defeated. Those psionics had in turn defeated other psionics, a chain of psionics going back into ancient history. It felt like the wealth of information was close to infinite. At least her own power did seem to drain in a slow reasonable pace, she could keep going this for a very long time.

Suddenly it was something in the stream, a memory of a psionic that hundred of years back had learned the trick of speed learning skills. She tried to pick up this skill, but it was gone before she could get the details. She focused to pick up this particular skill from somebody else. It eluded her initial attempts, but then she caught hold of a memory from another psionic who discovered the same thing.

After trying with 18 different psionics suddenly Linda caught hold of it, and it was like a new world opened itself. The rate of information transfer manifolded and with this she learned more tricks about speed learning and the rate of information increased more and more. Finally she could barely perceive the flow of information unless she took effort to slow the transfer down.

It was finally over and Linda collapsed exhausted as she tried to digest the massive amount of information and skills gained. So many ways to use her gift, so many ways to abuse other people. Actually it was real memories of her predecessors using their gift to abusing countless people. What Carol had suffered was weak compared to memories that suddenly was hers.

Beside her Mindeye groaned as he tried to find the strength to sit up.

"You broke through my defenses using pure brawn, should not be possible unless you are massively more powerful than me. What kind of power level are you really?" Mindeye mumbled.

"Level 78 I think," Linda said as she compared her power to the information she just had gained. Testing she could form 78 channels, but when she tried 79 no channel would form. "Yep, I am currently level 78."

"That is a power level of legends," Mindeye said. "Many psionics that scared the psionic community to plot assassinations instead of open challenge would not reach that level before they turned old. A bloody avalanche of power is what it is."

"I agree, a massive ability and it should continue to grow as I make use of the power," Linda said.

"What about the telekinesis gift, how strong is that?" Mindeye wondered.

"Level 22 I think. It is much weaker than my main ability," Linda responded. Mindeye only responded by breaking into a nervous laughter. They both knew that the telekinesis ability, even though minor for Linda, was beyond anything Mindeye had ever encountered himself. Strong telekinesis is incredibly rare, a handful of psionics ever had ever surpassed that level in telekinesis.

"Maybe I can use my new control of power to fix your ability," Linda suggested.

"We both know such repair has never been done before," Mindeye responded.

"So?" Linda asked. "I think I can rewind your power to not hit the mental scars so that it works in a fashion. Maybe none before has both had the power to do it and the need to perform the act."

"I don't think I could stop you from trying even if I tried," Mindeye said.

"Indeed, and I intend to try. Sister needs you as a valuable member of the team," Linda said.

Mindeye opened his mouth to answer when Linda suddenly applied her power. Using her newly founded skills there was little resistance as she slipped into his mind. Moments later she was done.

"Please don't do this, possibly your fix might make it obvious to enemy psionics that my ability is damaged," Mindeye objected.

"It is already done," Linda responded. Mindeye closed his eyes in concentration.

"No, I can't access the power. If anything it feels like it never was there," Mindeye said. "What can you tell about it?"

"Not much I am afraid, your mind is still adjusting itself. I think it worked and I rewired your mind to a healthy state, but I can't tell what your power will do. It seems very different, unique even," Linda said.

"What about my mental shields, I can't sense my mental shields," Mindeye complained.

"Oh, they are like totally gone. Your mind is completely unshielded," Linda admitted reluctantly.

"Bloody hell. Is this how you repay me! Any psionic that test me will know my power is gone when they find no shields. You might be an avalanche of power, but with no control or sensibility whatsoever!" Mindeye screamed and got up and pulled on the missing pieces of his costume.

Linda kneeled desperately behind him searching for a way to undo what she had done. She found no memory about this kind damage could be undone. In fact his mind seemed to love the new mental configuration and each time she tried to attach to it became more difficult. The power was still there in some kind of way.

"You mind lacks shielding, but I am having trouble connecting my probes. I think your power will stabilize if you give it time," Linda called out. Mindeye just ignored her and stormed down the stairs in a foul mood.

Linda sat at the roof, trying to decide what to do. Her shirt had been ripped open during the sex and she could feel cum left from the fucking leaking out of her exposed pussy. The panties she had carried had been ripped apart.

Using telekinesis she reached into her pussy to remove his cum, a pregnancy was not an acceptable option. It took little effort. Moments later she figured she could use her telekinesis on the shattered buttons of the shirt. When she stood up the shirt was pulled together in the right way.

A keen observer would see that there was no threads holding the buttons in place. It did not matter, if anyone saw her she could manipulate their mind into seeing her properly dressed. The exception might be another psionic, but actually that consideration was mostly theoretical. From Mindeye's memory she could remember no single living psionic that could match her. A group of them would of course be a different matter, but they would need to know what to do and be trained to defend each other.

She smiled as she thought about her power, what if she visited the university to learn some useful information? With the speed learning tricks available she could learn any skill and the source of the information would only experience it as a quick nausea.

* * *

Patric smirked as he entered the dark apartment. Lynn had only a bathrobe on, he assumed that she was naked below it. He might not get to have sex with her, but he had a very good hunch that he would be allowed to see her nude as she did some of her special duties.

"I saw that you spent some time around Linda, will the psionic ability that you mentioned before matter to our plans?" Patric wondered.

"It will not matter at all. First father had objections about her might be useful since she has a psionic ability, but then he decided that our contract still apply and we will do it," Lynn replied.

"Can she use her ability to fight back?" Patric wondered.

"That's the beauty of it, we totally bypass her mental defenses. Any confidence she has in her ability to defend herself will only make it easier for us to catch her," Lynn said.

"Great," Patric said. "Speaking of other things. Did I interrupt anything when I came here?"

"Stop fooling around, I am psionic and know what you think," Lynn complained. "You came here at this time to see me naked and we both know you choose the exact right time for doing that."

She pulled off her bathrobe, and stood nude in front of him. Then she groaned in irritation. The cloth had distorted the signs painted on her body. Patric followed her with a happy grin as she went to fetch more blood to renew the signs.
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